Hood is T&T women’s coach; Charles-Fevrier on TTFA’s Technical Committee

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Police FC head coach Richard Hood will steer the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Senior Team into the 2016 Olympic qualifiers next month into the United States.

Photo: Police FC coach Richard Hood. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Police FC coach Richard Hood.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) confirmed today that Hood, who is a sergeant in the Guard and Emergency Branch, was a unanimous choice to replace former “Women Soca Warriors” coach Randy Waldrum.

The women’s team should begin practice tomorrow and are due to face Costa Rica on January 25 and 27 in friendly matches away to the Central American nation. They will head straight to Houston after the Costa Rica friendlies for a pre-Olympic qualifying camp.

“We wish thank extend gratitude to Randy Waldrum for his services extended to the National Women’s Team and we wish him the best in his future endeavours,” TTFA president David John-Williams told the TTFA Media. “Richard Hood will head the Women’s Team. I have a lot of confidence in Richard. I think he is an upcoming and developing coach.”

John-Williams admitted that the decision to replace Waldrum with Hood was made by the four-member TTFA Executive Committee, which the president heads, and not the inactive Technical Committee.

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Photo: Trinidad and Tobago players (from left) Ahkeela Mollon, Maylee Attin-Johnson and Kennya Cordner try to close down Costa Rica playmaker and captain Shirley Cruz during the 2014 Women's CONCACAF Championship semifinal. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago players (from left) Ahkeela Mollon, Maylee Attin-Johnson and Kennya Cordner try to close down Costa Rica playmaker and captain Shirley Cruz during the 2014 Women’s CONCACAF Championship semifinal.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

However, he said it was in the best interest of the team to act quickly.

“We are doing it in the best interest of the team,” said John-Williams. “It was a unanimous selection with the executive at the time because the technical committee was not set up and we had to take a decision.

“It sort of went against what I had preached but the circumstances demanded that we took a decision.”

The TTFA did reveal its Technical Committee today, though, and it is headed by Pro League chairman and former “Strike Squad” forward Dexter Skeene.

According to its new constitution, the chairpersons of the TTFA’s various committees must be board members, which made Skeene eligible.

Photo: Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene (right) is in deep conversation with former Trinidad and Tobago standout Ron La Forest at the inaugural Wired868 Football Festival in 2013. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/ Wired868)
Photo: Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene (right) is in deep conversation with former Trinidad and Tobago standout Ron La Forest at the inaugural Wired868 Football Festival in 2013.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/ Wired868)

The entire committee comprises: Dexter Skeene (chairman), Dr Alvin Henderson (Deputy Chairman), Bertille St Clair, Errol Lovell, Jinelle James, Stuart Charles-Fevrier and Muhammad Isa.

Fevrier, who is also the DIRECTV W Connection coach, St Clair and Isa are all ex-Trinidad and Tobago national coaches while Henderson, Lovell and James are former international players. Isa is also the technical director of Pro League team, Club Sando.

St Clair is the first coach to take Trinidad and Tobago to a FIFA tournament, after he led the National Under-21 Team to the Portugal 1991 World Youth Cup.

John-Williams explained that Fevrier will oversee the youth arm of the technical committee while St Clair, Lovell and James will have responsibility for Tobago, the goalkeeping department and the women’s game respectively.

It would suggest that, in theory, James will play a vital role in the selection and dismissal of future national women’s coaches.

Photo: W Connection coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (left) looks on while winger Aikim Andrews (right) runs with the ball during the 2015 TTFA FA Trophy final. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: W Connection coach Stuart Charles-Fevrier (left) looks on while winger Aikim Andrews (right) runs with the ball during the 2015 TTFA FA Trophy final.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

“(The technical committee) covers a wide area and we are quite confident in the expertise and capabilities of the members of the technical committee,” said John-Williams. “Stuart Charles will oversee the youth arm of the technical committee, Bertille St Clair (will oversee) Tobago, Dr Henderson is the deputy chairman, Lovell will be in charge of the goalkeeping department and Jinelle James will there for the women’s game.”

Fevrier’s role is likely to create a buzz, since Connection invests heavily in youth players and, arguably, could be said to have an interest in the selection of national youth coaches.

However, as John-Williams pointed out prior to the election, Connection already had plenty of its players on the various youth teams, even before former TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee was voted out of office on 29 November 2015.

