Maraj’s murderous accounting of crime under this administration is in the liabilities column

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The following letter, which deals with the impartiality—or lack thereof—of Sunday Express columnist Ralph Maraj, was penned by Wired868 Editor Earl Best with the Express Editor in mind. But not optimistic about his chances of having it published it in that paper, he changed tack and submitted it to Wired868.

Dear Editor,

Please. Spare us from the bigotry of Ralph Maraj, who writes every week in your Sunday [Express] paper.

His column this week is headlined “Over 1,000 murders!” and it seeks to persuade us that thousands more will die unless the Rowley Administration gets “off its lazy backside” (Raffique Shah) and does something about crime.

Photo: Former government minister Ralph Maraj was a Cabinet member for two different parties.

Who can disagree with that—except perhaps with Mr Shah’s esoteric choice of adjective. Lazy? Is Raf seriously suggesting that there are competent people among Rowley’s bunch of bunglers? I cite the recent anti-gang legislation fiasco as only the last example of chronic incompetence. If you have any examples of any job well done by the Rowley Administration, please, Raf, share.

But I digress. I don’t disagree with the notion that something needs to be done urgently about crime. Using the word, PM Rowley has said no fewer than 15 times in public that current levels are “unacceptable.” But neither he nor the National Security Minister with the unfortunate ED affliction has actually done anything about it; they are still, two years into office, proposing to do something about it.

Rowley only recently instructed—or was it authorized?—the Minister and the acting CoP to use the full force of the law to solve the Beetham problem.

What, pray, were they using before the PM so kindly gave them his permission?

As I was saying then, I do take violent objection to Ralph Maraj’s language—supposedly his forte—arising out of his clearly weak mathematics, arithmetic, to be more precise.

“In 2015,” Mr Maraj writes, “with the Partnership in power from January to September, there were 288 murders by election day, September 7.”

Photo: Prime Minister Keith Rowley (centre) is introduced to former Brazil World Cup captain Cafu (second from left) and Jamaica World Cup player Ricardo Gardner (left) before an exhibition match at Soogrim Trace Grounds, Laventille on 31 July 2017.
At right is TTFA president David John-Williams.
(Courtesy Matthew Lee Kong/CA-images/Wired868)

“But by December 31,” he continues, “that had skyrocketed to 410 in four months under the PNM.”

“Skyrocketed”? Please, Ralph!

January to August is eight months. A total of 288 over eight months means an average of 36 per month. An average of 36 per month means a total of 144 in four months. A total of 410 in December minus the 288 as at September 7 means a four-month total of 122, a monthly average of 30 and a half. That’s well below the January to September average, methinks.

So, “skyrocketed”? There are none so blind, they say, as those who will not see. The sentence immediately preceding the first one quoted above reads thus: “Under the Partnership, the rate dropped in 2011 to 354 but climbed gradually to reach 403 in 2014.” (my emphasis)

An increase of 49 in three years is a gradual climb but falling from a monthly average of 36 to a monthly average of 30 and a half is skyrocketing?

Please, Ralph!

There are none so bigoted and biased and boldfaced, say I, as those who brazenly try to bamboozle us with bullshit. And who clearly count on readers to be yellow-bellied enough to swallow their poison numbers unquestioningly without calling them out.

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  1. I do not believe the Murder rate was much lower under the last Administration. If you take a look at the Statistics from 2010-12 it may be about the same. However, as the consummate Politician, Dr. Keith Dr Keith Rowley boasted that he could deal with the Crime Epidemic. He also told the then Opposition that they were part and parcel of the Crime situation and now this Opposition is saying the same thing. Crime is a National Scourge and every person has to do its part to end it. Not only the Governing Administration and Opposition, but we as individual in each community. Take Sea Lots as a good example.

  2. Why you people still reading what this fella have to say? This is Occah Seapaul baby brother! That alone should be enough to consign his column to a latrine hole after use. This fella gave a serious problem with the present Prime Minister. I don’t know what Keith Rowley did he but he have a gigantic chip…could even be a foundation block…on his shoulder where Keith Rowley is concerned. Forget he. He is not worth it.

  3. Dr.Rowley has more than a million people under his charge and unfortunately they choose their path. Some are dying both criminals and innocent ones for this we are sorry. You had one to see about and it seemed like you failed. Show compassion and stop being so bias.

  4. It appears that Ralph gets gratification of a certain type with the PM. I wonder what type?

  5. Steups…. look Ralph go and recite some fogging Shakespeare nah man…Hamlet…Othello…

  6. Ralph Maraj jumped ship from PNM to UNC then jumped ship from UNC to topple UNC so doh play allyuh eh know what he is…ah damn stinking balisier

  7. These people can’t get into the treasury so is only fuck up remarks wow

  8. Mr Maraj since 2010 has demonized Dr Rowley and the PNM government onm a weekly basis with impunity in the electronic media. His constant negative diatribe is not only on the print media , but someone in ii 95.5 has given him a space for him to spread untruth, lies and innuendoes on a daily basis. He is bias and appears to be a “know it all,’ but that is far from the truth and he spews anger and hate. Says much about our MEDIA who are paying actors/party supporters to do their dirty work.

