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Central chaos: Sancho, Harrison in bonus battle as Sharks threaten strike

New Pro League champions, Central FC, appear to be on the brink of meltdown, just two weeks after winning their maiden domestic title, with a feud over bonuses that, ironically, has pitted Sport Minister Brent Sancho and his advisor Kevin Harrison against over two dozen players and staff members.

Photo: Central FC star Ataulla Guerra (centre) takes the 2014/15 Pro League trophy from Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Central FC star Ataulla Guerra (centre) takes the 2014/15 Pro League trophy from Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Central’s players and staff were offered 10 percent of the Pro League’s $1 million first prize but have refused the figure. And some squad members, who spoke on condition of anonymity, insisted that Sancho, in his previous capacity as club CEO, offered to split half the league winnings with the team.

“Sancho said the deal is whatever the players win they get half of and half goes back to the club,” a Central squad member told Wired868, “and you all get 20 percent of what they get. So, the split would be 50 percent to the club, 40 percent to the players and ten percent to the staff.”

The Sport Minister denied the allegation.

“I never said that,” said Sancho, who said he recused himself from club affairs after becoming Sport Minister in February 2015. “We had offered them 50 percent (of prize money) for (cup competitions)… It was 30 percent the first year and then we said we would raise it to 50 (percent).

“The league money was never discussed… In fact, before I became Minister of Sport we were supposed to discuss (bonuses for) the League, Caribbean Cup and CONCACAF. But then obviously I left the club and we never had a chance to sit down before I left.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Sport Minister and Senator Brent Sancho. Sancho is a former World Cup 2006 player and CEO of local Pro League club, Central FC. (Courtesy SPORTT)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Sport Minister and Senator Brent Sancho.
Sancho is a former World Cup 2006 player and CEO of local Pro League club, Central FC.
(Courtesy SPORTT)

Harrison, who is Central’s operations director and an advisor to the Sport Minister, also claimed that the 50 percent offer was only for knock out competitions. And he insisted that the Central board, which is run by SIS official Darren Mohamdally, will only offer $100,000 to the squad from the $1 million prize money.

“I was authorised to tell the players that they can have 10 percent to share between players and staff,” said Harrison. “I was told the players wanted 40 percent and the staff would be dealt with separately. But I’m not a decision maker. I get told by the board and relay decisions.”

The Central team trained from 9 am today in Couva. But the friction has put a question mark over the remainder of their season.

The “Couva Sharks”, who already won the Pro League and First Citizens Cup titles this season, are scheduled to play Police FC from 8 pm tomorrow in the second match of a Pro Bowl semifinal round double header at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva. And they will face Haitian outfit, Don Bosco, in the Caribbean Club Championship semifinals on May 22 at the same venue.

Fenwick, who replaced Zoran Vranes at helm on March 24, admitted the mood is tense on the training ground. The English coach said he was not a part of the alleged bonus deal or the ongoing negotiations but is advised by players on the talks.

Photo: Central FC coach Terry Fenwick (left) whistles from the bench during his team's Pro League contest with Point Fortin Civic. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Central FC coach Terry Fenwick (left) whistles from the bench during his team’s Pro League contest with Point Fortin Civic.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

“We had a very strong team spirit when I walked in,” Fenwick told Wired868, “but that has been crushed because of finance-related issues, bonus problems and promises that apparently haven’t been kept with the players…

“There is now a very disgruntled squad of which half of them, myself included, are of of contract on May 31.”

Harrison admitted that he could not state definitely that Central will turn up for tomorrow’s Pro Bowl semifinal match. But he urged the players to focus on the remaining prize money at stake and try to end their seasons on a high note.

“Obviously we know the guys are upset but I can’t see why they wouldn’t play,” said Harrison. “The bonus problem is about the League but that has finished. The Pro Bowl (first prize) is $100,000 and, if they are so concerned about bonuses, then that is $50,000 for them (to share) if they win it.

“Fifty percent of our players won’t get the chance to play in a Caribbean Cup final and when you finish those are the memories you look back on. If you are going to leave, leave on the top.”

Photo: Central FC veteran Marvin Oliver (centre) and striker Willis Plaza (third from right) enjoy a light moment on the substitutes' bench. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Central FC veteran Marvin Oliver (centre) and striker Willis Plaza (third from right) enjoy a light moment on the substitutes’ bench.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

The irony of Sancho and Harrison’s position is inescapable.

