Live Wire: Say wot?! MP Aboud raises eyebrows with dig at ‘nature’ of US protesters

So let me get this straight: Guardian boss Nicholas Sabga claims to be the voice for the man on the street—and not Wall Street either—Movie Towne owner Derek Chin is screening for the role of Florence Nightingale, journalists are supposedly less honest than politicians and about as transparent as the ingredients in Chinese food, and hospital patients are now applauding health care workers rather than writing their wills?

Make no mistake about it, something strange and disturbing was let loose on the planet in 2020—and Mr Live Wire is not only talking about Covid-19 or Wendy Rahamut’s doubles.

What can we look forward to by this time next week then? Nicolás Maduro leads an invasion into the US to save long-suffering citizens from a tyrannical government? Denyse Belfon drops a gospel album? Trevor Sayers finds the vaccine for Covid-19?!

Photo: Don’t rush the dawg!

But even in the current upheaval, there is occasionally a news item that feels as familiar as a well-worn slipper. Like the replacement of eager-beaver Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte with party mascot Fitzgerald Hinds—just when we thought WASA was in danger of being put on a trajectory to modernity.

Offering ‘Fitzie’ to help the operations of any organisation is like giving a man a knife and fork to eat popcorn. Does the veteran MP even fit the bill of an essential worker, or is he on rotation?

And while we are on this topic, Mr Live Wire has another burning question for the thoroughly anonymous minister: if Fitzie walked up to an automatic door, would it open?

Still when it comes to returning to a distinctly unpleasant former relationship, there was no topping Michael Patrick Aboud and his own sensitive reflections on protests in the United States over the killing of an unarmed, handcuffed black man, George Floyd, by a Minneapolis police officer.

“Burning and looting is not protest for any good. They use the Floyd matter to do what comes natural. An excuse!”

Mr Aboud, the floor is yours. And, fortunately for you, your ethnicity would probably mean that you are standing imperiously on it—rather than lying flat on your face with someone’s knee in your neck.

Photo: Rebel in disguise?

Who is ‘they’? And what is ‘natural’ to them? And what, Mr Aboud, do you know about righteous protests?

Let’s just say there is more than a whiff of unrepentant privilege in Aboud’s message. Which is about as pleasant an odour as a crate full of rotten eggs in a confined space.

But who is this ‘professor of human nature’ anyway? Well, an online search finds a ‘Michael Patrick Aboud’ of Cyprus Boulevard in San Fernando who operates a clothing store in downtown Port of Spain. And he is, as the euphemism goes, ‘known to the police’.

By which Mr Live Wire means that his arse was in the Port of Spain Magistrates Court just last November for firearm and drug possession charges. Do drugs and firearms, Mr Aboud, come naturally to you?

During Aboud’s hearing, it emerged that a criminal record tracing of the defendant found pending cases for ‘resisting arrest’ and ‘using obscene language’ in 1998. And another charge for ‘drunk driving’ in 2017.

‘Pending’ for over 20 years, Mr Aboud? My, my, haven’t you benefited from the sort of system that frustrated Americans are trying to burn to the ground. And what noble deed were you protesting when you allegedly cussed out a law enforcement officer?

There was more. In 2018, Aboud had additional charges for ‘assault occasioning actual bodily harm’ and ‘choking with intent’.

Photo: Demonstrators in Minneapolis try to get something going while they await advice from Trinidadian expert Michael Patrick Aboud.

The only reason Aboud is on Facebook now is because he could afford the TT$475,000 bail set by Magistrate Aden Stroude. Otherwise his gun possession charge means he would not have been among the prisoners eligible for release by the attorney general during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If ‘Godfather’ Burkie is reading this, he would probably mutter sadly to himself: this young fellah is on the road to nowhere fast… I hope he gets counselling.

Mr Aboud, these charges suggest an angry, young man with a lack of respect for authority and care fellow citizens. Or, in local parlance, a useless, self-entitled asshole.

Study curbing your own ‘nature’, sir. And f*** off.

Things Mr Live Wire would rather hear than Michael Patrick Aboud:

AZP News editor Prior Beharry reciting: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickle peppers…

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  1. Fitzgerald Hinds – “Yah Burnt!” hahaha!! He is such an empty vessel.

    As for Aboud – he should try commiserating more with his fellowmen in Syria. Maybe he would then be able to see what oppression means. But then again, to him Black people are not oppressed. They are only getting what is “natural to them”. Burn Aboud too!

  2. Aboud is right, there is no excuse for criminal acts. Murder, looting,violence. They have to all end up in the same jail as the white man cop that choke the black man.They are just as much criminal as the white cop.Crime is crime. Hard working peoples businesses destroyed and decent honest people will loose their jobs because of these crimes.

    • So you can equate stealing a tv with crushing a man’s windpipe with his knee ….smh

    • Peaceful protests has gotten them nowhere other than to be called “useless sons of bitches”. You think it right for black people to endure hundreds of years of rape, oppression and genocide at the hands of white men? That after being denied the right to an education, to travel, to own land, businesses, to vote – after so many young black men spent their youth rotting in jail for crimes they didn’t commit ( but for which the word of a white woman trumped dna evidence) that they should be peaceful? Where was that peace when Black Wall Street was burned to the ground and at least 300 black lives massacred? You better haul yuh arse too eh. They are fighting in the only way left to them. The time for peaceful protest gone.

  3. aboud is an idiat!

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