  9. Why Ralph Maraj did not talk when the opposition did not vote for the gang legislation? I did not hear him or the Chamber of Commerce. NOBODY condemned the irresistible action if the opposition but he talking about Rowley! Look! Ralph Marah just hush please! Is not everybody stupid out here!

    • Did you realise that a vote was called in the parliament to allow a sunset clause of 2 years and the PNM voted against it.

      If they had voted for it the law woukd have been passed.

    • I don’t know what qualifies him to be a political commentator

    • Jesus christ! A vote was called in the Parliament to allow a sunset clause of 2 years? You cannot be that stupid! The didn’t call any vote in the Parliament. The vote that was called was put to the entire lower house AT THE COMMITTEE STAGE! A sunset clause of FOUR YEARS was proposed. Not one opposition member opened their mouth. Not even to vote against it. THAT’S IN THE HANSARD FOR EVERYBODY TO READ! If the Government proposes a term of 4 years and no opposition member said ‘no’ when they had the chance, any right thinking person would assume they were comfortable with the 4 year proposal, only to come to the Parliament and vote ‘no’ to the SAME FOUR YEAR PROPOSAL you said nothing to at the committee stage? And now have dotish idiots like you talking about 2 years? JEEZANAGES! If is idiots like you supporting these shameless people, it’s no wonder they in opposition now. Long ago everybody was dotish. The majority of us now have sense…except, it seems, the majority of the compound idiots south of the Caroni River.

    • Lionel Seeram they did not vote for the two years sunset clause because they wanted 4 or 5 years as the duration for the sunset clause. Do you know that the opposition had eventually agreed for a 4 year sunset clause together with the government and when it was time to take the vote the still voted against the Bill. Follow the politics thoroughly. Even a two year Sunset Clause is inadequate for any piece of legislation to be effective. Come on!!! But that was not my main point. I was taking about my friend Ralph Maraj and what I perceive to be his bias commentaries without giving due consideration to all the faces. And don’t get me mixed up. He is one of the persons I admire. I just find that he is now comprising his ability to engage in unbiased criticism.

    • Glen Provi I am South of the Caroni River and I am no idiot and it is the only part of your post I don’t agree with.

    • All the facts! This spell check Boi! !!

    • Ralph Maraj did speak about it on i95 radio and he was very fair in his analysis.

    • Your take! Respect! We can agree to disagree. That’s fine with me.

    • Glen Provi we can’t say things about each other like that. I’m talking about your reference about “south of the Caroni Bridge.”
      You wouldn’t like someone to reference your geographical location in a negative way. I wouldn’t. And we all know how touchy Trinis got when we felt Sabga-Aboud was talking down to the middle class and working class people.
      We need everyone to fix the country. Division puts us in untenable position.

    • That’s how some persons are made interpret become of their loyalty. I pray for them to change and realize the truth.

  10. In unc time crime was under control not so???

  11. The alcohol is eating at his brain…

  12. Again, it is our failing as a nation that we give ear to these abysmal “political commentators”. We fall a little farther everytime we hear from him , PEA (Brain), Moore and others (including the Tobago shark)

  13. Ralph’s argument on the murder toll in 2015 has been correctly ‘put aside’ by Mr. Best. However, what of his greater point of the impotence of the Rowley led Govt to treat with crime? What were the averages in 2016, and 2017 (to present time)? The murder toll in 2016 was 462, therefore the average is 38.5, which is higher than 2015. If the toll so far for 2017 is 470, then that means that the average murder rate per month is 39.1 – AND THE YEAR IS NOT COMPLETED YET!!!! That is quite startling!

    This indeed shows that currently, the Rowley led Govt is impotent as it relates to crime fighting. Had the UNC been in Govt and the toll was as is, then they would have been equally blameworthy. It should not be about party, but about calling persons to account for their glaring failure…but let us go for drinks…

  14. The issue is crime…who cares what words are used…even at home we sometimes have to use harsh words to get things done.

  15. He’s smarter than all the gov’t ministers

  16. Ralph still toting feelings since from Manning days.

  17. How many died from natural causes? Since the Express front page became an obituary column they better start giving us the full tally.

  18. Black people?Remember u black. Who pray?

  19. I want to say so much right now but I read the comments
    Years now I reading, looking and listening to that actor/ turncoat

  20. But didn’t they say blood would be shed if they lose? Anyhow… Ralph Maraj has never been known to be impartial, why expect any less of him now?

  21. Alyuh pray for black people to start killing one another and now the country scared

  22. Scotty Ranking

    288 in 8 months, then 144 more in another 4 is a skyrocket! That’s quick Maths!

    Ralph’s not hot!

  23. Ralph can wine to the side yes.. claiming to be netural when he clearly either wears a unc belt on his hip or he clearly dislikes Dr Rowley on a personal level.. he can go sit in the jester corner and be quiet.

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