Live Wire rests a belt on Carmona; plus Express discovers time-travel

If only Mrs Carmona could rest a belt on “Lord Pussyfoot.” But, for more reasons than one, we know it isn’t going to happen.

Photo: Reema Carmona, wife of Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona, shows off her "flesh-coloured" non-belt.
Photo: Reema Carmona, wife of Trinidad and Tobago President Anthony Carmona, shows off her “flesh-coloured” non-belt.

The President’s House, meticulous in shipping out pre-action protocol letters and demanding apologies, was less efficient at its bread and butter business yesterday, when it messed up the swearing-in ceremony.

President Anthony Carmona, once calypsonian “Lord Pussyfoot”, swore in National Security Minister retired Major General Edmund Dillon and Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi before new Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was sworn. As a result, Dillon and Al-Rawi were both subsequently re-sworn.

Rowley probably hasn’t heard that much swearing since Sharon saw his Carnival Tuesday pictures in San Fernando!

A President’s House statement described it as “a sequential error” without so much as using the word “sorry” that it is fond of dragging out of Carmona’s critics.

No big thing then. Presumably, Lord Pussyfoot puts his shoes on before his socks ever so often—just to mix up the routine.

Photo: President Anthony Carmona.
Photo: President Anthony Carmona.

Carmona was not the only one to hit the ole “shuffle” button yesterday.

Techno-phobic media house, the Trinidad Express, also decided to pull another gag on its long-suffering online readers today, as it published an article on a Trinidad and Tobago migrant family—Shane Ramsundar, 52, his wife, Gomatee, 48, and daughter Stantal, 23—that was sentenced to a combined total of 418 years in New York, after conning 19 Caribbean immigrants out of over US$1.8 million. Ramsundar got the maximum penalty of 235 years.

The Express told readers that the trio were sentenced on Wednesday, which, in this case, was not specific enough. The Ramsundar crime family was sentenced on Wednesday 11 January 2012.

God knows if New York prisons are as well served by the internet as Port of Spain’s Remand Yard, poor Shane might have gotten the shock of his life if he chanced across the article on Facebook.

“Another 235 years?! WTF!! But I wanted to catch the 2248 FIFA World Cup final?!”

Seriously, Express? Who runs your multi-media desk? Mr Peabody? Or the teenaged girls from “Best Friends Whenever?”

Photo: The Trinidad Express multi-media editor prepares tomorrow's newspaper.
Photo: The Trinidad Express multi-media editor prepares tomorrow’s newspaper.

Still, it was an interesting case. Ramsundar, who is obviously as Trinidadian as bake and bujol and bobol, posed as a federal agent to Caribbean families who he then extorted for cash to provide legal status or duped into signing over their properties to him. He often warned victims that he could have them placed on the US terrorist list if they did not comply.

Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Holder described the family as: “the most despicable gang of criminals to ever sit in front of me.”

Clearly, Holder had never attended a meeting of Caribbean civil servants before.

“You and I know that if you did this fraud and paraded and strutted around in front of your own people, in your own country,” said Holder, “you probably would have all been hacked to death.

Mr Live Wire is guessing that Holder’s grasp of world affairs doesn’t extend much beyond the occasional Olympic track and field event.

Jack Warner allegedly defrauded the whole of Haiti as Port-au-Prince lay in ruins after the catastrophic 2010 earthquake. And UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar responded by refusing to probe Warner and made him acting prime minister instead.

Photo: Shane Ramsundar is taken to court... Please Officers, that is no way to treat a future Trinidad and Tobago Cabinet member!
Photo: Shane Ramsundar is taken to court… Please Officers, that is no way to treat a future Trinidad and Tobago Cabinet member!

Ramsundar might have been Minister of the People if he had gotten his tail back home in 2010, when the US law officials arrested him.

Live Wire cannot confirm that Persad-Bissessar read about Ramsundar’s strategy of coercing gullible citizens with shake-downs, fraud and scare tactics and immediately called her campaign manager, Rodney Charles:

“If I only knew Shane was available two months ago, I woulda fire your tail!”

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  1. The president’s calypso name was” The prophet of Sisyphus”.

  2. am afraid of dis Prez’ he really suprised mi wit POWER’S”

  3. You get better and better with each installment

  4. As I said before Lasana…You would make an indelible mark as Minister of Sports,but you said you would stay as a journalist, that is what you love…..Keep up your GOOD WORK….Blessings

  5. Btw, to the Express multi-media editor: mistakes happen. Just your day for some fatigue. Don’t take it personally ?

  6. You not easy, nah… I noticed the New York story from 2011/12 and wondered.. what message is the Express attempting to convey with this story? Is this race baiting? What’s the purpose of reporting on an old story? And, what about the grammar errors? Whew! The Express gone to the dogs when it comes to editing!

  7. Give the violent imagery a rest nah.

  8. To be honest, I think some people assumed that I could never find anything satirical to say about a PNM government. I find that a bit funny of course.
    I may have to disappoint some people… ???

  9. Concur Norris Ferguson but we need him out here more than ever

  10. Ahahahaha that line about the swearing since the carnival pic.

  11. Lol. I am a father… I know about more shows than I would like to or think is healthy!

  12. “Best Friends Whenever”? How does Mr. Live Wire even know what that is? Interesting television viewing choices there… :p

  13. Lasana for Minister of Communication. Lol….lol.

  14. Lol, no way Lasana keep it coming, these articles are the best reads

  15. I have no idea why people are writing in asking if the satirical section will be over now that the last regime is gone… Are people fed up of Mr Live Wire already? Lol

  16. Here’s hoping that The Right Honourable Prime Minister considers the ‘firing’ of this President. We need to have examples from the top…either you take housing or a housing allowance…not both. We also need a first couple who can dress the part.

  17. Hahahahahaahahahaahaha! Mr Peabody indeed! No wonder Garth St Clair had to petition to get his sentence reduced, not by the courts or the prison system, but by an errant online editor …

  18. What an enjoyable read! Ah who can forget Lord Pussyfoot who was eager to point out the incorrect social media protocol carried out by Rachel Price when she made her opinionated comments about Mrs. Carmona.

    Mr. Liburd, I am looking forward to more post election articles. Whilst it may be distressing to write, I hope you at least have some satirical food about the ex PM’s “null and void” election stance and oh the dessert should be Congress of the Prakash!

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