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TTFA explains record women’s ticket prices for historic W/Cup contest

Football fans must pay a record admission fee for a local women’s match to be part of history on 2 December 2014 when the Trinidad and Tobago senior national women’s football team faces Ecuador in the second and final leg of a Canada 2015 Women’s World Cup Play Off from 6 pm at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder and captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (right) advances with the ball under pressure Ecuador star Gianina Lattanzio during the first leg of the FIFA Play Off in Quito. (Copyright AFP 2014/Rodrigo Buendia)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder and captain Maylee Attin-Johnson (right) advances with the ball under pressure Ecuador star Gianina Lattanzio during the first leg of the FIFA Play Off in Quito.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Rodrigo Buendia)

Trinidad and Tobago held Ecuador to a goalless draw at 2,700 metres above sea level in Quito for the first leg on 8 November 2014 and now needs a win at home on December 2.

Trinidad and Tobago has never qualified for a FIFA women’s tournament before although the two island republic participated in the 2010 Women’s Under-17 World Cup as the host nation.

And the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), based on advice from its Local Organising Committee (LOC), has set the ticket prices at $200 (covered stands) and $100 (uncovered stands) for the return leg with children under-12 free in the uncovered section. The tickets are due to go on sale from November 17 at still undisclosed outlets.

The admission fee of $200 and $100 mirrors the price for Trinidad and Tobago’s vital 2006 World Cup qualifier against Mexico on 12 October 2005 when Stern John’s double got the “Soca Warriors” into a FIFA Play Off against Bahrain. Tickets for that historic match, which also featured icons Dwight Yorke and Russell Latapy, were sold out.

The price for Trinidad and Tobago’s first leg clash with Bahrain in 2005 rose to $300 (covered) and $150 (uncovered) and there were over 5,000 fewer spectators for the contest in Port of Spain.

The women’s game has never previously commanded a fee near to either sum.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago football captain and legend Dwight Yorke (bottom) salutes the "Soca Warriors" fans at the 2006 Germany World Cup. (Copyright AFP 2014/Patrik Stollarz)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago football captain and legend Dwight Yorke (bottom) salutes the “Soca Warriors” fans at the 2006 Germany World Cup.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Patrik Stollarz)

Four years ago, local fans paid $40 (covered) and $20 (uncovered) to watch Trinidad and Tobago’s three group matches at the Women’s Under-17 World Cup.

And tickets were priced at $20 when the Women Warriors began their World Cup campaign on Wednesday 20 August 2014 with a 10-0 rout of St Kitts and Nevis at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. Roughly 1,000 fans came out, then, to cheer on their women’s team.

There were just under 4,000 supporters for the women’s last Port of Spain outing in the Caribbean Cup final on Tuesday 26 August 2014, which was priced at $50.

But Phillips, who is a LOC member, believes that the heightened interest around the team and the importance of the fixture justifies the price spike.

“(The price) wasn’t arbitrarily made,” Phillips told Wired868. “It was talked about at length at a LOC meeting and everyone collectively felt that it was a good price point… The Caribbean Cup was three months ago and a lot has changed since then in terms of the knowledge of the women’s programme.

“It was also one of the first tournaments we had hosted… So you cannot compare the CFU tournament to a World Cup qualifier.”

Responses to the prices on the social media thus far have been muted but, generally, positive.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) general secretary Sheldon Phillips. (Courtesy SPORTT)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) general secretary Sheldon Phillips.
(Courtesy SPORTT)

Phillips claimed that the revenue gained from the upcoming fixture would help further develop the women’s game.

“You cannot speak about raising the level of women’s football in one breath and then say it cannot demand a higher fee because that is the way it is always done,” said Phillips. “You have to look at it as a case by case situation. And this is a women’s team at the cusp of the World Cup and a very good team.”

But does the inflated women’s ticket prices, whether reasonable or not, run the risk of diminishing the volume of supporters for the crucial World Cup Play fixture?

Since most of Ecuador’s women players come from its coastal regions, Trinidad and Tobago’s temperature and humidity are not expected to create difficulties for “La Tricolor.” Apart from the ability, desire and preparation of the two teams, fan support represents the best chance of an advantage for the host nation.

In Quito, the Ecuador Football Federation (FEF) charged US$2 (TT$13) and US$5 (TT$32) for uncovered and covered stand tickets and US$10 for private boxes and was thrilled for a turnout of 17,500 patrons. Outside the Atahualapa Stadium, by means of context, it costs between US$5 and $10 for a meal at the mall.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Ahkeela Mollon (left) flicks the ball around Ecuador left back Angie Ponce during the first leg of the FIFA Women's World Cup Play Off in Quito. (Copyright AFP 2014/Rodrigo Buendia)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago winger Ahkeela Mollon (left) flicks the ball around Ecuador left back Angie Ponce during the first leg of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Play Off in Quito.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Rodrigo Buendia)

However, Phillips dismissed any notion that the TTFA should mirror Ecuador’s approach in the first leg.

