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Why always me? Jack Warner responds to FIFA ban and extradition request

Ex-FIFA vice-president and former Trinidad and Tobago MP Jack Warner responds to his FIFA ban and US extradition request in a press conference. Satirically speaking.

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Andrew Friday
Andrew “Fries” Friday is an actor, comedian, impressionist, live event host and broadcaster. He launched his performing career at Presentation College, San F'do (1991-98) and featured in over a dozen plays and films. He had guest roles in Contract Killers (2007) and Girlfriends Getaway (2014) and is currently working on The Longest Wait.

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  1. All the years fighting for a diplomatic passport .You are now getting a free ride and don’t want it .You are a joke .

  2. Mr warner good day am praying for you every thing works in your favor god bless you stay strong

  3. Blatter suspended? Blatter 0, Jack 0.0001. 🙂

  4. Blatter suspended? Warner must be killing himself laughing. Lol

  5. because you are always you? me eh kno’.

  6. Kirwin Weston, you have to add him in the Members section in the top right hand corner. 😉

  7. Always not bothered and not losing any sleep

  8. Go away Jack the country rejected you.. Bye

  9. Remember….He who laughs last, laughs best!

  10. Nice one. He’s good. Very good.

  11. I want back my 200,000,000 for our Football.

  12. I love it. Can actually see Jack doing this

  13. i call hell one time to find out if d devil was wearing ah winter coat!!!! AH WEAK!!!!!

  14. Ludicrous…daz ah big word….write it dong