Maylee, Kennya and Mollon pull out, as fiery Morace starts tenure without T&T stars

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The Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Senior Team looks set to start life under Italian coach Carolina Morace without three of their most gifted attacking players, after former captain Maylee Attin-Johnson and star attacker Kennya “Yaya” Cordner were both suspended following issues with the national head coach over the weekend.

Attin-Johnson and Cordner allegedly had separate problems during training on Saturday and withdrew from the team. They were subsequently cut from the squad which entered a residential camp yesterday while their contracts from the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) were suspended.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kennya Cordner (right) tries to escape a challenge from Ecuador right back Ingrid Rodriquez during their FIFA Play Off second leg meeting in Port of Spain on 2 December 2014. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago attacker Kennya Cordner (right) tries to escape a challenge from Ecuador right back Ingrid Rodriquez during their FIFA Play Off second leg meeting in Port of Spain on 2 December 2014.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Attin-Johnson and Cordner declined comment while Wired868 tried unsuccessfully to reach team manager Jinelle James, who signed the suspension letters. A TTFA source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claimed that Morace accused the pair of disrespecting her. Both players deny disrespecting the coach.

Attin-Johnson and Cordner follow winger Ahkeela Mollon out of the team, after the former Europe-based attacker quit weeks ago. In each case, the fall-outs seemed to stem from the players’ issue with Morace’s renowned abrasive management style.

James’ letter to Cordner suggested that the attacker felt she was not receiving appropriate care for a hamstring injury and also took issue with what she allegedly deemed to be an attack on her by the coach.

Morace, according to James’ retelling of Corner’s complaint, told the team that “if you feel you are too good to be here and too strong to stay in this team, then it is not your place: you have to put your individual needs aside to serve the team.”

The immediate implication of the fall-out is that Attin-Johnson and Cordner will not receive player contracts from the TTFA until further notice.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder and captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (right) advances with the ball under pressure Ecuador star Gianina Lattanzio during the first leg of the 2015 FIFA Play Off in Quito. (Copyright AFP 2014/Rodrigo Buendia)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder and captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (right) advances with the ball under pressure Ecuador star Gianina Lattanzio during the first leg of the 2015 FIFA Play Off in Quito.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Rodrigo Buendia)

TTFA president David John-Williams promised contracts for the women’s players, which will allow Morace to keep the Women Soca Warriors together in constant training for 2017.

As proposed Tier One players, Attin-Johnson and Cordner are believed to have been in line for a package of roughly TT$8,000 per month.

The teething problems between Morace and her new squad mean the Women Warriors will miss some star quality when they face Venezuela at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 26 and 29 March.

The 31-year-old Mollon, a lightning-quick winger and fine crosser of the ball when on song, played professionally in Sweden for four years and was a key component of the national team that got within one result of the 2015 Canada World Cup.

The 30-year-old Attin-Johnson captained her country for the last World Cup qualifying campaign and is a clever, composed midfield organiser while Cordner, a three-time women’s Player of the Year, is a sound technical player and explosive dribbler who has played professionally in the United States.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Ahkeela Mollon (centre) whips in a cross during their 2015 Pan Am contest with Argentina. The Trinidad and Tobago and Argentina teams played to a 2-2 draw. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Ahkeela Mollon (centre) whips in a cross during their 2015 Pan Am contest with Argentina.
The Trinidad and Tobago and Argentina teams played to a 2-2 draw.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Morace is no slouch either. An international player at the tender age of 14, the ex-Italy Women’s National Senior Team forward scored 105 goals in 157 appearances for her country while she holds a UEFA Pro License and works as a FIFA ambassador.

As Canada head coach, she steered the women from 11th to sixth place in two and a half years. However, after losing star player and captain Christine Sinclair to injury, Canada lost all three World Cup group matches to France, Germany and Nigeria and finished bottom of their group.

There were mixed reviews of Morace’s time in North America.

“A number of players said it felt like prison,” ex-Canada international Kara Lang told the Toronto Sun, two years ago. “[…] She tried to change the style completely. We did need to learn a more technical style of play. But I think she asked players to turn their back on what makes us Canadian—the fight that puts fear in other teams.

“[…] It was hard because the team wanted to buy in. We all got on board, but it didn’t work… (Morace) didn’t understand the culture and she tried to force her own culture on the team.”

