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Eye of the Tiger: Gayle sparks outrage with swing and miss at Aussie presenter

You don’t earn a reputation as one of the most feared batsmen in the manic-paced 20/20 cricket arena by measured and judicious stroke play. And when the people writing your cheques see it fit to name their enterprise the “Big Bash”, a sorta adventurous, free-spirited nature is implied.

Boy did Chris Gayle ever read the conditions wrong when an attractive Channel Ten reporter, Mel McLaughlin, came walking over for a brief interview with the Melbourne Renegades and West Indies cricket star.

Photo: Awkward... Australian television presenter Mel McLaughlin (left) has little trouble dispatching Chris Gayle's pitiful pick-up line.
Photo: Awkward…
Australian television presenter Mel McLaughlin (left) has little trouble dispatching Chris Gayle’s pitiful pick-up line.

“Your eyes are beautiful, hopefully we can win this game,” Gayle told McLaughlin, “and then we can have a drink after as well. Don’t blush, baby.”

It was hard to tell whether Gayle—who is 36 years old going on 15—was channelling his inner-Tiger or bootlegging Austin Powers. Either way, his swipe outside the off stump hit only air.

I’m not blushing,” McLaughlin retorted.

And she really meant it.

It was as sad as seeing a three-year-old child try to tie his own shoelaces. Or watching Jack Warner try to pronounce: “electricity.” Or “extradition.”

Photo: Try it one more time: Ex-tra-dish-on! Former Chaguanas West MP and ex-FIFA vice president Jack Warner. (Copyright AFP 2015/Alva Viarruel)
Photo: Try it one more time: Ex-tra-dish-on!
Former Chaguanas West MP and ex-FIFA vice president Jack Warner.
(Copyright AFP 2015/Alva Viarruel)

Anthony Everard, the head of the Big Bash League, described Gayle’s comments as: “disrespectful and simply inappropriate.”

Melbourne Renegades CEO Stuart Coventry vowed to discuss the matter with Gayle and Cricket Australia and warned that: “There’s just no place for that sort of behaviour.”

Everard pointedly noted that the Big Bash was: “all about its appeal to kids, families and females.” Translation: we have no intention of messing with our ratings.

The Daily Mail, never one to miss an opportunity for moral outrage when it isn’t spying on celebrities and rummaging through voice messages left with the families of kidnapped victims, referred to the West Indian’s interview as: “sleazy.”

And what does Mr Live Wire think?

Photo: Australian television sport presenter Mel McLaughlin.
Photo: Australian television sport presenter Mel McLaughlin.

First, McLaughlin deserves the opportunity to get through her work day in peace without having to bat away unwanted advances. And she probably will once she crosses 50.

Second, the lightbulb that flashed over Gayle’s head as he produced his pick-up line was clearly on dim voltage. But then it must be hard to tell whether you are truly funny, handsome and charming when your bank balance has seven digits.

Gayle, sorry pal, but you are less (Morris) Chestnut and more Forest (Whitaker). And that can limit your options in terms of the women who blush at your advances.

Third, Gayle did not insult, grope or intimidate McLaughlin. He was simply childish, cocky and stupid. So perhaps the penalty should match the crime.

Photo: Neither of West Indies cricket stars Chris Gayle (right) and Dwayne Bravo have been shy about expressing their fondness for Australian television presenter Mel McLaughlin
Photo: Neither of West Indies cricket stars Chris Gayle (right) and Dwayne Bravo have been shy about expressing their fondness for Australian television presenter Mel McLaughlin

And, chances are when you have a microphone thrust at you as often as sport stars do, you will sometimes say some really stupid things.

Male reporter (in post-game press conference): “How long does it take you to get over the disappointment (of a loss)?”

Russian professional tennis star Maria Sharapova: “There is so much of good self-esteem when you speak. It is really nice… What was the question? I was just admiring your form.”

Chances are that if McLaughlin wants to take a stance against sexism in the workplace, she would not have to look as far as the Caribbean.

Channel Ten’s first response to Gayle was a slap on the back and, far from a private snicker, they shared the joke with the embarrassed television host and the rest of the world.

Photo: Chris Gayle was not the only one to get in a muddle over Mel McLaughlin. The Channel 10 social media team was not sure whether to praise Gayle or their own employee after the incident.
Photo: Chris Gayle was not the only one to get in a muddle over Mel McLaughlin.
The Channel 10 social media team was not sure whether to praise Gayle or their own employee after the incident.

Channel Ten tweet: “Gayle to @Mel_Mclaughlin: ‘Hopefully we can win this game & have a drink after. Don’t blush baby’ #smooth #BBLO5.”

It took another 10 minutes before Channel Ten’s social media manager recognised that maybe their employee wasn’t there as “eye food”, although the station still opted against rebuking the cricketer.

“Well played to our very own @Mel_Mclaughlin for staying professional during the interview. What a pro…”

Mr Live Wire does not want to cast aspersions but he has noticed over the years that, apart from the odd ex-world champion, female sport reporters at television stations tend to be strikingly attractive and generally blonde.

Photo: The Sunday Telegraph invited Australia's "top 18 female television personalities" for a photo shoot. (Copyright News.Com.Au)
Photo: The Sunday Telegraph invited Australia’s “top 18 female television personalities” for a photo shoot.
(Copyright News.Com.Au)

It is as though Tiger Woods hires them himself.

Whereas male reporters…

Photo: ESPN analyst and journalist Gabriel Marcotti.
Photo: ESPN analyst and journalist Gabriel Marcotti.
Photo: SportsMax presenter Simon Crosskill.
Photo: SportsMax presenter Simon Crosskill.
Photo: CCN TV6 sport host Serjio Du Four.
Photo: CCN TV6 sport host Serjio Du Four.

With all due respect to the gentlemen pictured above—who Mr Live Wire has the pleasure of all knowing professionally—none would probably reduce Serena Williams to a lustful, incoherent mess during a television interview. And, thankfully, we do not generally expect our male reporters to possess such powers.

The elephant in the room when it comes to the hiring of female reporters, so to speak, is a fox.

Which is not to say Gayle doesn’t deserve to be castigated for failing to read the wicket.

Sadly, poor Chris seems to be a relic from a bygone era who has struggled to come to grips with the 21st century and simply stands out like a sore thumb in progressive company.

Just like the West Indies cricket team.

Photo: West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron (left) and cricketer Chris Gayle (right) during happier times. (Courtesy WICB)
Photo: West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron (left) and cricketer Chris Gayle (right) during happier times.
(Courtesy WICB)

Editor’s Note: Chris Gayle subsequently apologised for his “simple joke” that was “blown way out of proportion.” Which sounded surprisingly close to Gayle saying: “you idiots just don’t get it.”

And Gayle was sweet enough to give his regrets to Mel McLaughlin with a sentence that included the word “if.” Awww… His apologies are as bad as his pick-up lines. But at least he patronised us.

(Full Chris Gayle “apology”)

“A lot of things have flared up from a simple comment, a joke, a simple joke on air and it seemed to went out of proportion.
“There wasn’t anything at all meant to be disrespectful or offensive to Mel and if she felt that way I’m really sorry for that. 
“There wasn’t any harm meant in that particular way to any particular person like that. 
“It was a simple joke, the game was going on. Entertainment, things get out of proportion but these things do happen.
“There wasn’t any harm done, I’ll leave it at that. I’m sorry for that, we’ll have to move on.”

Incidentally, former Australia World Cup and Everton footballer Tim Cahill and British television personality Piers Morgan both “get it” as evidenced by their tweets on the matter.

Photo: Former Australia World Cup footballer Tim Cahill and British television personality Piers Morgan were among scores of people who rallied behind West Indies cricket star Chris Gayle.
Photo: Former Australia World Cup footballer Tim Cahill and British television personality Piers Morgan were among scores of people who rallied behind West Indies cricket star Chris Gayle.

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  1. steupsss …that is my comment to the whole scene…

  2. As for the Rowley issue that has been raised; please remember that a 65 year old married man was gyrating on a half naked 17 year old child….but I guess that’s proper in PNM world. Is it that there are different standards for persons based on your political affiliation? Wrong for UNC, right for PNM?

  3. Could it be that the move to get Gayle out of Australia has nothing to do with Mel but with the fact that he just demolished the bowling of his opponents? Could it be that Mel was just a perfect excuse, that came at the perfect time?

