From Harrison and Sancho: Personal payment for Central FC player, please

The following is a letter sent from the email address of then Central FC operations director and current advisor to the Sport Minister, Kevin Harrison, which requests a personal payment for himself and then Central chairman and current Minister of Sport, Brent Sancho, for a player transfer:

Photo: Personal payment please.
Photo: Personal payment please.

Editor’s note: Click HERE for more details.

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  1. As a top athlete myself , these is things I see happening time and time again however Sancho and Harrison should be give the chance to reply here on wired and not by any other journalists who does not understand the inside out about football transfers.

    Dexter St. Louis

    • First of all, this is the exact email from Harrison that was supposedly sent on Sancho’s part. So I don’t get your suggestion that a journalist has tainted anything. I did not write this email. Kevin Harrison did.
      Second, transfer rules are available for all to read. Someone would be a fool or gullible not to take the opportunity to study laws and instead simply allow those in authority to interpret them however they chose. And I don’t take you for someone who rolls over just because someone has a title.
      And finally, there have been comments on the controversial email from people who know a lot more than Sancho and Harrison on transfer. I will tell you a secret. Brent Sancho and Kevin Harrison are not licensed football agents. So who is the expert here?
      Check the other story for context and see what a registered agent has said and the governing football body. The information is already out there for those who can see and interpret.
      Harrison and Sancho both had opportunities to comment and chose not to. Are you suggesting that whenever someone refuses to comment, the reporter should abandon the story? That would make life wonderful for a lot of dodgy characters.

  2. Wow ..Sancho is a big disappointment ,playing holier than thou when he wantedto get payment for the Football theam and now u in a position that u could do great things u looking to run rackett?? Money is really the root of all evil ..I hope what ever area you running for ,u get a goid cut arse in the polls because u are corrupt!!!!#wedontneedthat

  3. Smh. No wonder he joined the UNC. He fit their bill perfectly

  4. slip it in ! slip it in ! I have never seen that accounting term !!!

  5. Wow! First the ‘splatter’ then the excuses?
    This is the darkness coming to light!
    ‘For the love of money’?

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