Photo: Former Canada coach Carolina Morace during the 2011 Women's World Cup. (Copyright Zimbio)
Photo: Former Canada coach Carolina Morace during the 2011 Women’s World Cup.
(Copyright Zimbio)

In Trinidad, Morace has already turned heads with her no-nonsense approach and sharp football brain. And, while Mollon, Attin-Johnson and Cordner are out of favour at present, the Women Warriors still have the quality of stalwarts like Tasha St Louis, Arin King and Kimika Forbes.

The Italian, according to international media reports, favours an uptempo, short passing, high pressing game. Local football fans should catch the first glimpse of her tactical approach against Venezuela from 4pm on Sunday.

Morace’s relationship with her senior players might be another story worth keeping an eye on.

(TTFA suspension letter)
Dear Kennya Cordner,

As the team manager for the Women’s National Team I wish to inform you that your invitation to the Women’s National Team camp from 20-29 March 2017 has been withdrawn.

The withdrawal is due to your request with myself, the team manager, to do so as of Saturday 18 March 2017.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Women's National Senior Team star Kennya Cordner touches down in Toronto for the July 2015 Pan American Games. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/TTOC)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Senior Team star Kennya Cordner touches down in Toronto for the July 2015 Pan American Games.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/TTOC)

Your reasons were stated as:

The physiotherapist did not come to see you and give you necessary attention because you played injured on a torn hamstring.

You feel attacked because the head coach, before the match in the changing room, said to the whole team: “If you feel you are too good to be here and too strong to stay in this team then it is not your place: you have to put your individual needs aside to serve the team.”

Due to your withdrawal from the camp, your position as a potential Tier One player on contract with the TTFA has been suspended.


Jinelle James,


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  1. Not sure if I read the same article as many others did. But I don’t have enough information to make the claims and assumptions that many seem to be making

  2. God forbid Louis Van Gaal was to coach a T&T squad.

  3. Let’s see how this goes, not being in possession of the facts i can’t say much one way or another, however I am aware that the main problem facing ANY COACH, IN ANY SPORT IN TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO IS A LACK OF DISCIPLINE. Having said that, I must also say that a GOOD COACH, wins and earns the respect and support of his/her charges, without relying upon intimidation as a factor, to do so a Coach stands to loose the ‘DRESSING ROOM’ – Ask “THE SPECIAL ONE”.

  4. I’m really disappointed in them they should know better Akin Johnson was the skipper wat example is that.

  5. Hav these girls really see how a professional does hav to train? Hav they nt c Messi n others train in d winter in freezing cold weather or even hav to play a game in it. Wats wrong with these lil girls. I’m saying lil bcuz women don’t AK a fool.

  6. Primadonnas???? Well give the younger lasses an opportunity.., these ppl here maybe over the hill soon anyways

  7. I await the ladies side of story, but interestingly and I recall telling Lasana Liburd this – but the moment she was hired, people in the Canada football world did send a warning message of her past coaching their women and of this potential scenario…

  8. Indiscipline. Rewarded by being cut from the team. When will our people learn. If this trio was abroad I’m sure they would have towed the coaches line. They now run the risk of not getting playing jobs anywhere. Word gets around.

  9. This is our problem. Our players are accustomed to spoon feeding

  10. Do people view a relationship between a coach and player like one between boss and employees?
    Because there is a certain amount of respect that everyone here will surely expect from their boss on the job.

    • Similar and different…coaches have always had way more latitude in how they talk to players in professional sports. Some use the gentle and stern approach others curse like wind…

    • Bosses have different approaches. But they ought to tailor their approach to get the job done because that is what they are paid to do.
      If she gets the job done then no problem. If she doesn’t, then it’s no excuse for the coach to say “that’s how I roll.” In my opinion.
      Not that she should put up with any and everything but that she also has to find a way to get her employees up to speed with her.

