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Dear Editor: Do not support lawlessness, Mr Chief Secretary, you owe Licensing officers an apology

“[…] When our nation’s leaders—who ought to know better and, therefore, ought to set the right example—demonstrate a wanton disregard for our laws and support such lawlessness, then we know we are in serious trouble. “Mr ANR Robinson must be turning in his grave and utterly disappointed with the recent comments of …

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Suruj gives Beetham ethical lesson, which ends with more 69

Local Government Minister Suruj Rambachan toured Beetham Gardens yesterday with the acting Police Commissioner and Defence Force Chief and promised 100 URP jobs. Presumably, Beetham residents are less squeamish about $69 than East Port of Spain. Beggars, as people of means keep telling themselves, cannot afford to be saints. Rambachan …

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