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Slaying in Sabganistan: Crime Watch star mugged by CNC3

Trinidad and Tobago’s fake war on crime suffered another major imaginary setback today as pseudo-crime fighter Ian Alleyne was bumped off after a weeklong civil war in Sabganistan. It is alleged. (Nice one, Tony Deyal). Alleyne’s departure follows a so-called exclusive investigative report on construction work at the Brian Lara …

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Man, mosquito and money: Raffique on Zika war and State spending

Dr Sherene Kalloo launched a broadside yesterday against Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh and his almost jokey war against the Zika virus, pre-empting a column I had already half-written, titled “Man vs Mosquito.” Dr Kalloo argued that Minister Deyalsingh’s declaration of war against Zika and the Aedes Egypti mosquito by deploying …

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Brian Lara stumped again

Irresponsible, excessively costly and a nightmare for political handlers; age has not mellowed Brian Lara much. Not Lara the cricketer, mind you, but rather the political spin doctors who try to get some turn away from the controversial facilities named after the former West Indies icon. Former UDeCOTT Chairman Calder …

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