TTPS unearths terrorist threat to Soca Kingdom; Live Wire tries to get to bottom of bacchanal

Somewhere in Trinidad, there is a man with an axe to grind this Carnival season. Shunned by the establishment and forced to live on the fringes of society, the gentleman has apparently planned a spectacular counter-attack on the land of bacchanal, dodgy tenders and roti police.

But enough about Sunny Bling and his toting feelings after being chucked out of the Soca Kingdom on Machel Monday.

Photo: Next time ah see Machel… Tell him is Showtime!

Mr Live Wire sat up straight after a terse media warning combined two words that have no business together. No not “carnival” and “terrorist”—but “police” and “intelligence.”

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, according to Public Information Officer and acting ASP Michael Jackman, received ‘intelligence’ that a group of men intended to disrupt Carnival on Monday and Tuesday with criminal conduct. One of the men is still at large.

So, ahmm, be careful and try not to get killed by an Isis splinter cell… But mostly have fun. Carnival sweet fuh days!

The United Kingdom went further in its travel advisory to British tourists: “Remain vigilant and avoid crowded places and large gatherings.”

And that leaves where exactly besides the Calypso Revue Tent? After all dem decades and the Queen still doesn’t understand Carnival in the colony? Really?!

It is like your wife of 20 years asking you if you want slight or heavy pepper in your doubles.

“Woman, yuh know that tall man at Rufina’s hand heavy… Yuh trying to kill mih?!”

Photo: Oh gorm, Carlos Brathwaite… Get Ben Stokes a red Solo self nah!

So, to summarise, acting ASP Jackman thinks it is important to know that some people wanted to mash up the place for Carnival. But he refused to say who, what, when, where or how.

Doh say Police ent warn allyuh!

It reminded Live Wire of a gripping scene in Men in Black when Will Smith, who plays the role of an intergalactic immigration officer and regulator of all things alien, suggests that the urgency of the situation meant they could not afford to withhold information from the public.

His colleague and superior, played by Tommy Lee Jones, knew better.

“There’s always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser or a Corillian Death Ray or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet,” he said, “and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!”

Even fake, untrained, comedic lawmen make more sense than the TTPS. Although, to be fair, Jackman is an ‘actor’ too. Just like acting COP Stephen Williams and acting deputy COP Deodat Dulalchan. Go figure.

Will there be a drop in turnouts now for Carnival—at a time when the country can least afford it?

Mr Live Wire won’t let such a vague warning change his plans for Carnival Monday and Tuesday. But, just to be safe, keep an eye out for Sunny Bling!

Photo: Ma’am, please look straight into the light and then go enjoy Jouvert… Hell, go Nouvert and all!
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  1. Lasana,
    What fantasy world you living in boy?
    The PCA spent months and millions of taxpayer dollars finding a replacement CoP only tp appoint a dude who never even applied for the post.
    You see any ah dem PSC members tender resignations yet?
    Trinidad is a place where those with authority makes a mookery of thpse without, and all those without authority do in response is laugh!

  2. “And Mohammed’s family fully intends pursuing legal action concerning the situation and the tarnishing of the family’s name, Shamoon said” Another version of he’s a good boy..smh

  3. If all 13 are released, somebody in the TTPS or National Security should resign. But that is “should”.

  4. It’s not even funny, I expected them all to be released by now. I don’t even know why the Americans bothered, 45 might need to erect that wall further south than planned.

  5. Vernal, I especially liked the professional interrogation techniques:
    “He said he was treated well in detention and police’s main approach while questioning him were along the lines of ‘’So what’s this plot ting, boy?” and asking him why he was in there.”

  6. BTW, who is representing the Maxie Cuffie constituency in Parliament? So many issues we just let slide.

    • Yeah. This is not a new concern about ailing MPs either. I suspect that Maxie might have problems receiving his magnificent health coverage if he was replaced. That’s the only reason I can think of that a replacement wasn’t named.
      It is humane on the one hand. But I also fear it leaves constituents disadvantaged.

  7. Today’s Guardian:
    “Five of the 13 people detained in relation to an alleged terrorist plot targeting recently concluded Carnival celebrations, were released by police between Wednesday evening and last night…”

  8. Donald Trump ” Fake News”

  9. Yes Machel fanatic going off on sunny bling. Did you get a prize for that piece or free tickets to monk concert. Hmmm.

  10. Well CNN have nothing to do with roti

  11. “Since our last report, we continued with the investigation and have detained three more persons, bringing the number of individuals detained in relation to this matter to seven. The investigation remains a live one.
    “[…] The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is obligated to enlightened citizens and residents of this country of any threat which has come to our attention.”
    The following release on an ongoing investigation into a unspecified, violent threat to Carnival 2018 was submitted by acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams:

  12. Ask kamla about the SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) her government signed with the USA.

  13. U r a muslim he must know his place

  14. Everything is a joke in this place, until it becomes serious smfh

  15. Michael Joseph, this terror threat has nothing to do with politics. Please get your facts straight! This is not a joke to all those who think it is.

  16. Follow fashion try want to destroy we carnival see who want to do it look what politics come to no love for country

  17. Guess none of you read the CNN report

    • You mean the one that read like the TTPS press briefing?

      Threat, attack, thwarted by US military… without stating what the threat was, what was to be attacked, how it was to be attacked, or what the actual role of the US military was in thwarting this attack.

      No more detail than the TTPS. And just because it was CNN did not add credibility.

    • So you want the police to tell you what they know at this sensitive stage? You would probably been just as questioning if the police said nothing about the information they had.

