Shiva Boys lose in protest room! ‘Naps’ awarded three points for Mason outing

Defending Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Premier Division champions Shiva Boys Hindu College tasted their first defeat of the season today—but it did not come on the field of play.

The SSFL disciplinary committee deducted three points from the “Penal Princes” after Naparima College successfully protested against Shiva Boys’ use of utility player, Kierron Mason.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 Team midfielder Kierron Mason (right) challenges Costa Rica midfielder Randall Leal (centre) during 2017 World Cup qualifying action against Costa Rica at the Estadio Nacional on 22 February 2017.
Costa Rica won 1-0.
(Copyright Straffon Images)

In a letter to the relevant schools, the SSFL Disciplinary Committee declared that: “Kierron Mason was ineligible to represent the school as a player in that game. Therefore the results of the game will overturned and Naparima College will be awarded 3 point & 3 goals.”

Shiva Boys have 72 hours to decide whether they wish to appeal. If they choose to appeal, they must pay TT$1,000 for the right to do so.

Mason, a former Naparima student and National Under-20 Team defender, debuted for Shiva Boys in their SSFL opener against his old school on 8 September. Shiva Boys won that outing 2-1 and, up until this morning, were the only Premier Division outfit with a 100 percent record after victories in all five outings.

However, Mason apparently became a Shiva Boys student just two days before the match and a SSFL notice—issued to all schools on 17 July 2017—insisted that all Form Five repeaters and Lower Six Intakes must be registered 72 hours prior to their first game.

Naparima team manager Percy Samlalsingh was wise to the infraction and told Wired868 that he lodged a protest with the match commissioner even before kick-off.

Mason only featured as a second-half substitute against Naps and it looks to have been a costly cameo for Shiva Boys.

Photo: Shiva Boys Hindu College captain Judah Garcia (second from left) celebrates with teammates after their opening goal from Junior Asson during SSFL action against Naparima College at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 8 September 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

Naparima are believed to have protested Mason’s registration as a student and as a school footballer. They won on the second count, which meant a reversal of their opening result against Shiva Boys. Had Mason also been declared improperly registered as a student, the defending champions could have been suspended from the rest of the competition, according to the SSFL Constitution.

However, Shiva Boys manager Sheldon Maharaj said the matter is not over yet.

“We will be appealing it,” Maharaj told Wired868. “We are sending in the letter to appeal in the morning.”

There is little question as to whether Mason is worth the trouble in the long run, though. Tall and tidy in possession, the versatile midfielder is Shiva Boys’ highest scorer so far this season with five goals—albeit with three items from the penalty spot.

Mason’s tally is joint level with Presentation College (San Fernando) attacker Omri Baird while only San Juan North Secondary attacker Brandon “Sprite” Semper, who has six goals this season, has scored more.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 Team defender Kierron Mason (right) keeps his eye on the ball during a practice game with St Ann’s Rangers at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Mason is a Lower Six student at Shiva Boys where he is studying Business, PE and Communications.

The SSFL’s ruling means Presentation College go to the top of the standings with 13 points while Shiva Boys drop one place to second with 12 points and Naps climb six spots to third place with 10 points.

Remarkably, the fourth-placed SSFL team, Fyzabad Secondary, is also from South Trinidad, which has dominated the Premier Division from its inception. The South Zone’s fifth and final top flight school, St Benedict’s College, is having a tougher time of things, though, as they are one place off the foot of the table at present.

Naparima and Presentation square off from 3.40pm tomorrow in a southern derby at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella while Shiva Boys travel to Bourg Mulatresse where they face San Juan North.

Photo: Naparima College winger Nikel Rawlins (right) tries to elude Shiva Boys Hindu College defender Ronald Charles during SSFL action at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 8 September 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

SSFL Premier Division fixtures

(Wednesday 27 September)

Presentation College v Naparima College, 3.40pm, Mannie Ramjohn;

St Benedict’s College v Signal Hill, 3.40pm, Barrackpore;

Fatima College v Trinity Moka, 3.40pm, Fatima;

St Mary’s College v Carapichaima East, 3.40pm, St Mary’s;

Trinity East v QRC, 3.40pm, Trincity;

St Anthony’s College v Speyside High, 3.40pm, St Anthony’s;

St Augustine Secondary v Fyzabad Secondary, 3.40pm, St Augustine;

San Juan North v Shiva Boys HC, 3.40pm, San Juan.

Photo: Naparima College coach Angus Eve (right) makes a point while Presentation College (San Fernando) coach Shawn Cooper looks on during the Big Four final at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva on 12 December 2016.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

Adjusted SSFL Standings

(Played-Won-Drew-Lost-Goals For-Goals Against-Points)

  1. Presentation         5-4-1-0-13-4-13
  2. Shiva Boys HC     5-4-0-1-14412
  3. Naparima             5-3-1-1-11-6-10
  4. Fyzabad Sec        4-3-0-1-6-4-9
  5. Fatima                  5-3-0-2-5-4-9
  6. San Juan N          5-1-4-0-13-6-7
  7. Trinity East           5-2-1-2-8-5-7
  8. St Augustine        4-2-1-1-8-6-7
  9. St Anthony’s        4-2-1-1-8-6-7
  10. Carapichaima E   5-2-1-2-7-7-7
  11. St Mary’s              4-1-2-1-8-10-5
  12. QRC                      5-1-1-3-4-10-4
  13. Speyside High     5-1-0-4-3-11-3
  14. Trinity Moka         5-1-0-4-4-163
  15. St Benedict’s       5-0-2-3-5-12-2
  16. Signal Hill            5-0-1-4-3-9-1
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  1. This only happened because of the name of the school.