Sancho was one of 13 “Soca Warriors” who successfully sued the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) for 50 percent of all income generated from the 2006 World Cup. Harrison, who was a low-level Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) official in England, advised the Warriors.

Sancho was also a founding member of the now defunct Football Players Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FPATT), which also employed Harrison as an advisor.

For now, though, the Sharks promise to play in the Pro Bowl semifinals.

“We have a game tomorrow and we are going to play,” said Central captain Leston Paul. “I don’t think the players are happy. But we are being professional about it and we will play the game.”

Wired868 can confirm that there are divisions within the playing and coaching ranks regarding not only whether they should complete the season with Sharks. But also if a  bonus plan was in place at all and whether a 50 percent take of the Pro League prize money is fair or excessive.

Photo: Central FC midfielder and captain Leston Paul (right) runs at North East Stars players Keryn Navarro (left) and Taryk Sampson during the 2014 First Citizens Cup final. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Central FC midfielder and captain Leston Paul (right) runs at North East Stars players Keryn Navarro (left) and Taryk Sampson during the 2014 First Citizens Cup final.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Phone calls throughout the squad found that some believed a bonus deal was in place from the start of the season while others said an offer was just made. Some were prepared to down boots immediately while others wanted to add the Caribbean title to their list of achievements.

And there was no unison among the players and staff on what prize money they should receive either.

Harrison admitted that the club erred by not sorting out a bonus structure before the season got going.

“As far as the board is concerned, they made the decision at the beginning of the season,” said Harrison. “Why it wasn’t relayed to the players, I don’t know. If we had offered them a $100,000 bonus (to share) last summer, they would probably have been happy.

“So it was our fault not to tell them and theirs not to raise it then. But we pay them the best salaries we could and some of the best wages in the league… If they want better bonuses, it would be reflected in (lower salaries).”

If the players are accustomed to getting 50/50 splits on prize money from Cup winnings, is it reasonable for them to expect the same for claiming the League title?

Photo: SWO member and Central FC operations director Kevin Harrison (right) presents a $12,000 cheque to Dion Sosa, the local manager for then ailing player Akeem Adams. Adams died on 30 December 2013 after failing to recover from a heart attack. (Courtesy Allan V. Crane/Wired868)
Photo: SWO member and Central FC operations director Kevin Harrison (right) presents a $12,000 cheque to Dion Sosa, the local manager for then ailing player Akeem Adams.
Adams died on 30 December 2013 after failing to recover from a heart attack.
(Courtesy Allan V. Crane/Wired868)

Harrison disagreed and claimed that the Sharks need the League winnings to ensure their survival for next season.

“The amount of money (between the league and cup competitions) is different and we have to make sure the club exists,” said Harrison. “So the $900,000 the club keeps will make sure we exist next season. Why should the club not get the whole of it?

“We pay very good salaries because we want to win competitions and they already receive the best salaries in the league anyway. If we did it the other way and gave poorer salaries and big bonuses then, if they didn’t win, they would be worse off.

“If I were a player, I would prefer bigger salaries and less bonuses.”

Harrison confirmed that Central will not pay out any of its $300,000 returns for finished second in the league for the 2013/14 season.

“We decided we would only pay if we won,” he said. “We didn’t want to pay for being the best losers.”

Photo: Referee Neal Brizan (left) books W Connection right back Alvin Jones (centre) after he chopped down Central FC attacker Rundell Winchester. Connection beat Central to the 21014/14 Pro League title. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Referee Neal Brizan (left) books W Connection right back Alvin Jones (centre) after he chopped down Central FC attacker Rundell Winchester.
Connection beat Central to the 21014/14 Pro League title.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

But don’t all players in England’s professional leagues get a slice of the prize money irrespective of their league placing?

“Well, the (Pro League) might decide on that but then put a cap on wages,” said Harrison. “(Local) clubs don’t bring in anything beside prize money… and if they gave half to the players, many would struggle to stay in the league.

“I have always gone on record as saying I would love to see day when players get a good wage. But, with the falling oil prices and so on, money is hard to come by.”

For now, simmering distrust aside, the Sharks will go on together. But Paul, a two-time World Youth Cup captain and former St Mary’s College schoolboy, did not confirm whether the Sharks would complete their roster of games this season.

