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Doubles vigilante surrenders to police

Shane Gopeesingh, the son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh, turned himself in for questioning at the Central Police Station last night accompanied by his attorney. The super-sized pony tailed zorro allegedly planassed 56-year-old Gregory Wight, two weeks ago, following a verbal exchange after the latter man asked Gopeesingh to …

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Gopeesingh’s son outwits police… without trying

Eight days after the 56-year-old Gregory Wight was violently assaulted by the cutlass-wielding son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh, there was finally a development. A Woodbrook police source told the Trinidad Express that the lawmen drove to the home of the ponytailed zorro yesterday. Surprisingly, he wasn’t there and …

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Gopeesingh wrongs Wight; police not serious

Education Minister Tim Gopeesingh, who is famed for his condescending lectures to teachers, union representatives and parents, was presumably left red-faced after a video showed his cutlass-wielding son, Shane Gopeesingh, apparently assaulting the 56-year-old Gregory Wight outside Brooklyn Bar. At least “humble pie” is a safer treat than doubles these days. …

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