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TTFA labels Sport Minister Sancho as a bully in surprise attack

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) today issued a stinging broadside aimed at the head of the football body’s main sponsor, Sport Minister Brent Sancho, as the tit for tat between the two parties was surprisingly restarted.

Photo: Sport Minister Brent Sancho (centre) pays a visit to Bourg Mulatresse. (Courtesy SPORTT Company)
Photo: Sport Minister Brent Sancho (centre) pays a visit to Bourg Mulatresse.
(Courtesy SPORTT Company)

The TTFA release, which was authorised by president Raymond Tim Kee and general secretary Sheldon Phillips, rebutted suggestions by the Sport Ministry that it had been less than forthright about funding received by CONCACAF.

However, the football body raised the ante by blaming Sancho, a former 2006 World Cup player and litigant against the TTFA, for putting politics over patriotism and creating a poisonous environment.

“Since Minister (Brent) Sancho’s appointment, recent incidents, including what can only be described as a coercive action where the ministry threatened at the last minute to withhold funding for our March friendly against Panama,” stated the TTFA release, “unless the TTFA accepted responsibility for a $625,000 travel bill authorized by the Ministry in 2014, have created an environment that is not conducive to working together on behalf of our national footballers and technical staff.”

The TTFA’s statements, whether accurate or not, are oddly timed with the National Senior Men’s Team, which is competing in the the CONCACAF Gold Cup, soon to be due match fee along with the National Under-23 Men’s Team and Senior Women’s Teams at the Pan American Games.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Sheldon Bateau (centre) celebrates the opening goal against Guatemala with teammates Radanfah Abu Bakr (left) and Khaleem Hyland. (Copyright Jonathan Daniel/AFP 2015)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago defender Sheldon Bateau (centre) celebrates the opening goal against Guatemala with teammates Radanfah Abu Bakr (left) and Khaleem Hyland.
(Copyright Jonathan Daniel/AFP 2015)

The Sport Ministry virtually bankrolls the TTFA at present while the Women’s National Under-17 and Under-20 Teams are due for competitive action soon and the senior “Soca Warriors” start their Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign in October.

Of course, Trinidad and Tobago will hold its general election on September 7 and Tim Kee, who is treasurer of the opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) and the Port of Spain Mayor, might expect to have a new Government in place in two months time.

It might be interpreted in some quarters as a calculated political gamble then, which would mock the TTFA’s assertion that: “patriotism above politics will win out.”

Although the football body would probably retort that it is merely speaking up for itself in the face of alleged character assassination by the Sport Minister.

The following is the full TTFA release:

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee (right) and general secretary Sheldon Phillips. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee (right) and general secretary Sheldon Phillips.
(Courtesy Wired868)

The TTFA wishes to emphatically rebut recent assertions made by Minister of Sport, Brent Sancho, claiming our organization has not been forthcoming regarding supporting funds received from CONCACAF.

By way of written communication and via meetings between representatives of the Ministry and TTFA, the Ministry was alerted to funds available to TTFA from CONCACAF. It is clear, however, that the Ministry has not taken into consideration CONCACAF funds received would be shared among several of our national teams and not solely preserved for the Senior Men’s National Team.

The TTFA has received $71,000 USD from CONCACAF for use by our national teams currently in training and competition.

Of the $71,000 received, $25,161.14 USD has been used to support the travel-related expenses of our senior men’s team, U23 men’s team, U17 women’s team, and U20 women’s team. In anticipation of the disbursement from the Cabinet note that was specifically earmarked for the Senior Men’s National, the TTFA sought to provide funding for other lower profile, but equally important national teams.

Photo: The "Women Soca Warriors" enjoy a good result during the 2014 CONCACAF Championship. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: The “Women Soca Warriors” enjoy a good result during the 2014 CONCACAF Championship.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

These expenses include US visa payments, lodging, excess baggage fees, medical supplies for travel, and insurance. Therefore and contrary to a building narrative pushed, the TTFA was successful in sourcing alternative funding to support its teams in an effort to reduce dependency on the Ministry.

Despite our best efforts, communication with the Ministry continues to be an issue. We have worked with members of the Ministry who have, at heart, the best interests of T&T football and the TTFA will continue to work assiduously with the Ministry to achieve these common objectives.