    Could it be similar to what was done to Sunil Narine last year when the owner of Chenai Super Kings who was in an influential position in the ICC and BCCI ensured that Narine did not play in the final against CSK? And that the ICC sought another bowling test – despite Narine having passed the first one?
    Politics and profit in sport orgs go hand in hand.

    Gayle’s Mgt team should be dismissed. This matter could have been handled much better had a proper apology been given. Gayle’s Mgt team could have spun this to his favour. They all failed.

  4. I saw a interview with Bravo talking about Mel,l guess Gayle saw it too and thought it was a cool scn,but as a public figure he should have the brain to realize when it started going sour and end it.

  5. Ravi Balgobin Maharaj has added on Chris Gayle debate I see.

  6. Jusso he does walk een the people dance, puhm and bunx!

  7. Quote: Originally Posted By: rasputin
    Chris Gayle Fined $10,000


    Idiot move by CG but its not the first.. Biting the hand that feed him.

    Need fi watch himself before him become another Bill Cosby and women dem start lining up and hit you with law suits…

  8. Usain bolt is an example of class and professionalism. he should try to learn a thing or two from his book

  9. Pleanty Jakans fighting down Gayle over his bad actions

  10. Kick-ah-fuss?
    He created the fuss, now he’ comparing the fuss about Gayle to the fuss he created about Rowley to show how it’s racially motivated.

    This man could be in government AND opposition at the same time!

  11. Didnt he also kick a fuss about the whine the now PM had gotten/taken in 2015?

  12. And the fellah used to work in UWI..
    I probably need a refund on meh degree

  13. Ah bet yuh eef Rowley did tell Tanty dat in Parliament, Balgobin would ah know it wrong.
    In fack he woulda say Rowley racial! Hahaha

  14. Ravi Balgobin Maharaj I owe you a sincere apology, I have wronged you.

    Formerly I was positive that you were a racist UNC sycophant minion who’s sole purpose in life was to discredit the PNM in order to promote the tribe to political, economic and social dominance of Trinidad and Tobago …… but now I see that your misguidance is deeper than that …… your seriously demented!

  15. hear nah…the urge to resist cussing in response to Ravi is REAL inno

  16. You all could promote your racism as much as you want. I will fight against it as much as I can

  17. Did you ask relevant questions (to racism) when the entire UNC was upset because the Doc took a wine on an Indian Guyal in South last year Ravi Balgobin Maharaj?

  18. But really you have to see the tweets to understand it

  19. Someone please get Ravi some help nah…ah ent think he go be able to survive de next 5 years.

  20. No because it’s the same thing, where tens of thousands of racists protested on Twitter and social media against John Boyega starring in Star Wars because they felt his character was written as a white man, but cast as a black

  21. OMG!!!! Ravi we ALL live on Planet Earth…nobody is disputing that there are racists on it…STOP TALKING ASSERY NOW NAH

  22. Again, does anyone here know about the protests regarding John Boyega starring in Star Wars?

  23. Wait wait wait wait wait …..I think I’ve discovered the Rosetta Stone to the mind of Mr Maharaj.

    Ravi Balgobin Maharaj were you trying to say that some of the criticism of Gayle was due not to his behavior itself but rather the racism of those particular critics?

  24. How is it that no one cried ‘racism’ when Gayle tried the same faux pas at the female reporter in Antigua 2014 and everyone was outraged and protesting?

  25. Because racists spouted off doesn’t mean all criticism is racist. There were a lot of racist attacks on Steve Harvey too.
    What does that mean? Racists tricked him into anointing Miss Colombia?

  26. Ravi hated the FACT that Rowley wined ona little Indain during carnival lol

  27. Ravi….1) Do you know what the word “describe” means? 2) -_- on that jackass execute comment

  28. But let me ask you all this. If the Cricket Australia had to authority to execute Gayle for this, and they condemned him to death, would you be ok with it?

  29. The racist element from the Twitter backlash right after the incident happened

  30. What racist element are you referring to?
    Describe it!

  31. It’s even worst when people who haven’t experienced the particular brand of racism they are alleging ascribe it to others.
    It devalues it, trivializes it in instances where it does occur.

    It’s bad enough to cry wolf, but it’s worse when you assume someone else is crying wolf.

  32. If the two fasts Ravi went on didn’t kill him, nothing will kill him….lol.

  33. But it needs to be discussed. Again I reiterate that I am in no way excusing what Chris Gayle did, of saying that he shouldn’t be punished. But we cannot turn a blind eye to the racist elements as well

  34. “A witch-hunt must ensue. Fines must be imposed, careers ruined, individuals barred. The magnitude of the offence seems immaterial; an inconsequential incident generates the type of indignation that used to be reserved for serious transgressions.”

    A direct quote from the article you posted Lasana.. This is such a clear racist and overblown non issue.. Days have passed and I’m even more steadfast in my view..the girl Mel didn’t like Gayle’s advances.. Trust me, if it was Tom Cruise we would have watched her turn red as Rudolf’s nose.. Just farcical..

  35. The introduction of race into the debate surrounding this incident as some sort of counterpoint to attempt to diminish the outrage, disgust and repulsion that those of us (predominantly women) feel about Gayle’s behaviour might be more sexist that what Gayle actually did.

  36. I realize that among the things I took for granted that most people could readily identify are sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances …… and what constitutes racism ….. definitely what constitutes racism!

  37. I suppose Chris Gayle was just sledging Mel McLaughlin! Hahaha

  38. So Ravi Balgobin, please draw up a list for me. What things can I get away with because Glenn McGrath gave Brian Lara picong on a cricket pitch?
    I will find an Australian Consulate now!

  39. And regarding Australian picong on the cricket pitch, I remember playing cricket against a side from Barrackpoor and they made constant mother jokes while I was at bat when I was a teen.

    I couldn’t get mad because I knew the older fellas on my team were famous for doing the same.
    Anybody who’s ever put on a cricket uniform knows it’s part of the game.

  40. Hahahaha. Oh lawd Melina Hutchinson allyuh will kill Ravi Balgobin Maharaj yuh know

  41. Hahahaha. Oh gorm Melina… You have him between the headlights now!

  42. Ravi is thinking that the Aussies are racist because he and the others were outraged at the fact that a young, beautiful indian girl was dancing with Dr. Rowley.
    Ent Ravi, if it were a black girl you all wouldn’t have had a problem with it?
    So who is more racist, the UNC or the Aussies?
    Tell us Ravi.

  43. So Ravi Balgobin, are you and the UNC apologising to Rowley then?

  44. I’m not comparing the actions, I’m comparing the reactions.

  45. Ravi Balgobin Maharaj yuh come first, second and third comparing this to the PM carnival wine oui ??????

  46. And the indian girl was very much wining back on Rowley. As opposed to Mel who looked sea sick.

  47. Ravi Balgobin, you were leading the backlash against Rowley at the time! This is getting hilarious!

  48. Ok fine. If you all want a better example: this is the same as some of the backlash Rowley got during Carnival last year

  49. I feel Ravi could see racism in a pile of gravel.
    So simply because the reporter is a white Australian and the offender a black West Indian people’s disagreement with Gayle’s behavior is based on race?

    Well look Ravi pulling the black card faster than Luis Farrakhan yes!

  50. Make a better argument than: Aussies used to sledge us and it’s a black thing please.
    Wait, is this the UNC trying to appease black voters per chance Ravi Balgobin?
    Cause you misread the wicket as badly as Gayle I think.

  51. “The Australians” don’t think a black man should be flirting with a white woman Ravi Balgobin? And you worked that out all the way from your couch in Trinidad?
    Did you know that the first response of Mel’s Australian white colleagues was to laugh and call Gayle smooth? And that fellow white Australians egged on Bravo to also make advances to mel?
    And there are white Australians in every sector of life that are supporting Gayle right now?

  52. I not excusing what Gayle did. But at the same time, I’m highlighting the racism on the Australian’s part

  53. Of course race plays a part especially with the penalty, but Gayle was wrong, plain and simple. And his ‘apology’ didn’t help.

  54. To compare what Gayle did to McGrath insulting West Indies players is pretty daft Ravi Balgobin. You don’t know that some West Indies players were pretty good at sledging too and loved to fire back?
    What does exchanging words during a game have to do with harassing a female reporter? Steups.
    I believe the penalty is excessive to Gayle. But he was wrong.

