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Easy as 1+1= 2; an open letter to Sat Maharaj after Chalkdust’s advice in song

“Uncles, check allyuh bits and pieces and then see about pulling off this one for me. For all of us. Allyuh need to turn up the natural moxie allyuh have and teach them. Doh hold dem and wuk dem, Uncles, just teach dem. Teach them before they start thinking that sex in marriage is just some scriptural routine for procreation and that fulfilment …

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Tailor-made education: Best sews up loose ends on Ministry’s dress code proposal

“Education kills,” some wit with spare time and a can of spray paint inscribed on the walls of the London Underground years ago, “… by degrees.” How right! The move from ABC to BA, MSc or PhD is very often not a journey about acquiring the life skills comfortable survival …

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