Nakhid apologises to ‘honest, hard-working members’ of TTPS, after Griffith scolding

“[…] I wish to apologise to the honest, hard-working members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), all of whom I am sure were hurt and discouraged by the statement…”

The following is a response from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) and the United National Congress (UNC) Tunapuna constituency office, after a column by Tunapuna candidate David Nakhid that appeared to criticise lawmen in the wake of the police killing of Morvant residents Joel Jacobs, Israel Clinton and Noel Diamond on Saturday 27 June:

Photo: Morvant resident Joel Jacobs, 37, (background) holds his hands up as do other passengers in the car.
It was not enough to save their lives, as they were gunned down moments later by the TTPS on 27 June 2020.

(Trinidad and Tobago Police Service)

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, notes the irresponsible comments of David Nakhid, a candidate for a political party, who if successful, can become a Minister and a possible member of the National Security Council which oversees the policies of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

In a social media post, Nakhid stated in part: “For now the TTPS is the enemy but the memory of justice is long and unforgiving.”

The CoP says for these comments coming from a person who ascribes to become a Minister of Government, is alarming. Commissioner Griffith expects leaders of political parties not to condone such behaviour from persons who aspire to be in Government by making such comments about the TTPS in these trying times.

(Andrew Cross, the media contact from the Office of Mr David Nakhid)

My statement, published on Wednesday on the Wired868 online platform, came from a place of heartbreak as I looked on at what was happening in Port of Spain. I wanted to speak on behalf of these communities, who at this time may be feeling helpless that their voices are unheard.

Given what transpired last weekend, some of those persons, who are hurt and angry, may see the police as the enemy. That was the context of my statement.

Photo: UNC Tunapuna candidate David Nakhid (right) on the campaign trail.
(via UNC)

I do not believe the police are the enemy. I believe now more than ever, we must work together for a better Trinidad and Tobago.

I wish to apologise to the honest, hard-working members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), all of whom I am sure were hurt and discouraged by the statement.

Rest assured, I have confidence in the good men and women of the TTPS but it is also clear that we need to dialogue in order to engender peace and equity in our society.

Editor’s Note: Click HERE to read David Nakhid’s initial column for Wired868.

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  1. I still do not see the need for an apology. Aside from the party he has aligned himself with, I have no problem with Nakhid’s statements.
    We Trinis need to take a good long hard look at ourselves and make some desperately needed changes in the way we do things.
    What he said was spot on and it hurt like hell.
    Is fire next time….true talk because I sure nobody here ever hear a lion meow when it hungry.

  2. Means well but he is not up to standard. Looks like ‘how he hang, he swings’.

  3. David Nakhid…What a passionate and caring individual for africans eh? His passion for Black lives and anti-corruption, led him to endorse the politics of the UNC (PP/COP/NJAC)…The party and it’s current leader, who made Devant Maharaj and other Black Lives Matter enthusiasts GOVERNMENT MINISTERS! The same political party, that made Satnarayan Maharaj an advisor on state policies!!…the party that launched a State Of Emergency in 2012 to quash citizen protests… a S.O.E. that legalized police Black Lives Matter support rallies in only BLM populated areas. Oh David….What an earnest politician!

  4. I have long read the writings of David Nakhid over the years and I have always been impressed with his opinions on most issues. Having said that I was totally shocked when I saw that he will be a candidate for the UNC. I always thought that his politics was more nuanced than that of the PNM or UNC and saw him as more as an ideological force.
    These two parties really have no philosophical differences and it’s basically exchange with no change every election cycle. I thought when David went back to Trinidad and indicated he wanted to be a voice of change I didn’t realize he would get caught up in the same.

    • Big Blood,
      Really? do you actually believe that the UNC & PNM are PHILOSOPHICALLY identical??? In which ways? Policy wise ? Socially? Fiscally? Both ? So…both PNM & UNC support the sovereignty of Venezuela and it’s democratically elected leader? Or is it that both support Juan Guaido?? In the U.S. it is understood by informed persons, that both the liberal party and the conservatives are controlled by big business interests and lobbyists, with predictable results. That being said, very few informed people would say or agree that those parties are philisophically identical. Hint : pay attention to the types of characters that each party attracts as well as the mindset of the masses of its supporters. Not everything that sounds good is necessarily informed.

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