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Lies, damn lies and statistics


Scene: An unknown place of great beauty Jack Warner (looking around, bewildered): “Who are you?” Deity: “I am known by many names, but you would know me as God.” Jack: “God? But you don’t look anything like Morgan Freeman!” God: “Sigh. Ever since “Bruce Almighty” everyone seems disappointed when they …

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Warner, Wired868 grieve for 2012’s last murder victim


King Canute almost found the answer to global warning. The Danish King strode to the seaside and commanded the tide to stop rising. Simplicity is thought to be golden; but not in this case. Canute ended up wetter than Ian Alleyne. National Security Minister Jack Warner, faced with a stubborn …

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Warner misquotes himself over controversial letter


National Security Minister Jack Warner further highlighted the importance of Wired868 after he misquoted himself during his budget contribution yesterday. Warner claimed to have told Sport Minister Anil Roberts, in a letter on government letterhead, that: “and therefore I would suggest that you tell them (TTFF) the gravity of the situation …

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iGovTT’s expensive passenger


iGovTT chairman Atiba Phillips was revealed to be an expensive passenger after the Trinidad Express revealed that he racked up over $69,000 in allegedly unapproved spending, inclusive of $23,835.50 in 40 taxi transactions despite the fact that he gets a $1,000 monthly travel allowance. One February ride from his Carenage …

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Filbert Street finds T&T Football battered and abused


Scene: Port of Spain General Hospital. Wired868 Journalist (to camera): “Today we have seen extraordinary scenes here in Port of Spain, after Trinidad and Tobago Football was found abused and battered at an undisclosed location in the capital. The authorities are treating this as a case of an attempted murder. …

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Super Kamla gives car-care tips


Trinidad and Tobago’s electorate dumped a Project Manager two years ago. Now, it arguably has a Pseudo Mechanic. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar added salt to the wounds of motorists, reeling over a 44 percent increase in premium gas prices, by suggesting that they use super instead. “I am (…) advised …

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PM offers premium press briefing

Scene: Prime Minister’s Post-Budget press conference First Journalist: “Prime Minister, it’s been said that the zero VAT rating announcement was just an attempt to distract the public away from the Section 34 scandal. Can you comment on that please?” PM: “That is just PNM propaganda. We’ve dealt with the issue …

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Doubles vigilante surrenders to police


Shane Gopeesingh, the son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh, turned himself in for questioning at the Central Police Station last night accompanied by his attorney. The super-sized pony tailed zorro allegedly planassed 56-year-old Gregory Wight, two weeks ago, following a verbal exchange after the latter man asked Gopeesingh to …

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Get Wired868… for your own good!


When you don’t subscribe to WIRED868.COM, you don’t know what is really happening around you. When you don’t know what is happening around you, you make bad career decisions. When you make bad career decisions you take a job as technical director at the Trinidad & Tobago Football Federation. When …

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Another PP COP-out after controversial TV broadcast


The on again-off again former US power couple of R&B singers Chris Brown and Rihanna cannot hold a candle to the dysfunctional, cringe-worthy nature of the union between the UNC-led People’s Partnership coalition and the Congress of the People (COP). COP chairman Joseph Toney yesterday insisted that the party did …

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Gopeesingh’s son outwits police… without trying

police hat ftr

Eight days after the 56-year-old Gregory Wight was violently assaulted by the cutlass-wielding son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh, there was finally a development. A Woodbrook police source told the Trinidad Express that the lawmen drove to the home of the ponytailed zorro yesterday. Surprisingly, he wasn’t there and …

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Political surprise on a yellow brick road

Scene: Yellow Brick Road. Four friends and their little pothound are skipping along when suddenly: BANG! A huge cloud of red smoke appears on the road and inside the cloud is a giant face. Kamla: “Oh my God. It’s the wicked witch of Diego Martin West, Keith Rowley.” Rowley: “Yes, my …

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