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Gymnastics Federation axes Thema on eve of Rio event; TTGF flies in Marisa Dick

Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams’ dream of representing her country are now in the hands of her attorneys, after the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation (TTGF) removed her as the country’s athlete for the 2016 Rio Olympics Test event with just hours to go.

Photo: Thema Williams of Trinidad And Tobago competes on the uneven bars during the 2015 World Gymnastics Championship in Glasgow, Scotland, on 23 October 2015. (Copyright AFP 2016/Andy Buchanan)
Photo: Thema Williams of Trinidad And Tobago competes on the uneven bars during the 2015 World Gymnastics Championship in Glasgow, Scotland, on 23 October 2015.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Andy Buchanan)

The TTGF decision, which was revealed via a press statement, was allegedly taken as a result of  the 20-year-old Williams’ supposedly substandard performances in training.

Marisa Dick, the TTGF’s alternative, will fly in to Rio to take her place. TTGF second vice-president Ricardo Lue Shue, who is also a former president of the local body, will also travel to Brazil to act as Dick’s coach.

Williams, who is represented by attorney Keith Scotland and also receives legal advice from Emir Crowne, has until this evening to try to overturn the TTGF’s decision.

Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) president Brian Lewis told Wired868 that he was informed of the TTGF’s decision via an email, which he forwarded to the sporting body’s attorney.

However, he is unsure as to what—if anything—the TTOC can do now. Lewis said the matter appears to be between the TTGF and its global governing body, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). The TTOC will not comment further without legal advice.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick competes at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games. Dick placed 14th with a total of 51.25. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Marisa Dick competes at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.
Dick placed 14th with a total of 51.25.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

“I have received information but, to be very candid, I am not commenting,” Lewis told Wired868. “I am making no statement until I am properly legally advised. From what I am seeing, it is between the FIG and the TTGF…

“When deemed appropriate by legal counsel, the TTOC will make a statement.”

So far, calls to TTGF president David Marquez and general secretary Elicia Peters Charles have gone unanswered.

The TTGF decision is likely to be seen by many as a late twist in a battle between Williams and the board, which arguably started on the day that she qualified for the Olympics Test Event.

Williams and Dick both participated at last year’s Glasgow World Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Championships and, according to their pre-tournament contracts, the better gymnast at the event would go to Rio.

Williams placed 59th overall—a record for a Trinidad and Tobago gymnast—while Dick placed 77th out of 192 participants.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams performs a handstand at John Geddert's Twistars Gymnastics Club in Michigan. (Courtesy Thema Williams)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams performs a handstand at John Geddert’s Twistars Gymnastics Club in Michigan.
(Courtesy Thema Williams)

But Williams’ triumph was quickly soured as the TTGF inexplicably failed to announce her as their Olympic athlete. In the end, it took an intervention from the TTOC before the gymnastics body  vouched for the former Tots and Tumblers athlete and St Joseph’s Convent (Port of Spain) student.

However, there was a caveat as the local gymnastics body gave Williams and Dick pre-Olympic contracts, which introduced a good behaviour clause and suggested that the former could be replaced for poor performance leading up the competition.

The TTGF tried to use the behavioural clause first, as a topless photo of Williams was released by a mysterious “Kamara Heinz” on February 23 and the local body promptly sent her to the disciplinary committee for action.

Scotland subsequently said his investigations suggestions that Kamara Heinz did not exist.

“As part of our due diligence, your first port of call must be to identify your complainant, because what triggered all of this was an email from this concerned parent,” said Scotland. “We checked with every single (gymnastics) club in Trinidad and Tobago and there was no ‘Georgette Heinz’. We then looked at the white pages. There was no one…

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation second vice president and former president Ricardo Lue Shue (left) shakes hands with SPORTT Company official Anthony Creed. Lue Shue will act as Marisa Dick's coach in Brazil. (Courtesy SPORTT)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation second vice president and former president Ricardo Lue Shue (left) shakes hands with SPORTT Company official Anthony Creed.
Lue Shue will act as Marisa Dick’s coach in Brazil.
(Courtesy SPORTT)

“We checked the electoral list and the EBC database. (And still nothing).

“We checked the email address. And what we do know (is the email address) was assigned to someone in Arizona.

“When we reached Arizona, we stopped there. We didn’t want to go any further lest we ended up in Calgary…”

Williams’ coach, John Geddert, was incredulous: “In today’s world of national team athletes posing full nudity in major publications, was this photo of an exposed shoulder seriously considered “pornography?”