“I can’t answer that question right now,” said Paul. “There is a lot of chatter going on about that. (But) I will leave that until the game tomorrow.

“If we don’t get positive feedback, then I don’t know what will be the next step. Right now, we just want to play in the game and get to the (Pro Bowl) final.”

Photo: Central FC captain Leston Paul (right) holds the Akeem Adams trophy for winning the final round. Teammate Ataulla Guerra (centre) lifts the Pro League trophy while league CEO Dexter Skeene looks on. (Courtesy Alllan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Central FC captain Leston Paul (right) holds the Akeem Adams trophy for winning the final round.
Teammate Ataulla Guerra (centre) lifts the Pro League trophy while league CEO Dexter Skeene looks on.
(Courtesy Alllan V Crane/Wired868)

So far, Harrison is not for turning.

“If I was a player and I wanted to leave,” he said, “I would want to say I won the League and the Caribbean Cup, etc (because) it adds value to you as a player. They will be cutting their nose off to spite their face (if they boycotted). All the club would lose is $50,000 (from the Pro Bowl), which isn’t the end of the world.

“I would love to keep the majority of the team together… We had such a great vibe in Guyana, it is a pity it has to end like this.”


Pro Bowl semifinals

(Fri May 15)

Caledonia AIA v W Connection, 6 pm, Ato Boldon Stadium;

Central FC v Police FC, 8 pm, Ato Boldon Stadium.

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Lasana Liburd
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  1. I hope honestly everything gets sorted I think central and its whole organization has brought much in their short time to the pro ranks so if this is true please get it sorted guys

  2. Hah. No satire there Abdallah Phillips

  3. This has to be satire Lasana Liburd I can’t honestly believe this story is this the classic case of irony hmm

  4. As a former manager – one must have contracts (prize money etc) sorted before any games are played.

  5. Mark Anthony Scott leh meh share a little secret with you actually I have been doing my thing for years in our sweet country educating them , assisting them, honoring, them, so actually the Players Association has been operating in our sweet country eh so it will be just a matter of time when the office will be officially opened in our sweet country.

  6. …Ok Uncle Earl Mango Pierre….but it’s time we stop saying and start doing…enough time has passed for an established entity to be in place…look what has happened to both Men and Women players at club and national team level

  7. Uncle u will get me in trouble u know!! To be fair to the guys their was little buy in to FPATT by the local players i feel it was because the players did not understand the benefits!! After playing days education, bargining power etc they do not have to look far to see what a players union can do for players just look at d stride cricketers have made!!

  8. Mark Anthony Scott but of course it will be resurrected because I will be coming and show all of them what the police can still do eh cause I am a police for life and I want to expose and lock up all the vultures and con artists who continues to exploit our sons and daughters with the slave mentalities like if slavery still exits in our sweet country steeuuppss Them really good yes.

  9. ….Uncle Earl Mango Pierre…it can be resurrected or create a whole new entity with a Constitution and or Mission Statement…we sit and discuss what the purpose will be based on what transpires in and around the local game and we can also look at the British Model

  10. And as I just remember that Gary Griffith the previous sports minister with the PNM also had given them 1 million dollars towards the Players Association I wonder what ever became of the monies Gordon Pierre do you have any idea as to where is the monies eh. Them really good yes.

  11. Kurtwyn Baird what they formed was the FPATT (Football Players Association of Trinidad and Tobago ) and it seems that it was only formed so that the 2006 World Players could have taken the corrupted Jack Warner and his cronies to court to get their monies that was promised to them because my million dollar question is that why didn’t they continue it eh even if they had other agendas like where both of them is doing now Brent Sancho first being involved with SIS Central FC and then becoming the sports minister to really try and change things with respect to our sports especially our football and Shaka Hislop who didn’t want to be the president when Brent Sancho asked him to be and which I actually had told Brent Sancho he was the one that should have taken up that role being around me for many years and know what was to be done because to this date I have never met Shaka Hislop because when he had gotten his scholarship to attend Howard University back in the days and then he got his professional contract to go to England so we never crossed parts so I didn’t know him and knew his thoughts about how he felt about defending our players because as you and I know some players are always on the other side with the corrupted TTFA no matter how they are treated they always put country first but I got to understand that he is a good fella and also his father that wanted the best for our players but Shaka Hislop also moved on and got a big job with ESPN and also he has about 5 daughters to raise so I understand but why they both didn’t get others to continue the Players Association and just be advisors I have not a clue but now I guess since I have retired I have to return and sit on my throne and continue the Players Association in our sweet country. Them really good yes.

