CLICO Commissioner set to batter Monteil; with a pillow

CLICO commissioner Sir Anthony Colman has had enough of former finance director Andre Monteil’s refusals to testify before the commission of enquiry and, according to the Trinidad Express, is set to launch criminal proceedings.

No one, not even a millionaire with political connections, is above the law.

Photo: Court rooms hold no fear for the wealthy in Trinidad and Tobago.
Photo: Court rooms hold no fear for the wealthy in Trinidad and Tobago.

So exactly how severe a penalty will the arrogant Monteil face for his role in CLICO’s scandalous fall, which cost taxpayers over $21 billion and traumatised former clients?

“I shall direct the Secretary to commence proceedings under Section 12 of the Commission of Enquiry act against him,” said Colman. “It means that Monteil could face the penalty of a $2,000 fine, if found guilty.”

Monteil’s punishment, in other words, is equivalent to if he parked too close to a corner on Ariapita Avenue. And is certainly a fraction of what he might spend for entertainment on any given Friday night.

Mr Live Wire thinks the law in Trinidad and Tobago can be cruel to the poor but serves only as amusement to the rich and well connected.

Perhaps Colman should challenge Monteil to a pillow fight at dawn. It would be just as likely to knock the fear of justice into him.

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