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Supermarket Assoc lifts boycott on Ramsaran’s products after 48 hours, due to ‘full repudiation’ of rant

“[…] In light of the actions taken by Ramsaran’s Dairy products to redress this unfortunate situation, we are satisfied at this time to lift the boycott on Ramsaran’s Dairy Products. “We take this opportunity to remind consumers that the power of choice ultimately lies with the consumer’s decision to lend …

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MASTER’S VOICE: Behind the brutal battering of Bayshore’s beige buffers; ignore rage at your peril

My laptop real pick a fine time to stage a sick-out. Almost immediately all kinda things start happening. Fr Harvey get beat up…. by people who vex with him for forgiving those who actually beat him up; Saudi Arabia accused another country of supporting terrorism… That’s right… Saudi Arabia making accusations like that, …

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