  12. D Boss help me remember what did Shaka Hislop and his father formed or was nominated for?

  13. Mark Anthony Scott when I started the Players Association in Brooklyn N.Y. in 1992 it was for two main purposes the first and foremost to educate our players about the professional contracts and secondly to expose the vultures and con artists who was only about exploiting them and then going to the bank smiling. I had the opportunity to take an individual to court and show him what the police can do thanks to my training in the bestest police service in the World our own TTPS . Over the years and even before the Players Association got started I use to assist the players with their schooling, taking them on tryouts with various professional teams and other things like getting them the venues when they was getting married and even being the dj for their functions like baby showers, christenings, and I did this for what they were all doing for my organization by representing and winning tournaments and keeping our sweet country flag flying very high in the America. I know that a Players Association also covers alot more things like the one for the Professional teams in the America and England especially the players insurance and pension and I know that in our sweet country our players doesn’t make that kind of monies playing in our professional league but again the main reason for getting it started in our sweet country is to educate our players and defend them in the court of law if needed to do so. It really needs to be up and running and then everything will fall into place as time goes on I am a believer.

  14. Mr. Kevin Harrison I do applaud your transparency to us the readers if it is truth or not we don’t know but what the article said is what is been discussed,now as a professional at what you do it is no favors you pay them more,or put them it good Hotels or help them out occasionally they are the seeds to the life of your club and they were worth that small investment because on a business side they brought home the bacon.

  15. …Uncle Earl Mango Pierre…Good Morning….and when the Players Association is back up and running…let us make sure that it stay up and running Please….and not cast into oblivion like the last installment

  16. Buh A A ah wonder if it is me who is causing all this bacchanal here eh, I know that it is good for the discussions and exchanging of ideas but let us keep it clean nah with a little bit of satire the same as Mr. Live Wire does in his stories and Ms. Alana Allan when I return to our sweet country soon we will have to link up because we really have to get the Players Association up and running in our sweet country once and for all in order to continue to protect our sons and daughters from all these vultures and con artists who realized long time that they can con them because of their lack of education and their writing skills and doh feel that you get away eh my nephew Gordon Pierre you also have to be involved eh. Them really good yes

  17. I don’t dispute that fact but I am not like that I can assure I fight for my players 2 get good contracts and good treatment but it have a lot of con artists posing as owners coaches etc who cutting men up

  18. I am not hateful I just don’t like when people who don’t know me and what I stand for tslk crap the majority of them have no idea what it takes to get a player a contract and the emotional roller coaster we both go thru most people don’t see the human side of football cause they feel people only on money but we are humans so we do care 4 people also

  19. Kevin Harrison please don not take it personal!! Remember when i was u gentlemen favorite sport report bc i could activate d story without being seen? Well now the shoe is on the other foot its not personal, its just i have come to wonder whether u guys really have the good of sport at heart!! My interest about the thousands of youths both male and female who are inspired to live differently bc of the hope sport provided!! If u are against that get out the way!!!! Otherwise u have no problem!

  20. No kurtwyn I fully support players I am never on the side of management

  21. Dion Sosa the information you are privi to from your company and also some of the clauses about clubs,transfers and players is all good my friend,but sharing it the way you do it would not be beneficial in the long run towards you being supported in the majority,I am all for being outspoken but you seem to come over very hateful,Dion all scouts,clubs and agents see the business side first,are you different?

  22. Alana allan or whatever your stupid name is you can go to hell for all I care you are just 1 of the nieve idiots who backing and supporting them fools you and many others will always have a problem with me cause I speak my mind and tell it as it is who vex loss and who gives a damn what you think anyway you are not anyone with any kind of football experience or knowledge your just some idiot who follows central fc so know your place and stop calling up my name and making comments about me with the next set of idiots on your club fan page

