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Off-colour National Security Minister deserves the pink slip

Day Nine: The nation of “red, white and black” is still blue about the inability of the men in khaki to catch Dana Seetahal’s dark-hearted killers. So why exactly has the National Alert State moved from “Yellow” to “Green?” According to the National Security Ministry: the National Operations Centre, which …

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True Silk: What Dana’s passing means to T&T

If the assassination of Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal is a wake-up call to you; then something’s wrong with you. If a little boy being raped and killed in a swimming pool at a birthday party wasn’t a wake-up call then, Dana’s assassination can’t wake you up to nothing. You’re in …

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Pro League postponement: Police vs Central is off tonight

This evening’s Pro League fixture between Central FC and Police FC has been postponed to a date to be determined due to protest outside Parliament in Port of Spain. Central and Police were due to meet from 6 pm at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva in the first game of …

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Stop playing with those soldiers, Griffith!

It has been four weeks since the Defence Force football team along with all other sport and cultural teams within the local regiment have suspended all “involvement in national, regional and community type/level sporting activities.” No one has ever explained how the likes of Curtis “Boyo” Gonzales, Kevon Carter and …

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Filbert Street seeks Rapid Response to new police unit

Scene: TV studio in Port of Spain Presenter: “Welcome back to the DayBreak show and I’m delighted to introduce my next guest, Sergeant Snail of the newly formed Rapid Response Unit. Good morning Sgt Snail.” Sgt Snail: “Good morning, Fuzzy. Sorry I’m late. Traffic.” Presenter: “Haha; so you get stuck …

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