Gopeesingh’s son outwits police… without trying

Eight days after the 56-year-old Gregory Wight was violently assaulted by the cutlass-wielding son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh, there was finally a development.

A Woodbrook police source told the Trinidad Express that the lawmen drove to the home of the ponytailed zorro yesterday. Surprisingly, he wasn’t there and the flabbergasted police returned to headquarters for further instructions.

Judging from the breakneck pace and well thought out planning involved in this investigation thus far, Wired868 is no longer surprised that the probe into National Security Minister Jack Warner remains incomplete.

The source further stated that Woodbrook police had no instructions to make an arrest. So, presumably, they just visited for a chat with the decidedly un-jolly Santa-sized culinary enthusiast.

Wired868 hopes they walked with lots of doubles. Big, little Gopeesingh is not fond of long chats before meals.

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  1. Subjective justice is no justice at all!

  2. its the same all over the minister beat his wife and he is free, the next one smoking weed and thiefing tax payers money and he free, the next one who know about dana death he ent get question, so gopeesngh son getting the same treatment

  3. The case continues to get put off. Gregory Wight shows up every time. Feel free to join him in each exercise in stress and futility.

  4. Wait.
    They arrested him in their capacity as private security for a wealthy individual?

  5. Yet the Gov’t and TTPS are asking why is it that no one has any confidence or trust in the police service?

    Only yesterday I found out about 6 policemen acting as bodyguard for a rich boy tried to advantage a young man at a fete, and were all badly beaten by him. Seems that they underestimated the young man’s skills in martial arts. So what did they do? Charge the young man for assault, resisting arrest and obscene language.

    Seems that if police taking advantage of you nowadays, you’re supposed to put your tail between your legs and take the licks oui.

  6. But there is no official justice since it’s application is purely subjective.

  7. Then the authorities wonder why people take the law into their own hands to get justice? I am not suggesting this course of action, but tax payers are entitled to an independent and efficient police service without interference.

  8. Cases seem to be either too small to be worth solving or too big to be solved.

  9. I have a case of slander pending “serious interests” police in this country sigh..

  10. Forget fixing schools, to ensure students stay in their place install doubles stands in front.

  11. School that, like every year before , would remain closed because they weren’t fixed at all? Yeah. Right.

  12. But the minister is too busy getting schools fixed for our children to attend next month to worry about that. Probably fixed out of court.

  13. He tried to ‘outwit’….police? So – he attacking unarmed people again?? 🙂 🙂

  14. anybody knows what happened to this case really?

  15. ‎(Sung to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town)

    De planasser is comin to town
    De planasser is comin to town

    Yuh better shut up
    Yuh better not cry
    Yuh better buy yuh doubles quick
    Cause ah tellin yuh why
    De planasser is comin to town

    He see when yuh engine is on
    He knows when yuh awake
    He knows when yuh want to play yuh bad
    So yuh better know yuh place

    Yuh better not shout
    Yuh better not wail
    Doh call de police
    or else is planass in yuh tail
    De planasser is comin to town

    • Good song….ah love it. But on a serious note I am so fed up of our country taking more backward steps rather than forward ones. Just recently it was said that we have received first world status. But we sure continue to have a third world approach to doing things with no improvement expected in the near future. The type of policing we are practicing in our country reminds me of those movies that show poor backward countries with what seems to be “ignorant” leaders looking to make money on the side and protecting those in authority in order to do so. Hmmmm Lord what are we really coming to? Steupssssssssssssssss.

  16. Marcy, the instructions for arrest must come from the snow cone man but only after consultation with the nuts man.

  17. Take your time ‘mayden agan’ the Ancient Greeks used to say – ‘all things in moderation’!

  18. Not surprised in the least. If the police returned outwith an interview, then It stands to reason that the cutlass-wielding son of the Education Minister must have out-witted them.

  19. I like this article lots!!!

    • Y does the police have to be instructed to make an arrest, and who the instruction should come from?

      • Hello Marcy. I want to be sure I give you the right answer and it isn’t my field. So I will contact someone at the Police Service and get back to you by tonight.

      • Hello Marcy. I spoke to a senior policeman who assured me that any officer can make an arrest providing that he/she feels enough evidence is there and the case is straightforward. In cases like burglary, theft, drugs, etc, a senior officer–as in a policeman above the rank of Corporal–would often instruct a subordinate to make the arrest.
        However, more sensitive or complex matters like murder, arson and so on are often referred to the DPP for guidance.
        This is not official information from the Police Service but was relayed to me by a senior, experienced policeman. Hope that helps.

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