Bwdma… Who running T&TEC? Pinky and the Brain?!

EPL Infrafred Sauna

What did Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her PP gang really leave in the Treasury? Two shillings and a pack of chewing gum?

Photo: I solemnly swear... It was three packs of gum! (Courtesy
Photo: I solemnly swear… It was three packs of gum!

Forget VAT, speed guns and online shopping tax, Trinidad and Tobago can have deeper problems if these electricity black-outs continue. And the only excuse Mr Live Wire has not heard yet from the Government yet is that one of the two rats on the generator treadmill took sick leave.

Take it down and get back to work, Brain!

Is Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley keeping something from us to avoid panic? Or did Trinidad and Tobago lose its utilities to Guyana in a whapee game?

Somebody get Minister of Public Utilities Brigadier Ancil Antoine in front of a television camera, sharpish!

Colm Imbert better be monitoring Anil Roberts’ credit card spending too; not just trying to find out how much Mr Live Wire pay for the drawers he bought on Amazon last week!

Photo: I ent working another day until I talk to my union leader! (Copyright Pinky and the Brain)
Photo: I ent working another day until I talk to my union leader!
(Copyright Pinky and the Brain)
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  1. she leave the same amount as Manning and the prophetess.

  2. Please don’t insult Pinky and the Brain.

  3. Shoulda choose Ren and Stimpy as comparisons instead. Did you know that Pinky was actually the genius and Brain the one insane? Think about it. Every time Brain came up with a plan, Pinky tells him whats wrong with it and it would fail, then it does just as Pinky said. Also, looks at the definition of insanity. “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  4. She left plenty less! No comparison.

  5. They just crashed my tv on Wed I think this week, it went with the outage, and never came back on, nothing was wrong with my tv. Not the first time they damaged my appliances.

  6. If he could find the Union leader…lol

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