  23. I will add a few words of clarity, but I am not interested in joining your discussion as it appears the real agenda here is to bash myself, the Minister of Sport and the Pro League. The players have a reference to bonus agreement for cup competitions written into their contracts . There is no mention of league bonuses. That is a mistake on the part of the club and the players and will be corrected for the 2015-16 season. I have never heard mention of 50% or any other figure other than 10% of league winnings mentioned by the club. If Central F.C. is to continue to provide for players in the manner so far, income must be generated. How many other clubs put their players in the Carlton Savannah Hotel or the Radisson before games? And watch, neither the board or myself stay there….just players and staff. We have stood by players who have got into trouble and helped financially when other clubs would have walked away. The salary’s paid are almost definitely higher than any other club. If the players decide that they want more than 10% next season, some of these things will have to change and, guess what…if they don’t win the league they would be financially worse off and less prepared. This is a business and the first priority is to budget so that the club survives. This is no big bad corporate mistreatment of players. To my knowledge, only one player has recalled a mention of 50% and that was 3 years ago! I understand that everyone wants more money -hey, I’ve never had a bonus and some players earn more than me! As a club we have to move forward and get things right for next season. This is a fantastic group of players and staff and we still have great things to accomplish this season. And for clarity, Brent Sancho is still interested in the clubs performance – of course he is – but he is not involved in day to day affairs. Terry Fenwick had no input in this. How could he when he only joined in April??

  24. Alana Allan great measured response!! And i congratulate u for been fair and balance opinion!! Mental for central but not stupid!! And in the end the values of sport must be shown by all involved both on and off the field! The world is watching!!

  25. Yeah and that was the same thing that happened to the Strike Squad yes when Marlon Morris was telling Clayton Morris that the players have to sit down with the corrupted Jack Warner and his cronies and make certain that pen went to paper to make certain that they had gotten some monies to yes because Marlon Morris realized that plenty monies was in the making for that final game against the USA in 1989 but the captain told him nah man doh worry about that after the game we will deal with that well after the game the only person that went to the bank smiling was that corrupted Jack Warner and his cronies yes because the players got nothing and I read somewhere Gally said that they are still being owed about $600, 000 since 1989 from Jack Warner and the corrupted TTFA Them really good yes

  26. Boss! Did any coaches stand up for the black listed coaches like Gally and others,or for the few Warriors,No it was life as usual so it have no standing up by those players that already know their contract will be renewed

  27. Kurtwyn Baird you will think that what our 2006 players did when the players finally got some balls not thinking about what will happen to their future playing professional ball and finally stood up against that corrupted Jack Warner and the TTFA and finally got their millions that was rightfully theirs as promised no matter it took over 10 yrs for them to get it eh, well all other players in these times should have learnt from that and make certain that they listen and read carefully all what is said and given to them especially when it comes to their monies ent but like they are still not getting the message and I am really tired of preaching to them yes.

  28. Earl Mango Pierre just as you and some others I have stood up for my players once they are in the right even when it would have cost me my job

  29. Kurtwyn Baird yes they can when Mau Pau decided to drop out the professional league eh then only to find out that it was another organization that was just using Mau Pau name as a front and they try to con the players with respect getting their final payments eh. well they were stopped in their tracks because the players was told what they had to do and a letter was written to the corrupted organization, so no matter if their contracts ends 31 st May things can still happen on their behalf but it will be up to all the players who wants to do so and you done know some of our players don’t have that kind of belly et all. Them really good yes.

  30. Since I have been around the operations of pro league clubs,players would have hesitations in speaking out,as I read some players contracts are expiring 31st May, can they actually go against that crew with 2wks remaining?

  31. Prince Borde so how come my 2006 World Cup players won their case in court eh and they had no written contract as to what the corrupted Jack Warner said with regards to what he had promised them eh let my Central Players just give me a call and tell me that they want to take the sports minister to court nah I will show how we will win this in the court of law. Them really good yes.

  32. So how come Kevin Harrison is so quiet about this issue eh, and he isn’t saying anything to defend his honor. and Ms Alana Allan is taking rather very long to get back in the discussion eh, like she is still investigating or what eh 🙂

  33. This will get no where in court. He say this, he say that. Come nah

  34. With that being said I think it’s too early for accusations and so to be tossed about.

  35. And I still don’t know for sure Roneil K Walcott. They are divided on that. Not enough people said “yes” for me to be sure.