  55. This isn’t a case of sexism as everybody claiming. This is clear racial discrimination against Gayle. The Australians clearly don’t think a black man should be flirting white a white girl

  56. I probably need stronger glasses because I still can’t see what there is to support.

  57. Good point yuh know Vernal Damion Cadogan…suppose that was your daughter interviewing Gayle, would the people saying it was all harmless fun feel the same way?

  58. Ravi might feel differently had his sister been the interviewer.

  59. Hahaha Vernal, Ravi is actually saying that Chris Gayle is being judged by Twitter and is unfairly treated. I see Fuad Abu Bakr just posted in support of Gayle as well.

  60. Vernal Damion Cadogan I actually defending the man somewhat

  61. bet he watch his chupid comments now doh

  62. Like I said the guy made a mistake and was fined, that should have been enough. Instead they are trying to take bread out of his mouth, trying to kill his career.

  63. Oh God ….. now we go hear hpw Chris Gayle is ah PNM!

  64. Eli Mark, you can post the video here. We don’t really want new threads on it.

  65. It is not that the Sharapova or any of the other incidents excuses what he did. THEY WERE ALL WRONG.

    The difference is that they weren’t vilified, fined and threatened with loss of their job.

    The issue is the hypocrisy and deeply unequal treatment this incident has prompted. The response has been completely out of proportion compared to the others.

    I watched the one with Casillas kissing the reporter in shock that he did so but more that the incident didn’t receive the widespread coverage that this did.

    Chris Gayle was wrong but the reaction is totally different to how the white stars who crossed the line were treated.

  66. “So no, I am not averse to Chris Gayle having the liveliest of sex lives. Of infinitely greater concern is the current argument that his behaviour can be excused on the basis that Maria Sharapova once flirted with a journalist. Why should one excuse the other? The idea it should is born of the mindset that fancies itself supremely logical on the basis that it strips every encounter of cultural context or nuance.

    It is the argument of those who excuse blackface on the basis that the Wayans brothers once whited up for a movie, or wonder why it’s wrong to call Jews “Yids” when some Spurs fans refer thus to themselves. Such people know just enough not publicly to suggest that the N-word is OK because you hear it in rap – but only just, and only out of commercial self-preservation.”


  67. Maybe this quote is more relevant:
    “So no, I am not averse to Chris Gayle having the liveliest of sex lives. Of infinitely greater concern is the current argument that his behaviour can be excused on the basis that Maria Sharapova once flirted with a journalist. Why should one excuse the other? The idea it should is born of the mindset that fancies itself supremely logical on the basis that it strips every encounter of cultural context or nuance.

    It is the argument of those who excuse blackface on the basis that the Wayans brothers once whited up for a movie, or wonder why it’s wrong to call Jews “Yids” when some Spurs fans refer thus to themselves. Such people know just enough not publicly to suggest that the N-word is OK because you hear it in rap – but only just, and only out of commercial self-preservation.”


  68. Some people said Chris would have never been harassed if he was white. I show a white person getting into trouble for sexist comments and you call it irrelevant, Kelvin?

  69. I thought this was interesting for people who say Australia would never have minded if Chris Gayle was white.
    Well, here’s how Australia dealt with the lily white and universally popular Frank Sinatra: (Source UK Guardian)
    “As for Gayle, he has been relieved of $10,000 by his Melbourne Renegades chairman, who somewhat excruciatingly reckoned it was just “cultural differences” (well done, mate!). He has issued a non-apology apology on his way out of the airport – a detail that reminded me he is certainly not the greatest entertainer to have had unfortunate dealings with women reporters in Australia. That honour belongs to Frank Sinatra, who in 1974 took it upon himself to discourse on the country’s female journalists live on stage in Melbourne’s festival hall. “As for the broads who work for the press,” he opined, “they’re the hookers of the press. I might offer them a buck-and-a-half, I’m not sure.”
    They used to say “it’s Frank’s world; we just live in it” – but at that moment in time Australia declined to be part of Frank’s world. The reaction was swift and comically stunning. The Australian press demanded he apologise; Sinatra refused. By noon the next day, the unions were involved, and airport refuellers flatly refused to fill his Gulfstream, while terminal staff announced none of their number would serve him. For the next few days, Sinatra ended up marooned and under siege on the 23rd floor of a Sydney hotel. It took the arbitration and conciliation services of Bob Hawke – then the ragingly popular leader of the Australian Council of Trade Unions – to get Sinatra to sign a grudging apology, which finally permitted him to escape the country.”

  70. Why would they ban a major draw like Gayle from the Big Bash? The economics don’t make sense.

  71. Well if Chris had said that he would be fine. But he didn’t did he?

  72. Allyuh on kicks yes. She said you’re handsome and I’m blushing. You all think that was a pick up line?

  73. Colin.. So many examples it’s scary.. And it’s not to justify Gayle’s supposed inappropriateness.. It’s a total non issue and the way the guy is being portrayed is quite disgusting.. If I were Gayle I would tell them exactly what I thought of their crap.. As I said he is Jamaican.. Probably as hard as nails so he would cope no problem..

  74. Prince, you want the Aussie press to protest about what we allow Danny Morrison to get away with in the Caribbean? Seriously?!

  75. Lasana Liburd Morrison has to Caribbean ladies on air and nothing ever came of it. Isn’t he Australian? The Aussie press is blowing this out of proportion

  76. The Barraclough woman said
    it perfectly!!! Beautiful article perfect sense!!!

  77. “I’m sorry that I crossed the line with Ms. McLaughlin, who was doing her job with her usual professionalism. I guess I got caught up in the moment and slipped into the type of banter that is common between men and women back in the Caribbean. I certainly meant no disrespect and I have apologized to her personally for the gaffe on my part.” A statement like that from CG at the outset might have prevented this whole episode from snowballing the way it has. Just saying!

  78. India is not exactly renowned for its care and respect of women. So I don’t foresee too much backlash for Gayle in the IPL.
    NatWest? That depends. It won’t be a moral decision. Just straight cash. Whether they think he will help the tournament to earn or lose money. That’s it.
    And in the Caribbean? Anything goes here Mel. Don’t blush baby! 🙂

  79. I’m sure he’ll be at the IPL, CPL and the NatwestBlast

  80. Hahaha. Well, Melina. He will consider his wallet at least. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks. But as a 36 year old athlete, he will care about his ability to earn a dollar.

  81. He has learned an expensive lesson. Even though he still doesn’t really get it.

  82. while we talking about this Tell Danny Morrisson do not come and wine on the Digicel
    girls for the CPL eh hypocries!!

  83. Wiping the floor with him has begun. At this rate they might just revoke his passport. Heck call Chris Cosby for that matter. I get that the guys comments were out of place, but how quickly the world has traded his contribution to the sport for it.

  84. I covered West Indies tour of England in 2005.
    I remember Viv telling me that more than one venue complained that the West Indies players were harassing the tea ladies. They used to dread having to interact with the players. And Chris Gayle was leading that queue.
    Viv was furious and said he personally spoke to Gayle about his behavior. I think that was Bravo’s first overseas tour.
    We were whitewashed in that series.
    Holding, Bishop, Fazeer and Cozier were the other Caribbean reporters there.
    Let’s see if any Caribbean cricket reporter with any knowledge of these players’ behavior supports Gayle.
    It is unfortunate to me that Gayle is getting mixed messages now.

    • And Chris will leave thinking this was all everyone else’s fault. Poor misguided fellah.

    • Well let’s see if there is merit to the claim that he exposed himself which is completely inappropriate.

      I seem to recall reading an article a long time ago about female repoters entering locker rooms after the game when players were showering etc. The discussion had to do with whether they should have to be exposed to nudity and the counterpoint was that male reporters experienced the same thing and that if you entered a locker room under those circumstances, that’s what you will encounter. I cannot recall the magazine or the year unfortunately.

    • For me, the locker room is the athletes’ personal space. So to be honest, I couldn’t quite understand why she went there for a sandwich.
      Not that it excuses Gayle’s alleged reaction.

    • Isn’t that where the sandwiches are kept Lasana? What’s hard to understand? 🙂

  85. All who disagree with me I guess we have to agree to disagree.. We all have different opinions.. Good thread..

  86. …we live in a world where women’s consent to men’s sexual advances is less important than men’s freedom to make those advances when, where and how they choose. Women all over the world, en masse, can attest to repeated, unwanted sexual advances they have experienced, from strangers on the street to those they know. In the end, shame and responsibility isn’t shouldered by those who roughshod over the boundary of respect, but by many women who then check themselves in an attempt to prevent it from happening again.


