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Cameron’s back! WICB turkeys vote for Thanksgiving

At best, the majority of the West Indies Cricket Board’s territories are sadomasochistic. At worst, they are suicidal.

Either way, regional cricket fans should look forward to be on the receiving end of some hearty spankings in both the immediate and distant future. And it would probably be sensible to have a Pastor start rehearsing for the last rites.

And that is because, on 7 March 2015, eight of the 12 associations that comprise the WICB voted to re-appoint Dave Cameron as regional cricket president ahead of the challenger and former West Indies cricket great Joel Garner.

Photo: West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron during a function at WIPA's office in Jamaica in 2014. (Courtesy WIPA)
Photo: West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron during a function at WIPA’s office in Jamaica in 2014.
(Courtesy WIPA)

Mr Live Wire did not receive a copy of Cameron’s manifesto. But, based on his record at the helm, we can only assume that he campaigned on a platform of: financial bankruptcy or becoming a outpost of the BCCI (Board Of Control For Cricket in India), conceding all responsibility to develop and run the regional game to anyone with a gold credit card though the CPL, replacing WICB doormats with players—or vice versa—and running the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) through ventriloquy. Presumably, there were free plane tickets  and grants as sweeteners.

Live Wire knows even less about Garner’s mission statement. But, to lose to Cameron, the former Barbados and West Indies pacer must have pushed for higher mortality rates in infants, regular independent audits and administrative restructuring and diligence.

WICB’s directors probably care even less for new-born infants than they do about the dignity of the likes of Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo. But financial scrutiny and no guaranteed free lunches would be a definite no-no.

Photo: West Indies cricket stars Chris Gayle (right) and Dwayne Bravo will have little to celebrate today. Party done.
Photo: West Indies cricket stars Chris Gayle (right) and Dwayne Bravo will have little to celebrate today. Party done.

So, the turkeys voted for Thanksgiving.

Rather than seek new leadership to get across the manic super-highway that is the BCCI, they chose blindfolds. And, once properly blindfolded, Cameron’s plans probably looked better than ever.

So, Wired868 welcomes in a new era of enhanced S&M techniques. The cricket associations have been bound, the players are gagged and fans are going to be whipped until they start liking it.

Enter: Fifty Shades of Dave.

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  1. The only logical explanation is that the territorial boards are also idiots

  2. ICC we the fans will support you now suspend us for a five years let us fix our problems the embarrassment is hurting our image the greats minus Clive disappointed

  3. If this is the way it’s going to be, then West Indies cricket doesn’t even deserve to exist.

  4. Woe be unto West Indies cricket. The final nail in the coffin as West Indies cricket is as good as dead and buried as a result of Cameron’s reappointment.

  5. How could dey vote him back in power? My god west indians wake up nah. That man killing our cricket. Rip West indies cricket

  6. There people are completely oblivious to West Indies problems. It’s about what they can get away with and not about the West Indies team or people.

  7. Height of dotishness! They couldn’t give Joel Garner a chance? Anything would be better than Cameron and dey done gorn and put him back? I am lost for words!!!!

  8. the 8 dotish people who voted for him is the real problem

  9. i wonder if ole ttcb voted for him???…hmmmm!!

  10. rip WI cricket!he better doh come trinidad!!

  11. How is this possible after all that has transpired recently???

  12. All yuh was expecting miracles? steupes… D man from JA……

  13. This may not be such a bad thing as India will now most likely press ahead with their claim which may result in a bankrupt WICB. This could result in a new entity administering WI cricket. WICB as presently constituted, is the problem and just changing presidents and administrators in the same organization will just continue to stifle WI cricket. Dissolve the WICB…..and WIPA.

  14. This is sad and disgusting. Ar set of kiss A..

  15. Thats what most of our administrators are…with all their qualifications. …bunch of amateurs…..any and any thing goes…get ready for the ride people. …a bankrupt wibc

  16. Have to also blame those that voted for him. They are the ones that are really responsible .