Doubles vigilante surrenders to police

Shane Gopeesingh, the son of Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh, turned himself in for questioning at the Central Police Station last night accompanied by his attorney.

The super-sized pony tailed zorro allegedly planassed 56-year-old Gregory Wight, two weeks ago, following a verbal exchange after the latter man asked Gopeesingh to switch off his vehicle engine at a doubles stall by Brooklyn Bar in Woodbrook.

Incidentally, the Police Service is still not ready to charge the short-tempered teddy bear despite witness statements and video footage of the incident. But, shortly after yesterday’s National Budget budget, Gopeesingh decided it was as good a time as any to hand himself over to the authorities.

Wired868 cannot confirm that Gopeesingh, an unashamed gas-guzzling enthusiast, refuses to be part of a society in which premium gas costs $5.75 per litre.

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  1. That the son is involved in illegal activity is an indicator of learned behavior, and raises the question where did he learn this, if not from his father, the Minister of Education?

  2. Only in sweet T&T. Well I am certain that his father would hire big lawyers to save their family’s name and integrity. Not to mention influence the whole scene. Rich people, I mean politicians/businessmen are so lucky. They can buy their way out of anything. They lie and manipulate the system to save themselves and feel “God Doh Sleep”. I really hope God is not a Trini.

  3. Cutlass wielders not getting charged – what’s next in the fiasco that is PP’s leadership of T&T? Even the police are incapable of acting independently?

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