Video: Santa Rosa coach gets two-match ban for “unnecessary contact” in RBNYL U-16 match

FC Santa Rosa coach Terrence Sealy has been suspended from the Republic Bank National Youth League (RBNYL) for two matches. The competition’s three-man emergency committee found him guilty of encroachment and unnecessary contact during an East Zone Under-16 contest against Malabar Young Stars at Constantine Park, Macoya on 12 May 2018.

Santa Rosa were leading 3-0 with three minutes remaining in the 80-minute affair when an aggressive tackle by one of their players on Malabar opponent Nicholas Franklyn caused a flare-up between the two teams.

Photo: FC Santa Rosa assistant coach Terrence Sealy takes matters into his hands during a RBNYL Under-16 contest against Malabar Young Stars on 12 May 2018.

The dreadlocked Sealy barrelled on to the field and shoved away two Malabar players, including Franklyn. In the uproar, referee Ralph Harewood blew off the match.

Malabar coach Yunus Abdullah claimed, in his report, that Sealy slapped Franklyn. However, Sealy denied this and video evidence did not support Malabar’s case—or, at best, was inconclusive. (See video below).

All Sport Promotions (ASP) director Anthony Harford and official Eugene Antoine told Wired868 on Monday that Sealy entered the field of play “with the best intentions” and tried to separate the two sets of irate players.

“We looked at the video several times today and it is clear that the Santa Rosa coach did not slap the boy,” said Harford. “What he did was he put his hand on the boy’s face and spoke to them—but what he was saying I could not say; it was hard to tell if it was aggressive or not.

“[Sealy] went on the field with the best of intentions. But, yes, there was a shove.”

In response, a three-member ASP emergency committee, headed by former international referee Richard Piper, ruled that the result will stand in favour of Santa Rosa. And Sealy, who is the Under-16 team’s assistant coach, has been banned from all RNBYL football for the next two weeks.

Photo: FC Santa Rosa forward Ja-Shawn Thomas (centre) celebrates on the back of goalscorer Jevon Benjamin during the RBNYL Under-15 final at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 1 July 2017.
Santa Rosa won 2-0.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images/Wired868)

“The unanimous decision is [the emergency committee] won’t call to continue the match with just three minutes to be played,” said Harford. “So the decision is the game remains as it is and [3-0] is called as a final score. And Mr Sealy has been banned for two matches for encroaching on the field of play and for what was seen as unnecessary contact.

“He had submitted a written apology, which was also taken into consideration. So he was banned for two games in any category.”

Santa Rosa president Keith Look Loy and Malabar Young Stars president Clint Busby both indicated beforehand that they would abide by the decision of the emergency committee.

Santa Rosa are the defending RBNYL Under-16 champions.

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  1. The comments made ASP is shocking he was abusive towards the player they were already separated when he entered the field. He should be banned for the rest of the tournament.

  2. If is one thing Rosa club in the spot light in the last couple years not to sure how much is positive or negative but they there.

  3. All of them approaching is Santa Rosa ppl and I think the boys wud of worked out their own stuff the coach just made it worse

  4. hmm,,, that was too much….dats a dread shove

  5. The tackle was harsh but from this view it looked clean. It takes impeccable timing and great speed to tackle that way. Once the defender is coming across but in front, the damage to ankle, shin knee is little to none. If the player decides to beat on the line then he would get bundled over in a heap.

    Keep in mind a number 10 got tackled and we dont know how many tackles were flying his direction before also.

    The young men from both teams eventually sorted out their matters.

    The video I am seeing here shows that who looks like the referee strolled across and allowed the commotion to play out, only after some time tried to restrain the irate coach.

    I also see the linesman raise a flag, leave the boys to get into it, stroll across to the bench, sit down, get up, pick up the ball and strolled away. He showed more concern for the safety of the ball!

    The referee did not give a card to any player and not even to the coach. Why was the coach banned when he was not issued a red?

    Tony and the guys run a tight shift. I dont think that the referees are doing matches for free. Should it be fair for the referees names NOT to be called in the article and the boys names are? Any team here or away may not want to draft young fellas for indiscipline but these guys who let the league down go scot free.

    The boys demonstrated discipline right around and restraint so the League is still working.

    In this case a red card, a fine would have sufficed with an apology to the players if the officiating was up to standard. It was not so, therefore a one match suspension off the pitch may have been appropriate.

    If the entire club was banned or voted out, then where would the young men be?

  6. 2 matches alone for pushing someone child??? And they want to know why it have so much crime…smh

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