“That is Ecuador; Ecuador is not Trinidad and Tobago,” said the TTFA General Secretary. “We based our discussion based on feedback we got from the folks in Trinidad and Tobago. That was good and appropriate for Ecuador…

“When the tickets go on sale on Monday that is when the market will speak. But people are waiting to buy tickets and we already have pre-orders… So the overriding issue is the importance of the game and the level of excitement from the public.”

Phillips said the TTFA will pay match fees to the women’s team for the first time on December 2 while there is a bonus arrangement in place with the players should they qualify. He said the gate receipts will help to cover those costs.

“This is the first time the team has found itself in this position where they captured the hearts and minds of the nation,” said Phillips, when asked why there was a different pay scale for the upcoming game, “and it is the first time they are in the position where they are one win away from the World Cup. This is a big deal.”

In fact, the Women Warriors were one match away from the World Cup twice already when they played Costa Rica and then Mexico in last month’s 2014 CONCACAF Championship semi-finals and third place play off.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago star Kennya "Yaya" Cordner (right) runs at the Guatemala defence during the 2014 CONCACAF Championship. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago star Kennya “Yaya” Cordner (right) runs at the Guatemala defence during the 2014 CONCACAF Championship.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

The FIFA Play Off is the last chance for the team, which overcome chaotic preparation with the dramatic technical staff alterations, visa issues that affected its pre-Caribbean Cup camp and, most famously, when the Warriors left for the pre-CONCACAF camp with just US$500 and no accompanying match officials.

Today, Phillips thinks the women’s squad, which is captained by Maylee Attin-Johnson and led by coach Randy Waldrum, can become the country’s second flagship team along with the senior men.

“This could be the launch pad game for the women’s team to be another flagship team for the national program,” he said.

Between 1,200 and 4,000 supporters turned out to watch the national men’s team play in the Caribbean Cup qualifying phase in Couva last month with prices set at $100 (covered) and $60 (uncovered).

The TTFA will soon know whether the women’s team, which is contesting a World Cup place rather than a Caribbean Cup crown, can surpass that level of interest. And whether the football body’s pricing of the upcoming contest is fair.

“We believe a crowd of 12,000 to 15,000 people will be a success, based upon past audiences,” said Phillips. “We would be happy with that amount going into the match. But we do believe this game has real potential to be a sell-out.”

The Hasely Crawford holds roughly 6,000 patrons in the covered stands and 16,000 in uncovered. If 4,000 covered tickets are sold and 8,000 uncovered, the TTFA will raise $1.6 million from the decisive December 2 affair.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Lauryn Hutchinson (centre) screams for joy after scoring against Costa Rica in the 2014 Women's CONCACAF Championship semifinal. At right is defender Rhea Belgrave. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Lauryn Hutchinson (centre) screams for joy after scoring against Costa Rica in the 2014 Women’s CONCACAF Championship semifinal.
At right is defender Rhea Belgrave.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

Theoretically, if tickets were sold a $100 and $50 and 20,000 patrons (6,000 covered and 14,000 uncovered) turned up; the TTFA could raise $1.3 million, which would represent a $300,000 loss but with a near full stadium.

Of course, there is no proof that the ticket price would be the decisive factor in whether fans come out to the Tuesday evening contest.

The TTFA and the national women’s team are counting on supporters to turn up in their numbers on December 2 to roar them into the history books as the first Caribbean team to qualify for a FIFA Women’s World Cup.


Editor’s Note: Tickets for the T&T/Ecuador W/Cup Play Off are on sale at: all Kenny’s Sports Centre outlets, Trotter’s (Maraval Road, Port of Spain), Skinner Park (San Fernando), The Fan Club (Movietowne, Mucurapo), Ramsingh’s Sporting Goods (Chaguanas), All Out (Queen’s Park Oval), Econo Supermarket (Sangre Grande) and Heritage Sport (Scarborough).

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. I went Kenny’s Trincity today. No tickets. They said they “may” have tomorrow.

  2. Solid day of sales. Well don’t Trinidad public support the ladies

  3. To be honest I see no problem with the prices of tickets once it’s use for the needs of our National team(s)or should I say football in general…..

  4. Lasana Liburd, there is a $400 option for the family of four eh…more doable. The question really ought to be: “what value should we place on the event?”

  5. Trin Bagonian, there is little else that I can say apart from what I’ve already said.

  6. For someone with a family, the difference is not $100. A family of four with one child under 12 paid $150 to see this time for its last World Cup qualifier in Port of Spain in August. That same family of four must pay $800 now.
    Even middle class families would need to give it a second thought before they spend $800. They could afford it. But they have to look at the budget.
    It is surely tougher for lower middle class and working families.
    Yes, Pinard, it is doable. But it isn’t such a flippant thing.
    And all the girls are saying is they want attendance to be the priority.
    I will concede though that if Sheldon Phillips gets his 15,000 fans, then he would have justified his hike in terms of finance.

