Witnessing Warner’s Skyfall

The one thing that disappointed me about James Bond films was the bad guys.

In the beginning of every film, we were introduced to a super villain of incredible genius, whose detail to planning was revealed in his dastardly plot to rule the world from an immense secret structure manned by hundreds of dedicated militia.

Totally evil, yet decidedly smooth and scheming, these control freaks seemed unstoppable. Yet after our hero, the only man who’s surname both precedes and follows his Christian name—Bond, James Bond—gets on the case, the arch villain becomes a babbling psychopath, whose furious panic results in his ultimate destruction.

Photo: Mr Jaws is a famous Bond baddie.

I mean, if this ultra-bad guy is so cunning, if he can face down superpowers, royalty and armed forces, how does one man rattle him?

So, I wondered, is Austin Jack Warner a creation of Ian Fleming?

Watching his insane ranting over the last two days against the Section 34 march, Mr Warner seems to becoming more and more unravelled.

Let’s face it, if he was anymore in denial, he’d be sitting in Egypt next to the pyramids, knee deep in that great African river. The Nile, that is. But I digress.

From the photos and video shown on television and the internet, it is clear that there were a substantial number of people on the march.  Some say 30,000. Some police are quoted at 25,000. So, perhaps, a conservative estimate would be 20,000?

Jack the Tripper saw only 3,000 persons and insisted that East Indians, Chinese and youths were not represented. For Your Eyes Only, sir.

Jack seems to see race in everything these days. The former self-proclaimed HNIC, in his desperation to preserve power, is upstaging the likes of Sat Maharaj as a defender of the Indian race. Diamonds Are Forever, Jack, and so is your race.

Of course, Warner’s inability to tabulate big numbers should be no surprise. In 1989, he allegedly sold 45,000 tickets for a stadium that held 25,000 while his suggestion to the 2006 “Soca Warriors” that half of $200 million equated to around $125,000 was proved to be profoundly incorrect.

Yesterday may well be yesterday, Jack, but Tomorrow Never Dies.

So, even with the aid of three police photographers and two police cameramen, it shouldn’t surprise us that Warner’s crowd estimate was so far off target.

Photo: Warner (left) accompanies Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at the 2010 FIFA Women’s Under-17 World Cup opening ceremony in Port of Spain.
(Courtesy FIFA.com)

Although it was quite right and proper for the march to be shepherded by the police, was the costly use of the National Security helicopter really warranted?

Maybe Jack should have leant out of his window and counted the protesters when they stopped at his office to demand his resignation. That is, if he can tally beyond 69 or even 34.

Warner is the opposition’s most potent weapon. Every time he opens his mouth, more potential votes are lost.

What foreign government would share sensitive intelligence data with this buffoon? His international reputation, at best, is one of a crooked manipulator.

Keith Rowley is no James Bond and closer resembled a Dr No within his own party in recent years. But he is surely benefitting from Warner’s repeated attacks.

It concerns me greatly that the Prime Minister continues to stay silent while Warner makes public statements which bring ridicule on her government and scares The Living Daylights out of right thinking citizens.

For Warner, The World Is Not Enough and I doubt he can be saved from his collision course with destiny.

If the People’s Partnership does not address its loose cannon soon, the remaining two years of its term will be merely a Quantum of Solace. The final verdict will not be delivered by Goldfinger but rather our voting fingers.


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  1. The more Warner give-in to his ego’s desires to show its true self, is the more his mask begins to resemble his true face—–and in so doing, he loses the ability to hide his crookedness behind a cork screw. All access to camouflage is denied to him, the poor soul has achieved infamy, because no Christian will pray for him with the necessary sincerity, least, they should in anyway preserve any aspect of his relentless greed and its endemic influence. He is a man that can appreciate the allure of doing illegal things

  2. Jack Warner, for all his faults, will be the catalyst for socio-political change in T+T. He will be the cause for the downfall of this neo-colonial relationship between the executive and the populace – which is powered by the latter but only serves the former. He will be the wake-up call that, we the people, would no longer be able to ignore.

  3. Jack is his worse enemy and certainly has a problem with figures . His colleagues are waiting for him to self destruct .

  4. Jack Warner is acting all the role in this here movie, he is the Prime Minister plus the Minister of every other Ministry,,,,he must be one tired Negro, sorry to say but he will be the reason that the PM will regret ever knowing!!!

  5. He may be a raving lunatic, but people are listening to him, and the only way to shut them up is to prove him wrong (I have lost all hope in shutting him up!) This article really should have some pictures…a picture is worth 1000 words after all….a few overhead shots would have been perfect…did no one take any?

  6. The prime minister has not been “advised” as yet, so that’s why she is silent.

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