However, it is vital for the two entities to work together on behalf of the national team players and technical staff who represent our twin island republic.

We have engaged in successful collaboration with the Ministry of Sports in the past and recently received tremendous support from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of National Security in obtaining duties waivers for our national team kit.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Sport Minister and Senator Brent Sancho. Sancho is a former World Cup 2006 player and CEO of local Pro League club, Central FC. (Courtesy SPORTT)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Sport Minister and Senator Brent Sancho.
Sancho is a former World Cup 2006 player and CEO of local Pro League club, Central FC.
(Courtesy SPORTT)

However, since Minister Sancho’s appointment, recent incidents, including what can only be described as a coercive action where the ministry threatened at the last minute to withhold funding for our March friendly against Panama unless the TTFA accepted responsibility for a $625,000 travel bill authorized by the Ministry in 2014, have created an environment that is not conducive to working together on behalf of our national footballers and technical staff.

Since the new TTFA administration took office, we have confronted numerous fiscal challenges inherited from the previous TTFF administrations with a solid plan to address the financial health of the organization.

We have managed to successfully engage in an aggressive debt reduction effort that has seen TTFA debt reduced from the $36 million that was met to currently $13 million in the space of 18 months.

We have engaged KPMG to restart their efforts in organizing TTFF audit reports; which were discontinued in 2008 and have authorized our audit partners to publish the completed reports from 2008 – 2014, which will be a first for the organization.

Photo: TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee (centre) gestures to an Ecuador player while Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) has a word to her grandson before kick off of the FIFA Women's World Cup Play Off second leg on 2 December 2014. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee (centre) gestures to an Ecuador player while Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) has a word to her grandson before kick off of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Play Off second leg on 2 December 2014.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

At the end of July, the TTFA will unveil its new brand, Socawarriors, to the public and the purpose will be utilize the revenue stream developed from Socawarriors gear sales to support national team players and technical staff in an effort to further reduce our dependence on government to compensate the two most vital pillars of the football family.

The TTFA has continuously stated its desire to work with the Ministry of Sport as a partner in advancing our football on the international level. We are hopeful the Minister can recall his days as a national footballer pushing to solicit support from the government, private sector, and the governing body for the benefit of his teammates.

Minister Sancho is now in the position to assist the TTFA in providing the same benefits and opportunities to current national team players he sought in his playing days.

It is our hope that patriotism above politics will win out and the spirit of cooperation will prevail for the advancement of football, the game we all love, in Trinidad and Tobago.

Photo: TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee (centre), ex-2006 World Cup player Brent Sancho (right) and TTFA general secretary Sheldon Phillips address the media during a happy moment between the trio in 2013. Sancho was announced as the Sport Minister in February 2015. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee (centre), ex-2006 World Cup player Brent Sancho (right) and TTFA general secretary Sheldon Phillips address the media during a happy moment between the trio in 2013.
Sancho was announced as the Sport Minister in February 2015.
(Courtesy Wired868)

TTFA’s Use of CONCACAF Travel Fund and Gold Cup Advance (USD)

Match fees: $33,000.00

Baggage Charges: $1,493.74

Insurance: $1,744.37

Visa Payments: $4,192.50

Ground Transportation: $2,546.87

Meals: $1,269.60

Medical Supplies: $5,950.31

Travel Kit: $2,851.25

Lodging: $5,112.50

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Brian is the ultimate T & T supporter through thick and thin. Everyone who follows football seriously knows the “caller from Maraval”. Lol

  2. Okay Brian I will run alongside you. Just hope i can keep up. Lol.

  3. Ha ha ha…my friends say Im a dreamer…then I remind them that I believed we’d get to Germany in 2006 from our 1st game and so I say if we could achieve that with the inept TTFF we can overcome this TTFA too Debbie…but it will be a long hard struggle…fortunately Im a former marathon runner so I endure…

  4. I like your faith Brian Springer. I need to get me some of yours.

  5. Live in hope Brian Springer that we will ever get “A few good men” to run TnT Football. They hold on to their posts like lagley.