  7. That sounds very transparent and sensible, Lasana Liburd. Britain knows a thing or two, TTFF should stop trying to pretend they know what they’re doing and just take a page from Britain’s law book.Gerard Emile Zatopek Pinard you’re missing the essential point that not everyone who might be interested in seeing this match and supporting our team may have $100 to spend on a ticket where you have to bring money to spend inside the stadium too. If you can’t appreciate that we do not ALL spend $100 on less worthwhile activities…idk..

  8. In Britain, clubs have to set a standard price for every game at the start of the season. It is a law.
    The reason for this is that it stops clubs for taking advantage of supporters by hiking prices when they host Manchester United or Chelsea or Arsenal.
    If you think you can regularly sell at $50, then that is the price for the entire season. If you think you can make at $200, then that is the price.
    So even if I don’t think $200 isn’t a lot of money, it isn’t unprecedented for fans to actually be protected from administrators who want to milk them for “special” games.
    If they didn’t qualify from the Caribbean Cup, they wouldn’t be here. There are different ways of looking at this.

  9. Debbie, I think you are missing my point. We ALL spend $100 on much less worthwhile activities, but crying wolf over the price to see a World Cup Qualifying match when our ladies have an historic chance to make it to the Finals. If you could show mih proof dat yuh does spend less on cigarette and alcohol in a month ah go sponsor yuh ticket mihself. An me ent have no big job eh, ah does wuk fuh mihself like you.

  10. Lasana Liburd, the real truth is that we have a set of jokey people here who as some have mentioned have never even attended a women’s football game (I only ever went to one myself eh, so me included). We cannot be serious about our brand value if we are willing to undersell a World Cup Qualifier like this. You think you could get to see any equivalent sporting event anywhere else in the world for US$15? I maintain that it is a steal of a deal at that price and all the complainers spend much more on much less worthy causes. Priorities….Put up or shut up!

  11. Might be nice if everyone brought all the children they knew who were 12 and under….only who wants to babysit…so you may have to sponsor the parent’s or encourage them to buy a ticket too! It would be inspiring for the youth of the nation to see this team fulfill their dream…(knock on wood)…

  12. Didn’t expect any other response from Gerry either and he’s still missing the point. NO ONE has trust in the TTFA hence the reason Corporate TnT will withhold their support. Still the same damn corrupt governing body. But then again the ole saying “the bess line of defense is attack!!”

  13. You misunderstood me Lasana regarding Google free services. While you may not pay a monetary fee, you do give up some elements of your privacy. Hence they get revenue from firms for targeted ads etc. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

    Most people are happy to make the trade off and that’s fine. I was merely making the point that the services have a price.

    Same applies to Facebook and their targeted ads as well. Show an interest in one thing and you will find yourself with recommendations to view other pages based on your activities.

  14. explain how come the womens team did not have money for food and equipment in the UNited states for the final round of qualification to the point where Haiti had to donate money to us….Explain dat!! explain how d women in college playing for our team did not get their per diems till way after the matches…..TTFF is a joke and now charging a heap of money for final match to take us to d world cup….Make an assurance on where the money is going to go…..dont worry though i would be there

    • If anybody should be called bandwaggonists it should be the TTFF. Like they now realise the team worth something so they trying to squeeze as much money out of this game…mind you not to benefit the team or women’s football on the whole. They were sent to Dallas without even chicken and chips money!

  15. Kester you know we pay our money and support no matter the cost. But filling the Stadium is #1 priority. Jack Warner not there anymore and they still can’t get financial support I wonder why? People don’t respect degree.

  16. and you are right Ricarda, this decision didn’t require too much brain trust…. it was actually about priorities and we still clearly see where TTFA priorities lie..

  17. Gerard Emile Zatopek Pinard, I agree with you to a point yuh know. I agree that Trinis spend more money on other things.
    But you cannot overshoot your market.

  18. correct sana, We all do…. but I think it safe to say that if consulted and this is what they come up with then we have a right to question… even if we know him correct Kester Lendor

  19. Kester you will hear about your pardner DM.

  20. This event don’t call for Degree is common sense.

  21. Oh hohhhhhh! That is what is at the heart of this eh.

  22. I have sensitive key board and im getting emotional.

  23. Kester Lendor and Ian R Briggs, nothing personal. Even though he did go Fatima. Lol. But I want to see what you accomplished before I give you any praise.
    I don’t care about what you did in class or how long you on the job. I want to know what you did.