  36. Were they really promised 50% of the league earnings? That’s the real issue to me.

  37. Travis Mulraine yeah I think you right because I remember that Jack Warner was ready to open his pandora box yes about FIFA and their dealings but poor fella Dole Chadee he was about to open his pandora box the same and the corrupted politicians tell the top lawyer fella to send him to the gallows fast, fast very fast yes so the hangman noose was resurrected just so, just so, and after his neck was popped along with his hench men eh, there was no more hanging in our sweet country. Them really good yes.

  38. because ALL of them in high positions are corrupt, just like our politicians, they will nevr jail another politician ’cause that will open Pandora’ s box

  39. Lasana Liburd, Gordon Pierre, Dion Sosa, Travis Mulraine I need to understanding something here as to why that corrupted FIFA has nothing in place for individuals to be charged and spend plenty time in a jail cell when they are caught in taking bribes like the recent fella who was banned for eight years, the same like the corrupted ex- VP of FiFA Jack Warner and Bin Hamman whom was also was involved in plenty corruption and wasn’t jailed but instead also banned for life from the organization because I think this will always continue happening if it is not put to a stop. Them really good yes.

  40. Prince Borde this is the reason our players need the Players Association up and running in our sweet country to defend our players rights and to educate them, but it seems that they don’t want to come together and let this happen so they will all continue to get what they are allowing to be done to them. Them really good yes.

  41. Travis Mulraine yuh not talking about my foreign base wining coach Terence William Fenwick I hope ent.

  42. I don’t understand why these things not in writing. Why would you trust someone with your money without it written down. Come nah! This is jokes

  43. if i were a betting man and of course its non of my business, a certain individual call name and i ll whistle came back to the club recently and i m sure he had something to do with this bonus bachanaal cause his greed knows no bounds. nough said i ll rock back n enjoy the show, LOL LOL

  44. Verbal agreements and oral contracts are generally valid and legally binding as long as they are reasonable, equitable, conscionable and made in good faith. Although most people associate contracts with legal documents printed on paper for the purpose of getting them signed and stamped by notaries, the fact is that only a few types of contracts are required by statute to be written.

  45. Kirwin Weston actually an agreement in my law class can be verbal.

  46. I want 2 join Fifa so I can work with underpriveliged countries helping kids thru football to dream and hope that they can have a better way of life and they are not forgotten with Fifa a lot of good things are done around the world but we only see and focus on the corruption at the high level

  47. Dion Sosa .Well did you cannot join FIFA, eh, that is the most corrupted organization in the World, yuh need to just stay here in our sweet country on wired 868 and let Mr. Live Wire, Gordon Pierre, yourself and I just continue to expose the corruption and keep all of them in check. Them really good yes.

  48. That’s why I had 2 put someone in their place the other day I told them my goals and ambitions outweight winning some stupid prolleague title my ambition is te be a high fifa deligate but someone who is known for integrity honesty and very hard working

  49. Dion i have my thoughts on that but thats for another discussion!!

  50. No let’s go there we always reward mediocrity in this country we prepare teams to participate we always happy with coming 4 th and scraping into tournaments why can’t we have high standards and goals look at panama and them smaller countries they aiming high and setting the bar even higher for their sportsmen and women

  51. Hahaha!! Dion i not going there!! Lol

  52. The 2006 World Cup bonus was for qualifying. They wouldn’t have gotten more money for scoring a dozen goals. So they shouldn’t get less for scoring none.
    Honestly I don’t think a single other nation promised even as much as 25 percent. But I guess Jack Warner simply didn’t intend to pay and he didn’t care.

  53. Exactly Gordon after they won nothing score no goals they get millions for mediocrity

  54. That’s why I said “technically” Gordon Pierre Even if Mr. Sancho said that, he could force the players hand and push the issue all the way. Notice I said “if”. It’s up to the players now to see how far they’re willing to go and what impetus they are willing to exercise.

  55. Kirwin Weston i disagree!! The soca warriors had nothing in writing as well remember? And they won not so?

  56. Sweet in goat mouth but sour in the bam bam now though, lol. Will love to see how this one unfolds. Hope they resolve before Champions League though.

  57. Nothing in writing and signed/stamped technically = nothing.

  58. No Lasana not micheal townley they can call an insurance salesman from guardian life or sagicor 2 get the same job done

  59. Central had put the Wired868 logo on its fliers one time too. But that was because they asked to use a story from my website for free. So the logo was an acknowledgment.
    Ask Vashty Maharaj. We do the same thing from time to time with her magazine. Even Guardian’s Elections page does the same thing with my stories. It is a typical barter system when people can’t come to a financial agreement.
    I guess I can see how things can be misconstrued. The best way to find out really is to simply ask.