  11. If you’re too strong or big for this team , then this is not your place.

  12. Come on ladies let’s get the over it with & move …

  13. My women players tooked rather long to make their decisions because firstly this Coach from Italy wasn’t interviewed properly by my dictator president and the corrupted TTFA and she and the staff are being paid all these thousands of monies the last Coaching job she had was the Canada national team in 2012, and if you is this big profile Women professional Coach , how is it that you never picked up a Coaching job again Coaching one of the real professional football countries, and all she has been doing is abusing our senior players, and other players, she made the corrupted TTFA pay over $10,000 monies or more to send for the college players just to tell them that they cannot pass the ball and this and that about them, she went over to our sweet sister island in order to screen their players and because the field wasn’t marked properly, she and her staff packed up their bags and returned to our sweet country and she told the players that if they want to try out for the national team, they have to come to Trinidad. I really have alot more to say about this bootleg Italian Coach that was brought to our sweet country but in a timing eh, and this is the reason I am so will keep on crying out for the Players Association to be up and running in our sweet country in order to defend our players and last but least she really needs to understand that this isn’t Canada nor my second sweetest country, Italy nor Europe where their players have everything on a platter for them eh our players have some serious challenges and issues to deal with in our sweet country, for example the corrupted TTFA continues not to pay our players their well deserved monies, some of our players are living in the hot spot areas that they are very much scared about training late at nights and then have to reach home after very late hours, so a liitle compassion is really due to some of our players, especially our senior players, especailly the ones that are living South and even Point Fortin. Them really good yes.

    • I should have been the women’s team manager in order to deal with her boom, boom clot. steeeupppss I wudda really keep her in check when it came to my players. Them really good yes.

    • Siewdath Persad my new sports writer Stephon Nicholas will be writing my story in a timing it is really time to expose this bootleg woman and her madness against our players. Them really good yes

    • And yiu are sure Earl that the players aren’t the problem? Evidence?

    • They are always hiring some of these foreign base Coaches and paying them thousands of monies, with a car and house to eh, whilst our real local professional Coaches are always getting a $1500 stipend eh,to be their assisstants and when they fails because they really doesn’t understand our culture and how to really deal with our players all they do is jump on the iron bird and return to their sweet countries steeuuppss and goes to the bank smiling and it is always back to the drawing board for the corrupted TTFA . Them really good yes.

    • Brian Harry and yes I understand what you are saying about some of our players bringing the problems on themselves but in this case trust me when I say it isn’t but doh hut up your head the whole TRUTH about the madness with respect to our Women’s national team will be revealed shorlty and I am blaming my Prof Jamaal Shabazz for the one that recommened her to get the job eh and he himself knows for a fact that ther hiring wasn’t done properly a matter of fact it is said that she doesn’t even want him to be around her team , some thanks eh. Them really good yes.

    • s peanut butter.

      Unless you’re in Italy, it seems, where Canada’s previous World Cup preparation went wrong.

      Hidden away in an Italian encampment four years ago, Canada’s preparation for the 2011 Women’s World Cup looked much different than it does today.

      There wasn’t barbed wire or armed guards. Rather, there was a troop of Italian top brass under then head coach Carolina Morace.

      “A number of players said it felt like prison,” former Canadian international Kara Lang recalled to the Toronto Sun this week in the lead up to this month’s Women’s World Cup.

      But, again, even prison has some comfort foods.

      “She tried to fix our diets and peanut butter went,” said Clare Rustad, who attended at least one national team camp under Morace.

      GALLERY: Check out Canada’s 23-player roster

      “Where (the peanut butter) used to be, it no longer was one day.”

      Four years later, it’s unclear whether current Team Canada bench boss John Herdman permits peanut butter on the premisses of his training camps, but he undoubtedly hasn’t kept Canada’s current crop of women — as one well-placed source put it — “holed up in Italy.”

      “The girls were living under an Italian aggressive regime,” an informed source added.

      And that Italian regime did everything it could four years ago to take “the Canadian” out of a group of girls who would, inevitably, go on to finish dead last in Germany.

      “The group was so proud to be Canadian and (Morace) said that was all wrong,” Lang told the Sun. “She didn’t believe the Canadian way was the right way.

      “She tried to change the style completely. We did need to learn a more technical style of play. But I think she asked players to turn their back on what makes us Canadian — the fight that puts fear in other teams.”

      Herdman, though, has followed a completely different blueprint in picking up the pieces leftover from the Italian job.

      While Morace secluded Team Canada in Europe for multiple training camps, Herdman has, for the most part, kept the team on home soil.

      While Morace struggled to connect with the team, Herdman is regarded as an expert communicator, a motivator and a rallier.

      “When you’re telling these women the way they do it is wrong,” Lang said of Morace, “you’re not going to get the best reaction.”

      “It was hard because the team wanted to buy in. We all got on board, but it didn’t work.”

      It didn’t come close to working, actually. Following a 2-1 opening game loss to Germany, Les Rouges was trounced 4-0 by France.

      They fell 1-0 to Nigeria a few days later to finish with the worst goal difference at the 2011 tournament.