    • Ben, did that Police bulletin really add value to your life? That they are working on stopping an imminent threat to life as we know it… But, anyway, carry on…

    • Sir, no form of alleged criminal activity adds any value to my life but to be forewarned is to be forearmed. I’m just thankful that I’m aware that whatever negative action was being contemplated by whoever was and is being nipped in the bud. I trust that in time all or at least the majority will be revealed. Let’s trust in the TTPS, not all officers are bad, the vast majority are God fearing diligent persons. I’m sure you know a few.

    • Ben absolutely all officers aren’t bad and I have friends in the service. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. But that lacked the necessary info to be a warning in my opinion. They can do their jobs without unnecessarily causing panic is what I’m saying.

    • I hear you Sir but there is not always a good way to deliver bad news. Not everyone will be pleased and I understand your point but panic was not in my books as it made me more aware and be able to protect and advise my family and friends visiting from abroad. Thank you for the convo. Do have a safe and happy carnival.

    • Ben Nel sure thing. But tell me. What would you tell your friends and family abroad now than is different to what you would have told them before bulletin?

    • Be EXTRA CAREFUL and more aware of your surroundings. Any suspicious activity, please notify the nearest law enforcement personnel or Fire Officer. Blessings

    • Ben, there is no such thing as extra careful. What comes after that? Extra, extra careful? Lol.
      But I hope we all have a safe Carnival.

    • Yes it does, if it saves a life. Let’s not make light of a serious situation. I also join in your hope for a safe carnival for all.

    • We don’t have a color coded alert system like in the US wnenever there is any sort of threat to it’s security and well being.

    • The TTPS response and info was fine with me. CNN reported that it was US intelligence while their US embassy alert said that the TTPS uncovered the threat. Jumping on the sensationalism is CNC3 reporting what CNN said but adding that the US troops were actually involved in the raids while CNN actually said the US only provided the info but were not present for the raids. ??‍♀️
      So far that TTPS news briefing sounded just fine to me!

    • That’s why gun men running this nation ah set of stupid people here. If america get info or any country gatherbintelligence that something was about to go down. They will come out and say time place who when or why. No so please educate thy selves. Carry on

  18. The US and UK have a proven track record of lies to further their own selfish causes. We are a gullible society.

  19. Well, they don’t love us so much as immigrants. But they love our oil and gas and cocao beans and warm tropical climate and sexy women. I hope Trini men ready for “Jean & Dinah” days again.

  20. Ah weak. Spot on and entertaining as always.

    • Well, so it begins….

      The world is about to turn upside down in my lifetime.

    • We must remember its the long game. The TT govt is the only one openly supporting Maduro. The Bloomberg article was release, now vigilant. I suspected they had a hand in it. When did Tariq Mohammed arrive back in TT and under what circumstances?

    • Savitri Maharaj I have always treated the increased interest in T&T by the American media within the last five years or so, as an indication of being primed for occupation. Like most empires, the USA doesn’t pay any mind to countries that have no benefit to them. They have already started familiarizing their citizens with us. We Trinis were flattered by all the attention because a lot of the attention was positive, but we’re about to realize what all that attention was for, real soon.

      I’m sorry for all who not white and/or subserviently Evangelical Christian, if the USA occupying us is one under Trump and his White Supreamcist and Dominionist supporters.

    • Jessica Joseph I think most haven’t watched Border Security to see how the Americans love Trinidadians

    • They’ll want to instigate martial law ,like what is going on in the US ,you never know they could be the real terrorist as they are known for.

  21. They need to have trained sniffer dogs who are trained to secure the perimeter for explosives that could be lodged under stages or at venues where the crowds are large ,this shit is serious , Why did they let those ISIS members back in our land ???

  22. It was a majorly dumb statement…. but hey, did anyone expect better from TTPS?

  23. It’s only funny until it dawns upon you that none of these issues we laugh at, these issues that affect this nation negatively are accumulating and are never addressed no matter how great our capacity to make light of them. This too shall be forgotten in 9 days and people will be left to contend with a republic that is just that much more flawed.

  24. Reminded me of the recent press conference called by the counsel for the U.K. asylum seeker.
    *Long Watery Steups*

  25. Was that police advisory necessary considering how weak it was? They might as well have advised us to pay due attention as always for carnival.
    The point is if this is such a key time for us as a people—in terms of getting foreign exchange as well as letting our hair down—is it really responsible to encourage foreign embassies to be putting out advisories like that?

  26. I’m laughing but this is really awful at all levels….

  27. Two words that have no business together “police” and “intelligence”…. Sunny bling toting… Stephen Williams acting…. Hahaha… Brilliant piece man

  28. Lasana you’ve truly found your calling. You keep us #Wired

  29. …then again, there’s always Blingdom. #JusSayin

  30. Take heart Sunny Bling, all “kingdoms” have their entry criterion. Choose wisely!

  31. If Muslims attack Carnival in T&T, you can bet it will spark off suppression of the religion here. Carnival is the only thing we take seriously. It will also give the USA the pretext to set up shop here military wise to “protect their interests” one step closer to that sweet Venezuelan and Guyanese oil.

  32. UK. Canada. US

    CNN has a long ticker tape story on the matter, being very specific about “Trinidad and Tobago’s popular carnival under ISIS terror threat in especially crowds”

  33. A question I have asked many times, if they ( other countries) put out advisory on us , we can do the same on them .

  34. Fantastic piece on Fantastic Friday!

  35. When will sh#thole countries like ours start issuing travel advisories for our citizens after the numerous terrorist attacks in the US, UK, France etc…?

  36. I must confess to reading “One of the men is still at large” with cow eye lol.

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