John-Williams said he would not encroach on Skeene’s role as Technical Committee chairman.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams (centre) presents Naparima College attacker Jarred Dass with his 2015 National Intercol medal. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams (centre) presents Naparima College attacker Jarred Dass with his 2015 National Intercol medal.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

“I don’t intend to be an executive president, even though I have been functioning as an executive president in the first month,” said John-Williams. “But, yes, the Technical Committee will be in charge of that mantle and I have a lot of faith and confidence in the people that the Executive has placed on the Technical Committee.

“And we hope they will do a good job.”

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    No disrespect but Dexter skeen another boys club

  2. I had no confidence in them before and they are confirming exactly what I thought

  3. Kirwin Weston it ain’t start it finish

  4. Sean Powder

    In our small society, it is expected that we will see recycled names and people close to DJW selected. It is common practice to hire those you know and trust. Therefore, we should move past that to the decisions likely to come from the committee. I see one structural gap in the committee, the TTFA should consider including one or two overseas based members of this committee. With current technology, we should have a member based in UK and North America that could participate via Skype or other communications medium. The broadening of our knowledge and experience base could be extremely valuable.
    My knowledge of some members of the committee is that they have strict disciplinary coaching/administrative styles. When we look at our football at all levels, is that what is required now? If it’s what is required are they the team to implement?

    I hope those more knowledge on the members can substantiate why this group is not best suited to meet the mandate. The committee composition has us uneasy but lets explain exactly what maybe wrong with the ideology, work ethic, coaching style, competence of this group to meet the challenges of our football TODAY.

  5. SCF cyah make a note outside of cfu what in d foot(edited for content) can he add to our national program………and dey bringin back d insurrectionist steups dem idiots goin an undo every good ting that has happened in our football for cronyism and nepotism, wasting ah m%$$ c@#t time oui ……10 steps back

  6. so I ask once again what is the purpose of this technical committee to do a report that will tell us the ttfa is a waste of time and other football enterties we already know that so once again we just giving people so called big titles 2 make them feel more. important and at the end of the day a whole set of meetings and talks and no action as usual

  7. what I was refering 2 was iyt cost the tax payers 25 million when the govt went after the former chief justice sharma then a another set of millions for the 1990 coup and many other shit

  8. Does anyone make money on these committees I dont think so..

  9. Congrats to Richard Hood, played with him at Police and he also ended up coaching me there, always carries himself as a professional and he is quite knowledgeable. Congrats to the Technical committee, what is done is done, the familiarity of faces on the Technical committee goes hand in hand with their age, what would show a true lack of clearvoiance is if this committee were to select Coaches for the various National teams that are not Young, knowledgeable and driven. There are very good, young, driven Coaches that are at present doing tremendous work and deserve a shot like everyone else

  10. what is the purpose of this technical committee is it another stupid ass committee like the ones the govt does set up 2 deal with issues which waste a lot of money outlining the same shit we already know and nothing comes out of it but wasting tax payers dollars and making these fools even richer

  11. Antonio Feliziano, this is all the Constitution says:
    (Article 47) Technical and Development Committee

    The Technical and Development Committee shall primarily analyse the basic aspects of football training and technical development.

  12. Fair enough with Stuart Charles as imo he has done very well with youth, but so has Fenwick. The rest, fresh faces would have been welcomed.

  13. That is the job of the technical director. The technical committee is different.

  14. Isn’t Technical Development the area where we implement a plan to develop and maintain a system and playing style from grassroots all the way to the International team?

  15. Lasana…I don’t think iam understanding this…is it because stuart is on the technical committee that young players would want to come to w.connection to play….because i think over the years we have had many players coming to our program not because we ask them but because players talk and they feel thats the best place to learn the game tactically. …I have heard that over and over in my years here…to be fair to coach when he was with the national team or under 23 team i didn’t see an influx of the other club players and school players running across to connection. ..we have to be honest and under the football knowledge that is imparted by our club and the philosophy of the club…lets be careful as to what we imply mohammed issa is with club sando, mr.st .claire has a team and dexter has a team so will they draft players to their respective teams…I dont think our football is that way and haven’t seen that with regards to when Angus eve coached a national youth team we never made comments like this. …so why now lets try to get the best people around the football and support the football i do hope from the person I know thats not what you were implying. …thanks much

    • I’ve never been one to dance away from the elephant in the room.
      It is common knowledge that Connection have always paid close attention to youth.
      That can work both ways. It can mean that Connection are best placed to advise on youth development.
      And it can also mean that the national team presents an opportunity to take advantage of Connection’s youth policy.
      So far, DJW’s stance is: trust me and judge me by my works.
      Fair enough. But this is a country when the wrong thing is commonplace. So abused people sleep with one eye opened.
      I’ve stated the facts. And I’ve stated the possible implications.
      I think I’ve been fair. But I understand if others don’t think so.
      That’s the life of a journalist.
      I haven’t attacked or besmirched anyone. But i tried to be straight and open.

