Creece left T&T women for Malabar coaching camp; admits US alcohol charge

“Women Soca Warriors” coach Anthony Creece returned to Trinidad yesterday to run a series of screening sessions for young male and female players at the Larry Gomes Stadium in Malabar this weekend.

Creece’s departure from Brazil left the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Senior Team without any of its three coaches, after head coach Randy Waldrum and his son and assistant Ben Waldrum were unable to get visas on time to accompany the team.

Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago Women's National Senior Team pose before kick off against Brazil on December 9. The weakened Trinidad and Tobago team lost 11-0. (Courtesy TTFA Media)
Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Senior Team pose before kick off against Brazil on December 9.
The weakened Trinidad and Tobago team lost 11-0.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

Technical director Kendall Walkes will coach the women tomorrow when they face Mexico from 11.30 am in the third place play off of the Natal Female International Tournament.

At the same time that the Women Warriors are in action, Creece will be directing scrimmage sessions at the Larry Gomes Stadium for young female footballers who are trying to get scholarships. There will supposedly be United States university coaches and scouts in attendance.

The venture will be conducted by the Premier Football Academy, which is run jointly by Creece and local agent Dion Sosa.

“Creece is my head coach,” Sosa told Wired868. “He told (the TTFA) that he had to be back by the 18th. We had (this event) booked since last year.”

Women footballers will pay TT$150 to participate in the Malabar scrimmage, which runs from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. Male players, who screened yesterday and this afternoon, paid TT$500.

All participants receive jerseys, water and refreshments.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago interim head coach Anthony Creece (centre) directs right back Annalis Cummings (left) during 2016 Olympic qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago interim head coach Anthony Creece (centre) directs right back Annalis Cummings (left) during 2016 Olympic qualifying action at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

TTFA president David John-Williams told Wired868 that he did not know the team’s interim head coach was due to return to Trinidad early. However, Creece explained that he informed team manager Sharon O’Brien and coordinator Richard Piper about his commitments beforehand.

“I liaised with the manager and Mr Piper,” said Creece.

Piper confirmed that Creece did make prior arrangements which, quite possibly, never filtered upstairs to the football president.

“(Creece) requested through Sharon (O’Brien) to come back on the 18th,” said Piper. “So it was known he was coming back before. (But it) is quite possible that the (TTFA) president didn’t know.”

Creece, like most of the TTFA’s coaches, does not have a contract from the local football body or receive a monthly salary.

The 45 year old coach, who led the Women Warriors through the Caribbean leg of their Rio 2016 Olympic qualifying campaign, was supposed to join the national team for their mini-tour of the United States, earlier this month. But he never made it due to travel complications.

Photo: United States record goal scorer Abby Wambach (centre) tries to sniff out an opportunity while Trinidad and Tobago defender Victoria Swift (right) keeps watch during international friendly action in San Antonio on Friday December 11. (Copyright AFP 2015/Chris Covatta)
Photo: United States record goal scorer Abby Wambach (centre) tries to sniff out an opportunity while Trinidad and Tobago defender Victoria Swift (right) keeps watch during international friendly action in San Antonio on Friday December 11.
(Copyright AFP 2015/Chris Covatta)

“He was waiting to get his green card,” said John-Williams.

But Creece’s last stint as a “soccer” coach in the United States ended in less than glorious circumstances.

In 2009, he was fired as athletic director at the Notre Dame High School and charged with corruption of minors and furnishing alcohol to minors in connection with a sleepover at the school gym for girls aged 14 to 17.

According to an affidavit—as relayed by the Pocono Record—Creece bought cherry vodka alcohol at the request of one of the girls and then left them unsupervised and returned to his apartment on North Ninth Street.

The police were informed of the incident by a relative of one of the girls at the sleepover and charges were subsequently filed at Magistrate Michael Muth’s office in East Stroudsburg.

Creece was described as a former standout soccer player at East Stroudsburg University, where he won three letters and was an All-Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference first team defender in 1991-1992 and a second team selection in 1992-1993.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago stand-in women's head coach Anthony Creece (left) poses with Brazil star Marta before their clash. (Courtesy TTFA Media)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago stand-in women’s head coach Anthony Creece (left) poses with Brazil star Marta before their clash.
(Courtesy TTFA Media)

He also worked as an assistant coach with New Jersey Tech and the semi-pro Pocono Snow soccer team.

There is no information available online about what happened to Creece’s status in the United States, after his Notre Dame departure. However, the women’s coach, who led the Chancellor Angels at the Sport Ministry-run 2015 Women’s Premier League (WPL) competition, said he returned to Trinidad soon after his dismissal.

