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Dr Death: Health Minister puts common sense on life support

One in five persons who buy pharmaceutical drugs today will be given counterfeit products. Some of those unwitting customers will suffer fatal reactions. That’s all. Have a nice day, Trinidad and Tobago.

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan again demonstrated his profound usefulness and suitability for a managerial role by scaring the nation half to death and shaking the public’s faith in the pharmaceutical industry yesterday during a forum on counterfeit drug trafficking in Westmoorings.

“About 20 per cent of the drugs here and worldwide are counterfeit drugs,” said Khan, in today’s Trinidad Express.

He mentioned, with a flippant disregard for details, cancer drugs, anti-hypertension, anti-diabetic, antibiotics and even paracetamol. What Khan did not say was what he was doing about it and why a crackdown on suppliers is not taking place this very instance for the public’s benefit.

When asked for more specifics on the deadly drugs, Khan said: “We were compiling the list to put it out.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan: as useful as a winter jacket at Maracas Bay. (Courtesy PAHO.org)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan: as useful as a winter jacket at Maracas Bay.
(Courtesy PAHO.org)

And how about the drug suppliers?

“(They) are going to be held responsible eventually for any mishaps that occur and suffer the consequences for it,” said Khan.

Who will hold them responsible? Will it be their consciences?

And what the hell do we do now at the drug store?

“If the drug looks like the original, there are quite a few factors in it that would show that it is not original,” said the Health Minister, “and that is the packaging, the way it is put together, the consistency of the tablet.”

The first part of his sentence is the clincher: “if the drug looks like the original.”

Do we need degrees in medicine to survive a trip to the pharmacy? Can we panic now?

Mr Live Wire recommends that everyone gets a pharmaceutical friend to test the “consistency” of their tablets before taking that next prescription. Presumably, it is a similar job to wine testing.

Would the Prime Minister please remove the benign lump in the Health Minister’s chair? We are probably better off with a Government laptop and using Dr Google.

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  1. Khan is very conceited and dogmatic . treats serious issues with flippancy like he just couldn’t care less. thought better of him

  2. Always obnoxious and disrespectful to the Public….

  3. And it had a time i once respected the guy

  4. he is always saying something off the wall. Loose lips sink ships…

  5. letusbediplomatic,he is suffering from the foot and mouth disease,

  6. He did indeed. He has form for this kind of thing.

  7. Did he really speak that fcukery?

  8. Well it’s clear now that he ate too much meat softened with MSG and is experiencing withdrawal symptoms from reality. Electionitis seems to be having an adverse effect on the doc. Pity he can’t write himself a prescription for it cause he may be unfortunate to receive the counterfeit drug instead

  9. The man just like to hear himself. Making such statements, then saying they will inform the public, Imagine his statement according to the Express, “We were compiling the list to put it out;
    whenever something like this happens we tend to put it out unilaterally one at a time.”
    “There is nothing unknowing about it,” he also said.
    Give me a break Mr. Minister.