  6. I’m actually brakesing from some cuss for my statement. Lol.

  7. That he is Brian Springer that he is. I had the pleasure of speaking to some of his players and they love him too bad. He has their respect which is something many former Coaches couldn’t command for whatever reason.

  8. Yes indeed Debbie I know Stephen…your cuz is a real Patriot and he’s also an excellent coach and clearly an amazing motivator…he’s restored PRIDE to our football and the players have clearly bought into his philosophy.

  9. And Brian Springer i’m so proud of what my Cuz aka Hart and his staff are doing with the Team despite all the crap.

  10. Yeah and there is no turning back now. “WARRIORS” for life.

  11. YEAH Debbie we came back again and again and never gave up…and scored in open play too…if ever a team deserved to be called WARRIORS…its THIS one!!

  12. Totally agree Brian Springer. Look at what we’re accomplishing with little resources. Magnificent performance against Mexico. Great come back in the second half and great fighting spirit. Mexico still in shock. 4 in dey pwffen.

  13. And doing us VERY proud Debbie Espinal…can you imagine what we could achieve with a proper admin? The sky is the limit!

  14. And while those idiots sparring in public both Male and Female Warriors fighting their hearts out for our Country. Shame on them.

  15. hahahahaha is ah good thing that I don’t wear any caps eh

  16. Not vex with any one but who the cap fit pull the string.

  17. hahahahahaha who get you vex Bruce Aanensen

  18. Why do stupid people comment on things they know nothing about. If you do not know the facts, shut your mouth and let people like you.

  19. Kendall Tull

    This was an interesting thread. Such energy devoted to making the TTFA seems like the victims here. Sancho may or may not be an idiot but surely you all cannot be saying that the TTFA is a well run organisation. They are unable to properly register teams for tournaments, sent teams abroad with no money, not produced accounts for years which is a basic requirement of the Sports Ministry for funding and allowed millions to be siphoned off from theor accounts. I do believe that Tim Kee served as a VP while some of these things happened. I wonder if they realise that even a incorporated non-profit has to abide by the tenets of the Company’s Act and as such, can be held liable for allowing the fraud to take place by not implementing proper internal controls? There is no statute on taking such action either so a new Executive can pursue action later down the road. They can try to obfuscate the matter all they like but there is no question that the TTFA is not a well run organisation. Sooner or later, there will be a reckoning.

  20. Where can I see the game on the internet Lasana Liburd?

  21. Fair enough Trevor Bridglalsingh. Good point

  22. That is one of the problems ,we put people to do things ….because they did it before, no assessment ,just convenience. Meanwhile people who gave been successfully running youth leagues for years , with no pay are not even asked to submit a tender.

  23. Gordon Pierre you have to buss on me to eh, well best ah start back the bad vibes cause I am really curious as to the files thart you have to buss on me to eh. hahahahaha Gordon Pierre really good yes.

  24. Hahaha. That’s the life of a journalist. You run a headline saying: “worst sport minister ever” and you’re a PNM apologist. You have another saying: “Tim Kee is warner reincarnated” and you’re the PP’s mouth piece…
    The Ministry of Sport owes All Sport and dodges payment under Anil Roberts.
    Then Sancho comes in as Sport Minister and needs someone with experience to ensure that his women’s league doesn’t flop.
    Such a person is being owed by the ministry already.
    I would call that a marriage of convenience.
    I could enquire further about that. But there are just many more urgent stuff happening right now.

  25. I honestly did not know that one about the running of the youth league!! But ask the question why it is the debt was not paid then and why now?? And ask the ministry and spare us your reasoning because lately you is the minister and harford apologist!!

  26. Lol. Gordon Pierre you’re surprising me. The TTFA announced weeks ago that Harford will run its youth leagues this year and they are negotiating with him to take over Super League again.
    You really didn’t know that?
    Wired868 had written about the debt to All Sport years ago during Anil Roberts’ term.
    What is wrong with it being repaid if it is a genuine debt of the Sport Ministry’s?

