Speed camera warnings are fake news! Works Ministry concerned by social media notices

EPL Infrafred Sauna

The Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) has denied the usage of speed cameras to penalise motorist and voiced concern at “the rising trend of inaccurate information circulating in the public domain.”

The MOWT release comes after circulated messages on the social media which claimed to identify up to 12 locations with “fixed cameras/speed traps” on the Uriah Butler Highway.

The following is the full release from the Ministry:

Photo: A speed camera in Britain.
Photo: A speed camera in Britain.

The Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) wishes to advise the public that the Spot Speed Camera Enforcement System has not been officially launched in Trinidad and Tobago. This notice is in response to inaccurate information being circulated in the public domain, regarding the presence and operation of spot speed, fixed cameras and speed traps at various locations across the country.

At present, the Ministry is pursuing the required steps toward the eventual passage of legislation that will give effect to Spot Speed Camera Enforcement in Trinidad and Tobago.

In light of the above, the Ministry would like to clearly state that at present there are NO “fixed camera” and speed traps” in the following areas:

North Bound: Corinth Flyover, Gasparillo Flyover, Munroe Road Flyover, Caroni Flyover and Grand Bazaar.

South Bound: Seereeram Brothers, San Fernando Flyover, Golconda Flyover and Penal Flyover.

The Ministry recognises and is very concerned with the rising trend of inaccurate information circulating in the public domain and urges the public to visit the Ministry’s Website and social media pages to verify the veracity of such information.

Photo: Vehicular traffic heading into Port of Spain. (Courtesy Nation News)
Photo: Vehicular traffic heading into Port of Spain.
(Courtesy Nation News)

Once the required legislation is enacted, the Ministry of Works and Transport will apprise the public and its stakeholders of the new road safety measures.

The MOWT would like to assure the general public that once a new system or project is implemented, the relevant information will be communicated.

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