Chasing Greatness868 (Video): MX Prime on his musical roots, passion and riding the Soca Train

What is the pathway to greatness in Trinidad and Tobago?

In Part One of Two, MX Prime talks to Wired868TV about his internal fire, his musical beginnings in Carenage, Magadan, the Ragga Soca revolution with Bunji Garlin and getting aboard the Soca Train in the pilot for Chasing Greatness868:

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About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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    Excellent interview…Lasana you are an artist in your own right. Not many appreciate the importance of creating opportunity for hearing the artiste’s voice….Well done!!

  2. MX and Lasana thank you. Maximus, Warrior, Champion your voice and your lyrical gifts gives me joy! I look forward to your continued musical and artistic journey. No borders!
    I do miss KMC – leader in mixing rock and soca ( hail Nigel Rojas)…. then Bunji, the girls, dem darling! ? ..and Robert Amar, the Angel investor who made Caribbean Soundbasin and music and artist development possible for that brief, sweet and precious time of Trinidad and Tobago. Thank you all.

    There is just something about him 🙂 So real, so humble, so GENUINE.
    Thanks Amery for the uplifting comments – MX totally deserves them. He’s a SUPER – Super Star.
    Well done Lasana – congratulations ! ! !

  4. Charismatic, phenomenal presence, magical…MX Prime

  5. Wow. I finally get time to watch the interview and it was wonderful. I always loved Maximus. I always knew he was different. To hear him articulate so well his own philosophy really made sense. Some people could make great songs but not everybody could entertain. Glad he mentioned KMC. I think he’s under appreciated but a real good entertainer as well.

    • Part two would be even better as we discussed his childhood challenges and positives, weight loss, his personal mission, ultimate rejects and full extreme. 😉
      He was a great interview. I did generally edit out my questions so there would be more time for him. But he is a good talker and very sharp.

  6. Brian has to be joking. Lol. Now I’m trying to remember if I ever saw him comment on a sport story or not.

  7. This was a very good interview….MXPrime is ah boss.

  8. Great great great interview… MX is one of the greatest musical talent of this generation

  9. Very insightful and inspiring. Thank you Wired 868 for giving us a deeper look at what makes this amazing artiste tick.
    If I may add my 2 cents, I remember having meetings with the then Maximus Dan around the year 2003; he was a young and rising entertainer and I was the young Technical Director of the National AIDS Coordinating Committee. He was the very first artiste who got involved in our campaigns designed to help young people make safer choices. He was completely unmoved by fears of being negatively labeled or stigmatized by any association with the epidemic. And he demanded and commanded that he required no payment or reward for his efforts in the campaign.
    Many have underestimated this local star, but he has always represented the best of who we can be.
    Thank you for this great interview and a look into his origins and influences.

    • One of the reasons I wanted Ignazio Mx Prime Thomas to be our first interviewee is because he is so much more than just an entertainer. Thanks for that anecdote Amery. It is great to know although I’m not surprised that he did so.

    • In 2004, when approached by Keegan Taylor to perform on a track entitled “Deadly Killer”, about the AIDS virus, Maximus said:
      “I don’t do much collaboration; because of the hectic schedule I have it’s sometimes difficult for two artistes to come together.

      “But I liked the message that Keegan was coming with. People are getting infected out there and they need to be aware of how serious Aids is.

      “It was an honour for me to bless the track.”

  10. From humble beginnings to being and inspiration to others young and mature with full support from your carenage brothers love in the house bless up

  11. Of all the young artistes I have always seen by the type of music and songs he produces that he is a positive influence on all age groups and indeed a good mentor for the youths. Applause to him

  12. Great interview Lasana… MX is really of the most underrated performers in Trinidad… I was glad for his wonderful success this year because it gave younger people a chance to actually hear some of his older works as Magadan and Maximus… and as you rightly said, he is a wonderful orator. Interviews just go well with him because the content is always there. Ah waiting fuh part two so yuh better have some order… and dont cross d border #DCDB

  13. um, who says they are great. Now if you are talking about Machel then yes.

  14. U always keep it one HUNDRED STAR Bless up

  15. excellent interview cuz keep up the great work u are doing

  16. Know why this interview was so awesome Lasana? Because, unlike some, you let him speak everything he could without constantly interrupting him with a set of questions just to get a question in. That was just fantastic.

    I was so surprised and elated to hear that his Maximus came from the Gladiator movie as I always connected Gladiator to his image but I thought that was maybe how I wanted to see him.

    He’s one of my favourites not sure if it’s because of his personality more than his music. Machel, Maximus (what is MX now? Lol), Bunji, Kees, Love them all.

  17. Very good interview. MX Prime handled his story very well. Of course, it was the interviewer who set the overall direction but his minimalist intervention approach gave the interviewee the space to play himself. Good professional stuff.

  18. Thanks Brian and Lisa… Much appreciated. 🙂

  19. Phew…no impromptu ads to make us jump =D

  20. Lasana, this was brilliant ! Totally and fantabulously (my artistic license) brilliant. We should catch up offline soon. Great stuff and well produced. Congratulations!

  21. Great interview g… he’s one of my favorite entertainers

  22. Love the multimedia expansion Lasana. Ting coming to come!

  23. Lol. Who knows Dennis… maybe we might rebrand for 2018!

  24. shuddah called it: Chasing Grea868ness

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