Creece did not deny the charge but declined the opportunity to give more information on the incident.

“It was blown out of proportion,” Creece told Wired868. “I left Notre Dame and that was the end of it. There is nothing (more) I can really say about it.

“I don’t want to say anything else.”

Background checks are rarely done on national coaching staff.

Two years ago, the TTFA quietly sacked Trinidad and Tobago National Under-17 assistant coach Terrence Marcelle after he was deemed to have made inappropriate and sexually implicit advances to schoolboys at Pleasantville Secondary, where he also coached.

Photo: Terrence Marcelle lost his role as Pleasantville Secondary coach after the revelation of inappropriate messages with a student.
Photo: Terrence Marcelle lost his role as Pleasantville Secondary coach after the revelation of inappropriate messages with a student.

Creece denied that his legal problems in East Stroudsburg were linked to his failure to get travel documents to join the national team in Honolulu and San Antonio, earlier this month.

“That is not what they told me at the (US) Embassy,” said Creece. “I applied for my green card…”

John-Williams and Piper denied knowledge of the incident that led to Creece’s dismissal at Notre Dame.

If Waldrum has his way, the Trinidad and Tobago team will return to Texas next month for a training camp before February’s Rio 2016 Olympic qualifying tournament.

The W/Warriors’ preparation continues tomorrow when the national team face Mexico. Although none of the team’s three previously appointed coaches will be there to see it.

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  1. All I ask is why you havent further report on the suspended memers of ministry of sport and the dpp having the file? How tobago love get into this and how Kevin come into this. Lasana Liburd

    • Internal workings of the Ministry of Sport is not my first line of business Kevin. And I don’t take orders from anyone, let alone fake profiles.
      But let me give you a clue of priorities: national teams, gov’t decisions in so far as they affect national teams, pro league teams, gov’t decisions in so far as they affect pro league teams, super league teams, gov’t decisions in so far as they affect super league teams, SSFL teams, gov’t decisions in so far as they affect SSFL teams, local breaking news, other sport, internal Sport Ministry matters…
      So figure it out yourself Kevin. I know you’re not as silly as you pretend to be.

  2. Dion Sosa you and I are friends but you are way off base on this one. Because he is in the coaching profession he has an obligation to notify his employers of his past indiscretions as this relates directly to his current job as coach of the National team. Having said that, the fact that he plead guilty to a misdemeanor should not prohibit him from being a coach but by the mere fact of not telling them is cause for immediate dismissal. I eh trying to throw nobody under the bus but he’d be persona non grata in the coaching profession here in the US (and he probably knows that too).

    • “…the mere fact of not telling them is cause for immediate dismissal.”

      You cannot be terminated for a failure to disclose, unless your hiring was contingent upon full disclosure, and you knew you had an obligation to disclose and you did not. If any US employer did what you’re suggesting they would find themselves in court so fast their heads would spin.

  3. Savitri, Chabeth and Dion, it is now a fact that Anthony Creece did give alcohol to a minor. Because that was HIS plea. Bakes sourced this.
    So there really is no question about people tarnishing his name as you cannot be tarnished with the truth.
    (Excerpt: Imposed
    AND NOW, this 30th day of June, 2010, the Defendant having pled guilty to Count I of the criminal information,
    Corruption of Minors, a misdemeanor of the first degree, it is the sentence of this Court that you, Anthony Robert
    Creece, be placed on Intermediate Punishment for a period of six months less one day under and subject to the
    rules and regulations of the Monroe County Probation Department which shall include the payment of a $35.00
    per month supervisory fee in accordance with Act 35 of 1991.
    The Defendant shall report for Intermediate Punishment to the Monroe County Correctional Facility for the
    September Outmate Program as a condition of this sentence.)
    Now is any of this relevant to his job now in 2015?
    Well, this case came as a result of his negligence as athletic director of a women’s football team. So I can’t see how anything he did as a women’s coach/administrator in the past is irrelevant.
    That doesn’t mean the TTFA should sack him. But the people need relevant information to make an informed decision. Just like parents should have all the information there is that is relevant to the performance of their children’s coaches, teachers, tutors and everything else.
    And that is the context for this story. The fact that several people defended Anthony Creece by giving incorrect information about his issue only further shows why the story was important I think. Because there are things there that needed to be cleared up.

