Prakash drops pokerface after PM’s reshuffle

COP Political Leader Prakash Ramadhar has welcomed the new Ministry of National Diversity & Social Integration since, he explained, “we need to know more about each other.”

And what better way to love each other than through a Ministry of Social Integration?

After all, Trinidad and Tobago has been a bastion of fairness ever since the Ministry of Justice was launched while the brilliant Ministry of the People still has the public swooning at the People’s Partnership.

PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar, according to Ramadhar, is a visionary.

Good governance, COP-style, seems to mean extra Cabinet seats for Ramadhar’s troops and this time there was even a real post for MP Lincoln Dougla, the little fellah that the PM forgot when she distributed portfolios in 2010.

Even Jack Warner, who was repeatedly urged to resign by Ramadhar after a barrage of FIFA-related scandals, got a vote of confidence by the COP boss in his new role as National Security Minister.

And what about a public bemused by all this back slapping?

Wired868 suggests a Ministry of Public Happiness next time.

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  1. Hear hear! How about a Ministry of Transparency….of course there is no one in this present Government who have shown themselves capable of that…so it might be difficult, they wouldn’t know where to begin!

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