If the photograph was an attempt to snatch Williams’ Olympics Test berth, it backfired as another anonymous poster fired back by leaking a topless shot of Dick.

Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader and trade unionist, David Abdulah, who the TTGF brought in to serve as a mediator, hinted that Williams had been improperly sent to the disciplinary committee in the first place.

Photo: Well known Trinidad and Tobago personalities Nikki Crosby, Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez, Penelope Spencer, Maylee Attin-Johnson, DJ Dani, Crystal Cunningham and Sophie KMW pose topless in support of Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams. (Copyright Gary Jordan)
Photo: Well known Trinidad and Tobago personalities Nikki Crosby, Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez, Penelope Spencer, Maylee Attin-Johnson, DJ Dani, Crystal Cunningham and Sophie KMW pose topless in support of Trinidad and Tobago gymnast Thema Williams.
(Copyright Gary Jordan)

“There was just one disciplinary meeting (with the TTGF) and the recommendation was made to refer the matter back to the council,” Abdulah told Wired868. “I have not heard anything since, so it is really for the council to say what they were doing.”

On 15 March 2016, just one day before the deadline to name an athlete for the Rio event, the TTGF finally endorsed Williams.

“Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation has officially confirmed Ms Thema Williams (as per the press release of November 2015),” stated the TTGF release, “the FIG Elite Gymnast to participate and represent Trinidad and Tobago at the Aquece Final Gymnastics Qualifier which takes place 13 to 18 April 2016.”

However, the TTGF still insisted that it had the option to remove Williams if there was an issue regarding her fitness.

“In accordance with the athlete agreement, both gymnasts must submit a medical report/clearance to compete, in the weeks leading up to the Test Event—to ensure their continued fitness,” stated the TTGF, on March 15. “In his 2016 January to March monthly reports, Williams’ coach John Geddert advised the Federation that the young gymnast has not yet been able to train landings because of a knee injury.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago international gymnast Thema Williams. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago international gymnast Thema Williams.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

This situation will be monitored closely to ensure that Thema will be competition ready for her Test Event.

“The TTGF congratulates Thema Williams and wishes her continued success.”

Williams landed in Brazil earlier this week looking forward to fulfilling her dream of wearing red, black and white at the Olympic Games.

Yesterday, Williams made one post on her Twitter page: “Who Jah bless, no man curse.”

And, on a black backdrop, the words “Jah put me here” were printed in bold white letters.

God giveth. But, for reasons that remain unclear, the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation took it away.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation officials (from right) Ricardo Lue Shue, Elicia Peters-Charles and David Marquez pose with Sport Minister Darryl Smith (second from right). (Courtesy SPORTT)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation officials (from right) Ricardo Lue Shue, Elicia Peters-Charles and David Marquez pose with Sport Minister Darryl Smith (second from right).
(Courtesy SPORTT)

The Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation comprises of president David Marquez, general secretary Elicia Peters-Charles, first vice president Akil Wattley, second vice president, Ricardo Lue Shue—who was president of the body from 2008 to 2015 and will serve as Dick’s coach in Brazil—treasurer Susanne Babooram and Lue Shue’s wife, Donna Lue Shue, who serves as assistant treasurer.

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. What’s going on! This affair is so smelly .Will someone come clean and lay the facts bare.Another sporting conspiracy.Oh the games people play now. The mess keeps hitting the fan.Everybody in T&T has an axe to GRIND.They’ll grind sports to powder..*+

  2. If Marisa is really as good as TTGF say she then good. If she is not then they are racist.. I have never known the two to compete in a manner to determine that Marisa is better than Thema and vice versa..

  3. It’s a sad day in T&T, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When the chronology of events are looked at closely, it is most obvious that the plan from the start was to put Dick at all cost. It would be nice to know what it is about Tamar that the members of the board do not like. I really hope it is not her complexion. Tamar pic was done before the signing with the clause, Dick pic was after and showed more nudity yet the board never put her before the disciplinary committee. If Williams is still injured why did the fly her to Brazil, and how did Dick get there so fast. So many unanswered questions.

  4. Things like these will only cease to exist when we all realize and more importantly, ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING about the fact that individuals & groups of individuals with elitist mentalities & agendas manipulate & corrupt almost EVERY sphere of society in much of the Caribbean, & ESPECIALLY here in Trinidad. Business, Politics, Sports, Culture, Arts & Entertainment, Education…you name it, there is some elitist entity either controlling or seeking to control & manipulate for reasons that have absolutely NOTHING to do with fairness, equity, decency or what is right for the greater good of as many as possible.