  24. She and Ahkeela they are angry.

  25. Corrections. She don’t agree she id mad about the hiked up prices.

  26. Does or does not agree Ricarda Nelson? She told me she doesn’t.

  27. Kester it looking like DM have a party in the race fir Elections. Humm expert Also this is about making the tickets affordable for those who can’t afford. These gurls struggled through their football life. Lasana don’t knock Jack because the women never under his reign ever went through this type of treatment or embarrassment Allow real football followers to come and make noise. All the affording $200 persons coming to be their to say they were there. They say anything in that section. Im not guessing I sit there no matter the cost. I had the opportunity to spend time with the captain this morning after interview on CCN. She does agree with the prices. She cares about the support.

  28. I know Kester…. Lasana juss doh like de man because he went Fatima…. so is tempo down de line…. 🙂

  29. Debbie and Claudette, I expected that response but I’m willing to bet that there are few people out there who don’t blow a blue note on cigarettes, drinks, fast food or some other entertainment every so often. It’s simply a matter of priorities as far as I am concerned. We are always quick to criticise corporate T&T, government, etc. but unwilling to donate a Harold Melvin to support our Warriors? Steups, oui!

  30. Ian & Lasana, I totally agree that DM is his own man and doesn’t need my help. I’m not making excuses for anyone. I was referring to the questions raised about the man’s qualifications and training because as far as I’m aware he’s he graduated out of HU in M’kting and has significant work experience in that field. I wasn’t justifing the ticket prices, I think it’s ludicrous really as prior games would cost me $250 in the covered stands with my 9yr old and her 2 BFFs and 2 adults would now cost $1,000.00 so I’m not sure that I wanna put up.

  31. Well said Debbie,Gerry is saying” money talks” how FORTUNATE he is.

  32. Kester Lendor Darren will have to stand he own bounce on this one… he grown… the pricing model used to determine an optimal price for the game given what is at stake and the current support for the football in trinidad was (probably non existent) but at best derived via non scientific methods…. in other words we have a “guess” price….. and THAT sounds more like TTFA

  33. I disagree Kestor. Not because of flag. Training meant you turned in your coursework. Or someone did for you. Or whatever else.
    You can only be an expert based on what you accomplished.
    He has been around long enough. So can you give me one example?

  34. Kester Lendor, he could claim it, no problem..but is behaving like one is a different thing eh

  35. Lasana, those are totally separate issues u’ve raised there. The fact that he was b4 a PC about the flag @ the HCS warrants him taking some stick (plenty even). I do believe though that his qualifications or training gives him or anyone for that matter some latitude to claim professional status.

  36. Easy for you to say Gerry. You are one of the fortunate ones who can afford to put up and shut up but again you seem to be missing the point which is to pack the stadium with supporters. These are hard times for many. Some are awaiting back pay, bonuses etc as you of all people should know. I just might be in the bracket of those who have to shut up as you seem unaware of the reality out there.

  37. The Skipper gave her opinion on it this morning

  38. For maybe the first time ever I’m agreeing with the TTFA. I see no problem in the ticket prices. Reasons?
    1) History could be made on the day and once the game is marketed properly 22,000 Trinis would want to be there.

    2) The game is at a time when working individuals have money. Right after month end so many won’t mind parting with $200/$100

    3) The cost to attend the Soca Warriors’ game vs Bahrain was $300/$150 and this was 9 YEARS AGO!!!

    This is just a few reasons which I would say justify this price. If I had the ear of the TTFA however I would make a certain number of tickets available for girls attending secondary schools for a discounted price.

    • Great points, particularly the playoff vs. Bahrain 9 years ago. This indicates that the game is being priced competitively against a similarly important men’s game. I also agree with the idea of discounting prices for school-aged girls, but it would have to be for all school-aged students, irrespective of gender. Imagine the outcry if only boys got a discount to the men’s game. Plus, we don’t want to send the message that the women’s game is only for women supporters.

  39. I only hope it goes towards the players development and not in these officials pockets!

  40. Put up or shut up! We spend more than $100 or even $200 on all kinds of nonsense. Let’s support our Warriors!

  41. Lasana i totally agree with you. In these hard times making the prices affordable will encourage the crowds/ support for all sports especially football now that we’re seeing both the Men’s and Women’s teams showing so much progress But while they progress the TTFA regress or remain stagnant. Eat little and live long is certainly not their motto. And now one can understand why corporate TnT don’t want to get involved with these greedy vultures.

  42. That is the elephant in the room Fulton Wilson. Most people are not confided in the TTFA’s ability to handle our money much less run a development program.
    And they know they don’t have our confidence. But they try to carry on regardless.

