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Mohan Ramcharan

Mohan Ramcharan is a law student and a student of human nature and culture, who prefers cool logic to emotional ranting. A Trinidadian living in England, he observes the world through two lenses—and strives to share both views in his writing.

Dear Editor: Those pesky human rights; gov’t must review treatment of refugees and LGBTQI

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago (GTT) behaves as if human rights are an annoyance. Two clear examples are the issue of rights of refugees and the LGBT community’s right to be treated equally under the Equal Opportunity Act 2000 (EOA). Oh, lest I forget, the EOA’s section 3 (interpretation) …

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Living Law (Pt 2): The rule of law and the ordinary citizen; professor shares guiding principles

The rule of law is an abstract concept but that does not mean it is difficult to understand. Here goes: Let us suppose the government passed a law to empower the police to come into your house and take all your money away and freeze all your bank accounts? How …

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