  5. Let us ask some straight questions! What’s yours? 1) When was a travel booking made for the replacement? 2) Where is the coach’s report that is being used as the basis for dropping the young lady? 3) Where are the records of the meeting at which the decision was taken to send a replacement?………………………………….

  6. Well if they want to bring up sub par performance let talk about Marisa’s last competition……in March…the International Gymnix, where Marisa competed and results not great, and all around performance score…..places her in the 200’s this calendar year, results are easy to find they are posted, as are the video’s she barely scored above 50, and she wasn’t even competing in the Elite Event at Gymnix…….so how can a be ready?

    • Marisa was scheduled to compete for Ortona Gymnastics Club as a JO Level 10 at the Alberta Provincials in Fort McMurray on April 16th, Saturday at 8am. But scratched. Did she know she was going to Brazil ahead of time? If she actually was in Fort McMurray Saturday, how could she even arrive in Brazil by her reported arrival time of 9am Sunday March 17th?

  7. Go paul luck is not see paul luck! Your name don’t have chee or trump it was a silly mistake but thats life we have to live with it and move on…maybe she’s not mentally prepared cause there will be ppl be set to embarrass her there…

  8. The stone the builder rejected becomes the corner stone hmm they are making a mockery out of this poor young lady with such a bright future.

  9. Maybe it is time for her to defect and fly under another country’s flag. They are doing all they can to discredit her. Forget TT Thema, those who should be helping you do not appreciate you, but most of us do. Keep your head up, God works out everything.

  10. Not much of a sports fan but following this story it seems that it was always their plan to put the other girl to compete. we will see how high she places.

  11. From this moment forward, having a legal team has to be the norm for ‘all’ T&T sportsmen and women because these so-called officials in T&T sporting organizations are incompetent and grossly ineffective decision makers. Basic tried and proven decision making processes are sullied by favoritism and conscientious stupidity in these T&T sporting organizations. It’s sickening…

  12. The crooks in full effect, the Lue shues and Marquez!! Come for me nah ya damn nasty people

  13. Something isn’t right. They moving like the Miss World pageant committee. We say we will send you but we really prefer this one.

  14. Might I suggest we lit their fb page up? I already left a comment there

  15. Attorney’s docs now public!

  16. I hope the replacement was legitimate and done with proper protocol. I would be pissed if Thema’s coach and Thema were not involved in the decision process.

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  20. This is a joke right? This is satire. I did not read the article.

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  22. Even if she is allowed to this whole debacle must have taken a toll on her mentally

  23. TV6 News and a Brazilian doctor say differently and it is reported Thema’s lawyer is at this time still advocating on her behalf …. waaaii

  24. Cheryl that’s a poor statement to make to wish Dick not to medal because of Thema’s issue with the organisation. Ridiculous … remember who your argument is with

  25. Well from the video posted Thema wasn’t going to the Olympics either with that performance

  26. her coach has no reason to lie about the reason she fell 6 times other than to protect her and her interest… so truth is probably she fell 10 times and at some point he will have to tell cause tomorrow it would have been on everyone TV screen and then TTGF rightfully would ask him why he made no mention of it…

  27. It still is immoral…. Trinidad and Tobago should have no representative rather than this furor and you know what is nice and poetic Dick will not medal …. Just using T&T to further own personal ambitions

  28. The bad part for the TTGF is that after all that crap no one will believe them especially when Thema will continue to insist that she could have done it…. i knew of the injury a few months back, but clearly she did not recover from it as hoped…

  29. Yep. She can barely land on her right foot

  30. And that video was posted early February…

  31. Wow looking at this it seems she is in real pain.

  32. If she was still performing this badly I understand replacing her http://youtu.be/nCf6_8Fldn0

  33. The real issue here is the TTGF’s credibility……..they have none!

  34. Im the VP on endurance sport NF, and as Race Director i have already threatened people that were totally exhausted but did not want to retire, that i will disqualify them from the Race and as RD i have the right to do so for medical reasons.

  35. But then again. Some people will let only see what they watch to see eh. Very unfortunate if she was indeed concealing the fact that she’s injured though

  36. because he send the mail yesterday… they met last night and there is a lil delay until it hits FB

  37. something smelling FIFAish if those events were true why will she need a lawyer and how come it is only now after the fact and people’s reacton that these facts are being released … FIFA FIFA

    • Cheryl see my replies to Nicole but as far as i can see: at the time, she can no longer suppress the pain she should long already have stepped back… but what would you be willing to sacrifice and fight for to make it to the olympics?

