Slaying in Sabganistan: Crime Watch star mugged by CNC3

Trinidad and Tobago’s fake war on crime suffered another major imaginary setback today as pseudo-crime fighter Ian Alleyne was bumped off after a weeklong civil war in Sabganistan. It is alleged.

(Nice one, Tony Deyal).

Photo: Never take sides against the family. Ever. (Courtesy The Simpsons)
Photo: Never take sides against the family. Ever.
(Courtesy The Simpsons)

Alleyne’s departure follows a so-called exclusive investigative report on construction work at the Brian Lara Stadium, which was swiftly followed with legal action by UDECOTT against his Crime Watch show and CNC3.

CNC3 general manager Nicholas Sabga took Crime Watch off air in the interim, as both parties tried to find common ground.

Sabga, who was caught unawares by the controversial Brian Lara probe, insisted that the station must have veto power over future Crime Watch episodes. And not a moment too soon.

How could young Sabga have known that Alleyne would make such irresponsible claims against the government?

After all, Alleyne is only a former UNC candidate and untrained wanna-be investigative journalist who also landed his previous employer, TV6, in court for broadcasting the rape of a minor on television.

Suffice to say that the future of the Sabga empire is in safe hands.

Photo: Doh... (Courtesy The Simpsons)
Photo: Doh…
(Courtesy The Simpsons)

CNC3 released the following statement:

“Following accuracy issues identified in some of Mr Alleyne’s reports, Crime Watch’s live episodes were substituted by repeats pending investigation.

“Since then, we have held conversations with him and his attorney in an attempt to discuss claims of inaccuracy in his reporting and to find a way to continue to share with our audience Mr Alleyne’s unique and popular style whilst ensuring that the output is consistent with Guardian Media Limited’s editorial principles, the country’s broadcast code and our legal obligations.

“This is consistent with our approach to our content on all platforms…”

Wait, ‘editorial principles’?!

Is this the same CNC3 who doctored video footage of Inspector Roger Alexander’s arrest of Alleyne so as to conceal the latter’s crime from viewers?

Photo: "Is ranking ting with allyuh yes, TV6!" Former CNC3 Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne (right) is taken for medical treatment by a policeman. (Copyright CNC3)
Photo: “Is ranking ting with allyuh yes, TV6!”
Former CNC3 Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne (right) is taken for medical treatment by a policeman.
(Copyright CNC3)

And is it the same Guardian Media Limited that, for eight years, refused to correct an erroneous report on Eye on Dependency co-founder Garth St Clair, which claimed he spent six years in jail, rather than six months, and robbed him of international speaking opportunities?

Well better late than never, Guardian Angel.

Meanwhile, there is a circus act in need of a new tent. Where can Alleyne find an employer with an abundance of resources, a shortage of scruples and a weakness for the spotlight?

Come on Jack Warner, put some Sunshine in Ian’s life.

Photo: Crime Watch? Cheups. Who watch more crime than me?! (Copyright AFP 2015/Alva Viarruel)
Photo: Crime Watch? Cheups. Who watch more crime than me?!
(Copyright AFP 2015/Alva Viarruel)
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  1. Prime subject for a calypso.Any volunteers?

  2. why alluh so… 🙂 at least yuh go get real Trini talk if dat was so…”come try this nah man…big man ting:… 🙂 people go pay for that… 🙂

  3. Sabganistan….. !!!!
    I love it.
    By the way….. it sounds legit!

  4. I think Ian Alleyne should start a new show called : watching and waiting for a copy of the ‘country’s broadcast code’ which GML honour soo dearly as law abiding citizens

  5. trinidad is little Syria …..allyuh eh kno?

  6. PNM financiers owns cnc3 when u speak about the truth ..see what u get…

  7. Guardian was firmly in control with its “editorial principals” when he was doing his amateur forensic pathology . Lucky for us he did not specialize in Gynecology too.

  8. …doh miss the water till de well run dry …. if only I cud turn bac de hands of time ….

  9. Perhaps there are insider allegations I don’t know about but I do not get the celebration of Alleyne’s demise. I don’t watch the show often but it seemed a good show to me. There were a few crackpot moments but there have been a few crackpot moments by much more esteemed media persons.

    Anyway, life goes on

  10. The hunt is on for a new TV ? station

  11. I have no idea what this refers to.
    “Guardian Media Limited’s editorial principles, the country’s broadcast code”.

  12. They took away his barge but the Sheriff would always be the She-riff

  13. Well written . I wonder if the “sunshine” man attended the funeral of the man he claimed made him ? Hmmmmm !!!

  14. Let him and his supporters go and protest. Police waiting on them. I’m sure Ian will end.up in hospital, we now he cannot take rough up.

  15. Lol I now realize it was Ian Alleyne – funny. Will not be missed.

  16. Where ?,at which court did they weigh the accuracy of what he said again ? Ah miss DAT part

  17. Hahaha…Lasana….I like there is a circus act in need of a new tent….lol….Damn…Well said…..them fellas really good yes…..he could visit S(h)at…..

  18. ,as. If. We. Didn’t. Know. Who. Realy. In. Charge

  19. I wonder what Ian qualified to do? After getting kicked out of no less than 3 TV stations he might have to learn how to preach and join daddy church.

  20. Well one might cancel out the other

  21. Two psychopaths on one station…just what we need

  22. Sabganistan
    And who is his Attorney again
    Time and time again is the same thing
    And it has been cancelled.
    Protest outside the Guardian building

  23. I wanna hear majah hype’s analysis of this situation!! Hehehe

  24. WIN tv fired the guy…. then tv6 fired the guy…. now CNC3 fired the guy. I don’t know about you but there seems to be a pattern here.

  25. Errol Fabien probably getting some text messages from Ian all now…

  26. How CNC3 gonna compete now? They’re gonna put Hema on a unicycle and ask her to juggle?

  27. Seeing him and his supporters I feel foolish laughing at Donald Trump supporters….they’re our home grown brand of full dotish…..

  28. Chica Emery he asked them to come down last week as well…needless to say it was a tumbleweed convention

  29. Let me start by saying that everyone has their own opinion about the man before his supporters knock me down. I watched this man (I use the word ‘man’ loosely) antics on tv and I always asked myself how, HOW some people believe in him?

    If you had time to waste and looked at an episode you can clearly see he’s a dunce. Giving him his own tv show is like giving a child a scissors to play with, someone will eventually get hurt. This guy thinks he’s a superstar, I just don’t get it. Now he’s asking his ‘supporters’ to go down to the guardian building tomorrow to support him. I might be condemned for what I’m about to say but I think most of his so called supporters are intellectually challenged just like him. I just cannot understand people believing in this guy, I just cannot.

  30. Ian is like a cat….always seem to land on his uprights…..

  31. Well Ian must have ‘Sat’ down with potential employers already

  32. Lasana,this is a rare opportunity to get to the bottom of this.The game’s afoot,Watson.

  33. Maybe he can try Korean television.

  34. “Sabganistan.” #HehHehHeh I had to read that twice before I got it.

  35. Guardian is a business plain and simple !

  36. He can stream his circus act LIVE right here on Facebook, maybe he can look into that. Anything that can keep his crap off my television.

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