  43. a word of advice to all football supporters and especially to our female footballers remember 1989, lets not be cocky or take things for granted, after the final whistle then we rejoice not before

  44. are these people mad or just driven by greed, comeon these girls need a full stadium, 200.00 for what, its not like the ttfa was always there for womens football, as i said how many times have you see any member of the ttfa at a wolf game, sometimes ifeel jack warner still running football we, why it cant be 100.00 for covered and 50 for uncovered,

  45. the administrator states that if we want the standard to raise, then we should expect the price of supporting to raise also…In the esteemed words of Minister two pull…whaaaaaaaaaaaatttt !…Home advantage is the most important thing right now…charge $40…full the stadium…steups…

  46. GREED is the only word to describe that price. I can’t see Trini paying that price in December or taking an entire family to that game.These ladies need all the support they can get.Someone not thinking right.I”ll await the final outcome with that price.

  47. If the money is going to be put to good use and not in someone’s pocket then I would not have a problem (unfortunately there is no guarantee of this). Uncovered for me. People spend loads f money on a Carnival costume. Whether the ladies get through or not I want to be there supporting them

  48. Wouldn’t we all have loved to be flies on the wall, or to see the minutes, of the LOC meeting where pricing was discussed?? I’m sure it was an intense debate about how to attract the most fans to cheer our ladies on, and not about how to try to make the most money. I’m sure merchandising (sales off team uniform shirts, tshirts, autographed team photos, etc) was discussed and recommended as another revenue stream beside the normal bar and vendor rents. Hopefully, the ladies will all be given some complimentary tickets for their families and friends to attend the game and not be docked any compensation….sigh

  49. Oh he was the $2M flag man? Well, he’s not even an expert at BS

  50. Kester Lendor, I’m humbly submit that I’m not impressed by his degree or the fact that he worked with the wicb. Or that he was the man justifying the $2 million flag before a parliamentary committee.
    Most of all, I’m not impressed with the lack of headway by the TTFA in corporate T&T.
    So let’s not misuse the term “expert”. 😉
    Debbie Espinal, I think the TTFA should be using this opportunity to build a bridge to its football fans and create a great atmosphere that can entice supporters.
    Rather than a one off score.
    Children under-12 are only free in uncovered stands btw.

  51. Kendall Tull, I use loads of Google services without paying.
    Many companies use a sort of freemium deal where some services are free and others have a price attached.
    Like free entry but TTFA controls bar and tries to make money from that instead.
    Point is there are many ways to raise money without high ticket price as that runs the risk of alienating your core customers.

  52. Debbie Espinal, common sense was made before book sense. How businessmen/traders used to function before the days of MBA etc?

  53. No man Kirwin, dey say no food and drinks

  54. I know plenty ” Marketing Experts” who don’t know their ass from their elbow. Plenty of them bought their so called MBA’s. No offence to those who genuinely worked hard and got the desired results. Sometimes all it takes is some common sense that’s all.

  55. Savitri Maharaj I hope you have a cooler with roti eh… 🙂

  56. I think Kenneth Ransome called it right. Regardless of the price the stadium, I don’t think the stadium will be filled. Central FC had a game for free at Gilbert Park on Sunday…a season pass for ProLeague is $300 (if you don’t have a friend), what are the crowds like ? Who wants to be there on Dec. 2nd will be there. Advertising should help stimulate a few “ded souls” to come out, but those who are there will have to give their all.

  57. I was there Debbie, arrived home the day before and was off to the game early

  58. I would have hoped the price is low to get the masses behind the team and allow young women to discover some heroes and good role models. I forgot- social development is not something our administrators think about. According to Black Stalin, “dey wish money was the culture of Trinidad”

  59. Kester Lendor, you mention WICB and TTFA in the same sentence with expert eh

  60. Lasana, I think his education and training is in M’tking so he’s considered an expert. Additionally he was the CMO at the WICB. I really can’t say or see what they’ve done at the TTFA so like u I’m in the dark.

  61. I beg to defer Kenneth. It was packed to capacity when we played England a few years ago also in our run up to 2006 the final match in Trinidad was a sell out. My Husband and i were literally carried along by the crowd to get into that match which we drew with Bahrain. The rest was history.

  62. There should be some recourse/incentive for the fans who supported during the early stages of tournaments..example show your ticket stubs from previous games and get a much lower price when coming down to the end. I agree with raised prices though to take advantage of the waggonists and limers.

  63. I dare your’ll to take a Poll and see how many people are following the Soca Princesses/ Warriors thus far. Sure the numbers will surprise some of you.

  64. That stadium has not been filled for years regardless of the sporting event and/or the price. It could be for free, the stadium will still not be filled. It amounts to unselfish, diehard, patriotic support and skilled professional marketing.

  65. They couldn’t care less Savitri their money done fix when we qualify that ‘s why i’m so upset. Those SOB’s should be thinking of packing the Stadium with supporters for the Ladies instead they’re doing exactly what Warner did when He got greedy and we played to half empty stadiums. It’s a Tuesday evening, Dec 2nd, a Tuesday. Christmas shopping, Christmas parties which Trinis put above all else you seriously think we’re going to fill the stadium at those prices? Gimme a break! Hopefully i’m wrong but i doubt it. Lasana i await your take on my comments. But then again why should i expect anything else from Tim Kee. He probably consulted Jack. After all he was his understudy. SMDH!!