  87. By definition, if Mel flirts back then it obviously isn’t harassment. Even though it could still be inappropriate.
    Harassment is when you pursue a particular line irrespective of the discomfort and unwillingness to participate of the target.
    The male journalist participated. Mel cringed.

  88. Lasana.. That post from the guy Muwakil…though laden with impressive points has crap in it as well..

  89. Lasana.. I posted that video with Sharapova not to say she did it as well so it’s ok but to show its a complete non issue and not worthy of this huge public outcry.. He is Jamaican and would more than likely have quite thick skin..The person directly involved was the girl Mel.. She obviously isn’t attracted to Gayle so she ignored him.. If she flirted back I wonder if anyone would’ve said anything. I continue to go on about this world we now live in.. “Incidents” like this shows it’s a farcical world in so many respects.. I’m personally gutted Gayle apologised but I guess he want to play for a few more years so he is wary of losing a few millions.. Consider her blushing when Dwayne flirted with her last year.. This whole criticism of Gayle is just plain ridiculous..

  90. Yuh cud take the ass outta the country… but he remains ah ass

  91. Profile post from Muhammad Muwakil:
    “I am a man. I was raised by a family that taught me how to address people in a variety of settings. Every black man by necessity needs be a diplomat, you can cry about it and say the world is unfair and white men can do what they want why can’t I? Man up and realize that we are in a war for ourselves and you need to watch your behavior and not get comfortable.
    You in the house yea but don’t for a second think you so good with them that you can kick up your boots on the couch. Yes the world is over reacting had this been a white player I doubt it would have been such a scene, (there is a video of a white south African player hoisting a black model dressed as a hummingbird into the air, had she expressed discomfort idk if it would have been taken as seriously) , as a human yes he should apologize to that girl I stand by that. As a black man however, king you need to behave like a king, I’m not joining into the circle of those who are saying that it was innocent, saying it was innocent reduces the value of our innocence to a murky place, do better.
    We can sit here and argue about the way the world is all day or we can make some steps to radically adjust our position and understanding of how to behave when and where. Do not for one moment forget that we are only still just a few decades from the “fall” of apartheid and Jim crow in the great American south.
    Stop being surprised at what centuries of conditioning has done to our collective psyche, see the truth and adjust your living to make it a better place. That means respect everyone, if a man wants to ask a woman out there is a way to do that and that way does not stem from a sense of entitlement. I find we not being real about it, we all know the tone Gayle used, we from the Caribbean, those of us who don’t use the tone hate this tone, it is the tone of your bredren who hits on the waitress in Ruby Tuesday’s for the entire course of her service, the tone of the brother next to you on the maxi boiling off the ears of a clearly uncomfortable smallie next to him, this tone has been making decent ppl cringe for as long as there has been decency. I digress.
    We all know what the world gives and even when it changes one day, sitting on a bench around the savannah cat calling women will always make me sick, white black or otherwise, man up and know how to behave. Like I need to resurrect my grandfather to teach alyuh ass about decorum.”

  92. Let’s just put it this way…if it was one of my sons he would not have behaved like CG, and if it was one of my daughters she would have put him firmly in his place for his disrespectful and unprofessional comments. He is lucky that Ms. McLaughlin handled it gently.

  93. At the end of it all, if you are making someone uncomfortable when you do not have to, when it does not pertain to the very fact of your existence, when you eh go fockin dead if you shut up, the problem is with you.

  94. Actually I’m not sure what I think about this situation ATM ha. As i mentioned earlier i accept all the criticism (especially from women) that Gayle was a bit out of order – as much as I agree with Mr Jack’s recent comments.

  95. Colin, you all really seem to believe that Sharapova flirting with a reporter somehow puts Chris Gayle in the clear. And you are holding on with a death grip.
    All I can say is that “he/she did it too” has never been a convenient excuse since the beginning of time.
    But I feel we have all ventilated our positions are well as we are going to on this one.

  96. Many would be surprised at what goes on between many attractive media interviewers and their testosterone laden subjects, such as moguls, politicians, or athletes, after the lights, cameras and microphones are turned off.
    In the end they are all just lusty humans in their prime.

  97. Colin.. I was looking for that exact video to post.. That’s why I’ve found this witch hunt on Chris diabolical.. To me again he did nothing wrong..

  98. Seriously the people have moved on so y are people still on this topic smh. Personally I didn’t really see the disrespect in it if the man say your eyes beautiful y should that offend u. Steupes

  99. Mr. Live Wire – This is by far the best presentation on this topic. Thank you!! #youlaiditout #Isaynomore

  100. Nuala Hafner……….Maria sharapova ……. Chris Gayle……….all flirted. 6 of 1 half a dozen of the next. Society is just hypocritical.
    I wonder if Chris Gayle was a different colour and came right out of a GQ magazine, would she have responded the way she did? (reporter)
    This is a response to the way Chris was treated! He was inappropriate, but weren’t they all????

  101. Has anyone taken a look at this woman’s eyes though they are really stunning. But he was outta timing though.

  102. Yes Lasana Chris’s comments and Sharpova’s are very similar.. She is clearly flirting with the male reporter.. I remember when it happened and there was virtually no criticism regarding her supposed “inappropriateness”; nor should there have been. There was nothing wrong with what she said. I maintain Chris did absolutely nothing wrong.. Is there a bit of racism because it’s a black man? Quite possibly.. there are many stunning examples of blatant racism in Australia.. I’ve been reading many blogs on this topic and it’s sensationalist it’s ridiculous. so many women talking about how uneasy and intimidating they feel around male counterparts and comments that are made to them.. Of course some men can be very inappropriate but for Gayle to be viewed as some disrespectful guy towards women because he made a pass on a lady defies logic. he got knock back and quite rightfully so.. His pick up lines were mediocre! Lol.. But as I mentioned in an earlier post. We live in a world where one has to be so mindful of what they say.. It makes me wonder if I’m living in North Korea and if the politically correct thing isn’t said one will be executed. GAylesford apologised because he has money to make. But you can see he didn’t want to.. there was zero possibility of me apologising for a trivial non issue that was made a issue by others.. Lasana .. I could on and on regarding issues like this and others of a similar nature..

  103. The registry office at WASA ,St.Joseph burning all kind of evidence and people studying Gayle.Chut,man !!

  104. I had to stop reading comess in order for me to finish painting my house. Enough of that pappy.

  105. Stephen Dowridge,yuh read bout yuh loverboy gail.Today when asked about the lady’s allegation,manager Richie Richardson said he was not prepared to comment .

  106. Chris Gayle exposed himself to me: woman
    January 5, 2016 – 10:39PM

    Chloe Saltau and Chris Barrett

    Cricketer Chris Gayle, already facing a barrage of criticism over inappropriate remarks to a female television reporter, allegedly indecently exposed himself to a woman during a Sydney training session at last year’s World Cup.

    The Australian woman, who was working around the West Indies team in Sydney, has detailed the incident to Fairfax Media. In the course of her work she entered the team dressing room to get a sandwich as she hadn’t eaten all day, thinking the players were on the field training.

    Instead, she found Gayle in the room with one other player. Gayle was wrapped in a towel, which she says he pulled down to partially expose his genitals to her while saying to her: “Are you looking for this?”

    It is understood West Indies team manager Richie Richardson was told about the incident, but Gayle was not named. Richardson then sent an email to all West Indies players demanding women working around the team be treated with respect.

  107. As a west Indian he should have more off the field game than that sigh

  108. trolling this chick seems to be a thing:

  109. Dennis….what more can there be? The man tusty rusty behaviour was on LIVE TV….he made an ass of himself all by himself..why would anybody stand with him to be castigated as well?

    • let’s be REAL100 here: WHO thinks Gayle tries to score like that?
      I mean WHO? Come nah man…even a broken watch gets the time right twice a day—Gayle get’s up in some p***y yaw! Come on! Give the man some credit—IFFF he was sincerly trying to score with Mel, he wouldnt have done THAT crash & burn show.

    • Chris Gayle has proven himself time and time again to not be the shiniest apple in the basket. This is just in keeping with said dullness

    • really? he’s shown you his A-Game and you’ve determined that he would’ve been stumped?
      his IG feed seems to tell a different story….lotta white chicks seem to disagree

    • and even if he wasn’t trying to score….what support should he have gotten from his club for making an ass of himself all by his lonesome? Is it that you think he took a bet? was he drunk? what exactly about what he did do you think warrants his club’s support?