    • Just for the record, I don’t remember defending Creece here or anywhere else since I don’t know the person. My concern is when you commit yourself to doing something, finish the job as best a possible, then move on. If the fact that he was committed elsewhere on a certain date and that fact hadn’t reached upstairs, then their is a breakdown in communication somewhere and this is not a fault in the system, but the people within it, or maybe there’s some sabotage going on, who knows. The bad mind that is prevalent in all levels of this country is mind-blowing.

    • I didn’t accuse you of anything Sav. I only tagged you because you had questions about the case.

    • I was just putting on the record in case someone doesn’t read the whole thread Lasana….thanks for the heads up…you’ve saved me some unpaid work tonight…hahaha 😉

    • “…it is now a fact that Anthony Creece did give alcohol to a minor.”

      I think it’s a safe assumption given the allegations that furnishing alcohol to them is what he did, but technically it’s not necessarily what he pleaded guilty to, but rather the more generic “corrupt[ing] the morals of a minor,” under Section 6301 (a)(1)… But we’re splitting hairs at this point.

      § 6301. Corruption of minors.
      (a) Offense defined.–
      (1) (i) Except as provided in subparagraph (ii), whoever, being of the age of 18 years and upwards, by any act corrupts or tends to corrupt the morals of any minor less than 18 years of age, or who aids, abets, entices or encourages any such minor in the commission of any crime, or who knowingly assists or encourages such minor in violating his or her parole or any order of court, commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.

      Looks like he got six months supervised probation. Now is this something that is relevant to his employment? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But under the law he does not have a duty to disclose unless asked. To your point it’s an indictment perhaps, of the TTFA’s hiring process, but conflating it with Marcelle’s situation wasn’t fair to Creece, in my opinion.

      • Bakes, I can understand why anyone would be horrified to be used in the same context as Marcelle. But it really is not meant to suggest that the two crimes are similar.
        It is only two incidents where the TTFA have apparently not background checks.
        Now that is not to say the TTFA should rule out Creece automatically because of his indiscretion either.
        But the TTFA should at least have a better picture of who it is hiring. That’s the only point there. I would be pretty worried about Marcelle working with young men.
        I don’t feel the same way about Creece, although I would like him to say at some stage that he accepts it is an error of judgment that shouldn’t be repeated.
        That might be obvious but it could be important for parents. Of course there would be less scrutiny if he didn’t have a national coaching job.

  4. For what it’s worth, he plead guilty to one charge (eleven others were dropped in exchange) of “Corruption of Minors.”

    • Well sourced. It clears up some things that were said in defence of Creece. The fact that his friends seemed to be unaware of what happened shows the need for clarity.

  5. The key to this is whether the coach told the TTFA of his past indiscretion or the TTFA knew in advance of hiring him. I am not sure that what he did should discredit him from coaching especially if the charges were dismissed or reduced. Additionally these were misdemeanor charges. Again it may be much ado about nothing to be honest.

    • I agree on all those points Brent. But, in fairness, the employer should be made aware so he or she can make an informed decision.
      Even if that wasn’t done, it can still possibly be made right.
      But what someone does as a coach in a previous position that leads to them being fired and charged is relevant. And his history in the US is relevant too if the TTFA is now depending on him getting a visa to travel there to coach the women’s team.
      Relevant doesn’t mean the TTFA must decide one way or the other. Just that they would probably need to consider it.

    • I agree and said much the same. If he did not divulge this information then the TTFA have grounds for dismissal (not like he getting paid eh lol). Additionally the article online says Creece is an American citizen which is odd. Again I don’t know if he is a citizen or not but of he is, interesting that he is waiting on a green card lol

      • Brent I surprise to hear you say that if he did not divulge the issue of his past (he plead guilty to a misdemeanor, btw) that that is grounds for dismissal. I know you work in HR, you should know better than that.

    • Yes. I thought that odd too Brent. I’m confused and a bit suspicious about that green card thing to be honest.
      And I do wonder if it is a ruse to avoid having the TTFA apply for his visa as it would for all staff and players.
      But that is speculation on my part.

  6. I’m a casual follower of sports and assumed that a story I saw online at least 5 yrs ago (probably on Soca Warriors) would be fairly common knowledge. My “contradictory” point may have been better stated – I cannot fault someone that properly notified their bosses of a prior commitment when their bosses fail to adequately address the issue. The common thread in both issues is TTFA’s failure to do what any organization ought to do hence my reason for pointing my fingers solely in their direction. My last point was not casting judgment on the incident in PA because I am unsure of the circumstances. Based on my experience, I believe that he would have better control of the narrative through full disclosure, even without an obligation to do it, but it remains a personal decision.

