John-Williams survives no confidence motion, with some help from the floor

Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams survived another testing AGM today, without even having to face a tabled no confidence motion at the Hasely Crawford Stadium’s VIP Room in Port of Spain.

At the reconvened AGM, there were two motions on the agenda that directly affected the security of the football president. The first was an amendment to lower the threshold to remove a sitting president from 75 per cent to 51 percent; and the second was a no confidence motion.

Photo: FIFA president Gianni Infantino (right) and TTFA president David John-Williams at a press conference at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 10 April 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

In the end, John-Williams was shielded from both motions by the floor. North East Stars official Michael Awai asked that the constitutional amendment, which was tabled by the Northern Football Association (NFA), be removed from the agenda and dealt with on an unspecified date in January instead.

And Trinidad and Tobago Football Referees Association (TTFRA) vice-president Osmond Downer got in the way of the no confidence motion too with a counter-motion of censure instead, which essentially meant another warning for John-Williams while allowing him to remain in charge of the local football body.

Full motion from Downer:
“Whereas at the General Meeting of 13 June 2018, a motion was passed that the President be complimented on his valiant efforts to improve the state of football in the country, with a special reference to the creation of the Home of Football, and that in the same motion, the President was censured for not properly communicating with the Board, as he should do in all matters, according to the Constitution; and seeing that at present, the President should be again complimented on his continuing efforts as fore-mentioned.
“But, because of his continuing inadequate non-communication on all matters concerning these football projects, that the President be strongly reminded of the previous decision of censure and be made aware that any indication of such non-communication on the part of the President in the future will be treated as serious enough to engender a fulsome motion of no-confidence in the President.”

Editor’s Note: Click HERE for a full review of the reconvened AGM.

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  1. The more things change the more things stay the same…

  2. ..Well, here’s a new comment. Clayton Morris and his futsal crew beat TTFA in court this morning because the Big Boss wouldn’t honour TTFA’s commitment to them, claimed they were never appointed, had no contracts, and frivolously forced this into the court – not the only matter he has turned into a legal matter – because he not spending HIS money. And he talking about how he reducing debt. I referred to this in my comments on Santa Rosa’s proposal to dismiss and it made no difference to Downer and them. Well, they should ALL have to pay Clayton boys..

  3. And won’t doubt that meh corrupted uncle Jack Warner still running things as the advisor behind the scenes eh Them really good yes

  4. Allyuh went after Jack with d same passion.allyuh not seeing ah pattern here?

  5. Ok , I am sure I saw a page with Connection players on sun

  6. I couldn’t find anything. I’ll look at their site.

  7. I think Sunday’s paper had an article

  8. I tried to look up any media reports on the Pro League final. Couldn’t find any except one video. Where would I look?

  9. Carlos Lee if you not hating on DJW you are not welcome on wired LoL, when I Said every stakeholder needs to bare the blame for the state of our football a lot of ppl were up in arms , because the way we were thought to think is onemanish, worship the leader, blame the leader

  10. sooo under DJW, our football teams AT EVERY AGE GROUP are routinely getting spanked or barely beating so called minnows but he has been good for football??
    u fire 2 excellent coaches without having back up plans in place, and hired two UTTER AND COMPLETE MORONS who left us worst of than we were.
    god bless Dennis, but if i was him i take that Wrexham job and leave T&T in my rear view, cause is the same shit different day and then ppl wanna talk bout we anti this and that.
    i dont know KLL, frankly i dont care bout him either, i was against DJW since the very beginning and was hoping Ramdhan got the post but as luck would have it, the blinkers were on then and some ppl clearly still have them on.
    if KLL is more of the same then his @$$ could be removed too, we as devoted fans and ppl who sweat with our national teams through all this gahbarge have taken all this foolishness for far too damn long and change needs to happen.
    if you cant see the need for change, you should exercise your right to keep quiet.

  11. PROPAGANDA! Really? DJW has an undisclosed contract with a media house that regularly and irresponisbly supports his impotent leadership, while Wired868 is an open forum whereby concerned citizens can voice their opinions pro or con. Yet, this morning people claiming Wired is source or platform for propoganda. I hear about spin but that top fall and hit its blasted head on a bottle of Puncheon.

  12. Lasana, sent you a few messages on messenger. Let me know your thoughts.
    I fed up and have tickets in World Cup next year.