    • i think he either took a bet or a dare, yes.

    • and no, i dont think the club needed to support him. but their handling of the situation pandered to the social media backlash than to the real issues here: if it’s sexism then there’s an equal case for racism

    • Dennis….if he did take a dare or made a bet he is even more dull than I originally suspected…and If you genuinely believe that’s what happened you may have lots more in common with him that you know

    • hahahahah
      taking potshots at me wouldn’t change the issue here.

    • correct…and no matter how you try to dress it up or down …he was inappropriate all by himself…..made an ass of himself by himself..so should stand the consequences of his actions by himself

    • One: Don’t waste the race card on Chris Gayle. We will really need it later.
      Two: There is a difference between groupies and women. Whatever lure Gayle has for groupies is irrelevant in the company of women.

    • and on another note…the only “game” I’m ever going to be interested of his is the one one the cricket pitch

    • nah man.
      if was a white player that “gaffe” would have got downplayed.

    • easy to say that here. but then…i don’t recall him offering you a knock either…

    • hear nah Lasana Liburd…I never understand how may people cannot tell the distinction between groupies and real women yuh know!!! #whefadda

    • Dennis….is your slip showing…are you secretly a groupie? me hopes not!!!

    • me? no. but then i’ve never had to ask…soo…

    • it is so sad that people believe that once a man has money and/or fame all women secretly wish to be their object of interest… #vomits

    • well, now he has $900k JAM less so that should make him .0001% less attractive.
      or 2 teaspoons of vomit

    • Dennis dear…try to expand your pond…you’d be quite surprised there is a whole heap of women out here not remotely interested in men for financial gain…..he who knows not, knows not that he knows not……..

    • When I was closer to the age of the national football players and I was living in Britain, I partied with several of them already. It isn’t what you think Dennis.
      A man who would have groupies falling over him in the city where he plays would be totally scorned and ignored in a nearby city. And many players barely knew how to even approach women. Even the good looking ones.
      Chris having women on his instagram photos really doesn’t make him a smooth player at all. If Kevin Pieterson or so walked in that room, you might surprised to see how quick they abandoned ship.
      Groupies are only ever interested in the biggest name they can get on the day. That’s it.

    • Let Zlatan poke his head in the door and see how many of those groupies remained to cuddle Chris. Lol. Groupies don’t count.

    • before i get nasty…lemme see if i understand your beef here:
      you disagree wit me so therefore Gayle is unattractive (even though he clearly plies his trade in another league) and therefore i’m what? iggnant? lol
      let me put this into context:
      Gayle would have to be drunk to even allow you to interview him—far less to hit up on you. so you have no idea what’s going on here. that small pond you see me floundering in? it too is out of your depth because it’s cause of chicks that look like you is the reason i stopped drinking. i don’t even wanna make that mistake if i was drunk

    • Lasana Liburd i’ve partied with Lara, Ato, Dwight, Latas, Bravos…and i don’t doubt one word of that.
      however, even Gayle ain’t so tust as to depend on that vup to score there. come on. give the man some credit

    • LOL…Dennis dear….it would appear you seem to think I put some stock in your opinion of me? And how did it get to looks…I mentioned money and fame…it seems I may have touched a nerve..hahahahahahaaaaaaa

    • but even the tusiest wetman knows the difference between groupie and an intervie…ok…lemme withdraw that statement…lol
      tusts does make ah man do things…

    • That “chicks that look like you” comment was way out of line. Can’t we discuss and disagree without being disrespectful?

    • That “chicks that look like you” comment was way out of line. Can’t we discuss and disagree without being disrespectful?

    • But then again how my upbringing is set up looks mean zero to me, but we all weren’t raised right so I can let that slide easily

  110. That he made silly comments before isn’t a defence Gordon. There is possibly a racial undertone. Maybe.
    But let’s not waste the race card on this nonsense please when the man clearly was inappropriate.
    Maria stopped at the compliment in the clip that Kelvin played. Gayle went from the compliment, to the request for a date to, grand finale, #dontblushbaby.

  111. Lasana Liburd i was trying not to say anything but ppl going to far!!! The man did nonesense but he have made silly comments before!! For this to b trending we have to look at the real big picture!! The big black ulgy man have no right to chat up the pretty white report Cahill kiss was more appropiate!!!

  112. Gayle’s team hugh him out to dry. i’m pretty sure this issue has more to it than what’s being reported. when that comes out…then what? man still out the better part of a million JAM dollars

  113. Trust me I fully know for sure where I am. Jesus forgive so who are we please

  114. That persons see no problem with this,tells me where we are at as a society.

  115. Lasana, I think the point of Kelvin’s Sharapova clip is to demonstrate a level of double standards. If one is condemning an action of one, it should apply to all. Even in court one must be fair, unbiased and clear. Gayle was not as professional as he should have been. More tact was needed. Sharapova had more tact.

    • Lasana Liburd

      It is impossible to create a perfect comparison between the two. I have no problem with someone raising it. But the only way the Sharapova clip helps Gayle is if she was playing for Melbourne Renegades at the time and the club decided not to take action.
      Otherwise, it isn’t as relevant as some people seem to think.
      There is a wider debate we can have about sexism as relates to male and female athletes. Sure. But that has little impact on Gayle’s own issues and wrongdoing.

  116. And that’s why some people should never ever have a mike in their face …

  117. To say it is the same thing Kelvin is to say that one pick up line is the same as the other. And that isn’t necessarily true.
    He clearly made the woman uncomfortable. And, at that point, he is wrong. Because nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable in that manner while just doing their job.
    It was all about him and he couldn’t care less what she thought or how she felt. And now he has a huge fine coming.
    Yes, everyone has flirted before and not all went well. But we have all got to know where the line is. And he didn’t. And he still doesn’t even appreciate that there is a line.

    • Well given his penchant for hitting sixes. We already knew he could care less about boundaries.

    • So the fact that the pick up line was bad makes a difference Lasana? I am not sure that I understand what you are saying and why the Sharapova incident is different.

    • I can give you different examples of pick up lines and you would surely be able to tell the difference Kendall. But Maria flirted with a male reporter who responded playfully and positively. She then went on to further compliment him.
      Chris Gayle flirted and was ignored and the recipient stiffened.
      He went on to further chat her up and ask her out and, with the woman still as stiff as a board, suggested that she was blushing at his advances.
      You really see that and Maria’s flirtatious press conference as the same thing? For starters, Chris’ behaviour was obnoxious. Just for starters.

    • I thought the issue was that it ws inappropriate to flirt with the reporter who was doing their job. What you are saying is that because he did it badly and he didn’t succeed, his incident was different.

      I think that you are wrong. It’s either that flirting with the reporter is wrong or it isn’t. It cannot be wrong because it went badly. If it is unprofessional to flirt with the reporter on air, Sharapova should have been treated the same way and fined. Or are you saying that if Gayle had a better line and got through, it would have been fine?

    • One person’s playful is another person’s sexual harassment. There is a right and wrong way to do anything.
      But we live in a world where everybody feels there is no such thing as right and wrong. Everything goes.
      At your age, I know you saw respectful pick up lines as well as gross and disrespectful ones Kendall. I really don’t think I need to give examples.
      And it has nothing to do with “if he get through.” It has everything to do with the situation and the respect shown for the other party.

    • So if that’s the case, shouldn’t we treat the Sharapova incident with the same disapproval?

    • I think I said repeatedly why I think it is different Kendall. So my answer is no.

    • Ok. I think we either agree that flirting with the reporter is wrong or it isn’t. How badly the flirting is done irrelevant. It cannot be that it is inappropriate only if the person doesn’t react positively. That’s my take so we are opposite sides on this issue.

    • It was inappropriate in both cases. But in Gayle’s situation, it also constituted harassment in my opinion Kendall. And that makes it worse.
      But we agree to disagree.

    • By now, lots of people have posted links to a multitude of stars acting inappropriately to reporters in various threads. I do not recall any of those incidents leading to the backlash that has followed this which makes me wonder why he is being vilified.