    • I think most bosses would want to know about an incident directly related to their managerial capabilities in a similar position to the one they are being hired for, particularly when charges were pressed.
      The TTFA executive members I spoke to did not know. And many people didn’t. So the article on that website did not get as much traction as you thought.
      I totally agree in terms of his prior commitment. I can’t fault him for that. Of course it doesn’t look good and I’m not sure what his players think.
      But it is the TTFA who agreed to those circumstances.

  7. Two things Nikolai. Because you knew doesn’t make it common knowledge.
    And you said the article implied Creece was wrong. So I suppose you think he wasn’t. Then you said he should have ensured they were aware of the charges. I think those two points are contradictory.

  8. This incident was common knowledge. The article implies that Creece was wrong when the only issue here is the TTFA’s lack of professionalism in doing background checks on their coaches and properly planning a tour. Creece was under no obligation to disclose the charge and returned for a prior commitment that was properly communicated. However, he should have ensured that they were aware of the charges to avoid presenting others with a belated opportunity to conveniently showcase their “moral outrage”

  9. Lasana Liburd is kevin harrison in drag this Monica Swan??

  10. Interestingly anyone doing a simple Google search could have found that out. Having said that, let’s see what the TTFA does

  11. Lassna i have always admired your work but i think the way the information about Mr Creece was written has allowed many of our local “experts” on morality et al to unfairly jump on their high horses as usual. I have known Anthony Creece from my teenage years to now (i am 2 years older than Anthony) and have never had cause to hold him in anything but the highest regard. I admired him as a player….i admire him as a coach and more importantly i admire him as a human. I heard about Anthony’s job loss years ago when it happened and was shocked. I asked questions of friends of mine (not of Anthony’s) in the states at the time and was told that he (Anthony) didnt buy any alcohol but was in fact guilty of not “knowing”that alcohol was bought. I have never personally brought up this discussion with Anthony. Simply because i see it as an error that ANYONE can make….there was no dark design behind it ….there was no irresponsible behaviour behind it….no malicious thoughts behind it… was an error……kids he was in charge of brought alcohol to an event and for some reason he did not detect and act on it. Yes the perfect ones amongst us may point to him not knowing as being irresponsible and in theory you maybe correct but to those of us who have had to work with teenagers can attest that secrets especially ones that protect them from being sanctioned by adults are carefully guarded. Im a parent and whilst i may want to believe my teenagers always do as i tell them to do (and im sure they do 99% of the times) i would be a fool to believe they do it 100% of the times. Kids will always test adult authority…its part of being a kid.
    So before we villify mr creece i suggest we get all the facts. Lassna maybe an interview with Anthony and all. But this conversation going on here may be sensational but its not a healthy one without knowing all the facts. And lumping Anthony Creece in the same conversation with Mr Marcelle isn’t fair to Anthony and isnt the fact finding effort that i normally associate with Wired868 and you Lasana in particular. I coach at a school fairly close to the school Anthony coaches at and i have personally seen the effort he puts into making sure his kids adhere to a disciplined approach to not just the game but to life’s lessons. Be it not playing his best player because the kid missed school on the same day there is a game or taking another off the field for foul language directed to opposing players. That is the Anthony Creece i have always known. So again i say without the correct facts we are feeding nothing else but our inherent trini love of elevating ourselves and preaching from the moral pulpit that we know conveniently when we see the opportunity to bash another but misplace when we break every law of our land including driving on shoulders to avoid traffic etc.
    Now i also expect that i in turn may receive my share of criticism from thise who have already posted their 2 centsbecause i too havent jumped on the “lets bash him campaign” and so be it. That is ok…the fact will still remain that people are speaking here without knowing the facts…..Lassna that is why i have been an avid reader of your articles in the past.. they are usually laden with facts…….you missed this one….lets get the facts from Mr Creece