      “(Morace) didn’t really get it,” Rustad explained. “She tried to import a system from Europe that worked great there but she didn’t get the culture in Canada.

      “There is a soccer culture in Canada. A lot of girls try and get scholarships. You’re mixing in education with playing.

      “You can’t just import one system. Herdman understands that. He understands how to connect with players and how that part was totally destroyed previously.”

      To repair it, Herdman put an emphasis on Team Canada, well, being Canadian.

      The Englishman even had Canada’s pool of players study O Canada, the national anthem, to unlock what it means to play for this country.

      “He made it a big exercise to get them to reconnect with why they play,” Rustad said.

      For the badge. For their nation. For themselves.

      “Herdman has come in and tried to complement that,” Lang said. “Developing skills but not losing that Canadian grit.”

      He has been honest the build up to Saturday’s World Cup opener against China in Edmonton. Unlike Morace, there’s nothing to hide.

      Whereas Canada played closed-door friendlies against mediocre sides four years ago under its former Italian coach, Herdman took a different approach, leading Canada through a Who’s Who of exhibition opponents.

      “Player for player, we may not be the best team in the world,” Herdman told TSN. “But we will be the most connected.”

      Maybe the most connected to its fans, too.

      For Herdman, it seems this is as much about national pride as it is a game.

      At every press conference, every media event, the 39-year-old head coach talks about his 23 players being great Canadians first and foremost. He understands Canadian culture.

      “(Morace) didn’t understand the culture and she tried to force her own culture on the team,” Lang said.

      The results weren’t mixed. They were downright catastrophic back then.

      And the amount of peanut butter consumed wouldn’t have made a difference.

      Instead, Herdman’s big picture approach — life balance, national pride, tactical preparedness — offers this Team Canada a much better shot at success.

      This after Morace’s micro-managing, “prison” camp approach turned into a complete disaster four years ago

    • oH Lawd Mr. Live Wire never forget that I grew up in my second sweetest racist country so you and others really have to excuse me eh, ok then. Them really good yes

    • Tell me when you’ve fixed it Earl Mango Pierre…

    • It fixed long time already eh Mr. Live Wire because ah doh want to end up like meh famalee Gordon Pierre eh. hahahahahaha Them really good yes.

    • You will if you keep spreading unfounded rumours eh uncle Earl Mango Pierre. Maybe some of our players need a heavy hand eh..

    • Mango, do you have evidence that she’s {deleted}? I can see some empirical evidence for the culture clash. But you see when you hire some one into a new culture it makes personal sense to hire someone to help their integration. That is a best practice! That’s done everyday by enlightened organizations

    • You have highlighted pertinent issues Earl. The public needs to know. I won’t go along with the “{deleted}” labelling though.

    • Earl Mango Pierre, can you edit and remove “{deleted}”? You really cannot say that without proof. If you delete those words then I won’t have to delete you entire comment.

    • Earl thanks for sending that article. So we have some “evidence” that she doesn’t have the ability to manage across cultures. But had there been people who are skilled at assessment this would have come out in an interview process – which would not have been one interview but at this level at least five. These would have been a combination of competency assessment and psychological preference evaluation. We keep making the same mistakes and nit learning. These are not football issues but organizational and personnel issues. Even with the comments in the article, I see no evidence of her being {deleted}

    • Let’s see if the Canadian team does better with their O Canada coach as well.

    • Which Coach does travel with their dog and cat eh, to Coach any national team eh. Them really good yes. steeuuppss

    • I don’t think Morace is {deleted} ….allyuh making ah mountain out of a mole hill. ….it seems that she is a disciplinarian …and she’s had a misunderstanding with the girls. …. it’s called “being human” ….now wait for the actual contents of what happen before coming up with these ridiculous remarks.

    • Carolina Morace’s coaching record reads she was head coach of Italy Women Team between 2000-2005. Under her guidance, Italy failed to qualify for the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup.
      She was coach of Canada Women Team which lost all three group matches at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup.
      John Herdman replaced her as Canada’s head coach and under his tenure Canada finished third at both the 2012 and 2016 Olympics and was a quarterfinalist from amongst 24 nations at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.
      Her coaching record (results) is not particularly impressive.