  13. Nigel you can’t get any help because the Executive members are complicit with everything that David John Williams does. We should not be surprised although you would think that they should see the demise of the game the way we do. If we can recall the majority of the Executive Sat on their hands from 1974 to 2010. Everything remains the same

  14. The bible says if you hand offend cut it out then DJW has to go. We need fresh management

  15. There was no response ti my question simply because they are blind followers of DJW. It is sad for football

    • Justin – there’s no need to respond to that question because it’s being addressed by the board. The board did the right thing in calling for a meeting to review the possibility of re-appointing Dennis. While the need to address the re-appointment is urgent doing it by email was not ideal and the President was rightly called on it. The board is doing what it should be doing, which is ensuring there’s proper procedure / proper checks and balances. That’s what I meant with my earlier statement that we don’t need to destroy to build. If we have a functional board they will help the President govern appropriately, even in times of expediency, when one tends to want to cut corners.

    • Justin DeFreitas If we had a functional leader…. The Board are not there to police a dictator.


  16. So gentlemen what is your poosition on the way the President of TTFA wants to reappoint the National Coach without a meeting or an appraisal of his performance. As an Industrial Relations Expert I there should be a Performance Appraisal done and the Board should meet and discuss it before a contract extension is given. Additionally, there should be a clear plan how he will be compensated.

  17. So gentlemen what is your poosition on the way the President of TTFA wants to reappoint the National Coach without a meeting or an appraisal of his performance. As an Industrial Relations Expert I there should be a Performance Appraisal done and the Board should meet and discuss it before a contract extension is given. Additionally, there should be a clear plan how he will be compensated.
    I ask the above question of the delegates from Eastern Countirs Fotball Union

  18. Who is really destroying football in Tnt, DJW, or the board who spends all their time trying to remove him from office? I say it again, we don’t need to destroy to build.

    • Carlos Lee DJW. He is secretive and lacks transparency and leadership skills to work as the leader of a team. For example, it was decided by the team, and he agreed, that he would step aside from single handedly running the Home of Football project and the job was allocated to someone else but he won’t comply. If he did comply with the rules of the organisation, and his own commitments in the manifesto/promises he himself wrote, there would be no issues and he would not be challenged. The rest of the team are being micromanaged and/or stifled. My opinion. Don’t bother replying I agree to differ.

    • Carlos Lee exactly what I said yesterday at the AGM. I told the AGM that the same detractors would come their and say that we praise him for this and that quietly at the AGM but they won’t take the good news to the press. They have their own agenda and only take what they want to the pres

    • Cla Tones What good news? What press?

    • Cla – not only do they have their own agenda, they have a powerful propaganda machine to help facilitate. DJW could significantly improve in his leadership skills, but key board members and their propaganda machine are also working hard to ensure that he’s incapable of leading. They intentionally “break his leg” then turn around and call him cripple.

    • With all due respect Carlos & Cla what good has DJW done for TT Football ? We have failed miserably across at all levels during his tenure. Name one significant achievement by any of our teams that can be attributed to a development platform that was engineered by DJW.

    • Allyuh just encouraging nonsense yes. Take what allyuh get.

    • Dominic Lau To much to write on this forum, let’s have a talk call me on 371-5845

    • Who fired Hart and Waldrum before having a plan for a replacement?

    • Thanks Bai Carlos. From a perspective where I have no horse in this race, this group comes across as an Anti-DJW group with certain Groupies who post any and every thing to bash TTFA. It just looks like a fight for power. If the real objective is to better the football, then work together.

    • Christian – clearly that’s not the real objective. Lasana is meh boy, but I feel like Wired is becoming a propaganda machine for KL and his anti-DJW partnership. I don’t know if it’s unintentional or intentional, but it’s becoming too obvious. For transparency I have never worked for or with DJW. As a former youth national team player my only desire is for Tnt to reach its full potential in the game of football. What I want is for the board to put aside their personal agendas and work together for the betterment of the game. They’re all responsible for the continued demise of tnt football. DJW May be at the helm, but they’re all guilty of neglect.

    • Exactly they should all step aside.

    • Jo Ann – I’m not sure they all need to step aside. They just need to understand the role they have in the governing of football in Tnt and refocus their efforts. The board should be focused on the future – on helping to prepare our teams for the next competition.

    • Carlos Lee Answer the question you were asked earlier by Justin “So gentlemen what is your poosition on the way the President of TTFA wants to reappoint the National Coach without a meeting or an appraisal of his performance. As an Industrial Relations Expert I there should be a Performance Appraisal done and the Board should meet and discuss it before a contract extension is given. Additionally, there should be a clear plan how he will be compensated.