  118. Well, there will be a heavy cost for him staying true to himself.

  119. Lasana.. The clip was not a way to Justify Chris’ supposed inappropriate comments.. The clip was to show a female sportsperson doing the same thing and it’s a non issue. Non issue is the important phrase here.. It’s a bit of flirting, a bit of banter; harmless fun.. But many are quick to condemn Chris.. It’s just ridiculous in my opinion.. The lady wasn’t interested so she blanked him.. End of story.. All these people.. Coming out and criticising the guy, in my opinion, are seriously nitpicking and sensationalising the whole thing.. This politically correct world we live in is created by a select few,, the supposed lawmakers.. And if you don’t sign up to some of their rubbish ideals there is something wrong with you.. The guy did nothing wrong in my opinion.

  120. the Trinis would say – Chris Gayle is out a timing

  121. He will never learn, he will never change. This is who he is.

  122. What is the point about the Sharapova clip Kelvin? It isn’t new evidence. We have seen it repeatedly.
    When is what someone else did ever justification for one’s actions?
    If it were a court matter, you think he could play that clip in court and benefit somehow?

    • Gayle got fined based upon his teams regulations but both Gayle and Sharapova were being tried in the court of public opinion with different outcomes. The Sharapova plea is an appeal to equality before the “law”. Serena Williams’ advocates also argue similarly when she is chided for behaviour that white male tennis players are not chided for. African Americans are over represented in marijuana charges even though white Americans use just as much or even more. Male teachers who sleep with students face heavier sentences than female teachers that sleep with their male students. The treatment of men when they make domestic violence reports vs. when a female makes the same report. In the Gayle scenario the reporter appears uncomfortable because of cultural grooming…sexual harassment only applies to women and is unacceptable. In Sharapova’s case no straight man should be uncomfortable so it is therefore acceptable…an attractive woman cannot sexually harass a man…Lady Justice should be blind both in the court room and the court of public opinion.

  123. Gayle was just being himself lol

  124. So much hullaballo over Gayle making a dick of himself. Gayle needs to be reminded that what goes on in the Caribbean stays in the Caribbean else Danny Morrison, whom i love, would be in a lot of stick for some of his antics while in our territory.

  125. When will the slut shaming end? Yeah its not only women who are victims … men are victims of this horrible practice as well.

  126. Gayle must know he is only accomodated in Australia because of cricket, it’s one of the most racist countries in the world ,black people ( Aborigines) were slaughtered by the thousands by these Australians, so know your place in people pkace.

  127. His behaviour was unprofessional. At the end of the day- this is the woman’s job, and he was also out there doing his job on the field. I don’t believe it warranted such a heavy fine, but it’s really not the time nor place for that kind of talk…i think he realised it at the end of the interview that he made her feel uncomfortable though. then there’s this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-FIfVfvOMo

  128. What he did may have not have been appropriate, but how he did it is what made it so bad.
    His lines failed because it seems as though he really liked the person – it happens. He seemed nervous when speaking to her. He misread the whole situation.
    Had it been done by a woman though, she may have been labelled strong, and confident; worthy to be emulated

    At least, now the world knows who Mel McLaughlin is; it will work in her favour. Her ‘value’ as a sport journalist just went up. Hey Mel, say thank you to fumbling bumbling Chris.

  129. Not a word was said about this.. Not one word.. only laughter.. All the sensationalism surrounding Gayle are plain stupid..

  130. Yuh right! Yuh right! Yuh perfectly right! Carry on! ??

  131. Patricia, Chabeth.. Its my opinion.. He asked her out for a drink and called her baby.. Is that inappropriate? So is a man not allowed to ask a lady out for a drink in the workplace? When is he supposed to ask her? In a car park? Obtain her phone number without her knowledge and call her? He did it publicly.. I think it’s ludicrous this guy is being criticised for this. I wonder if a female player did what Gayle did if there would have been such a drama.. many sexist groups honestly don’t have a clue sorry to say. Hapless most of them are.. I don’t even know why he apologised.. There was no chance I was apologising for asking a woman out for a drink and then saying don’t blush baby.. She ignored his cheesy line so that should be it.. She knocked him back.. All these Sexist experts and their grotesquely draconian views create unnecessary sensationalism for what is a non issue.. But this politically correct world we live in obscure everything.

    • It is not the mere asking her out and pet name calling though. It is the context in which the incident occurred and the level of discomfort and disrespect it engendered for her. If somebody makes somebody else uncomfortable or is disrespectful, you don’t think an apology is in order? Or are you suggesting that a woman has no business being uncomfortable with a man hitting on her regardless of the context in which it is done?
      If a man finds himself attracted to a female colleague, there has to be a more appropriate time for him to say so than during a meeting in front of other people. No?

    • Maria Sharapova did it in Australia. What was omitted is that when she did it there was no backlash. Something that is absent from the discussion. Similarly: Rasta man kicks up woman on camera and she makes no report….rasta is charged and before the court…Big burly man lassos woman suspected of engaging in praedial larceny and parades her on the road caught on camera and she makes no report…burly man charged and before the court….”Sabrina” busts up a man’s pick-up while he is inside with his companion, hurls obscenities and objects at the occupied vehicle, blocks traffic, near riot ensues all caught on camera and he makes no report….no charges, no court appearance….

  132. Absolutely ridiculous this is regarded as sexist.. Inappropriate? Give me a break.. If anything Chris need some better chat up lines! How in Gods name was he disrespectful? He did it on TV and so what? Such a non issue and these people who regard this as sexist are clueless and are nitpicking..

    • Are you serious? You really see nothing wrong with hitting on a woman at her workplace? I agree that sporting events blur the lines because for some people who are there it’s a social setting and for others it’s a professional setting. But for both people in this case it was a professional environment and the incident occurred during the course of carrying out professional duties. You really don’t think it was inappropriate and worthy of an apology?

    • Well, Chabeth, Kelvin Jack entitled to say whatever want to come out he mout! He is a man after all! An he right! De woman farse to be vex! Let she shut she mouth an tank she God for Gayle lil ‘smooth’ talk. Ent Kelvin?

  133. Is Chris Gayle the first man to be fined for asking a woman out for a drink? If the rule is applied across the board, then most men in this country would be bankrupt by the time they are 30.

  134. He has to issue a public apology to her and her husband/boyfriend.
    He too damn fresh and farse.
    And what irritated me the most was when he said “don’t blush baby.”
    I hate when men who are not acquainted with you want to call you baby….steupssss!

  135. It’s good that the Sharapova flirt was pointed out. A quote from a website…”Maria Sharapova has incited a wave of pure jealously around the male section of Australian sports journalists after openly flirting with a Triple M reporter at a press conference.” Different Strokes for different folks..

  136. I’ve commented plenty on this elsewhere. He has had many defenders. He was out of line. And also desperately unfunny. Always a tell when you’re the only one grinning at your joke.

  137. I’m probably going to get pilloried for this – but there seems to have been a massive social media over-reaction

  138. An appropriate response, and hopefully that will bring the matter to an end. Hopefully, also, CG and others would have learned from the experience.

  139. Chris, flirt if you want, flirt all you will, but just don’t do it on camera.

  140. I watch a fair amount of BBL… I often want to turn the volume down as the coverage is relentlessly laddish. The commentary box is full of Aussies from an era where they won everything, all reliving their glory days. That locker room feel is amplified by their conversations with the players whilst on the pitch which to me spoil it as a real sporting contest and turn it into an exhibition. I can imagine someone must have thought they needed women in the mix, but that isn’t enough to create an open inclusive programme. This was an accident waiting to happen.

  141. Worst apology ever. But to these revered sportsmen, she’s not human, she’s just another vagina, to why should he have respect?

  142. As if it wasn’t enough, the West indies team already embarrassing the Caribbean down under. Now former players get in on the act… What a pity! !!!

  143. Some jokes aren’t funny. Especially ones that demean women. But how would Chris deduce that if someone didn’t tell him? Steups… He’s still an ignorant are whose not funny.

  144. “Gayle Apologises for simple joke”

  145. To me the only major damage is that every West Indian man now look like they have no game. He sounded so pathetic, like some little 40 year old virgin on a bad day. So pathetic and embarrassing to black/Caribbean men.

  146. Trump give him apology training awah?

  147. And bless poor simple Chris. He said he tried to call Mel to apologise. I can close my eye and picture that scene.
    Someone shouts across the newsroom: Mel, it is Chris Gayle on the phone… Says he wants to talk. Should I give him your mobile number?!
    Hahaha. Chris, take win boss. Take win.

  148. I don’t think any of that makes it right though Prince. And I don’t think she has to defuse anything.
    She did her job. Why say anything? I don’t think she owes it to anyone to speak and I don’t think her reputation is at risk or that she needs to do anything to gain anybody’s respect from this scenario.