    • She must be related to Coach Tom Sienfelt the other con artist bootleg Coach that failed for our sweet country to go to the Gold Cup in my second sweetest country. Them really good yes steeuuppss

    • Under former coaches and mgmt there was usually problems involving this dynamic duo (minus Mollon). But again the information is imperfect so we can’t draw any references just yet.
      PS she was the ‘bestest’ thing when she just came and most of u commenting were very happy, some even jealous that the men’s team didn’t have the quality of coach, and all of a sudden she has a poor coaching record, she’s racist, bad selection process, she mistreating players etc. Smh.

    • Siewdath Persad – didn’t Canada lose their best player right before the tournament in 2011? I seem to recall that comment being made previously.

    • Shakira, it was only natural that we keep an open mind having regard to the information at our disposal at the coach’s unveiling.
      However, if she demonstrates that she has particular communication and attitudinal challenges in her treatment of TT’s seniormost players, then those issues need to be addressed in the greater interest of TT football rather than in the coach’s own high-handed interest.
      Won’t you agree?

    • Kendall, football is a team sport. Each team has a declared squad of 21 or 22 players from which 11 are chosen to play against 11 during a match. If a reputed best player is lost to injury, then it is to the coach’s credit if he/she can produce desirable results with appropriate adjustments and associated replacement from the substitute pool.
      However, if a coach adopts a dictatorial and fractuous attitude towards his/her senior players then that can be disruptive for the team as a whole.
      Won’t you agree?

    • Not at all – It’s never as cut and dry as that. There are numerous examples of teams in various sports that are built around a star player that aren’t successful without said player.

    • Argentina is certainly not one, as Lionel Messi has hardly made as great an impression playing for his country as he has playing for his club Barca.
      But your point strengthens the case against TT Women Coach Morace alienating three of this country’s best players, injuries notwithstanding.

    • Lol – look where you reach. You’re on your own there Siewdath. Let me run for cover before Lasana and the rest of the Messites lay down their wrath upon you for daring to criticise their leader. Lol

    • Unfortunately, Brazil in 2014 was a prime example.

    • Messi, without doubt, is a great player. He just hasn’t fired as prominently as Maradona or Kempes (1974 World Cup) playing for his national team. Lol

    • Though it may seem contradictory, I am not against a coach making it clear that no player is greater than the team. In a different team sport, I have been fortunate enough to play on hockey teams where the star players were among the hardest training individuals in the team, despite having tremendous talent. I have also played on teams where the so called stars had very poor attitudes and that always damages a team’s cohesiveness. It depends on the circumstances.

    • Siewdath, Kempes can’t lace Messi’s boots! And that is including performances in blue and white strip.
      Losing the heartbeat of the team can be a nightmare. Maybe nobody else stood up and they were as dependent on her as we once were with Brian Lara.
      The buck stops with the coach and she failed. But that doesn’t make her rubbish on its own.

    • Btw for all Dwight Yorke’s transgressions off the field, he was a tremendous trainer.
      This squad would improve 20 percent if Yorke was the captain, pressing everyone on with his attitude.
      As far as I know, Maylee has a very positive attitude on the training ground and isn’t afraid to work though.

    • Hahaha Lasana, fair enough. Both Kempes and Messi can lace their own boots. Lol
      Kempes prooved himself a prolific goalscoring finisher in a World Cup (1978) winning effort.
      Messi is yet to achieve that feet… oops feat.
      I won’t deny, though, that Messi has distinguished himself as a far greater creative playmaker, provider and clinical finisher for Barcelona, the artistry of which has often enough deserted him while wearing his country’s national colours.

    • Funny. I thought Messi was voted the best player at the 2014 World Cup.

    • Btw it will be unfair to declare the coach as rubbish. I’m pretty sure she brings some value based on her qualifications and own playing record. However, a dictatorial attitude and treatment of senior players with disdain and scant respect has the potential to screw things up for everyone.
      At the end of the day, she is also a lawyer and has ensured airtight multi-year coaching contracts with Italy, Canada and TT.
      But her ultimate record with the former two countries is less than flattering.
      And the remarks of the Canadian players should be informative of a key aspect of her shortcomings.

    • So the hiring process was flawed! Agreed

    • Funny also. Kempes was voted best player at 1978 World Cup and was also the tournament’s leading goalscorer, having netted six items – two of which were scored in the title winning Final against Holland.
      He won the tournaments Golden Ball, Golden Boots and Man of the Match in the Final! Wow!
      So what was Messi (controversially) awarded again in 2014?!
      Eh Lasana?!

    • Ok. You got me there Siewdath! ???