    • You might even try the legal route; whether you have grounds or not

    • Andreas Stueven really … If her injury is a fact how come she had to have a lawyer involved and you reasoned all kinds of lettered impossibilities before this …. Is best T&T is not represented at the Olympic than Marisa and her cohorts ride Thema’s back..

    • CherylGibson she retained the lawyer from the original fiasco. And I dunno her, never met her, she never live in mih house. So I ain’t gonna be so brave and she she won’t retain him again with no grounds. But you feel free to go brave

    • Actually re-reading the article it says nowhere that council is currently pursuing this… he is being quoted about the email incident… it says nowhere that he is onto this…

  38. Well. Somebody asked for the coach’s words unfiltered. Let the chips fall where they may

  39. i doh even want to chek meh blood pressure!! smh

  40. And why would Thema need a lawyer for an injury? LOL

  41. How come we didn’t hear about this injury before?

    Dear Members of the Media:
    Early this morning, The Trinidad & Tobago Gymnastics Federation made an emergency decision to pull Ms Thema Williams from the test event in Rio due to an injury. Williams will be replaced by alternate Marisa Dick, effectively immediately.
    According to Coach John Gedderd , “Thema has been nursing an injured ankle and has limited all pounding and landings for over the past week. He went on to state that unfortunately she fell 6 times out of three events on podium training and has since showed no signs of recovery. We are sincerely concerned for her health and cannot risk further injury.
    Dick, the alternate, is making her way to Rio to represent Trinidad and Tobago.
    “We have confidence that Marisa will represent Trinidad and Tobago well on the international stage. While we are saddened, we wish Thema a speedy recovery and Marisa will do her best on such short notice,” said the TTGF president David Marquez.
    Dick along with Williams, both represented Trinidad and Tobago at the World Championship in Scotland and both girls acquired the score to the Test Event.
    We wish Thema a speedy recovery and best of luck to Marisa!
    Warm Regards,
    Donna Lue Shue

    From: John Geddert
    Date: April 15, 2016 at 7:24:59 PM AST
    To: Frances Dow , Carynn C
    Subject: Re: Hi John
    Please pass on to whoever is interested. I thought Nicole was delivering the updates but these are posts from my Facebook page.
    Day one of the Test event in Rio almost complete (a Padron family reserve on Baja beach will cap it off). First impression…. There is a heap load of “we will not be ready in time” around here. Infrastructure (roads) is the main concern but it seems venues are incomplete also … 3 months out! But it is 85! Rumors are that Brazil looks incredible and is sure to advance. Romania will have to get by on guts and tradition (and let’s hope they do)… More later as I am being distracted by a quarter moon over the ocean
    Day 2 complete: training went well today with Thema doing some good work on beam and bars. Her foot seems to be a bit tender so we are limiting the pounding. Podium tomorrow (basically the dress rehearsal for the big show Sunday). Numbers indicate that most athletes should advance (but it ain’t over til it’s over. But then again what is “most”. I’d rather not be a part of the ” al-most ” group. Right now all sights are on doing whatever it takes to advance.
    Saw Germany and Korea today and both were doing good stuff. Korea was a bit inconsistent but who knows what that means. US men are well represented with John Orozco and Jake Dalton (ladies sigh).
    Got a glimpse of the incomplete gym arena (isn’t the purpose of a test event to do a dry run at the official venue?). Someone joked that they forgot to put doors in that are big enough to get the mats through… Had to be joking right ?
    As bad as the traffic is (45 minutes to one hour to go 5km) the smog is worse. There is a constant haze covering what I know to be gorgeous mountains in the distance.
    Day 3 note so Rosie! Thema forgot to inform me h
    That she was headed to the bus… I waited for her at the hotel… Search until I missed the last possible bus and then grabbed a cab …. Worried about where she could be. She didn’t answer texts, calls or Facebook. Ugh! But we move on.
    Podium was a disaster with 6 falls on 3 events. She has been dealing with a sore ankle to the point that I asked her to withdraw last week. She assured me she can do this. We have been limiting all pounding and landings yet today she showed little signs of being able to perform well. We will rest tomorrow and rely on heart .
    I will be constantly checking with my sources as to whether or not there are any scratches because at last report 1-2 athletes may not advance.
    Goodly a Bree report tomorrow

  43. Just disgusting. I hope she goes on to represent another country and gets gold because we sure don’t known how to appreciate our talent and treat them with respect . Field athletes cricketers gymnast…..