  66. Debbie, if your predictions are true then the TTFA will be screwing themselves over. The ladies still have to be paid before the admin staff (I hope) and the TTFA will HAVE to find the money from somewhere to pay their bills, more so the telephone bill. But I’m hoping you are wrong on this count and wish the ladies all the best. If Kirwin Weston doh set me up I will be there too

  67. And the TTFA continue to screw the Women’s Soca Warriors. I beg to disagree with Savitri. That stadium will not be filled at that price. Those of us on this thread who follow football will probably pay it but the average Joe in the street will not. It’s Christmas time and the people studying to buy gifts and fix up their homes. Unfortunately not that many of us will make the sacrifice. But i expected them to come with something like this. Blasted, greedy SOB”s. But that will be their downfall. Sorry for the Ladies because if we get 8,000 at those prices we lucky. Put the price at $50.00 and $100. and you would probably fill half the stadium. Been following football a long,long time and there aren’t as many passionate supporters out there as you may think. My heart continues to bleed for these Women.

  68. I wonder what provision they have made for the kids under 12 Free. If 15,000 but tickets and each bring one child, they will not be able to accommodate.

  69. Shortsightedness is a chronic problem

  70. “Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre believes the greatest challenge facing the women’s game in this country is to increase attendances.

    Last season saw a 30 per cent growth in crowds watching top-flight women’s football but the average gate for FA Women’s Super League 1 matches remains less than 1000 supporters.”

    A quote from Sky Sports illustrating the scope of the problem.

  71. As long as we support these idiots the foolishness will continue. These same idiots sent the team to the US with US$500 and nothing more and now want to dig out your eye. Best of luck hoping anything will change with these clowns in charge.

  72. Not that I am knocking the Wired868 business model – just acknowledging that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Not all payments are monetary.

  73. Lasana – Google does charge for some of its services and consumers do pay for all of their services by giving up some of your privacy rights.

    The essential questions here to my mind are:

    1) Would you make more money by charging a lower price with more patrons or a higher price with less attendees?

    2) Is this an event where the goal should be profit maximisation or should the aim be to have maximum support for the team?

    3) What idiot thinks that the key to raising funds for football development is gate receipts? In this age of image rights, corporate sponsorship and television deals, gate receipts is not the major revenue earner for any major club, far less for a Federation.

    4) Lastly – how much longer do we have to endure this lack of leadership and governance?

  74. Simple. By charging too much you can sell nothing.

  75. Relying on gate receipts to balance finances are 18th century thinking

  76. I shouldn’t think that in the era of Google, I would have to explain how you can give your product to customers for nothing or next to nothing and still make loads of money.
    I think I will do an opinion piece on that. Wired868 is an example of a company that earns revenue for employees while charging customers nothing at all.
    So I’m speechless when I hear the TTFA justify ticket prices on the bills they have to pay.

  77. @ the end of the day, sports is big business, they really don’t care about supporters, only your money.

  78. That price good all the wagonist and them will stay home true supporters don’t study price we does support no matter the cost because plenty does fly foreign for thanksgiving sale and by Iphone and whatever else for exorbitant prices. If you are not a football fan or sports fan this thread will make no sense to you what’s so ever.

    • Under your proposed scenario, 1) the TTFA makes no profit, as the Die Hards can only fill the HCS about 1/3 and 2), the Women don’t get the benefit of a packed crowd. Like it or not, we need the support of fair weather fans to fill the stadium

    • Stef Fab I ketch what yuh saying but really and truly if people want to come and support they will find a way, cause brother what someone love they do support one good thing is kids under 12 free and they should also have something for school children other than that I honestly don’t have a problem with the price. If you have been supporting football in Trinidad and Tobago you will recognize whatever the price whether big or small if people not interested they just don’t show up. How much comes out and support pro league @ 40 dollars a game? Not very much.

    • I’m with u Russell Anthony Gordon what’s so hard saving $50 next week and another $50 the week after to support our women an as u said.. “true supporters don’t study price we does support no matter the cost”

    • Well Russell Anthony Gordon Maylee and the girls can’t distinguish bandwaggonists from die hard fans. All they want to hear is a stadium bebind them. Both your attitude and that of the TTFF has no regard for what the team needs. It’s selfish to assume that because you ok with the price that the rest of the country should just find the money or stay home. It’s about what can we do to fill the stadium. The women are worth it. Money as usual is blinding the TTFF. Look at the price Ecuador charged for admission. It was almost free.

    • Rose-Marie Ingrid Lemessy-Forde have you ever saw legacy sections empty because the price of a costume to high? People find money for what they love and believe in, monies from the gates will also go towards future support for the team as they claim, so I respectfully refute your point but also respect your opinion as an individual.