    • And the only reason why they won that World Cup in 1978 was because they looked at my greatest team in the universe Brazil and knew how many goals that had to score so they paid Peru ah set ah monies for the same Kempes to buss up their nets with plenty goals eh, and hence the reason why the rules has changed and the both semi finals always plays at the same time eh but different venues now. steeuuppss. Them really good yes. hahahaha

    • hahahahaha ah just cah help mehself nah

    • However, both Kempes and Messi played in a World Cup Final championship match. Kempes scored twice and Messi drew a blank. No known sellout in either. Lol

    • Btw I am a big Messi fan, too. Often enough he is pure poetry in motion

    • That doesn’t paint a true picture Siewdath. If Aguero or the pony tailed fellah I am intentionally forgetting had scored sitters presented by Messi it would be a different story. And I can’t blame Messi for that.

    • Off on a tangent yes! Hahaha hahaha hahaha. Morning guys

  14. It can be viewed as a process of initiation, which, if she successfully navigates, will lead to eventual acceptance by the players.
    I believe an important ingredient that can serve to create better bonding is the employment of a sport psychologist.
    Any dictatorial Musolini-style coach, more than the players, may well be the main beneficiary.
    All in all, though, there is a great chance that TT women football will be better served – with enhanced performances.
    TTFA president John Williams might do well to nip this situation in the bud by arbitrating a solution towards having our three marquee players – Maylee, Yaya and Akheela – reintegrated into the squad.

    PS: TT is not listed as a country with a current FIFA Women ranking, having steadfastly dropped off the radar since the World Cup qualifying play-off versus Ecuador in December 2014. Venezuela is ranked 61.
    The two upcoming friendly matches against Venezuela will be pivotal to TT’s traction towards regaining a FIFA ranking as much as preparations for the CFU and CONCACAF tournaments leading up to the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

  15. The situation, as I see it, requires a mature level of arbitration to ensure our marquee players – Maylee Attin-Johnson, Kenya “Yaya” Cordner and Akheela Mollon are not arbitrarily suspended by a dictatorial coach.
    There appears to be two fundamental issues at the heart of the discontent between the players and Italian coach Caroline Morace.
    One is communication and the other is attitudinal.
    Coach Morace has to understand that communication is a two-way process. She has to understand she is not dealing with prinary school students to which she can dictate and hush up.
    Any such dictatorial Mussulini-style attitude on her part will not resonate with intelligent independent-thinking TT women who are accustomed to expressing themselves and asking relevent questions.
    To compound matters, she will reap limited success in any attempt to employ divide and conquer tactics amongst the players.
    I believe that these were her major failures, apart from the heavy string of defeats she suffered in the critical tailend of her career as Canada’s coach.
    It might well have been her undoing as coach of the Italian Women team also.
    An effective coach is not merely one with an impressive looking resume. Attitude and temperent are equally essential hallmark qualities for any effective/successive coach as they are for players.
    Importantly for the coach, too, are communication technique and abilities (notwithstanding language barrier) and an open-minded acceptance to the expressions and questions from the intelligent independent-minded women comprising the TT National Team…. (cont’d)

  16. U know how many football, basketball, american football etc coaches have these abrasive styles….

    Our players always walking out and withdrawing…

  17. Dennis buddy, my preference is for some nice brewed coffee, a cup of which I’m now sipping as I mull over this situation.
    I hope though it is just a storm in a teacup with respect to the coach-players relationship, that, with the right early intervention can be as gratifying as my coffee, in the mutual interest of all stakeholders.
    The stakeholders being the TT public, players, TTFA, coaching staff and sponsors.
    I would imagine that a player cannot just be arbitrarily suspended.
    Therefore, the player must be cited as being in breach of “something” (substantial) in order to suspended.
    Questions: What exactly are the players in breach of?
    Could any so-called breach be symptomatic of a bigger problem that needs fixing?
    Indeed, there must be a process involved and the affected player must be afforded an opportunity (a right) to be heard, as well as to appeal if the player so chooses.
    Be that as it may, the TT players have distinguished themselves as strong independent women who can withstand (TTFA) pressure, but will rock for each other on the field of play. As well as off it.
    They are accustomed to freedom of expression which is rooted in their DNA, as much as it is enshrined in our Constitution…. (cont’d)

  18. Three important players to the team but would really like 2 hear both sides to this story I think we need these girls on the team will wait to see how it goes though

  19. Well seems someone can’t handle the fire in the kitchen.

    Although I sense a bit of reverse psychology being enacted here

  20. I don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong. The details will become available in time. If the reports of Ms Morace’s style are true, then I refer to my note of several months ago about the process for selecting a coach. If such a process was followed her cultural fit would have been considered. It’s nit that our own players’ attitudes don’t have to change but there is something called cultural dexterity which is considered with every senior hiring in big corporations. I will repeat again that “we need a proper corporate structure around football”. In 2017 our willingness to simply rely on “people who know football” – whatever that means will bring us the results as we are about to experience yet again. Everyone else is learning but us! We will not qualify for either the men’s or women’s World Cup and talent will not be the reason – organizational capabilities will be.

