Police hold “Snake”; Beetham resident charged for assaulting Hinds during “Operation Strike Back”

Beetham Gardens resident Richard “Snake” Marcelle, who shot to prominence last month after kicking flood water on to Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds, was charged today for “assault by beating and use of obscene language” against the Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General.

The Police Communications Department confirmed that the charges against Marcelle stemmed from his confrontation with Hinds on 14 August 2018. Marcelle, according to the TTPS, is “also expected to be charged for possession of drugs.”

Photo: Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds (centre) is chased out of Beetham Gardens by residents, during a walkabout in the aftermath of flooding on 14 August 2018.
(Copyright Enrique Assoon/TT Newsday)

His detention was one of 86 arrests for various offences during ‘Operation Strike Back’ on Thursday and Friday, which supposedly led to the seizure of an unverified quantity of drugs, guns and ammunition.

The TTPS has claimed over 200 arrests in nine Operation Strike Back exercises so far. Yesterday’s exercise was conducted in the Port of Spain and Central Divisions and included officers from the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit, Special Branch, Chaguanas Police Station, Port of Spain Criminal Investigations Department, Court and Process Branch, Task Force, Guard and Emergency Branch, Inter-Agency Task Force and the Canine Branch.

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One comment

  1. Many would agree on the assurance of police work and its’ results since Mr. Griffith appointment. Or, do I speak for myself; Its been so long I’ve not heard of anyone held for crimes committed? Gary not only spearheading the operation but getting other police branches and parishes involve. He needs citizens support because crime solving is communities participation.
    Many may disagree – oh its not the right approach; he can do the job by his self; who he thinks he is? But at the end of it all – is their any comfort in the rumors of fear and death? Given its not the right way to approach, many before him acted showing no result. He now reach out for full participation and involvement of other police branches, and simply that the attitude of a team player seeking out who is for, or against. Lets’ support him and the team.
    On the other note -insult, most likely assault on the MP in no manner or form wasn’t right. But you see it’s not criminals, oops my apology, community leaders cause revolution and change, it’s students. Those who dedicated academic time and deserves piece of the pie and dialogue. Our community leaders didn’t saw the MP visit as an open door for dialogue, and all is not lost if our MP could revisit and good consulting establish a legacy of his and the community.
    There is a lot off to be done to change the crime situation and the Commission needs our help. Those who disagree too, are perpetuating the situation by not reporting crime to their local police station. All is not fail, the MP should revisit his local and talk with the residents. After all he is a son of the community and deserves to leave some contribution – good roads, fifteen story projects for living accommodation, some legacy, involving high educated resident in the respective field of study that associate with the project. Leave something that your name will always be utter from the mouth of all. Never forget where you came from.

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