    • Hey Sheppy. This information was brought to my attention while the team was in Brazil and I waited until Creece returned to Trinidad specifically so that he would have the option to respond.
      Now, the US report claims to quote from an affidavit which said that Creece admitted to buying the alcohol while knowing the girls were under-age.
      I read it out to Creece and he chose not to comment. So he hasn’t put up the defence himself that he didn’t buy the alcohol. And I gave him that chance.
      The other point is that his employers were not aware of this and it might have been wise for him to disclose it. And then they at least would be spared a surprise in the future or could deal with it as they saw fit.
      In terms of Marcelle, I really wasn’t comparing the two coaches. What I was comparing was the TTFA’s apparent laxity in the way coaches are hired without real background checks. That was the only context there.
      Do you agree that the TTFA, like every other national organisation and particular ones with teenaged athletes, should do basic background checks on administrators and coaches?
      If Creece had run a red light or even missed a maintenance payment, there could be an argument that it is irrelevant to his job with the TTFA. But this charge was as a direct result of neglect during his managerial duties with a football/soccer team.
      Also, it might affect his ability to travel with the women’s team to the Olympic qualifiers next February.
      For those two reasons, I felt that I was a story that should not be hidden. And, as I said earlier, I gave him the chance to comment as shown in the article.
      As for the comments and criticism, you might not see but I get roasted here from time to time too. Everyone has his or her own opinion on many matters. That’s just how it goes. I’m not always in the majority at all.

    • “And lumping Anthony Creece in the same conversation with Mr Marcelle isn’t fair to Anthony and isnt the fact finding effort that i normally associate with Wired868 and you Lasana in particular.”

      It’s very bacchanal-ish. Creece has no obligation to disclose anything, it’s on the TTFA to enquire. From Creece’s perspective this was no secret and he probably assumed everyone in the know would have known about the incident. If the TTFA did not ask it very well could have been that he plausibly thought they weren’t interested in the issue. Citing some source which itself claims to cite some “affidavit” is irresponsible without having seen that said “affidavit.”

      I am using “affidavit” in quotes because frankly it sounds like bullshit. There is no affidavit that an accused person would sign admitting to a charge. If anything it would be a guilt plea agreement or what’s called a “no lo contendere” or “Alford plea.” This is the way that people’s characters get assassinated in the press, meaning whomever put out the original article claiming to see some “affidavit.” It is something I have witnessed personally in some of these smaller Pennsylvania county dailies.

      • And that is one of the reasons why I did not publish the story until I first spoke to Anthony Creece and gave him the opportunity to deny it. And he didn’t.
        Some of his friends are debating the contents of the article. But he didn’t.

        • Drawing an analogy, if somebody were to accuse you of having a sexual tryst with a man and somebody brought that to you claiming somebody claimed you admitted to the allegation on film, and you decide you’re not going to address it… would it be fair to take that second hand report as truth on the basis of you having not denied it? Since when does a failure to deny equal an admission? Because some “report” claimed so? Come on, your history as a reporter/journalist suggests that you are better than this. I know you don’t care, but I haven’t always been this critical of you, both your work and your standards have slipped.

          • He didn’t simply decline comment. He admitted that he was fired for the reasons I repeated to him. And then he decided not to say more on that.
            People are free to see that how they would like. His friends seem to be more clear about his innocence than he is.
            I gave him a chance to address it and will continue to do so.

  12. And some telling me that the players (men & women)should have pride and represent the country… smh

  13. Real craziness going on in T&T football

  14. no one will pay you any mind soon. If you continue to be a bachanalist! But strange enough you have reported on your pal Terry Fenwick case that has now reach on the dpp desk and three memebers of mos have been suspended.

  15. No disrespect however this photo was from the first game. The lineup has dramatically changed.
    And whilst we are on the subject how come no photos have been published from the last two games.
    Many fans of the Women would like to see current photos.

  16. anthony is my friend 4 over 35 yrs so I willl always defend him cause I know who he is and what happened so that idiot who sent lasana the link is a bachanaalist

  17. I am upset cause people quick 2 jump 2 damn conclusions

  18. No Savitri. The only reason I gave was that he was applying for a green card. That is what we were told. I have never written on this before today. And it is definitely not widely known within the football fraternity here or the media.

  19. Lasana I seem to remember reading it in one of your articles at the time because he didnt travel wit the team?
    But Dion why you so vex? In two different comments you gave different explanations

  20. Savitri, when was it mentioned? Can you find me any article where it was?
    I spoke to three TTFA officials today including the president and none said they ever heard of it.
    So I must be slow. I heard of it privately while team was in Brazil. And rather than publish immediately, I waited until he was back in Trinidad and I could ask him directly.

  21. thank you savitri if you google his name you will see the issue he never hid it but he does not owe anyone 2 publicize it either that’s a personal issue and nobody”s business

  22. Lasana having read the article I think this alcohol issue was mentioned back when the WW were sent to the US without money. I now see the reason for the anger and language by Dion Sosa….oh dear

  23. ..Which only makes his appointment worse. So who appointed him? Gaddam!..