  44. Didn’t the Minister of Sports also give money for Thema this week?

  45. Never ever felt the matter was settled. Praying for Thema and hoping she and her family get some sort of justice out of this.. Is their a single sports association that has their act together in the entire country? Maybe Hockey or Netball? Wow!

  46. teh order of sporting decisions works as follows: if a athlete has a apeal to a referee: apeal to competiton Jury, denied, apeal to NF, denied, apeal to IF, denied, Apeal to CAS, suposedly final… but not necessarily anymore…

  47. Something smelling like FIFA here!

    • Well FIFA would be considered the IF for Football, however they are emebedded diffrerently into IOC due to the Power of the WC…

    • Andreas Stueven I not so bright my alphabet is real bad so words certainly will make more sense to me…. If something is rotten it is rotten and this entire fiasco is rotten….. So if the country says we do not want her to represent us what then

    • Sorry IF is international Federation … the thing is a sports federation has to make rules to decide who is the best athlete. in some it is easy to do cause it is the first at the finish line. in others it is more complicated because taste and perception may flaw a fair result… it the case of Thema: the TTGF has laid out rules as early as beginning of last year and seems now hell bend to change those rules because the “wrong” person won… this is not a case of what the country wants, this is about the best athlete has to represent the country choosen by the rules that the responsible body has outlined…

  48. If it was not clear before its clear now ,somebody or bodies have an agenda. I hope that they are not allowed to get away with it.

  49. And IF is the International Federation, that would be the body upholding rules for a specific sport, especially if it is a olympic sport, contrary to what people may believe, but neither TTOC or IOC has significant influence on the sporting decissions of a NF, the IF has a lot though, they can actually over rule before it goes to CAS..

  50. a German court has over ruled one of its rulings lately claiming bias towards sports bodies as they mainly influence it constitution… Lasana maybe you want to repost that link of yours…

  51. Total bias but best of luck to the ladies in future endeavours.

  52. Cas is the court of abitration in Sports it is seated in Lausanne Switzerland…

  53. Court of Arbitration for Sport

  54. This was always the agenda. They tried it with the nude shots, but that didn’t work cause her replacement Also had a topless shot. Now this

  55. Lasana Liburd i think its worth a while to find out when tickets were bought…

  56. The IF has a lot of power over the NF…. and with CAS being looked at as biased, they will not want to enforce that perception…

  57. Cheryl and Mark aside from too late that would be the wrong petition anyways. What Trinbago wants has no bearing here, the outlined qualification criteria, that TTGF seems to continuously violate, have…

  58. That’s what the federation planned on…a last minute switch so even legal action won’t makes sense…

  59. so when are we starting the petition …. Trinbago does not want to be represented by Marisa Dick !!!

  60. Minister of sport has no balls!! Call him out nah!!

  61. I hope she sues the life out of them and this doesn’t put ms Dick in a good light either. Hope she gets the support she needs…

  62. What the jiggery-pokrry I really reading here? Madness! !?!

  63. What rubbish is this?,she done reach and set up…..so what just stop AND fly in someone else?,WTF Is going on here. If she wasn’t good enough why do allllll this? Utter rubbish….

  64. Who the hell are these people..could i get their names …am ashamed …i feel the pain of such nasty tactics

  65. I really hope for their sake this is not true!!

  66. Thema Williams’s alleged substandard performance Clears the way for Dick to be pushed in.

  67. Subpar performances ? Even if it’s tru U guys are responsible for that!!! Putting her thru an emotional roller coaster for mths before she knew her fate over a topless pic a pic that resembled a lot of other female athletes in her field (correct me if I’m wrong both before and during their representing their country ) so if there is anyone that deserved to be disqualified and fired from their jobs it’s u TTGF fmc!!!!

  68. And TTGF second vice-president Ricardo Lue Shue hopes there will be no CumMeant.

  69. This is beyond ridiculous. And then is a whole lot of boo-hooing when T&T’s top athletes go on to represent other countries.

  70. WTA this was their intentions all along. They waited until the commotion died down. Wow

  71. What’s wrong with these people.

  72. Leslie-Ann Boisselle story doesnt finish

  73. the Best i can tell Thema is leave them be! Go get yuh education!! and Participate in NCAA Gymnastic competition as they have..if u win ..more leverage you have etc..also!!! and Switch!! cause if you do very very good and you up there some years now..America will come calling for you to Join there Team!! the TTGF eh deserve you!! ..let them destroy the sport and there own career down here!!! ….is my best advice!!

