Flying Solo! Live Wire grabs his coconuts over soft drink furore

If you accept a lie, does it become truth?

Solo Beverage, which is run by managing director Ken Charles, was in a philosophical mood, after the revelation that the company was selling a coconut drink minus the coconut.

Photo: Coconut? Or coconot?
Photo: Coconut? Or coconot?

The Ministry of Health’s Food and Drugs Division (FDD) was not thrilled that a totally artificial drink was being touted as a replacement to that cool and refreshing drink that everyone loves.

And, to quote former coconut vendor and dancehall don, General Grant: Dey shot call!

Solo chose an unusual defence. The company said it has been doing s**t like this since Keith Rowley had hair.

“What about orange, pineapple, grape, banana, etc,” retorted Solo, in an advertisement, “beverages replete on the grocery shelves and which do not contain the actual fruit in the product?”

At that point, it was easy to imagine Ken Charles in a long dark trench coat, pulling back the curtain like Morpheus to reveal the real world.

Suddenly, Mr Live Wire understood how he passed a breathalyser test despite spending a night out splurging on Solo Kola Champagne like P. Diddy.

Photo: Dais how we roll. More Solo where that come from...
Photo: Dais how we roll. More Solo where that come from…

Yes, there is no champagne, banana or coconut involved in the manufacturing of Solo’s drinks, although it is obviously implied in the name. So, should one fib be worse than the other?

And, if we accept the first lie, do we lose our moral right to point out the second one?

“Our intention has always bent give the consumer a product that is similar to the natural fruit at far less cost,” stated Solo. “Where is the ‘food fraud’?”

Solo made its case through a paid advertisement, rather than subjecting its board’s views on fraud to cross-examination by the media.

Solo by name; solo by ethos.

After the success of Solo’s early improperly named products, was the company obliged to continue the charade once it decided to put its hands on the coconut market?

Is the FDD the villain for singling out some deceptions but not others?

Does a country with an acting Commissioner of Police and pretend Integrity Commission deserve real fruit drinks?

Photo: Hahaha... Wait. Live Wire was talking about me?
Photo: Hahaha… Wait. Live Wire was talking about me?

Who knows. Mr Live Wire has never been one for philosophy. Coconut Water? Coconut? Coconut flavoured? Coconaught? Whatever.

All Live Wire knows is he will be buying something resembling an apple drink from Solo later. And paying for it with something resembling money.

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  1. Who is going to compensate people who got cancer/ or look after their family

  2. I nvr wud hv imagined that they wud stoop ‘so low ‘ ….

  3. I am concerned that FSA where these product are tested has been closed for 2 year because of Health and Safety concerns, also The Immigration building has been closed for three years because of contamination.

  4. what teh difference between ‘coco-not and tonic water?’

  5. A set a hot air………..a banana soft drink have banana in it, Grape soft drink have grape in it? Go check Nestle and its products. Go check Blue Waters etc. waste of time set a people

  6. Mario Boss look yuh favourite drink in d whole wide world

  7. Coconut “Flavoured” sweet drink. Talk done. Now Mr Livewire, go and take a look at all the Juice Drinks on the shelves that have no real fruit juice. And some buy pulp bulk and add it into the drink to make it look like it is juice. Trini manufacturers real good, Oui?

  8. Haha. Imagine if when they won great race they spray Kola Champagne while holding the trophy?

  9. In all fairness It’s labeled coconut and not coconut water.

  10. Is Mr. Solo a real boat, or something with some boat in it? Now they have me wondering.

  11. I ask the same questions about the other flavor Drinks I guess it’s ok they could continue with those but not cocoNot..

  12. thats why i always say, i only drink coconut water out of a coconut

  13. cleverly labelled SOlo and clever article Lansana ..Hats off to both of you….but solo if it have no coconut water at least drop the price to regular “soft” drink price…

  14. Seems to me there is more than the pistle in the mortar here….

  15. deceptive advertising aimed at the consumer ,the company remains defiant that they seem unapologetic ,no remorse for misrepresentation ,coconut is coconut water and not an extract ,they need to be prosecuted,consumer legislation needs to be followed up

  16. I tried this product early…and gagged. Solo should just clearly market it as coconut sweetdrink and done. Cocorico redux. It has been deceptive. And that colour! Who wants to drink that?

  17. D only coconut I buying is from d van 😮

  18. Coconut drink is not the same as coconut water. Orange drink is not the same as orange juice. If it is being sold an marketed as Coconut drink as the other products, then I have no problem. I wouldn’t drink it.

  19. This shouldn’t even be a discussion, Solo mislabeled a product, they were ordered to remove them from shelves and should have been fined……daiz all.

    Everything happened except the fine.

  20. I’m yet to figure out why people would buy coconut “water” from solo!!! Once it’s called coconut water and it ain’t spoil in approx 3 days in the fridge daz nastiness!!!!

  21. ..along El Socorro Road near the to Geelal..get your pure coconut water ..every morning..rain, sun or snow..
    This was not a paid advertisement..

  22. Only in TT….my gawd. ….bwahahahaha

  23. Thankfully solo doh sell viagra; else it would have ended up a big ‘flop’.

  24. Guess things like market survey of name and taste, demographic targeting and such like exist but really does not exist just like their coconut drink which is not coconut.

    Just imagine if P Diddy was pouring out apple J in the pic above or 2 banana solo…;)

    Now they have me thinking, is Mr. Solo a real boat?

  25. We miss the big picture of what the sugar is doing to our health and the large economic cost in healthcare and lifestyles. The artificial soft drinks loaded with sugar have been linked to:

    1. Decaying teeth enamel leading to tooth decay
    2. Leading dietary cause for Type 2 Diabetes
    3. Weight gain
    4 Heart disease
    5. hypertension(high blood pressure)
    6. Kidney disease
    7. Liver damage

    With so much at risk, our Ministry of Health, FDD chose to focus on the artificial aspect while ignoring the white elephant(SUGAR) in the bottle. We can’t even see an elephant in a bottle.

  26. I’ve been trying to figure this out too… Did they market it as coconut water or a coconut flavored beverage. I mean the latter sounds gross but not much different from the other stuff… Anyway, I still think the only thing coconut water should be packaged in is a coconut…

    • There will be times when I am at a gas station and I’m tempted to try a coconut water in a bottle. But I’m looking for the real thing not flavoured water.
      Don’t think I will try any now.

  27. Lol. These quotes from Solo are so preposterous. It’s like they were satirizing themselves.

  28. I don’t know why solo even bothered. I mean “apple-J” does have a taste like apple and I think it says the percentage of juice. Maybe 30% or something. But coconut water is such a subtle flavour….how did they plan to fool people with that …without actually using coconut water???

  29. But really eh, are we so lazy and stupid to buy fizzy coconot water?

  30. “All Live Wire knows is he will be buying something resembling an apple drink from Solo later. And paying for it with something resembling money.” Me too eh.

  31. Why u hata do Keith like that? ? ?

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