Birdsong plucked, CNC3 puts Alleyne in a tighter pants and Alexander dances with Braveboy

Yesterday, renowned 28-year-old steelband academy, birdsong, had its equipment tossed on to the streets of Tunapuna like a jilted lover with nary a word from Prime Minister and carnival aficionado Dr Keith Rowley, Culture Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly and Tunapuna MP and Deputy Speaker Esmond Forde.

Maybe, as a matter of self-preservation, the young men and women of birdsong should have their faces painted and pretend to be Michel-Jean Cazabon paintings.

Photo: The birdsong academy gets going during the 2015 Junior Panorama competition. (Copyright birdsongtt)
Photo: The birdsong academy gets going during the 2015 Junior Panorama competition.
(Copyright birdsongtt)

How is it that the government which created GATE failed to see the benefit of also subsidising education in Trinidad and Tobago’s national instrument?

Even Sat Maharaj probably read about birdsong’s eviction and thought: okay, that’s cold.

And what did the rest of Trinidad and Tobago think? Well, they were probably caught up in the latest shenanigans of the country’s two top pseudo-crime fighting shows, Crime Watch and Beyond the Tape, as Ian Alleyne and Inspector Roger Alexander both talked themselves into trouble again.

Alleyne, as it turns out, is an even worse fake journalist than he is a fake crimefighter and his attempt to buss the mark on UDECOTT work at the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba appears set to spark a hefty lawsuit or two from the supposedly slandered parties.

In February, CNC3 controversially edited footage—without informing viewers—to exclude some salty language from Alleyne in his infamous cocolooks measuring competition with his former partner, Alexander.

Photo: CNC3 wet itself while trying to defend Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne in February. It was alleged.
Photo: CNC3 wet itself while trying to defend Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne in February. It was alleged.

But if CNC3 was happy to mislead viewers and give the finger to journalistic integrity on behalf of its Commissioner of Bacchanal, the Sabgas apparently draw the line when it comes to dipping in their own pockets to pay legal fees. And Alleyne, it is alleged, has been suspended until the two parties can come to an agreement that would spare the station from future legal liability.

“You’re just like family to us, Ian… But just like family is not family.”

Alexander might have also given his mouth too much liberty yesterday evening, as he discussed the goings-on at an unnamed night club in central Trinidad.

“The public is calling on the police officers in central to visit some night clubs that have some strange behaviour… The ladies are skating down the pole, back to front, upside down like military training, Marlan [Hopkinson]… in very little clothes…

“When I see some of the ladies that involved in the skating up and down the pole, men you should be home in a cage. Because [those women] do not impress me one bit. They remind me of Marcia Braveboy.”

For the love of god, Alexander, just arrest the women if they are breaking the law. But don’t degrade them and destroy their future earning power with such casual yet callous disregard. That lady could give Freddy Krueger nightmares!

Photo: Inspector Alexander, does anybody come to your work and tell you that you look like Morgan Job on steroids!
Photo: Inspector Alexander, does anybody come to your work and tell you that you look like Morgan Job on steroids!

Mr Live Wire says the only pole he would pay to see Braveboy on is one that will vault her slanderous and scandalous tail back to Grenada!

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  1. Warning: Undefined variable $userid in /www/wired868_759/public/wp-content/plugins/user-photo/user-photo.php on line 114

    How come Ian stop trying to find sandman money talk bull shit walk.

  2. Kenny cole aka pretty sock aka tite pants

  3. Why was it so hard for Bird Song to leave in peace? A Facebook feed from the Minister indicate interim accommodation was offered before the eviction morning? Why make the children cry and point blame in the direction of the kindheart landlord who waited and endured 24 years of squatting? And conceded legal fees on the very judgement of over 14-thousand dollars?

  4. More and more Verbal Diarrhea and People Comfortable with it.

  5. Is the show off the air now ???? They not saying anything

  6. You and me will go “investigate” them one day soon, Dave V Surajdeen

  7. Never a dull moment in sweet T & T ! !!

  8. ‘….that lady could give Freddy Krueger nightmares..’ ENT!

  9. I heard that about defending Ian Alleyne and his doctored tapes and someone showed me a memo on how to talk about the Ian and Alexander story, but what you go do what goes around does come around

  10. Where is the journalism in this country? Where are the journalist that dig deep to find a story? The issue with the Birdsong pan orchestra runs deeper than what is being fed by the media. It is a matter of private land and the owner asking them to leave for a long while now. They also have a piece of land in close proximity that they can occupy………….

