Dear Editor: Arima-based Brian James Ruiz Academy needs funds for south France trials

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“The Brian James Ruiz Football Academy must raise 15,0000 Euros (TT$116,000) by Friday 11 January or risk losing a golden opportunity to travel to Montpellier, France for a Elite Trial Tour.”

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted by Marcus Dingwall, president of the Brian James Ruiz Football Academy:

Photo: The Brian James Ruiz Football Academy on a media tour to raise funds for a trip to France.
(Courtesy Brian James Ruiz Academy)

The Brian James Ruiz Football Academy took part in the Trini Talent Showcase of August 2018. At this showcase, scouts from France, United States, Brazil and England were present.

Coach Brian Ruiz was the only Trinidad and Tobago coach invited to participate, since it was identified that his methods were very different and in tune with what the scouts were looking for with the Under-17 age group of players within his Academy.

Coach Ruiz participated in the training and refereeing of matches during the entire event and was further approached by Eric Sabin of the France Football Association—since eight out of 10 of his over-18 players received scholarships to America and France because of their performances. The two players left out were not released by their respective Pro League clubs.

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Eventually, Mr Sabin invited Coach Ruiz to bring his entire Academy to France for Elite Trials in February 2019. The trip offers Academy players the chance to earn a scholarship there as well as catch the eye of scouts and coaches from other countries present such as Belgium, Spain, Brazil, England and Portugal.

Among the promising players selected for the trip to south France are Che Bideshi, Jacie Swift, Stefan Auguste, Kristoff Dingwall, Nicholas Maharaj, Ezekiel De Suze, Jadon Bancroft, Gervan Williams, Shawn Gonzales, Anthony Samuel, Malik Johnson, Mervyn Huggins, Xavier Le Blanc, Denesha De Silva and Yeisha Black.

Photo: France and Manchester United star Paul Pogba poses with the Russia 2018 World Cup trophy.

The Brian James Ruiz Football Academy is a non-profit organisation which was established on the 9th August 1985 and tries to enhance the youths of the Arima community by combining sport and education together.

At the Brian James Ruiz Football Academy 1985, we do not just train to win but to be holistically one as individuals in sport and education. Give our boys this chance. To assist, please contact Brian James Ruiz at 868-499-2393 or

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    Why didnt they have a fund raising drive? Who was in charge of the projected amount needed for this trip and why are they making it public now, so late in the game? This just seem like deja vu all over again.

    • Maybe we do not have all the info, so in the absence of all the info, think Motor Vehicle inspection requirements.

    • Brian Chambers genuinely would like to know. Don’t live there so don’t know much about MV inspection require ments.

    • Karen Villaroel Motor Vehicle owners had a 5 month moratorium to have their cars inspected at any of 300 inspection garages. A significant number of people waited until the last day of the 5 month moratorium to have their vehicle inspected, many are also requesting more time be given for inspection.

    • Brian Chambers that is a long time to get it done. We have one month here. Everyday you don’t do it the price increases, then you end up with a huge court fine and lose your privilege to drive. Only in TnT lol

    • Karen Villaroel One thing to note is that the law requiring motor vehicle owners to have their vehicles inspected was on the law books for many years. It appears only vehicles licensed as goods and taxis complied. The Government eventually decided to enforce the law and that is when the mad rush began. In default of having your car inspected you may have to pay a fine of $5000 TT (approx $800 USD). Hence the reason for the mad rush to get it done. The cost of inspection is $300TT (approx $48 USD)

    • Brian Chambers wow yet they waited smh

    • Karen Villaroel good morning to you Miss/ Mrs thanks we did we got so far as $5,000:00 Euros for the kids,, it is hard when some say they don’t have when they do so we keep o trying never going to just give up l do my best to help each and every one thanks Blessings to you mum

  2. Why wait till the last minute to ask for assistance?

    • Brian they have actually been putting their case forward through different outlets over the past month.

    • Brian Chambers a very blessed morning to you if you did not know for months we have been asking it is only now that you are reading this sorry but you have to go to our football site and you will see how long we have been asking but take your time and look because you will have a long time try to fine the first time we ask,
      I went the the Arima Borough Council The Mayor they say they can’t help so now you know,, thanks it is time people try and find out what is real and what is not,, then open there mouth ,, sorry for this hard words l said to all not just you ,,
      Know this for over (32) years l have been do this and asking for help,,
      Not one step up,,
      There comes a time when some one have to just step up and now ,,,
      Mr Lasana Liburd has STEP UP FOR US,, He was one of my players years gone by,, so My L L knows what l am going through,, thank
      Mr B, Chambers You Can Help if you really want but thanks for you kind words ,
      Still love in the house after (33) years for all the kids in The Brian James Ruiz Football Academy

    • Brian James Ruiz Thanks, for my clarification. Can you post a link to your “football site”?

  3. Where is the support of our business community in making dreams a reality

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