  149. What would be awesome now if she comes out and defuse the situation. I understand that Chris shouldn’t have said what he said . I think she would gain a lot more respect from the cricketers if she shows that this doesn’t phase her. She is a pretty woman working in a male dominated industry. Heck there is video of Cahill giving her a kiss at a soccer game. She needs to make a statement saying this is not acceptable but she is not damaged by it. End the whole thing. I world say this Lasana Liburd, Chris looks like he says stuff like that all the time in jokes. I bet you this woman gets worse things said to her by sportsmen and her peers behind closed doors

  150. Steups …he’s a clown and people losing their mind over that clown….? His mistake is his own of course he doesn’t reflect Caribbean men…. making a mountain out of a mole hill ….lol laughable

  151. He is even more immature for not recognizing that he made a mistake.

  152. Gayle was wrong, but the commentator sounded as if the man encroached on his territory as well..

    • The male commentators were trying to defend Mel’s reputation as a professional. They went through the sensitivity training after years and years of this and learning how to treat female sports reporters as professionals not tits and ass. They could clearly see what we all see that her face fell and she was uncomfortable and put off by Gayle’s inappropriate comments and could not wait to finish the interview and be out of there as quickly as possible.

  153. Eh How my boy Serjio reach in this! haha yuh not nice

  154. So now you know who is to blame. Everyone who “overreacted!” Certainly not Chris. But he is sorry people cannot take a “simple joke.”

  155. Chris Gayle: “A lot of things have flared up from a simple comment, a joke, a simple joke on air and it seemed to went out of proportion.
    “There wasn’t anything at all meant to be disrespectful or offensive to Mel and if she felt that way I’m really sorry for that.
    “There wasn’t any harm meant in that particular way to any particular person like that.
    “It was a simple joke, the game was going on. Entertainment, things get out of proportion but these things do happen.
    “There wasn’t any harm done, I’ll leave it at that. I’m sorry for that, we’ll have to move on.”

  156. You see?! It wasn’t Chris Gayle’s fault at all. It was everyone else’s for overreacting. So now you know!

  157. Great that he apologized for making her uncomfortable. Nobody likes dealing with unwanted sexual interest, especially at inappropriate times.

    Which is why real cool men with TRUE charm, awareness, emotional intelligence and self respect never prematurely announce their sexual interest jes so to any woman just because her tits, ass and or face makes them happy in their pants. They wait, they observe, they make casual, non-sexual contact and feel out if there is a mutual vibe going on first. Is she making flirtatious eye contact back? Is she leaning in or leaning away? Is she letting her guard down and getting more at ease or is she tensing up and being glib and distrustful? Is she mirroring your actions or not? They gauge before they…take it there. Why, some even do look out for more meaningful qualities before taking it there.

    Far too many Caribbean men presumptuously take it there first thing out the gate at ANY woman whose anatomy excites them. She could be married, underage, or even clearly not interested, they are oblivious. TITTIES AND ASS! TITTIES AND ASS! Bamboozled by TITTIES AND ASS!

  158. It wasn’t Chris Gayle’s fault you see. The problem was in everyone else’s reaction. Ahhhh… Thanks for clearing that up Chris 😉

  159. Gayle should apologize for being a simple mind

  160. After read what the international media have to say i wonder what they would have said it he had told a male reporter lets have a drink buddy?

  161. Wasn’t really an apology but I hope he learns from it. It was an inappropriate comment, very unprofessional making advances like that especially on live tv. I’m not perfect, I made mistakes in the past and I learned from them, I hope Gayle learns and also I hope others forgive.

  162. Wasn’t really an apology but I hope he learns from it. It was an inappropriate comment, very unprofessional making advances like that especially on live tv. I’m not perfect, I made mistakes in the past and I learned from them, I hope Gayle learns and also I hope others forgive.

  163. Mr Live wire u was going good until u put up my partner serjio du four!! lol

  164. Well, this is the first time I have ever heard about a caribbean celebrity being so forward with a female in the public’s eye.

  165. unprofessional… but very caribbean!!

  166. How many times have male athletes disrespected female reporters? But it continues to happen because people don’t want to call a spade a spade and start disciplining athletes for this misogynist behaviour.
    People defending that brute saying he was paying her a compliment. Excuse me? She wasn’t eye candy. She was doing her job. Why can’t a woman expect not to be treated that way on the job? Steups.

  167. She needs to be careful using such words as Mate around the likes of Gayle. He may interpret it differently.

  168. She is beautiful though. Mama mia!

  169. All this talk about sexual harassment is overboard, he choose to drop lyrics on live TV, ended up in embarrassment for him than anything else. The reporter handled her self well, she did her job, got her interview and left.

  170. Lol Lasana.
    Name of support group: League of Extraordinary Cads.

  171. Chris, it seems that not all high profile Aussies are condemning Chris Gayle at all

  172. Might not have such a thing as right and wrong but that don’t make it any less gross

  173. Vernal, maybe I should forget about that apology… Chris Gayle is getting public support… from celebrities too. Well yes!
    I guess there really is no such thing as right and wrong anymore.

  174. “Third, Gayle did not insult, grope or intimidate McLaughlin. He was simply childish, cocky and stupid. So perhaps the penalty should match the crime.”

  175. yep … he blew it … she’s a friend of mine too … she was highly unimpressed … insulted even

  176. Made quite an ass of himself, didn’t he? Pity the West Indies team has to claim him in this instance.

  177. A lot of Caribbean men like to FORCE a thing. They say something overtly sexual, they make the woman uncomfortable, she visibly shows she is uncomfortable and then they use that loss of power or uncertainty on her part to now say things like, “Don’t be shy baby.”

    It ain’t shyness. It’s discomfort, awkwardness and embarrassment which YOU caused because your attentions were not wanted nor are they reciprocated and now the woman is put off by having to deal with attention from someone she is not interested in and she feels bad for you and having to let you down.

    NEVER prematurely announce to a woman she has made you happy in your pants before you are certain the feeling is mutual. Don’t humiliate yourself like that. Play it cool. Keep it together. Wait for the indication there is chemistry there first. Otherwise you are just doling out lots of unwanted sexual attention in the hopes it lands and in the process making yourself look tusty.

    Most women (not girls) but WOMEN, if they like you, they not shy in the LEAST. They let you know. If you cannot as yet learn how to read female body language, then learn how. There are subtle and not so subtle cues of interest women give. Allow the thing to happen naturally and MUTUALLY. It is a wonderful thing when it does and is BOTH of you whose heart fluttering and feeling happy in your pants not just one person chasing after someone trying to force a thing that not happening organically.

    • I remember once running into a former student on my way home from work who happened to be Guyanese, it had been a few years since she graduated and I hadn’t seen her in a while. She happily approached me and gave me a hug and told me how well she was doing in Junior High School, as we were chatting we passed this house that was under renovation and the construction workers ( all Guyanese) on the roof began calling out to her in the most vulgar fashion. The more uncomfortable and embarrassed she became (because I was there witnessing it) the more vulgar the calls, she sped up and got out of there fast. I’m not going to go into detail regarding my response, but I was so shocked and disgusted that my stomach hurt.

    • It is a harsh reality of women and girls in the Caribbean and in many places. In some places it is worse. I read about what it is like to be a woman on the streets of Cairo Egypt and it is horrid. And no it does not matter the dress. The women there are in very modest clothes even hijab and the men just hurl sexual comments, invitations to come have sex and some actually follow and try to intimidate the women. Sad.

    • And what really disappoints me is that all those who pass this off as harmless flirting would be damn vex had someone spoken to the mother/wife/daughter that way at work.

  178. I wanted to mention that since yesterday Lasana.
    In many parts of the world where people of color are in the minority (and often where they are not) it is a common perception among whites and some others that Africans are lascivious by their very nature, that they are lustful brutes, predatory upon white (and often any non-African) women.
    This ass plays international cricket, representing the West Indies (an overwhelmingly African region) and he’s publicly and proudly drooling over a white woman who is clearly put off by his sexual advances?

    Nah man …… better dan dat!

    • Vernal Damion Cadogan that is a good insight. It is also historically true that part of dehumanizing the black man by the racist whites was to paint him in this manner. We have to remember that during slavery black men were treated as mindless beasts and were bred like studs to produce slaves of good stock. They were not allowed to have their own woman or be husbands because they were not even seen as human men capable of taking vows and heading a household.

