Telegraph for Warner; ex-FIFA VP on the run again

Chaguanas West MP and ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner was under international media scrutiny again today, which could only mean that another report about the molestation of football was made somewhere on the planet.

The UK-based Daily Telegraph fingered Warner, his sons Daryll and Daryan and an unnamed employee for allegedly receiving TT $13 million (£1.2 million) from a Qatari firm linked to that country’s successful 2022 World Cup bid for “legal and other expenses” and “professional services.” More than half the money was supposedly paid from disgraced former FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam’s Kemco firm to Warner’s family owned business, Jamad Limited, which is a cleaning company.

Photo: Chaguanas West MP and ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner.
Photo: Chaguanas West MP and ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner.

And who can doubt that Warner cleans up well when it comes to World Cup bids?

Bin Hammam famously turned up at Piarco International Airport with over TT $6 million (US $1 million) for distribution to Caribbean delegates in 2011. Presumably, the Qatari’s private jet did not have enough overhead storage for Warner’s loot.

British journalist Claire Duffin, who sported sleeveless tops in both videos in Trinidad, was much easier on the eye than the more renowned sleuth, Andre Jennings. But she might has well have been waving a FBI badge; as the former Minister of National Security dashed for cover in the office of his Sunshine Newspaper.

And, of course, no self-respecting journalist would ever set foot inside there.


Editor’s Note: Click here to read Wired868’s tongue-in-cheek political obituary for Jack Warner.

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  1. You are clearly a man ahead of the times Lasana. They should just ask to license your articles and be done with it.

  2. The evidence piles up…yet it seems no matter how many international inquiries there are, there will always be people in Trinidad who believe action Jack/uncle Jack can do no wrong, sad to say.

    • I think many of those people you identified care only about how they think they can benefit from proximity to wealth and perceived power.

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