  2. If Shiva Boys was one of the “prestigious

  3. I see a couple of comments here about preference being given to prestige schools… anyone remembers the 2012 South Intercol Final when Pres were leading Shiva 2-1 with 10 minutes to go and a Shiva supporter came onto the field and started fighting with the linesman and they asked for the game to be replayed… Shiva ended up winning the replay on penalties… who was on the short end of the stick wasnt it the so called prestige school?

  4. Stpzzz Naps, all yuh sad. SSFL let the ex national player play he football nah man. He attends Shiva right? I think the problem is certain schools will be granted favor because of their longstanding with SSFL. SMH SAD!!!

  5. Its not because shiva knew what they did all am saying if was d other way around Shiva would have never won that so call protest what naps say they protesting for o gosh if ah child leave naps n doh want no part to play with naps again that hurting them so

  6. Seems to be NAPS Modus Operandi…..once their rivals out do them they protest…..

  7. We living in a world of petty spineless punks who cheat and exploit kids annually and will do anything to win at all cost even if it means destroying a young man in the process . look at the examples our former so called soca warriors setting eg Sancho stern hound Angus eve a rougier l lewis

    • Something eeally wrong with Trini logic and morals yes. So lemme get this…Shiva broke the rules….but Naps wrong for pointing that out? If Naps broke rules the onus is on the other schools to point that out (the same way Naps pointed out that Shiva broke the rule).. i see nothing wrong in Naps action to warrant all this talk about trying to destroy Mason career. If anyone is trying to destroy his career is Shiva Boys …..because there are other rules they broke concerning his registration as well…..So Sosa…think before flying off the handle…and get the facts….getting facts saves you from talking nonsense

  8. I understand that Naps also does be involved in doing illegal football things themselves with respect to the players eh and Coach Angus Eve has the nerve to protest eh. Them really good yes steeuuppss

  9. Naps dont stick with the appeals at all bai lmao

  10. Lord plzzzzz i beg of u to bless my fingers make pure the comments i type …… It’s all in God’s hands ppl… The battle is not ours it’s the Lord’s for we battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers……. Lord we put this into ur hands because u are the all powerful God!!!!!! Thank u for all that you’ve done are doing and is about to do for our team…… Your will be done!!!!!!! Thank u for the titles although we ain’t see it yet thank u in advance…… Come on Antonia Christchild Johnson Carol John pray with me God knows best!!!!!

  11. This is a tradition that Principals takes these boys just to play football Check out many of their backgrounds, how could he be only doing 2 subjects, That’s a disadvantage to the young man. As a niece of mine once told me when she attended a college in East. The teacher told the class, no one is interested in how many CXC subjects you have , the school gets the glory, Its not about you (the students).So Shiva Boys actions, isn’t it familiar? where is the parents role in all this?

  12. I get an instant headache with this bs now reach home from d hospital with J’lyssa to see this oh lord what else????

  13. The bootleg Coach Angus Eve is a dutty blasted snake eh trying to destroy the youth football career eh. steeuuppss. Them really good yes,

    • Mango…how Angus becomes the focus of Shiva Boys breaking the rules? You know for a fact that the protest was raised and lodged by Angus right? Brother yall need to get facts before tarnishing people name. If u check u wld see Naps the school had Mason’s record because he was a student there before….guess where he had to go to get his transfer from? BINGO Naps….so they knew based on the time he got it that he wld not be registered 72hrs before the 1st game…..So Naps the school…not Angus raised the complaint… living in the north and know all this by just making a phone call and asking the manager of Naps…..but u wldnt do that though…..much easier to sit and blast the name of the coach who stopped you from talking to his team ent……alyuh really good yes

  14. Shiva boys knew what they did but got caught

  15. If he went naps there would be no protest he was good enough academically to go naps but not Shiva

  16. The boy turn down naps so this is what the protest is all about

  17. Well they know the so call big teams like Naps and other teams cant best them on the field so they have to find other ways for Shiva Boys to lose points

  18. Everyone needs to play by the rules as they consented to. If Naps breaks such , which is yet to be proven, they will assuredly be punished.

  19. Always have a problem with games being awarded under these technicalities.

  20. After last season, one would have expected the SSFL to do a better job of ensuring schools understood if and when a kid was eligible to play. I believe there was even a discussion of implementing a database to assist in this regard. What happened to all those plans Aaron Pollard??

  21. why does this happen so often?? do the school administrators not ensure that ALL players are sanctioned by the MoE prior to them playing for the schools??and naps just love to protest,even though they allow non-sea pupils to enrol just for playing Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Football League – SSFL and many students repeat with the concurrence of the naps hierarchy.

  22. Always want to fight down Shiva boys smfh every year so they always finding faults but that won’t hinder them they still gonna win the SSFlalways remember God give the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers?s stay prayed up shiva an show them how its done#shivatotheworld

  23. Apparently not but what is the irony of this protest is naps taking anyone in south who can play football with a boots

  24. Dion…I thought schools were learning institutions but like nobody learn anything from last year.. ..Eh…

  25. They done start the protesting shit

  26. They too nasty last year when pres played a player n naps n shiva protest naps win d protest n not shiva y n naps end up back in d big four ,,this is madness

  27. And so it begins….so Mason only doing 2 subjects at A levels in Shiva? Communications is a compulsory subject so it means he only really doing Business and PE at Lower 6. I smell another protest coming

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