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Answers needed on State appointments and SOE

… Fixin’ T&T: Good governance is also a private sector issue

Fixin’ T&T, a local non-profit organisation, has called on the business community to accept its role in the governance of Trinidad and Tobago, particularly as much of the commerce enjoyed by the private sector comes from the Government and is therefore anchored in taxpayers’ funding.

Fixin’ T&T, which listed its directors as Kirk Waithe, Aneisha Vieira, Wendell Manwarren, Peter George Jr and Arnold Corneal, further requested responses from several influential figures in the private sector.

The group dispatched letters on Thursday 29 March 2012 to: Andrew Sabga, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce, Afra Raymond, President of the Joint Consultative Council (JCC) for the construction industry, Gregory Aboud, President of the Downtown Owners Merchant Association (DOMA), Dominic Hadeed, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) and Simon Aqui, President of the American Chamber of Commerce.

The letters requested the various groups’ position on the following:


1) The appointment of Dr. Bhoe Tewarie, a Director of CLICO at the time of its collapse, to the post of Government Minister especially considering the extremely questionable discoveries being revealed almost daily and the catastrophic calamites that ensued.

2) The appointment of Mr. Faris Al-Rawi, a Director of Clico Investment Bank at the time of its collapse, to the post of Opposition Senator?

Minister Jack Warner:

1) What is the Chamber’s position of Mr. Warner’s continuing tenure as a Government Minister amid the many allegations of corruption?

2) What is the Chamber’s view of Mr. Warner’s international reputation and by extension its effects on that of Trinidad & Tobago?

3) Is the Chamber confident that Mr. Warner can effectively represent the citizens of T&T at a government to government level in other countries?

State of Emergency (SoE):

1) Does the Chamber have a position on “Due Process”?

2) Does the Chamber have a position on Human Rights?

3) What is the Chamber’s position on the fact that hundreds of our citizens were arrested, charged and subsequently released during the SoE in spite of and due to little, and in some cases, not a shred of evidence? Does the Chamber view this as a disregard for Due Process and a violation of Human Rights?

4) Three months later, does the Chamber have an opinion on the success of the SoE?

We are certain that the Chamber/ JCC/ DOMA/ TTMA recognises its responsibility for serving the public interest given that the business its members attracts from the Government is anchored in taxpayer funds. We therefore respectfully submit that as a key member of Civil Society, you have a social responsibility to seek and influence the realization of Good, Honest, Transparent and Accountable Governance at every level for the benefit of us all.

About Fixin TT

Fixin TT
Fixin T&T's mission is the realization of good governance to achieve healthy, holistic, and fulfilling lifestyles for all citizens through the study, promotion, and furtherance of strong democratic institutions; sound infrastructure; integrity in public and corporate affairs; and a culture of respect by all for the laws and regulations of the country to create a safe, secure, efficient and productive Trinidad & Tobago.

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