      I hate the fact that far too many black men today choose to define their masculinity, not by nobility, leadership, intelligence, consciousness, responsibility, courage, empathy etc. but by those same racist standards imposed on him. How much women he can breed. They think THIS is what defines a REAL man who is not fassy, chasing every pair of tits and ass, fathering lots of children with different baby mamas and inadvertently fulfilling every single racist negative stereotype.

    • Gayle needs a history lesson so that he might desist from reinforcing negative stereotypes about the people by whom he is paid to represent.

  179. Another point probably not worth mentioning is Chris Gayle is lucky it is 2016 and he can get away with apologising in a press conference.
    If it were 1916, he might have made his peace at the end of a rope from a tall, strong tree.
    How is that for progress?

  180. Vernal, don’t forget that her employer’s, Channel 10, first response was “#smooth”

  181. Especially in an environment where they must interact with you.
    She wasn’t interviewing the beast to fertilize her eggs or even a date for that matter, she was interviewing him about the game he was playing professionally.

  182. A very inappropriate comment which shows what a little boy he is.
    Some men never grow up.

  183. Flirtation happens, we are only human. By flirtation I mean actual chemistry between two people and it is mutual. There is shared sexual tension. You can see looks of interest being exchanged, smiles, they lean in closer to each other and inadvertent touching happens. Flirtation is a two-way dance. It happens naturally, you don’t have to FORCE it. Either the magic there or it not there.

    In this case, it was not there. Only one person trying to throw out vibes and it falling flat. You can see her face fall and she gets uncomfortable. She goes stiff. She hastens to finish the interaction and get away from him. He on the other hand cannot take a hint from her initial reaction.

    If you dropping “vibes” and the first reaction is not positive and not being reciprocated but actually making the other person uncomfortable someone with their faculties in control of their urges, someone with empathy will immediately cease and desist. One-sided flirtation is nothing more than unwanted sexual interest and if continued, harassment. It does not matter WHO does it to whom, male or female, gay or straight. Don’t chase people who not chasing you. Respect people’s reaction to you. Allow attraction to happen naturally as it should.

  184. you know…you would expect that somebody as ‘spectacular’ as Gayle could observe the changes in the wind…notice a change in atmosphere…notice a woman’s face after the first dumb thing he said, but nope….he was clearly determined to play that stroke over and over. Again Orin, *insert lengthy conversation about state of WI cricket here*

  185. He obviously believes his own hype, that he is soooooo smooth. He shouldn’t. Tacky…tacky…tacky and absolutely unprofessional is all I can say.

  186. Look at this Lasana Liburd https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c-FIfVfvOMo Sharapova flirts with journalist

  187. whyyyyy ah feelin like this is some kindah bet?

  188. And Amery, the Channel 10 social media manager initially called Chris Gayle “smooth.”
    Who is running their twitter page? Dwayne Bravo?! Hahaha.

  189. Gayle is arrogant. Always has and always will be. He calls himself the Worldboss. But you highlighted a larger issue in your article. The objectifying of woman in Sport Media is getting ridiculous. Recently most sport programs must have a beautiful woman involved somehow. It is an obvious tactic to attract and keep the male audience.

    • Thank you. Few people have touched that bit so far.

    • Surely, there are very capable “plain looking” women that can’t get a chance to be sport journalists judging by the look of things. It is hard to think it is a coincidence.

    • Reality is I know many a football fan who recently started watching ESPN FC religiously. Not because of Shaka, Tommy Smyth or Dan Thomas…..but the beautiful Alexis Nunes. Tactics by media houses and this should be a more relevant issue. Not Gayles poor attempt at being a good ole fashion Doodsman….but the use of women in this capacity.

    • ..Hey. Let’s also be clear that these women play the game to get ahead. They are not unwilling pawns in this and they play their role..

    • Locally as well.. I don’t watch news because of the ladies at all, if that was the case I’d be waiting for CNC3’s weather report.. I think Phillip Lopez is great, but he is usually on at 10pm…

    • ..Sex sells man. Women get what men can’t..

    • Competitive sport has become purely celebrity driven entertainment to some degree. It used to be a science and skill and commentators would spend hours discussing the strategy, the angles, the play by play etc. Now it is about THRILLS. Nobody wants to see or hear a scholarly breakdown of plays delivered by some fuddy duddy old man with years of experience in the game. Note it is not just young, good looking women but also young good looking men too who have replaced the old guard and they talk more about the big personalities, controversies and exciting moves than anything else.

    • ..The female eye candy outnumbers the male but agreed. But it accounts for a degree of dumbing down..

    • To me, while not necessarily excusing or defending Gayle, why the hyperbole? White men in media over the years have been sexist and condescending and no one was outraged…..steupsssssssssss… Please… I repeat , while not excusing Gayle, let’s not overreact either… #mytakeonthis

    • I’m sure there was a certain level of outrage there too Richard. And it would have grown as people became increasingly aware.
      It is natural that people’s brains are foggy about past scandals whenever discussing a fresh one.

    • I hear you lasana liburd…. My issue is the level of hypocrisy. Gayle was a bit daft or arrogant maybe.. But let’s not fall into the trap of pitching the Caribbean male as the archaic ” Neanderthal “

    • Well, it was embarrassing but not a crime against the game. Caribbean player or not, it was embarrassing.

  190. Gayle obviously couldnt fit his last f**k into his luggage, so he left it back home ah him Yard.
    therefore he had no f**ks left to give.

  191. Mr Live Wire struck some very crisp shots here. Not too sure about the calming effect of crossing 50 yrs though *cue photos of Angela Bassett*.
    Anyways, his immaturity and lack of situational awareness simply exemplify a common view among the famous that fame is equivalent to ‘irresistability’, and that irresistability entitles them to reach for what they want at any time and place. All of this no doubt fueled by the thousands of adorata who have fallen at their feet.

  192. I’m not sure what Gayle expected her response to be on live television. But then like I said… Low voltage on that lightbulb of his. 🙂

  193. The Aussie commentator said the young lady scurry off yes

  194. ..Of course! The side line reporters are ALMOST INVARIABLY female. Check the NBA,NFL, ESPN, etc. Yeah. Sex sells. But you don”t have to act like a cave man..

    • Yep. Certainly. I always suspected it started in the NBA when certain stars were refusing interviews but male reporters. But would invariably be snared when an attractive female reporters was holding the mic.

    • How r they being used as sex symbols if they’re are dressed professionally. Women journalists have long wanted to break into sports journalism. There are some doing play by play and analysis in basket ball but generally they start as sideline reporters until they learn the game they r covering. As far as I remember, there was only one ESPN reporter who was accused of such behavior because she used to show up in very tight fitting jeans. It is more accurate to say women have been used in advertising to promote sports,

    • .Let who is qualified have the job irrespectibe of gender. But c’mon man. “Pretty girls” have an advantage that men don’t when it comes to getting the job. You denying that? ..

    • Careful you don’t twist your argument into a pretzel. You cannot give women the opportunity to be sports journalists and still be accused of using them because they r pretty. Would u make the same argument for male sideline reporters at women’s games.

    • ..Don’t follow you. Women are often hired BECAUSE they are attractive. Including in sport tv. Sex appeal sells sport and sports programming. Isn’t that what cheerleading is all about? What? There are no male cheerleaders? Back to the real issue. Gayle is an arse. But don’t deny the fact that women are used to sex up the appeal of sports coverage man. Please..

    • I think we r arguing two different things. I’m talking about female journalists in sports. U have just demeaned every serious female sports reporter.

    • ..Ridiculous conclusion but if you think so – Cool..

  195. “With all due respect to the gentlemen pictured above—who Mr Live Wire has the pleasure of all knowing professionally—none would probably reduce Serena Williams to a lustful, incoherent mess during a television interview.” Simaan Crosskill, him a talk bout you.

  196. I don’t disagree with that. It is cringe worthy. Although I hope the reaction doesn’t go over the top.
    Because I think women have often been used as sex symbols in sport. That might be worth a discussion too.

    • I think you may wish to restate that. Which sport are women used as sex symbols. And even if they are, they are still being used by men. Your statement seeks to justify, however slightly, Gayle’s behavior.

  197. ..Makes the West Indian Man look like a neanderthal. Emblematic of WI players lack of professionalism and “air-headedness” Male bimbo..

  198. Gayle has some wetman’s version of Tourette’s syndrome