    • Jo Ann – already did. Have a look.

    • This one thing and one thing alone is more than enough. It’s the first time that Football owns property, football now owns 30acres, football now have six fields, football has accommodations, football is having free and open discussions, Etc

    • Cla Tones When is it opening?

    • Cla Tones does football own this or does DJW similar to AJW own the property and therefore set to benefit solely from it? I don’t know the answer btw, just asking questions.

    • Ian Fitzwilliam lease was given to TTFA and the TTFA is the owner of all six football fields, and all the facilities

    • Ian Fitzwilliam Cla won’t know. He says he doesn’t know DJW. He is just playing devils advocate.

    • The only reason I ask is that it is alleged that AJW had accounts in the name of TTFF but he was the only person drawing on these accounts. If a similar situation exists then “football” changed its name.

    • Jo Ann – you seem to be a case of cockroach in fowl business. The info shared by Cia is public info.

    • Carlos Lee Because people agree that DJW is bad for T&T football based on many facts which you may choose to ignore, it does not make anyone part of a “pro KL propaganda machine”. In fact most of us want what’s best for football, and if you’re trying to say DJW is it, that’s your opinion and it isn’t shared by many of us. Can you share with us what results on the field, or even off the field would warrant DJW staying on? I know you’ll have a nice long list for us to ponder…

    • Brian – you’re misrepresenting my comments. Have another read nah.

    • Carlos Lee If I am, I humbly apologize. I did read a few times before responding..

    • Jo Ann I hope Cla didn’t say he doesn’t know DJW. His name is Anthony Clarke. He played for DJW and he was involved in yesterday’s AGM.

    • Lasana – I’m pretty sure she misread things. I was the one who made the comment about not working with or for DJW.

    • Lasana Liburd so what is this? Some men not brave enough to make comments under their given names? SMH

    • Brian – can you copy and share any parts of my comments where I said or tried to say that DJW is the best thing for football? What I said is that folks on the board have spent most of their efforts on getting rid of DJW and have spent little efforts helping to manage and grow the game in Tnt. That’s my key point. By neglecting their roles and responsibilities they have helped to further the demise of football.

    • Carlos Lee you are out of your mind……

    • Lasana Liburd I think I lost track where Cla ends and Carlos begins. Like conjoined twins with the ‘leave the poor man alone’
      ‘what about….(insert anybody else past or present)‘….
      ‘it wasn’t him it was his tools, the board, the players….’.
      ‘ I know the man is seriously flawed I am not saying he isn’t’
      ‘I don’t get anything from him’
      ‘Wired868 is conspiring against him’

    • Jo Ann I never said I didn’t know DJW

    • Cla Tones Then my apologies for the mix up.

    • Brian Jordan it is the first time in our history that football owns anything, DJW met over 20 million in debt, secondly he has receive law suit after law suit for millions of dollars from the monies owed from past regimes, thirdly he could not have received funding from FIFA due to the fact that the Timkee regime had not filed audited financials for three years prior and he had to get that done which took almost a year to do. Also to date he has cleared almost 9 million dollars of the debt he inherited from the previous administrations. Yet you folks continue with your propaganda based on fake news from people that fed from the pie of the previous administrations. Imagine they just received another law suit from AJW claiming that the TTFA owes him 30 million. You’ll do not of what you speak

    • Lasana Liburd never did check comments above

    • Carlos Lee is the board being allowed to make any decisions?…. who is making all the decisions…hiding funds ….. is being called out by the actual players? Does this guy give you the impression that he wants to work with anyone or does he just want full access to make any decision he wants to? Did he ask the board anything when confirming that he wants to extend Lawrence….isnt there a technical committee to review his results and impact? You think these things being reported is fake news or is it factual? But above all your insinuation that our beliefs is driven by KLL is insulting to our ability to recognise and stand against corruption on our own will. Name one time when DJW has made an effort to work together with the board to achieve a goal…..just name one. I refuse to believe you’re really that naieve .. . if you just back DJW I’d prefer you say that rather than feed us this bs ……..

    • Cla Tones That is because DJW will not allow full TRANSPARENCY. Oh well if he makes all decisions on his own then he will have to take all responsibility on his own. What a train wreck.