  11. You can now call CNC3 Sabganistan.

  12. Most enjoyable. I love it!!!!??????

  13. Wired868, your tight pants terminology for Ianla Alleyne might actually be pleasurable for him/her/it.

    • Why do t they build a structure on state land and say it’s a water park which we island surrounded by water people really need as the last Minister of Planning knew, then it could never be demolished as the present government is saying.

  14. Why should we care? It’s not like music (pan in particular) provides a positive outlet for young and old. Life Sport!!! now we talking good spending……Music soothes the savage beast..please…..not if the beast is a Trini…

    • Lasana Liburd

      And for a musical country that is just inexplicable. Is it more evidence of self-hate?

      • Not sure if it’s self hate or simply a gross level of immaturity. Picture a 6 year old in make up and high heels and short fitted dress thinking because she wears these things she is a big woman. It’s why I advocate protecting yourself and not relying the State (Trini) to protect you.

  15. Jeez who writes this pile of excrement….

  16. You’re just like family to us, Ian… But just like family is not family.” ??? Mr Livewire you too much????

  17. Ouch! No one invites me to these places, only to Starbucks an ting.

  18. Did Alexander really make that Braveboy comment? If so that was really Beyond The Tape….

  19. Eeehewhee snort, cackle, meh side oh lawd ah dedding

  20. Both ian and alex are holding very deep secrets for one another , that is a fact .

  21. sorry to disappoint you, Lasana,but this current Culture Minister has done absolutely nothing but carry on her predecessors thinking that CARNIVAL is culture. Imagine on TV 6 last night it was reported that the Minister said, “My Ministry has been in touch with Birdsong during the impasse, but I thought BIRDSONG was collaborating with UWI on the issue.

  22. Lasana yuh gone back with cocolooks again boy lmao

  23. Another flaw in our reasoning is our expectation that government will provide even though that is proven time and again to be unreliable. Perhaps Birdsong should have used it’s notoriety to attract international corporate sponsorship especially in light of the fact that steel pan has become so popular in certain foreign countries, most notably Japan.

  24. Trinidadians tend only to appreciate what is Trinidadian when foreigners validate it for us by recognizing it’s value, until then it’s practically worthless to us.
    The Cazabons are perfect examples.

  25. The Birdsong issue is vexing steups. It is really upsetting imo typical of they way our society treats the arts an our art in general, further more it is a school. While not formalised and under the MOE many of my friends in the music have been influenced by that school and got their start there. International musicians come there to play and teach and jam (tourism, money in the country) steups eh. As for Ian he never really cared about crime or anything so I ain’t care about him.

    • Art and culture seems to be a blindspot for successive governments for far too long. Hope the PNM doesn’t lose this opportunity to buck the trend.

    • Seem you say. The fact show it is more than a blind spot. It may not even be a spot. Outside of carnival art and culture don’t exist in T&T. Until somebody gets a little recognition outside then everybody jump celebrate blah blah. Our if someone get a 50 mil to create a cd that to this day we don’t know if it made any money or serious headway as it was supposed to. Lasana we have and continue to have musicians that are recognised globally many died this year and last year. The most recent is the great Fitzroy Coleman. You know what it is to be ranked in the top 100 jazz guitarists in the world. I can type name here of fellow colleagues right now doing great things outside of Trinidad and our last govt and present couldn’t even give them a dollar towards tuition. Concert after concert, bbq after bbq, shows that buss and they scrape to get there. It is not just Art and culture we have the same problem with Agriculture and sports anything that is organically T&T we have a problem investing and developing. Imagine Grey Friars is a carpark. steups yes.

    • Very true. Plenty food for thought there man.

    • We only appreciate what is Trinidadian when foreigners validate it for us by recognizing it’s value, until then it’s practically worthless to us.
      The Cazabons are perfect examples.

    • Stephen, one day people will tour a car park on St Vincent Street in Tunapuna and say “a famous pan side once played here…”

    • That’s the sad thing Lasana Liburd. I was just in North Carolina. Winston Salem. That city has a park that is called the artivity park. A space as bug as birdsong pan yard that has sculptures only from artist in that area. They have about two to three block totally dedicated to artist with stores fashion designers, painters, sculptures, people that mine semi precious stones and make jewelry there are no other commercial stores on that stretch. It is called the arts district. They have twobkinds of summer events. One in thw artivity park with bands from the area that audition and make the cut and another in a spot similar to the amphitheatre in St James or the library with Jazz artist where local bands are always the opening act. I met with some programme directors sharing my new single and the first question many asked me is “are you local” they lime the song but always asked that question. They are guarding and ensuring that their artist get first preference before anyone else. We do the opposite.

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