    • And Earl, the other coaches you mentioned as well as Dexter Skeene are not in charge of youth policy. Just Stuart.

    • But lasana sometime i think journalist put things out you get certain reactions which sometimes are not necessarily there.. understand your point but the tract record hasnt stated that we usually go and get all the quality players. ..its again about the work the coaches and stuart has done over a period of time with players and iam sure any player that has past under his stewardship would say the same…there is a lack of quality youth coaches there is lack of quality personnel at that level…at one point it was he was going to take over harts job for some …now its about youth…if the man is and has produce some of the best quality young players over the years why not trust the jugement of the persons in charge. ..lets see what happens. ..and I am positive its not a decision by john williams because knowing Stuart he could’ve done without this…humble and never wants to be in situations when people doesn’t want his help…over my 25 years of knowing him…I know we can do without this stress …..

    • I hope trinidad football gets to where it supposed to be …and people give credit where credit its due…blessings. .

  16. Really believe the New technical committee should be given some time in their new role before I comment.. glad there is a committee of knowledgeable folks. Hope they are effective..

  17. The pro league is at its worst under Dexter Skeene but he heads our national team technical committee?? #FOH

  18. Chabeth Haynes – potential of the pro league has been there for years. Time for a change in leadership.

  19. Is chairing the technical committee a lot of work? Dexter Skeene has time to do that and chair the Pro League properly? Cause I think it’s safe to say that the Pro League has a lot of potential that isn’t being realised.

  20. We need some patriotic businessmen in charge who know how to make tough decisions, set goals (achieve them) and understand the concepts of accountability and being part of a team.

  21. Look at it another way..US Congressmen have plenty plenty experience..how much good they actually do?

  22. To be honest, a lot of these people are respected members of the local football community. So I can’t say it is an incompetent board.
    Maybe a name like Clayton Morris would help. He is a nice fresh face. Keith Look Loy is another although he was there before as well.
    People will say Gally is too old…
    I don’t think our well of knowledge is that deep.
    W Connection puts such a heavy investment in its youth football that it is inevitable that people will talk about Fevrier. Although his record also suggests a level of competence.

  23. well people wanted change, take change!!..as someone above said, the recycling start back.

  24. Interesting make up of the technical committee. Would have loved to see some new faces, with fresh, contemporary ideas and strategies. I’m not confident we’ll get anything novel and new from these recycled human resources. Also a few of those on the committee are a bit too close to our good president. I’m starting to wonder if we are heading for another “fingers of the same hand” type of structure within the TTFA. It’s starting to look a lot like JW all over again. Mr President – please tell me I’m wrong. Doh do dat to meh. I was one of those who expressed great hope and faith in your unbiased and objective leadership.

    • Yes, other than Errol Lovell, it’s the same old same old.

    • Dexter Skeene and Bertille St Clair are new too. I think I expect older faces for technical committee to be honest. It isn’t really a young man’s job.

    • New Lasana? Bertille has been around forever – in one form or another. Dexter has managed the Professional League for years now and we still don’t have a marketable product. Issa has served on a number of these committees – most of which have been ineffective. Time for some new blood – people with different ideas. These guys have served their time. We need to start identifying the next generation of shakers and movers. Onward ever backward never!

    • Well, fair point. Most of the bright young minds are coaching now or abroad I think. I will ask how the committee is selected and see if that gets us any answers.

    • I suspect our president and his executive committee handpicked the technical committee. And we know the executive committee was his original slate, so one can expect there will be little diversity of thought among them.

      • @Carlos,

        Williams handpicked both his ExCo slate and the Technical Committee, correct. DJW states that the ExCo fired Waldrum because they “had to take a decision” and there was no Technical Committee in place. Two days later his slate of lackeys named a Technical Committee. I’m surprised nobody asked the obvious… “what was the emergency” that they had to bypass the Constitution and not wait for the Technical Committee (which was formed two days later) to make a decision on Waldrum. Of course they would have just rubber stamped DJW’s wishes, but…

  25. Why would Fevrier be in charge of youth related items, when that is not his focus at W-Connection? Then of course we have the obvious issue of why he was appointed in the first place, given his ties to W-Connection? He could very well be qualified for the role, but sometimes perception is reality. Reminds me of when Manning made his wife a minister. It just doesn’t look good.

  26. The Door is closed for the Upcoming coaches like myself and others because the recycle bin has just been opened

  27. Hood getting paid? Or he’s working for love of country like people find the players should?

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