    • Cla Tones what has he done? Football owns what? Where is the feasibility study or the board approvals that shows this won’t be an albatross? What have the football teams achieved on the field? Where are the audit, technical and other committees? Where is the transparency into what is being done with sponsorship and FIFA funds? How come all board members are not privy to this information? Sounds like you’re one of the DJW koolaid drinkers. Sorry, but I know what good management and sound administration is, and this isn’t it. It’s shambolic and bumbling at best .

    • Brian Jordan it took England eight years when their program crashed and none of their teams were doing well, two world cups they did not make and they have money, it takes money to develop programs and pay players. The start is getting a good foundation and the home of football is a good start, you no longer have to pay for accommodations to host camps etc, you no longer have to pay catered food etc. can’t answer about the feasibility study , but what I can say is the location is promising, due to a number of facts, 1. The Brian Lara stadium, the cycling velodrome, and the aquatic center are they so they too when having there events would find the hotel useful. TTFA spend four millions dollars yearly just local accommodations. This money was given by FIFA for the association for an income generation project and it could not b used for anything else. The TTFA presented the said facilities and FIFA thought is was a good idea and approved it

    • Cla Tones so you’re comparing the English FA with the TTFA? The English FA with functional board and sub committees? The English FA who is fully transparent to it’s board members? Hope you learn quickly and understand, why there is supposed to be a board and sub committees. Onemanism is dictatorship and never works. FIFA is a corrupt institution, so saying FIFA thought it was a good idea makes what point exactly? With that said, I am good. Have a great night.

    • Brian Jordan my comparison was regard to them having to revamp their program and start a fresh before they could of had results, lawd Father you said don’t throw pearls before swines. Stay in alyuh ignorance yes ah gone

    • Ok. We all done? Stick a fork in it?

    • Jo Ann anyone who has to hide their given name to support a person or administration is a coward to start with. Let the reasonable many move on knowing that DJW is not good for football. Too much proof is available and if some people refuse to look at it from an independent, non-biased perspective, so be it.

    • Brian Jordan Thank you for standing up for the athletes. ?

    • Brian – by your remarks, Jo Ann is also a coward? Lol

    • Carlos Lee Hey you! First I am a cockroach now a coward. ?

    • Carlos Lee not getting between you and Jo Ann buddy

    • Brian Jordan everyone knows who I am. I choose that name as my FB. I am Anthony Clarke aka Clarkie former national goal keeper starting from u-16 with Carlos Lee all the way up, had a stint in Portugal while Earl Jean, Russell Latapy and Leonson Lewis we’re there. Electrical engineering professional with post grad in management and MBA in Entrepreneurial Management. Worked for twenty plus year in the Petro chemical industry and now a successful private business owner. Lives in Sando and before Devant release it phone number 371-5845 ?. Call me anytime you want (“Machel voice”)

    • Cla Tones no need. We independents know the difference between good administration and bad administration..

    • If only David John Williams could be this transparent ?

    • Cla Tones Either of the Donald’s voices would be more entertaining. I tried Donald Duck. ?

    • Brian Jordan What have you managed? Not a demeaning question, just trying to understand your expertise

    • To show the bias of wired 868 W Connection has won the Pro League up to now nothing. Just because DJW owns this club they refuse to write anything positive, that right there shows their agenda

    • You are on here. Post articles on W Connection. I am sure Wired868 would cover all news on all leagues and games if the resources were available. You sing DJW’s praises on here without a problem. DJW is a member of Wired868 no? He can comment or post anytime.

    • Jo Ann waiting, Wired868 is also on here I believe so no need for you to defend them either

    • Cla Tones Not that I feel a need to answer DJW defenders, but Fortune 500 projects in US for over a decade. Let that sink in

    • Cla Tones now would you please tell us your business and political connection to DJW? This kind of aggrandizement and proselytizing is beyond normal..

    • Cla Tones you have never seen Wired868 cover W Connection playing football? And have you seen Wired868 covering the Pro League this season?
      Why didn’t we cover the SSFL All Star match? Was W Connection playing in that too?
      You’re obsessed.

    • Lasana Liburd I suspect undisclosed skin in the game bro.. let’s see if he decides to disclose his business or political relationship with DJW.. have seen this PNM hack tactic many times before, by the way .

    • He has to try to move the spotlight away from DJW and administrative deficiencies.. try to shoot the messenger, and dilute the message.. it won’t work with the educated and dissatisfied lot who are growing in number.. as sad as it is..