  21. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it……… alyuh making real hard for ppl țo enjoy supporting their national teams.

  22. When professional coaches comes on board it requires professionalism. This is the downfall of Trinidad football,it seems that we can’t take professional coaching bcuz of our poor attitude. Steupsss,talking bout coach picking on yuh,bullshit. Big players weather the storm and lead their pack meh girl.

    • Appreciate the likes same time as I express my personal view on this issue. Just to elaborate,not single profiling anyone,if am a coach I need the senior,experience and talented players to set the trend so that the younger ones would follow. And if you r not being that leader you supposed to be,I have to pull you up and be a little more stern on you because I want the younger ones to see and know that no one is bigger than this beautiful game. Your talent is just a piece of the puzzle. Another piece is called discipline………..

  23. The players mentioned are over the age of 30, at that age change is so much harder. Unfortunately the talent pool is small so they will be missed but it does provide opportunity for the next generation. This lady knows how to win and we have to let her do her job.

  24. I’m hoping Kayla Taylor is in the plans. She is one of our best and brightest

  25. Don’t like what I just read. There is a lot that goes into building a strong cohesive team. Both coach and players must be willing to work together and learn from each other. I wish all parties well but ultimately my hope is that TnT women’s football will continue to rise. I played under some intolerable coaches but never once considered leaving my teammates to fight the fight without me. I an a fan of all three ladies but I am a bigger fan of TnT football.

  26. Palau and roti is culture. Being undiscipline and late is not…

  27. Time for players to realise that they’re not bigger than the game .. they have to be disciplined and professional in all areas ..

  28. Guess a meeting could have been called with the parties involved. Player management. Not sure if that was done.

  29. You overstepping the point Timothy. Whether it was in the letter or not, or you felt so or not, how would you handle it as an adult??

  30. If we know why the player wasn’t attended to then we may be able to give an opinion as to how we would have treated with the situation.

  31. That was not alleged Jameson it is in the letter.

  32. Timothy Rochford, it is alleged. The physio may not feel that he/she is ignoring you. Stick to the question, someone might learn something here

  33. NO WOMAN IS AN ISLAND….somebody would replace you…period…

  34. Why the hell would the Physio ignore you if you are training with the team

  35. Ok, lets do some Conflict Resolution. As an adult, how would you handle such a situation? Anyone. You feel the coach ‘throwing shade’ for you and the physio ignore you, among other things. How would you handle this?? Go…

  36. I never said that they were/are wrong

  37. Hold up a second here fellas …… before we assume these ladies are in the wrong …. let’s get the whole story first …..

  38. I am appalled at the manner and the direction to which our youth seemingly approaches situations on a general basis! Look at this here!!! Smh

  39. Need some more info …. not sure about what really went down here

  40. The physiotherapist did not come to see you and give you necessary attention because you played injured on a torn hamstring.”

    Not sure what this means. Can anyone explain?

  41. I’m not into picking sides on matters like these but this a new coach with a lot of experience it would have been nice to stick out this camp then raise issues….. it makes out as if the players have egos and are unwilling to part of this new plan.

  42. Nothing to see here, move on. If that is what happened and as evidenced by the letter sent to Cordner, the coach was speaking to all the players. No one should feel they’re too big for the team

  43. But what do the three of them
    They are necessity though. Not because thing ain going your way is a big issue. They have more say than prob the mgmt and all && is still an issue? C’mon man. It have ballers dreaming for a spot and allyuh bussin out!

  44. Is always some issue with our football teams

  45. Kareem Mc Mayo Shuntele Baptiste

  46. who advising these girls?????????? why throw-away your careers….DISCIPLINE, PRODUCTION & TOLORENCE…our motto…

  47. eh heh?? is so???
    lemme put on a spot of tea and get back to yah….

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