Who ordered a “Big Mac” in Lent?! “Rottweiler” tries to steal the spotlight from the “Black Panther”

EPL Infrafred Sauna

If Marlene McDonald is Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s answer, then what the hell is the question?

On Thursday 1 March, Keithos made a surprise move to steal the spotlight from the “Black Panther” as he announced his endorsement of Marlene III—despite the fact that Marlene I was about as welcomed as food poisoning and Marlene II was so farcical that even he walked out after the opening credits.

So barely a week after the Police eliminated “Christmas”, the Prime Minister indulges his unhealthy and unfathomable craving for a “Big Mac” in the middle of Lent.

Photo: Mr Live Wire was unreliably informed that, just to be safe, Cedric Burke (centre) made sure to keep his hand firmly on his OWN wallet!

Marlene’s new appointment as Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Communications brought two things to mind. First, Keithos should really consider seeing new people, if he considers the likes of Marlene and Darryl Smith to be so indispensable. And, two, whatever is Cedric “Godfather Burkie” Burke going to wear?

After weeks of haranguing the Opposition into supporting the Anti-Gang Legislation, Rowley then swears in his only MP who has been publicly linked to an alleged underworld figure.

What is the point of campaigning for ‘hot spot’ residents to “snitch” on gang members when alleged criminals can get politicians to hop and skip faster than most citizens can get a police officer to pick up the phone?

Well, Marlene it is anyway. And, unless Maxie Cuffie is on a steady diet of vibranium herb, it seems inevitable that the POS South MP will eventually inherit the portfolio of the ailing minister.

Are we being too harsh on Keithos?

Mr Live Wire tries to step into some prime ministerial shoes.

Scenario: You are the leader of a developing nation who is struggling to curb violent crime, shake off the stigma of corruption and prove to naysayers that the “Rottweiler” is hotter than the “Black Panther” on any damn day of the week.

Photo: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley enjoys an exchange with the media.
(Courtesy Jyoti Communication)

A Cabinet position becomes available and you have three MPs without substantial portfolios. Which of the following three do you hire?:

(a) D’Abadie/O’Meara MP and Retired Brigadier General Ancil Antoine: a hero of the 1990 attempted coup when he led troops into action against Jamaat Al-Muslimeen forces in Port-of-Spain, and a former deputy general of the Inter-American Defense Board;

(b) Laventille East/Morvant MP and businessman Adrian Leonce: a 38-year-old neophyte, born and bred in an oft maligned hotspot, with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering;

(c) Port-of-Spain South MP Marlene McDonald: whom you sacked twice before because of question marks over her integrity and because she showed up at a swearing-in ceremony with an alleged member of the criminal underworld.

Well, duh…

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  1. Clearly people don’t like to read the truth. Continue to do your thing buddy, i will continue to read and enjoy it. People have to learn to respect other peoples opinion.

  2. Ah Red and Ready….!!

    Ah guh take Mih Big Mac with Ferries…!!

    60 Years Ah Vote PNM …!!

    Mih house Nice…!!

    Ah Have ah Nice Job…!!

    Mih Community Leaders Have Mih Community Safe… !!!

    Ah living Good….!!

    Ah will Always be Red n Ready…!!

    We in Charge Now…!!

    Get Used to it…!!

    We Red n Ready…!!!

    Deal with it..!!

    This is PNM Country…!!

    Put dat in yuh pipe n smoke it…!!

  3. All I want to know is what secret Marlene holding for the P/M,

  4. when alluh cud see beyond race and party that will be a new day,right now is a mockery on the westminister system,when u can hire and fire ,hire and fire and rehire a minister

  5. Look how long the UNC recycling one set of old thieves and their supporters mouth close

  6. U do it as a Boss Sir let them eat their hateful heart out.

  7. Damian Freeze and Lionel Seeraram – why you so stupid and feel only you two can show your personal prejudices. Let others express themselves – you are not the society police.

  8. Marlene marlene marlene… who cares.. CALL D BYE ELECTION FOR LA HORQUETTA/ TALPATO.. and come clean on maxxie cuffie status and monies spent on him

  9. Once again total disrespect to people of African descent.

  10. I’ll just rest this here for no particular reason at all..

  11. That logic is only applicable if each misstep is treated as a first. I guess the Mac gets a 3rd chance to make a 2nd mistake or is it a 2nd chance to make a 3rd one? Either way… ?? #ThreeStrikes

  12. Everybody deserves a second chance, says Rowley… After giving Marlene a THIRD chance. Lol. Trinidad sweet.

  13. In case you all missed it: A University in Australia is conducting an experiment as to whether donkeys, asses, monkeys are capable of doing the same as humans. Hence the return of the PNM party. Due to the slow learning process the experiment is going to take another 2yrs and possible a lifetime to determine the result.

  14. Still try something than noting god will always bless him and keep him safe amen

  15. Them UNC have short pants they for get everything they do what a shame

  16. The people vote for Marlene snd they will vote for again and again. Eat all yuh heart out.Good decision.Prime Ministet

  17. Of all the person’s he could chose is a recycled has-been with a corrupt past. I guess these are the only kind of people who might have some sort respect for him. That’s saying a lot about our PM.

  18. It’s not over till the fat Lady sings .show them pm that your the man

  19. Wired 868….do you want to be taken seriously? The Big Mac input into your reporting shows a lack of maturity and consideration for persons who might be in a different weight class to the average persons in society. It shows a lack of imagination when the catch phrase for your article deals with someone’s weight. Good reporting is unbiased and void of name calling. Increase your argument….

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