AG’s suspicious FIU report

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan went to the Senate yesterday with an impressive volume of data on the going-ons at the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

There were 303 suspicious reports filed with the FIU in 2011 from which 65 are still being analysed, 54 were closed and seven were relayed to law enforcement agencies for investigation. That left 187 suspicious reports still outstanding and, most pertinently, no arrests.

Unperturbed, the AG boasted that his stats suggested that “the FIU is working, and not just working, but working well.”

Still Ramlogan advised citizens that it was not “doom and gloom” if, despite his array of statistics, T&T remains on the Financial Task Force’s (FTF) “grey list” for countries that have not properly implemented measures against money laundering and other financial crimes.

The AG apparently assumes that the FTF is pretty good at seeing through dodgy and uninspiring figures.


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