  60. Nah. Some clubs ask to use photos from Wired868 Earl Mango Pierre. Connection did too and I always helped. It is just that my current deal with my photographer is different and I can’t help Colin Benjamin and Connection in the same way.
    Also in Central’s first year, they had an ad on my site for the first six months.
    That’s the extent of it. I would be more than happy to take an ad from any other club if they like. 🙂
    But, no, I never had a deal with Central that is different to any other club. So I hope I’ve sorted that out. And I’ve learned something myself.

  61. Yeah when the club first started your name was present as one of the sponsors eh so I said to myself how is it meh friend Mr Live Wire suppose to be exposing everybody eh when they are involved in all kind of corruption eh and he is sponsoring someone team eh that will be a conflict in interest so maybe they have since removed it eh. Them really good yes.

  62. Someone just told me to send Michael Townley’s number to the Central FC players!! Hahaha… I’m not saying the situation is similar at all. Or that it isn’t.
    But this is definitely ironic.

  63. Really Earl Mango Pierre? Hahahaha. I never realised. Okay. So why the ras you didn’t say that all the time?!
    They did ask me before to use some photos from the site and said they would credit me for it. Dunno if that is based on that. I will ask them!

  64. On a serious note its the same thing Jack did promised 50 percent so 50 is 50! The same way some folks was debating gross and net then now the shoe on the other foot the goodly gentleman must show his true substance!!

  65. Lasana Liburd on their fan page on their website they have your name and logo along with their other sponsors so have that since being changed and that is why I am always referring you as one of the sponsors man. that is all.

  66. Sometimes, maybe alot, coaches and owners promise players big bonuses to win a league, a cup etc. It’s of course a good form of motivation but if the promise isn’t honoured expect that chaos will follow. Even though boycotting may hurt the players more, sometimes it’s good to make a stand to get what you’re owed.

  67. What Gordon Pierre talking about

  68. Earl Mango Pierre, do you really believe that I am one of Central FC’s sponsors or have any official or unofficial capacity with the club? If so, then just bring out your proof now.
    If you have no proof, then I already answered you on that. So why continue?

  69. Honestly Dion Sosa, I spoke to a couple players and staff members about the bonus. One was adamant that it was made but others said no but that is what they wanted and some were not sure.
    I really don’t know that there was a 50 percent offer for certain.

  70. I think that the players and staff should collect the bigger piece of the pie because that was promised to them and the players really trained very hard to be the Champions this season and also because SIS is a million dollar company and they can handle their business and also this will definitely interrupt the players minds and their game and they should stand firm together and send a serious message and don’t play any further until everything is sorted out.

  71. Hahaha!! Nah man uncle do not put my boi sana on that!! He is d last sports reporter!! He just want to keep we on point u know we does buss mark like rain!! Oh mango!! Lol

  72. The players decerve what they were promised if he said 50 percent they have 2 honour their word cause it was the players who trained 4 to 5 days a week and played the games and vranes should get a good bonus also his assistants etc

  73. Right. Now about Central FC. Anyone has any thoughts about what the players should or shouldn’t receive? Or what they think might happen next?
    Or how it will affect them for their remaining matches?

  74. Gordon Pierre doh forget Mr. Live Wire have shares in the Central F.C. club to eh being one of the sponsors. 🙂

  75. Hahaha just answer my uncle Sana boi do not get jumpy!!! Was giving the senor officer his due!!

  76. Ok my two corruption exposers Gordon Pierre and Dion Sosa let us keep on the topic eh and don’t cause any more bacchanal for now nah.

  77. Mango that’s where your start bad the man was never no PFA representative in England the man was an insurance salesman who has a english accent who talk big words and chain up them stupid men who sue jack cause they were not 2 bright themselves so a smooth talking white man an say the world is square and they quick 2 follow and give him the world

  78. Guys, don’t forget to actually discuss this issue. Which is some Central FC players and staff asking for a certain cut of prize money and the club board disagreeing.
    I think there is an interesting discussion there and that was the point of the article.