    • No scene Russell. You have to understand though this is not November 19th 1989. This event has not gained the anticipation and euphoria of “de road to Italy” or Germany. Yes people find money for what they believe in but let’s face it women’s football ain’t reach yet. So let’s give this team the best chance by ensuring that we have a 12th man out there. Maylee begged for it because she knows that there are not enough die hard fans to fill our stadium. By the way I would be very surprised if gate receipts go towards support of the team. Not the way things are run in Trinindad. Like Jack Warner stamp will be forever on local football!

    • Hmmmm so true, well I hope you will be attended and giving your full support none the less Lol

  79. Listen this is crazy. This is not about making money for the TTFA. Its about filling the Stadium for a historic event. Like no decision maker in the TTFA looked at the game vs Ecuador, Were they aware of the ticket cost for the game in Ecuador? Did anyone listened to the call of the Captain Maylee Attin Johnson asking for the the noises of the Trinidad and Tobago fans to be 10 times louder than those of the Ecuador fans? Why can’t we encourage everyone to come out. The Price needs to be right. This is the women show lets really do something right for them for once. Come on Mr. Tim Kee. They have not qualified as yet it is not a world cup match. Lets help them with the support it’s the least the TTFA can do help Fill the Stadium. Minimum cost for a ticket make it AFFORDABLE that will encourage the whole of Trinidad and Tobago in the Stadium. This will in no way devalue the worth of the women nor the game. Please somebody help the Women Football in Trinidad and Tobago.

  80. The TTFA should be looking to fill the stadium and attract every footballer and sports enthusiast in the country – rich and poor so that the crowd support would be there. They should also arrange transport after the game to encourage far and wide support. While most working adults with their own transport would be in a position to support at $200 they do not constitute the young posses that can really hype up the game. They should have special prices for school teams to get an Intercol atmosphere complete with the QRC, CIC and other college bands to support as the game is on a weekday. Trust me, we have a lot of poor families in Trinidad who can feed their entire family on $200.

  81. Good article for record keeping, I’ll pay no more than 100$ so I will be goin to the uncovered stand however I can assure you that after we qualify those girls will be kicking up for their bonus that is promised in this article.

  82. Savitri I know from experience that it is inevitable but tickets would be sold for 1 day where you have to go in long lines to purchase a limited amount Most times it ends in chaos. Support for all our national teams should be often and not a one of affair

  83. Evans John, that is inevitable, go out and get your ticket(s) early.

  84. I was looking at prices between $50 to $100 at the maximum. And I was looking forward to going with company that I would have had to pay for.

  85. I love sports and I am willing to pay the price to support my Soca Women and my only concern is that they(the tickets) are snapped up by firms and we the true fans have to fight each other for the few remaining tickets

  86. Lasana it’s too much for the event. I went all the games in the opening rounds and I also carried some kids. They are really lookin forward to it but how am I supposed to pay over $1,200 now for the game when back in august I paid $120. An increase in cost by ten times. can I say again how much I can’t stand sheldon phillips?

  87. I think that is exactly it Fayola Bostic. he might be right too.
    One fan told me he went to the Caribbean Cup women’s final with his two sons for $150. Now he would have to pay $600. So he has to consider it.
    So some fans will be priced out.

  88. With the prices, looks like I will have to go alone.

  89. So basically he is saying Trinis can be counted on to be bandwagonists and they should milk that?

  90. Please accept my apologies Lasana, I immediately commented on the headline before I read through your prolific article…#GreatWork!!!

  91. I mentioned it in the story. It was 20 and 40 dollars.

  92. Hype sells tickets. No hype no sales.

  93. The logic in this escapes me totally. And the statement that gate receipts are the building blocks for football development is the stupidest thing I have heard from the TTFA this week. Sadly, it is far from the stupidest thing they have said over the last few months, far less the year.

  94. The stadium will get filled even at this price, but I think the TTFA is being a bit too optimistic at setting this price as a precedent.

  95. You use the term “expert” very loosely Kester Lendor.
    If I were to say someone was an “expert striker” I would have to back that up with goal stats.
    Pray tell. What has Millien’s expert marketing abilities brought the TTFA since he came on board a year and a half ago?

  96. Darren Millien is a Marketing expert and is an adviser to the TTFA so I’m not sure if a company is needed. Like u’ll I hope they got it right with this one.

  97. Since they have no money for an auditing firm, I’m assuming they also have none for a marketing firm.

  98. Greedy they greedy. Doh study them. Me eh know what marketing firm they use to come up with the price point but oh well only time will tell

  99. They must know their priority. Is it to get noisy, enthusiastic fans to full the stadium? Or make as much money as they think possible?
    Time will tell if they get the balance right between the two.

  100. Typical M.O. of the TTFA. I understand basic economic principles of supply and demand but they may be overselling themselves. Allow women, children and supporters in general to fill the stadium.

