Blame Carmona not Kriyaan! Fixin’ T&T knocks T&T President’s behaviour

Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona, according to civic watch group Fixin T&T, is consistently exploiting the country’s lack of accountability and consequence.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona is snapped before a meeting with China President Xi Jingping in Port of Spain on 2 June 2013. (Copyright Frederic Dubray/AFP 2016/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona is snapped before a meeting with China President Xi Jingping in Port of Spain on 2 June 2013.
(Copyright Frederic Dubray/AFP 2016/Wired868)

Fixin’ T&T, which is headed by local businessman Kirk Waithe, slammed Carmona’s “reckless” of appointment of Dr Kriyaan Singh as a temporary Independent Senator and also pointed fingers at several of the President’s decisions over the years, including his acceptance of a TT$28,000 per month housing allowance despite already being accommodated at taxpayers’ expense and his apparent delay in initiating investigations into former FIFA vice-president and National Security Minister Jack Warner after a request by the Ken Gordon-led Integrity Commission.

The following is the full press release:

FIXIN’ T&T wishes to make it clear that while we find many of  Dr Kriyaan Singh’s online posts and comments to be highly offensive, like every other citizen, Dr Singh enjoys the constitutional and fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression within the confines of the law.

A right we must all jealously guard and vigorously protect. Also, we recognise the fact that Dr Singh did not assign himself a seat on the Independent Bench in our Parliament.

Photo: Temporary Independent Senator Dr Kriyaan Singh.
Photo: Temporary Independent Senator Dr Kriyaan Singh.

Our problem therefore, lies squarely with President Anthony Carmona, whose competence and judgement we continue to question and who, yet again, has underscored the dire need for amendments to our Constitution which will make accountability and consequence applicable to the President and the Office of the President.

As of now there appears to be neither and this seems to be consistently exploited by our sitting President.

In addition to the recklessness of his most recent appointment to the Independent Bench:

1.  President Carmona has brazenly, publicly and dangerously described views expressed by others, which were not perfectly aligned to his, as ‘donkey cart interpretations’ and ‘rum shop logic’.

2.  President Carmona is yet to answer and take responsibility for the $28,000.00 per month housing allowance he received while being afforded accommodation at taxpayers’ expense.

3.  Page 44 of the 2015 Auditor General Report, under the title of ‘President-Expenditure Control’, speaks to “85 instances of incorrect classification of expenditure totalling $2,685,236.90 in contravention of Financial Regulation 65 which stipulates that a vote may not be applied to a purpose for which it was not intended.”

Photo: Then Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) and her National Security Minister Jack Warner during the 2010 Under-17 Women's World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Then Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) and her National Security Minister Jack Warner during the 2010 Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

4.  President Carmona took approximately 14 months to accede to the Ken Gordon-led Integrity Commission’s request for a Tribunal to investigate Mr Jack Warner.

5.  More than two weeks have elapsed since the Strategic Services (Amendment) Bill, 2016 was passed and to date has not been assented to by President Carmona.

While we appreciate that no timelines are specified for the President to act with respect to appointing a Tribunal and assenting to laws passed in our Parliament, delayed action without explanation is untenable and in our view an abuse of power. We are left to wonder how much more is sitting on President Carmona’s desk awaiting action ‘at his discretion’.

No public office or office holder in our land, including the likes of the President and Chief Justice, must be allowed to function only as it, he or she deems necessary and/or appropriate with impunity.

Accountability and consequence must be applicable to all.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona. (Copyright
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona.
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Fixin TT
Fixin T&T's mission is the realization of good governance to achieve healthy, holistic, and fulfilling lifestyles for all citizens through the study, promotion, and furtherance of strong democratic institutions; sound infrastructure; integrity in public and corporate affairs; and a culture of respect by all for the laws and regulations of the country to create a safe, secure, efficient and productive Trinidad & Tobago.

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  2. something so wrong with this Mr president..

  3. you also need to blame Kriyaan because he was the one that made the statement despite President Carmona choose him

  4. First president to show bias so blatant

  5. The man’s attitude is disgusting. Look at that beaver face. It’s all about spitefulness and wickedness. 1, keeping the senator in the senate despite all the facts on him and 2. Not giving assent to the SSA Bill, three wks after. I despise this man.

  6. Mr Powers really powerful yes.

  7. Jimi Jorsling, Mr Carmona will do very well having accepted (or maybe ‘requested’?) the Presidency. He will receive two pensions – one from the judiciary and the other his full Presidential salary — for life.

  8. Anybody ever wonder why the Mr Carmona turned down the appointment to the international criminal court or why he didn’t challenge Ms price in court ? One good day the truth will come out .

  9. President Carmona is a UNC President – so I’m not surprised that we have a UNC ‘Independent’ Senator. By the way, the President did not “accept” the housing allowance. He requested it!

  10. In the President’s speech I believe he mentioned something about the Panchayat System, I hope this system also applies to the controversies arising out of his appointments of Independent Senators.

  11. Trinidad and Tobago is full of double standard

  12. did he approve the board for ema yet?

  13. I myself am torn over whether I think Carmona’s decisions are masterfully sinister or frighteningly incompetent.

  14. I never realised President Powers was slow on the draw with Jack Warner. Now I’m trying to find out if he waited until after Kamla sacked Jack to make the move. Or if there was another reason for his tardiness.

    • Ok. The initial request to investigate Jack Warner appeared to have been made after his resignation. Although that in itself seems extraordinary.
      What do you have to do for the police to pay you any mind in this country when you have a couple mil in the bank?!

  15. Finally some well focused outrage, now we’re cooking with gas!

  16. Please be reminded that Carmona was the judge when Jack Warner financed the legal submissions to free Panday from jail and JW went on to control the UNC. JW was still in control of the UNC when Carmona was appointed. The passage of legislation meant to assist in the prosecution of criminal activity was supported by an independent senator whose appointment was revoked and another senator appointed. It would appear here that what is at stake is a legislative agenda aimed at prosecuting criminal activity and curiously the President does not appear to be in support of a legislative agenda that might assist in convicting persons implicated in ongoing criminal investigations.

  17. Rum shop logic appointment. But my opinion might be a donkey cart assessment. ??

  18. Joey Richardson it’s $28,000 per month, as Jimi said, and please note it is TAX FREE! Unfortunately Jimi Jorsling the ‘legal minds’ and the wider public don’t have the details. Only the members of the Salaries Review Commission, the CPO and the President were involved. (Please note further that the members of the Salaries Review Commission are appointed, and disappointed (!) by the President. Nice eh???

  19. $28000 I think . I notice no legal mind is speaking out as to if this is wrong and what action should be taken . Strange Eh ?

  20. I have one question is he still getting the $26000 house allowance that PNM spoke about while in opposition

  21. Ohhh boy, that thing right there…..

  22. Betting a “Twenny” that Prez. Tony will find an opportunity to make a snarky remark in response to the groundswell of disapproval of that Kriyaan Singh appointment goof

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