Acting Police Commissioner flops on the switchboard; hypothetically

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams served further notice of his immense suitability to lead a hapless police force when he refused to inform the Trinidad Express about the law with regards to failure to report a crime.

Williams, who once called Jack Warner the best Minister he ever worked with although Warner was then under investigation for possible money laundering and corruption of customs officers, declined to be drawn out when the Express sought a comment on an operation performed on an alleged drug mule at a private hospital.

“I can’t comment on something that I don’t know about,” Williams told the Sunday Express. “If there is an article in the newspaper, a front-page story, having told me about it, I will go and check the paper and then I will be able to have the appropriate action taken. But I am not commenting hypothetically.”

Photo: Hypothetically speaking, would I sound silly if I cannot answer a basic question about the law?
Photo: Hypothetically speaking, would I sound silly if I cannot answer a basic question about the law?

Mr Live supposes that either (a) Williams does not know the meaning of “hypothetical” (b) the police intends to start charging citizens for information on the law (c) ignorance of the law is no excuse not to be police commissioner (d) the Acting Police Commissioner wanted to ensure that Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan did not conduct the operation before he responded.

Either way, Williams probably is not fit to be anywhere near a police telephone or to take questions from members of the public. Hypothetically, of course.


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  1. I think you made a major typo.
    I’m sure in your first paragraph where you said:”his immense suitability” You really meant Unsuitability.

    • Normally, you would be right. In this case, I did in fact mean he is the perfect figurehead for a team that is surely out of its depth.

      • Ohh yes, after re-reading, I see what you mean!
        He’s qualified for the job based on his ineptitude 😉

        • Yes. Cheeky, of course. But it is satire… A few weeks ago, the acting CoP was urging his men to show better PR skills in dealing with members of the public.
          I cannot be impressed then when he refused to answer a simple question by a member of the press for the reason that he gave.

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