  101. These fellas just following the previous boss’s blueprint. All they are seeing is an opportunity to capitalize on. They don’t really care about atmosphere and getting the average die hard supporters to the stadium. It’s the “Vip” syndrome, which could only change when the mindset of the people in charge changes.

  102. Somebody habe to get Ah Cut u know dat Lasana Its call using the Ocasion to make Money We Walk this road Many times

  103. Football matches in Trinidad cost between $20 and $100 generally. That is just the market here. So I hope they guessed correctly in creating this price.

  104. I don’t think $200 is a lot of money for many Trinis. But the local football market sets prices between $50 and $100 for most football games and they don’t even sell out.
    So I feel the focus should be on getting a large turnout and nothing else for this game.
    As Sheldon Phillips said, the market will decide. But I do hope we are going to get the noisiest, most passionate fans and not just those who can easily afford the fee and come to enjoy the atmosphere rather than to create an atmosphere.

  105. I know. Sometimes I want to know where the love is.

  106. Feedback from which folks !??! It should have been priced at $100 and $50 at a maximum, to drum up support and patronage for the women; allow them to know what it feels like to have a packed capacity crowd behind you like a 12th man. The headline should have read ‘TTFA Responds’ , because what the TTFA General Sec has said falls short of an ‘explanation’ in my opinion.

  107. Why would he say the Caribbean cup cant compare to a WC qualifier. The Caribbean Cup was part of the qualifying process, it was the CFU leg of WC qualification. Is he an ass or a marble?
    The women’s team has never played in front of a packed stadium, and unfortunately with those inflated prices that wont happen in December.
    Filling the stadium should be the priority !!
    #BadMove, #EatLittleAndLiveLong

  108. They should put some Big screens in a park for the $40.00 crew.

  109. Regardless of the price…. attendance is essential. We, Trinis, need to stop paying lip service, and go buy a ticket or two and find ourselves at the stadium in support of the Soca Princesses. Imagine, when it was $40, people hardly attended but quick to provide lip service. SO step up to the plate and support the ladies.

    • Nah, is de TTFA… nothing they do is ever reasonable it seems. People who before didn’t give a rat’s ass about women’s football was jumping high and waving flag last month. Now that it’s time for the waggonists to put they money where they mouths are, people bawling corruption. Allyuh spending that same amount in one night at Movie Towne, but allyuh can’t afford to support the women/TTFA now?

  110. I have no issue with this. Would be wise to announce a certain percentage of the profits would be paid to the team as well. That would certainly get a close to 22000 crowd.

  111. Because someone getting Ah Cut Nothing New

  112. I dont usually comment publicly on these issues but the TTFA/TTFF is trying to milk the public then the funds disappear becuase they never have money….

  113. I despise this attitude of TTFA to price gouge and take advantage of the women’s team after they let them down so monumentally when the team went to the USA. I do not know if I believe what they say about trying to raise funds to cover the bonuses for the team, because clearly they have been mismanaging funds thus far, according to what I have been hearing, and also mismanaging the team in terms of the way they have been leaving things for last minute and having contingencies that do not actually work out. For the citizens of T&T, having faith in this team and believing they can go the distance is one thing, but I’m like Earl…maybe I will just catch it on TV, as I have no desire to encourage TTFA in their delusions that they can just set any price once the team is popular enough, and forget about the rest. They better not blame T&T when their stupid plan backfires.
    Based on the attendance figures quoted in this article I have serious doubts about how filled the stadium will be but I hope for the team’s sake they get a full stadium, and more importantly I hope the proceeds from this match will not be lining the wrong pockets.
    If I go to this match it would be the first match I ever attend in T&T so…it’s clear that football is not a priority for me…and therefore TTFA setting a price like that, just makes me want to continue to be a virtual fan…congrats to them for that…I was just getting psyched…! The team now start to get recognition and already they want to milk it dry to the bone. That is not the way to accomplish things. There are other means of making money than just gate receipts. If they knew a thing about anything, they would try to do their job properly and stop trying to make easy money.
    (Gosh…them math questions getting more and more advanced! No more two + 2? Good thing I know my times tables!)

  114. The stadium wasn’t full for the Bahrain game, yet tickets were sold out within hours of going on sale.

  115. Well, here’s ‘the market’ talking: I was planning on making it a family outing on December. Now that I know the price, I’ll be watching on teevee or listening on the radio. And I don’t give two hoots about who say – or imply – that I cheap. I wukking fuh my money, lady, not you.

  116. Scotty Ranking

    What I find strange is that after the TTFA left the team high and dry during their preparations, at the FIRST opportunity to make some money they try to milk the Soca Warrior Princesses for every cent they can muster! Amazing! And trying to justify the pocket-gouging prices too. Tim Kee, Phillips & Co. are really full of it .. where “it” is the latter half of …