  74. These bias people always finding fault they better put her back…

  75. These people are the nastiest I’ve ever come across. Like cesspool, shit stain nasty. They make ISIS look like a baby christening, not even Osama Bin Laden had he been alive would send his daughter to these people because they’re so nasty. I rather go to the beetham landfill for breakfast then take an afternoon nap and play with corbeau than to break bread with the TTGF.

  76. That was plan don’t care what nobody say.

  77. Nah!!! They not fucking serious! This for real?!?!

  78. this is some crazy crap. I have NEVER heard of anything like this anywhere else during an Olympic year.

  79. I got the impression this would be the outcome from the onset of the TTGF delays in announcing Williams as the candidate. Unfortunately, I am not shocked or surprised.

  80. Why two ah dem cyah go though?

  81. So Marisa flys directly to Rio avoiding questions by the T&T media and other interested observers while Thema remains behind.
    This smells like a setup….a well planned and executed one.

  82. Gerard, in the world of prejudice, reasons can be found later

  83. This is just too weird to not make sense…there must be another side to this strange about-face – says he hopefully, if not heads will roll.

    • Coach was not happy with her dry run performance. Included that in his report. Instead of receiving support, she was removed. Try to imagine the mental pressure this girl was under. One crack, one slip is all they needed and she knew it.

  84. Ah goh March fuh this inno… this…

  85. They never had any intention of ending her. Their last plan did not work so they come up with this. The TTOC should cease funding of this country club.

  86. Thema got this covered…….lawyer up and take their asses to court!

  87. Dear Thema,

    While I empathize with the unfair treatment you have been receiving it’s clear that the TTGF doesn’t want you to represent TnT. I’ve learnt that sometimes God gives us difficult battles to take us to better.
    Try to see what he’s showing you and like the Phoenix rise strong again. You are an African and your ancestors are proud. Tell the TTGF htmc.

  88. That’s why she should go where her talent is appreciated TTGF you guys are such a disgrace

  89. Yet another disgrace. These people will destroy this young lady.

  90. So how we know Dick will will be “good in training “?

  91. ..What will the MOS say/do? This was clearly always the intention..

  92. People begging for a good bullpistle cutass. Smh

  93. But what can be done Lasana Liburd>>>????

  94. Was hoping this was satire. The whole thing has taken on an ominous anti athletic vibe and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was planned in advance to go down this way. Lull the public, then strike! Thema girl move on to bigger things.

  95. Un………believable. is there any sport body that operates decently? Cricket and now TTGF!

  96. Story updated with quote from TTOC president Brian Lewis.

  97. Like Lue Shue bag was packed long time?Smfh

  98. Waw..we really living in a banana republic ….

  99. It feels like a bait and switch to me. If that’s the case it would be the most underhanded act in sports I’ve heard in a long time.

  100. Somebody should make a movie! Not since that Nancy Kerrigan skating fiasco have I seen such commess in sport. LMN reality TV material!

  101. OMG this is horrible.!TTGF you are disgraceful!

  102. This is very hurtful and disturbing !

  103. what the ass is this some kind of Joke?

  104. Somebody desperately wants Marisa Dick there. And they’ve stopped at nothing to make that happen. At this 99th hour even if lawyers get them to overturn the decision what frame of mind would Thema be in. Satan working overtime yes!

  105. Has this been confirmed? I’m confused, exactly when was an assessment of her training done and by whom? Was a panel convened? Something is very wrong with the TTGF!

  106. The information so far was revealed by a TTGF press release, which was not sent to Wired868. I’ve spoken to the TTOC president and will update story shortly.

  107. Lol. In this pappy show land everything is ah pappy show!

  108. Lasana !!!! You serious. Keep me posted, unbelievable

  109. She’ll be replaced with Marisa Dick …

  110. So at this 99th hour, her coach now realise she not doing well???!!!! I hope it is a very temporary medical issue for her not being up to mark. If not, he should be fired forthwith for not ‘coaching’ her leading up to this?

  111. No no no!
    They got to be MAD!!!

  112. But wey d flying fowl foot !!!!!

  113. Substandard performances in training according to whom? Somebody from TTGF was watching her or her coach submitted a report?

  114. Lasana wasn’t there a date past which the selection was final? The 10th?

  115. I hope her attorneys can find a way, and after all this crap she still chooses to represent this backward place.

  116. Wait….what??????. Is this late o’clock news???? please say it is. The devil real busy boy!

  117. I don’t know…….something here isn’t smelling right!