  24. well hear what all of you who talking better go and coach the team cause the man win cfu with a make shift team long hrs no damn pay so he does not need this shit so far as I am concerned they can take that non paying no gratitude job and go 2 hell

  25. Actually, the TTFA president said he had no knowledge of Creece’s issues at Notre Dame. It wasn’t disclosed to the public before.
    I didn’t say whether that made him a good or bad appointment. Opinions are free and people can discuss the merits and demerits as they choose.

  26. ..If you and Creece have business to conduct that is your business. The TTFA should not have undertaken the tour. And certainly not with a stand-in coach who had to depart the team early. You can’t see that?

  27. By chance, we have any kinda positive news coming out of T&T right now?

  28. what is wrong with his appointment anybody knows what went on at the scholl everybody quick 2 jump 2 conclusions and point fingers so many corrupted people holding office in govt nobody aint saying shit but you wanna talk about a issue that was a allegation

  29. ..Pal. The issue is not his leaving the team. The issue is his appointment..

  30. I really don’t understand what the hell is the issue here we had our showcase planned since last year and anthony was recently appointed. interim national coach a job he has never been paid 4 so wda people talking about I am sick of people always talking shit when they can’t or know better henever aske d 2 be any national caoch so his responsibilty 2 our academy comes 1st and anybody have a problem with that can kiss my ass

    • The showcase situation pales in comparison to the bit about buying alcohol for underage girls. If he told team management he had to be back before the tournament is over and management said ok then i don’t think he’s at any fault in that situation.
      But the buying alcohol for underaged girls bit…It wasn’t even underaged girls by American law but of age girls by Trini law. It was underaged girls anyway you spin it.
      Did you know about that aspect of his past?

    • yes I did and 4 allyuh damn business he did not buy any aocohol 4 anybody the grirls got someone 2 buy the damn aocohol and cause he gave them permission 2 use the gym he got the blame

    • so get allyuh facts straight before allyuh jump 2 damn conclussions

    • I quoted from a report which claimed to be from an affidavit that Anthony Creece himself signed Dion. And I read it out to him on the phone and he didn’t deny it.
      Why didn’t he take the chance I just gave him a few hours ago, if he had anything different to say?

    • cause that shit done gone yrs now the man done deal with that shit and move on in his life he made an error by allowing them use of the gym unsupervised and it came back 2 bite him we all have made mistakes so he does not want 2 relive that error but he is my friiend for over 35 yrs and we done gone pass that shit

    • Fair enough Dion. And I agree that we all make mistakes. But there is need for full disclosure so that people know what there is to know about the people they work with or send their children to work with.
      Only then we can move on. Nobody likes surprises really.
      He did have the chance to say he regretted the incident too and chose not to. But that’s his right.
      I felt the information should be public. But I am not making a pronouncement on whether he should or shouldn’t be a senior national coach.
      People who talk to him about the incident would be in a better place to judge.
      But I spoke to someone from the TTFA and an executive from WOLF and neither heard of that incident. And nobody likes surprises.

    • its not a surprise 2 his friends and family and it was on google 4 the world 2 see years now but no 1 cared 2 know cause he was not a national coach so whoever sent you that link on real shit and just like bachanaal and trying 2 stir up shit 4 no reason

    • Exactly. A national job means more scrutiny. That is natural. It was the same for Sancho. It will be the same for DJW.

    • I am sure he is not the 1st national team coach that has baggage for ed mc commie st clair and others who all made mistakes so I am just saying this issue was a personal matter and nobody”s business

    • If you don’t tell an employer about a matter of public record and he finds out, it can create an awkward situation.
      Suppose you hired a coach for your under-16 team and found out after that he was fired by Pleasantville for making sexual advances to young men?
      You have to give your employer the opportunity to decide for himself whether it is important and relevant or not.

    • Lasana Liburd and vice versa to that last comment

  31. ..Yes. And THIS is something players should speak out about. Let’s see..

  32. Lasana Liburd I applaud you for your efforts in telling these stories about local coaches and their gross misconduct with young people. What saddens me is that Trinidad and Tobago has no legislation preventing these men from returning here and continuing to work here as if nothing happened. And these coaches often continue to work with young people. And the thing is some of these cases are a matter of public record. A few google searches and all the information is there.

  33. I was left traumatized by this article. #Wawww

  34. Sharon name calling again…
    The first three weeks of this new executive’s term have been farcical…

  35. ..Steups. Let’s hear from the TTFA and all who like to protest about all of this..

  36. Really can’t decide which is worst at times TT Football or TT/Windies cricket issues SMDH

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