    • I believe you will see that DJW was president at the time of this story.
      Truth is Wired868 had to make some harsh decisions regarding resources and the Pro League just isn’t the best run and most engaging competition to cover and it lost out. That’s it.
      The Pro League is interesting in so much as what it means for local football. Not so much in terms of its weekly results. But if we had the resources we would have covered it anyway. We didn’t this year.

    • Lasana Liburd God bless you for justifying your editorial choices. Mark my words, it won’t be enough as the agenda is pretty shallow and negative.

    • Carlos Lee what do you need DJW to do?!?

    • Timothy – I’m at a lost as to your question. What are you asking?

    • Lasana Liburd you know the word obsessed wonderful, the obsession is with Wired868 damaging football by constantly bringing negative press re the TTFA, how do you think that would affect corporate sponsors? Where else would a non profit get funding from if not from corporate sponsors? You guys foolishly think you’re doing something good but you are the #1 reason that football doesn’t have money to do all the things that you speak of, money is required to pay coaches, run programs, pay staff etc. when you point a finger three are pointing right back at you

    • Cla Tones the problem is not the negative things that are being done but someone writing about those negative things?
      You even stop to think before you open your mouth?
      What you’re talking about is trying to justify keeping a crooked status quo. If you’ve been paying attention you will know that has never been my speed.
      You know one obvious difference between your TTFA and the crooked ones of yesteryear?
      Then you would have to talk about the team qualifying for four different World Cups at different age groups. Or what Latapy did at at the Stadium yesterday. Or shocking Costa Rica at the Gold Cup, etc.
      Those are just facts. The DJW era essentially had one seismic result in three years, which was a win over USA that didn’t do much for T&T but got global attention for other reasons.
      And even the one thing you can claim as a success—the Home of Football—is at the same time the matter of a court action.

    • But I’m not taking away your right to appreciate what you like. That’s fine.

    • Lasana Liburd all I have asked if you from the start is to be more balanced in your reporting, Keith Look Loy would say in the AGM that he is supportive of this and he agrees with DJW about that and that the TTFA board made the correct decision about this and that but would not bring to the public those things that are positive. DJW has a lot to improve as a football administrator but he is making the TTFA into a viable organization he is no one man show. That is the ghost of AJW still roaming. Why has W Connection been so successful? Why wasn’t Joe Public as successful?

    • Lasana Liburd England took eight years to rebuild and make a World Cup again, we need a good foundation to rebuild, DJW is not crooked at all, he gives his all in whatever he endeavors and at time that enthusiasm neglects protocol, but to accuse him of being an AJW or RTK is the furthest thing. It’s like people at the time accusing Patos of thiefing (not a word I know) and then the accusers come in and you now see what crooked was really about, I strongly feel that is the case as we speak, only now we missing Patos both sides, you’ll will run a man who is honestly trying to rebuild Trimidad football to its glory days and then when the accusers get there then you’ll would see what is crooked

    • Brian Jordan I am a PNM till I die and have never partnered in any business transaction with DJW. I played for W Connection in my twilight years as a player

    • Cla Tones Die hard PNM friends are definitely not going to look objectively at each other’s performance..

    • Brian Jordan the problem with people like you is that you want to take out the spec in someone’s else’s eye before you get a crane to take out the forest in yours.

    • Cla Tones Dang now we going to the bible. DJW will want sainthood by the end of this thread ?

    • Cla Tones take win.. its not about us. I can stay focused on the issues? Bad performance by teams, board ignorance of details about projects and salaries, etc.. waiting to hear your views on those..

    • Cla W Connection has been stable for a longer period of time than most. If there was a team that dominated the Pro League, it would probably be Central FC with three titles in a row.
      But I don’t think there is a single Pro League club that can say it has the formula for effective management.
      Careful what you wish for in asking me to look closely at Connection. Because there have always been concerns about what happens at that club too.
      But right now I don’t care. The pro league is a mess and Connection is probably no worse than the others when it comes to meeting contractual obligations to players and so on.
      Tell me those positive things that you aren’t hearing about in the press though.

    • Hmm anybody got any bible quotes about sharing and transparency?

    • How much people constantly comment on this page? I ask now how much of you truly wish well and willing to actually work towards getting sport better in Trinidad? I’m fed up of the blame game, who supporting this who agenda is that. There are so many active members in this group why not come together and start nation wide programs? The conversations are one thing but leaving it as a blame game does nothing for the game. Fighting against each other does nothing for the game. Professionalism doesn’t mean you have to fall in love with the man next to you. It means putting that aside and working on ways to enhance whatever objective your trying to achieve. Too much bickering and blaming i hardly ever hear any real solutions being put forward from most here.

