Demming: What if Tribe ran the country? T&T needs leaders with grit and imagination

Another Carnival is here again, and we are seeing examples of excellence in performance, delivery and customer service. If these things work in one area of society, why is the performance in other areas so dismal? The answer lies in the proliferation of square pegs in round holes.

Visit Rosalino Street and you will feel the presence of Tribe (the carnival band) and their commitment to the delivery of an excellent product. Contrast that with a visit to the Immigration Office and it is almost like a visit to the twilight zone.

Photo: Tribe Carnival CEO Dean Ackin (via

There are pockets of excellence throughout this country and all that is needed is the political will to engage differently to achieve fantastic results.

If Carnival entrepreneurs can deliver quality products on-time, within budget and according to specifications, why can’t we engage them in national service to re-imagine how key products and services are delivered?

If I had the opportunity to dream differently, there are several persons who deliver carnival products whom I would engage to impact our systems.

Imagine Yuma creator Danielle Jones-Hunte as the Chief Imagination Officer responsible for Carnival Transformation!

Derrick Lewis is one of the early transformers of the on-the-road experience with carnival bands so I would appoint him Chief Transformation Officer to reimagine our transportation products.

Photo: Tribe revellers let loose on Carnival Monday in 2015.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Carla Parris is presenting a new product showcasing the Business of Carnival so she would be appointed my Product Development Officer responsible for diversification.

This is a short wish-list but taking a helicopter view of T&T reveals that we are clearly stuck in the insanity zone. Philosopher Albert Einstein described that as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

To transform this country, our politicians need to reimagine a future of Trinidad and Tobago that is exciting, bright and sustainable. The politicians have failed miserably so why not try with the people who have used grit and imagination to bring different realities to being on some of our traditional products.

Okay … so you think this plan is ‘outrageous’ and may not work, but think of it a little deeper and ask: what do we have to lose?

There is no denying that each of the persons identified has delivered a product to new audiences. It is evident that they understand their products and have been able to successfully align their product to the audience and even create new audiences and experiences. They have mastered the art of delivering their product on time within specifications and at a profit.

Photo: Yuma creator Danielle Jones-Hunte (via

There is no question that this country has the talent.  We have demonstrated competence in many areas.  And we are passionate about the things that excite our imagination.

Let’s use our huge reservoir of talent to make a difference in the everyday lives of our people.  Let’s use the people and lessons of Carnival to show the world what Trinis can do.

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  1. Albert Einstein never said that.

  2. Totally agree. We have Many Round pegs in Square holes. We also suffer from “We know it All”. We think degrees without COMMON SENSE, can do it all. Give me COMMON SENSE ANY DAY, AHEAD OF ALL THESE DIPLOMAS. THESE HUNGRY FOR POWER POLITICIANS. OVER SPENDING, AND EVEN WORSE, POOR Quality at the end of the projects. Wow!!!. So Sad where my beautiful Country, has deteriorated to over the years. Greed is outrageous. And All the $ cannot buy them Good health. Life is a circle, remember that. So sorry for the genuine younger generation coming up.

  3. The Capitalism of Carnival

    In the best interest of excellence of product, where I assume product refers to our “treasured BELOVED CULTURE” and not simply economic gain, can Tribe and Yuma donate from their bountiful resources to get the Junior Soca Monarch back up and running?

  4. I like this article. It shows confidence in the Young Trinis who have the vision and global experience to lead. They are daring and can and do offer Hope where there seems Despair. So right on Dennise Demming.,
    Rhona Baptiste

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