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Noble: ‘Did business leaders choose comfort over constructive conflict?’ How Ramsaran’s discourse soured

Since 2002, the annual ALJGSB ‘Distinguished Leadership and Innovation Conference’, with cutting-edge lessons taught by global thought leaders, has been chock full of our local business leaders. Yet the recent Ramsaran imbroglio unmasked glaring shortcomings by some of these same business leaders. These missteps have real-life consequences for us as …

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Hotep: Complicit businesses and CoP lack moral authority to frame response to racism

“[…] Aside from the Ramsaran’s text-book apology and ‘firing’ of the owner’s daughter, how has the company demonstrated appropriate remedial action? “Business owners are attempting to hold the public to ransom: they claim that the public’s boycott of their businesses, for their racist behaviours, will affect the livelihood of workers. Even …

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Supermarket Assoc lifts boycott on Ramsaran’s products after 48 hours, due to ‘full repudiation’ of rant

“[…] In light of the actions taken by Ramsaran’s Dairy products to redress this unfortunate situation, we are satisfied at this time to lift the boycott on Ramsaran’s Dairy Products. “We take this opportunity to remind consumers that the power of choice ultimately lies with the consumer’s decision to lend …

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Ramsaran’s sack Naila! Supermarkets pull products as backlash begins over anti-PNM ‘racist’ taunts

Naila Ramsaran has been fired from family-owned business, Ramsaran’s Dairy Products, for a controversial Facebook post on Tuesday in which she referred to supporters of the People’s National Movement (PNM) party as ‘loafers’ and ‘cockroaches’ and suggested that contraceptives be placed in the water to stop them from ‘populating’. The …

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