    • Cla Tones has made some valid points but non of yall are open minded enough to realise it. Hes also made some invalid points, but all y’all do is tackle the invalid ones. Also how could you not cover the pro league but cover the super league? Makes absolutely no sense since the pro league whether you like it or not contains all our local based national players. Dont you owe them a level of respect? I am fed up of both sides always bashing each other and never once coming up with comprimise or solutions. Same in these comment feeds same with Pro League vs Super League both sides need to find compromise and stop the battle of egos its stupid and will never get us forward ever.

    • But I give great respect to Lasana Liburd for creating a platform where these conversations can occur. Much respect

    • Trey, first the Super League started earlier and had more stable fixtures while the Pro League twice delayed its start and was less stable once started.
      Secondly we covered some of both leagues during the regular season but eventually stuck to schools football once that started. That was a commercial decision.
      Roneil Walcott did the final TTSL match. The attack on me by the Morvant Caledonia Utd manager messed up my schedule in the final week of the Pro League and that was that.

    • Lasana Liburd thanks for the clarity on that point.

    • Lasana – I’ll have to say that the super league got an unusual amount of coverage this year when compared to the pro-league. Most of our national team players play in the pro-league. One would think that Wired members would want to hear more about that league and about how our national team players are performing versus say the super league. Not saying the super league should get short changed. But they did get mad coverage from Wired this year. And to think that there’s no prize money in that league. Maybe KLL should have focused more of his efforts getting corporate support / sponsorship for the super league and less time fighting down DJW. But I assume folks here will blame DJW for the lack of prize money in the super league?

    • Carlos Lee Yes KLL definitely did a good job on sharing SSFL media. Loved the photos. Oops wrong photo but interesting though. Anyone interested?

    • How much money did W Connection win?

    • At times DJW’s enthusiasm makes him neglect protocol? Lol lol

    • Carlos, talk about Super League and Pro League coverage is a red herring. The only time we covered TTSL from start to finish was when Anthony Harford was there so it has nothing to do with personalities anyway.
      And the conversation is about DJW’s presidency and not which leagues Wired868 covers. There are many things that Wired868 is unable to cover, which should not come as a surprise with our skeletal resources.
      But it is DJW who faced a motion of dismissal on the weekend. Not us.

    • Lasana Liburd it’s called redirecting the narrative ….. but we all know what the narrative is so it doesn’t matter lol

    • Carlos, compare the coverage of the Super League vs the Pro League using the following links:
      2018 Super League Articles:
      2018 Pro League Articles:

      Coverage for both leagues effectively stopped in August except for one or two articles. Also keep in mind that the Super League started two months before the Pro League.

    • Malik, or as is football we talking ’bout, dey does move de goalposts ?

    • Nigel Myers is a facts oriented guy. My kinda person! Lol.

    • Junior – you is real kicks yes. The only time you appear is when I say something about KLL????? Wah is dah one??

    • Carlos Lee we as a community concerned about you… have a concentration problem concerning KLL but a “lack of concentration” concerning DJW ….sooo in the event we need an intervention we have some peeps to keep yuh honest ….trust in the process lol

    • Carlos, like you rightly said, I kicksing man.? All the flack we give here, we must be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

    • Malik – can we all just get along? ???

    • Carlos we may not be on the same team but I’ve no malice poke ah poke no beef lol

    • Malik – we on the same team, just playing different positions ???

    • Jo Ann – cockroach in fowl business. You’re gonna get eaten

    • I just realised I am breaking Wired868 rules. I shouldn’t make fun. Took the joke down.

    • Jo Ann LOL, you might end up in court right

  19. Dang! Was hoping for some progress. A glimmer of hope for the athletes. ⚽️

  20. Seriously? Wow. Very disappointed. Then again, I am usually quite disappointed with many of the local referees decisions on the field, so shouldn’t have expected their governing body to make the right decisions off the field.

  21. Lasana, What were your expectations?

  22. This is Trinidad what yuh expect? We will complain tomorrow, but, We Like it So!!

  23. I tired read these things … Lasana Liburd you aint having a Christmas party for die hard wired fans lol

  24. Will the Football fraternity decide what they want? Put it to a vote and end the story, however it ends.

  25. Colin Benjamin wuh going on hay boss?

  26. Mango, help meh out nah. Dem relly good yes.

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