  79. And the doc leave bc she saw two face and learn do not mix business with pleasure unless pleasure is your business!! As old ppl say do not mess where u eat!!

  80. Gordon Pierre What I cannot believe is that Kevin Harrison was part of the Players Association in England who was brought to our sweet country to be part of FPATT eh, and now he will be involved with doing these kind of things against his players and not defending them and make certain that they are not exploited, this is very disturbing to me.

  81. Uncle!! Ohh gosh u good yes!! Lol as malcom x said birds coming home to
    Roost never made me sad always made me glad!! This is d same gentleman who had d national team looking to strike before theCFU finals last year and the women team up in arms as well now his advisor telling the boys to play and forget it!!

  82. These are the same crooks who wanted Qian Grosvenor to sign a waiver that central fc would not take responsibilty for him if he got hurt on trials but if he get thru they wanted a transfer fee for him wow isn’t that good business transactions

  83. Well I am waiting very patiently to hear why the lady Doctor left the team to yes it seems as though that she found out that she was dealing with some crooks or what ent? Them really good yes.

  84. What they say De Javu when Jack did the same thing in the WC he went and get lawyer DR school teacher a priest 2 say Jack is a crook and a liar and he doing the same thing I have always said he is just as bad as Jack cause at least Jack was straight frwd with his dealings this crook is a hyprocrite

  85. Whey meh friend and them eh when I need them calling Gordon Pierre and Dion Sosa look what is going on nah like more “TRUTH” is starting to be revealed yes and I always taught that it was only meh uncle Jack Warner was the corrupted one eh, no wonder why the FPATT was only founded for one reason it seems and then it stopped functioning. Them really good yes.

  86. And what else is new eh, it was the same thing that the corrupted TTFA did when they said that ALL proceeds was going to Akeem Adams mother’s account from the jerseys that they sold for everybody to attend the game and support eh and what happened after eh, it was a big lie, hence the reason I always tell our players to get whatever is promised to them in writing and Marvin Oliver should really know this for all what I have done over the years defending our players rights but the players again does let their emotions take control of them every time. Them really good yes.

  87. I hope Brent Sancho is not conforming to the ppl he’s consorting with. That will be an unfortunate thing

  88. What?? So busy today after taking a day off to watch European Football yesterday! I’ll get back to this after reading the article.

  89. I’m speaking generally there.

  90. It might be in theory. But it is nothing new for people to have dual posts like that. I don’t think it is avoidable, which is why it is good to know who the various advisors are and what pies their fingers are in.

  91. Do not believe in Karma but…

  92. Whe sah. Talk about do so ain’t like so. He pull a Jack on dem fellas boy?!

  93. Is Harrison dual post a conflict of interest?

  94. Wait nah and I just made him the sports minister of my government to be trustworthy, accountable, and transperant…..Them really good yes.

  95. Trinidadians really sad boy wey sah. Look how happy men is for a club that providing opportunities for men to get paid to play the game they love to fall apart. You have to be a sad little person to be happy that you are “right”. If Central Fall apart I hope them same players will happy to get paid nothing and play in the bush league to pips.

    Sosa talking about an English accent fool people yet he was happy to receive a $12,000 check from the same English accent. Why didn’t he tell them to shove they check?

    Mango like he cyah come to terms that long time when they use to play for pipe water gone.

    Can’t believe grown people who have “T&T” football best “interest” at heart happy and contorting themselves to pat themselves on they back. How sad. This is T&T football and a big reason why we cannot achieve anything substantial or consistent.

    There is absolutely no way you can give players 50% of every cup you win. How will the club survive? They should give them 50% and let them train bareback and bare feet next season. NO way a smart man SIS board member promising 50% of $1000000.

    Grow up T&T football people grow up.

    • “Sosa talking about an English accent fool people yet he was happy to receive a $12,000 check from the same English accent. Why didn’t he tell them to shove they check?”

      That check didn’t come from no “English accent”… that check came from donations made by members of Socawarriors.net. Kevin Harrison only facilitated the handing over. The way the photo is captioned is misleading and misplaces credit for the donation to Akeem’s fund.

  96. And what has this thought us? Never play football for no politician side just like jack they never keep their promises

  97. “tax(payers’) money” that is.

  98. Yesterday (promises) is yesterday (promises). Today is today. With any luck maybe he’ll get Tantie Kams to payoff Central’s players with tax money as well.