  27. Yea boi uncle Earl Mango Pierre you know was backing strong i even warn you that i might have to bust some files on you and all if you ent bring go vibes!! lol but he is my boi still

  28. Gordon Pierre in the newsday papers yesterday I saw a headline and it said .Hart says “Warriors prove everyone wrong”, and in the story he spoke about the critics. I am hoping that somebodyelse wrote that in the papers because you know how some of these writers does say you say and you didn’t say ent, Anyway somebody just let Coach Hart knows if he really made that statement that he needs to bring home the trophy and only then he can make those comments eh. Them really good yes.

  29. Savitri Maharaj hahahaha my top of the line laptop just started acting up just so, just so yes,like somebody is trying to block meh.

  30. Tensions seems to be getting a bit high in here, so let me post this doubles recipe.


    1 lb flour
    1 tsp saffron powder (tumeric)
    1 tbsp. baking powder
    1 tsp yeast
    1/4 tsp. sugar
    1 tsp. salt
    2 cups water
    1 tbsp. oil
    oil for frying

    2 cups channa, soaked overnight
    10 cups water, for boiling
    2 tsp. baking soda
    2 tbsp. oil
    1 tsp. curry
    1 tsp. saffron (tumeric)
    1 tsp. geera (cumin)
    1 tsp. masala
    2 cloves garlic, chopped finely
    1/2 onion, chopped finely
    5 leaves chadon beni ( bandhania), chopped finely
    salt and pepper to taste

    Eat a bara and cool it!

  31. hahaha yes uncle is your thing bacahnal!!! lol

  32. I calling you out for days now uncle Earl. You mussee have 101 notifications

  33. Buh A A is all this action I have been missing eh Gordon Pierre.

  34. Lasana Liburd i let some time before i
    responded to ur crap!! Harford is no longer involved in the super league or running TTFA youth leagues and it surprising that someone involved with football like yourself is not aware!! And as the last sport report find out if the sport ministry paid mr harford the 2million alledgely owed to Harford since when he was the man in charge of ttfa accounts and why? I am warning the football cowboys be very carefull!! Hurt the youths future you will face the consequence!!

  35. Auntie Debbie Espinal i will just like to state that i was one who vocally supported the team and coach!! Now it seems very clear Bruce Aanensen have a clear motive probable the secret meetings with the minister and a perpective TTFA presidental at the oval and other venue in and around port of spain could be very revealing? To the rest of the wired family be very cautious of the ministers “good intentions” as i said earlier an confirmed by Lasana Liburd it is not the first time he have done things to undermine the TTFA whether as minister or before!!! Strangely he is yet to be confirmed as
    a PP candidate so watch and enjoy as the story unfold!!

  36. How so? There are many who feel they know more than others and that may be the case, but there are plenty with axe to grind including those who benefitted financially but no longer can do so

  37. This discussion is going in the wrong direction. I gone.

  38. So Sancho admitting the debt was written off? Very he says then the case is not closed and the TTFA still owe the players ?

    Sancho is a damn ass

  39. Bruce Aanensen and Kendall Tull, this was from Sancho’s press conference yesterday about the TTFA work in wiping off debt:

    “But Mr Tim-Kee likes to take the credit rather than accept responsibility. He says TTFA have reduced debts by $23 million. Well, then show us, Mr Tim-Kee. To my knowledge, $18 million of that debt was to the SocaWarriors and was wiped off by the Government. But, of course, Mr Tim-Kee would never admit that. The rest was paid with FIFA grants supposed to be used for grass roots development.”

  40. Unfortunately Chandani, the very good people drafted the new constitution, and are developing an implementation plan, but the TTFA Executive will likely be the same people as presently exist who have a proven track record in poor implementation. Quality staff, suitably qualified are needed to make implementation possible, but no one wants to work in a place where they may not get paid at the end of the month.

  41. Let us vote this pp government out and let them know what time it is. Shame on you Brent sancho

  42. I may be wrong, but I’m sensing an attempt to make to equate running the financial affairs of the TTFA and running the financial affairs of the PNM. I know people still bear scars from the recent experiences with Jack Warner and the TTFA/UNC, but let me point out its not the same. If anyone is honest they have to agree, the PNM is NOT run like the UNC. The PNM is a 60 yr old party with a system of accountability unlike any other party in TnT. Also, what Jack was able to do under Kamla, Tim Kee cannot do under Rowley. So how the TTFA is run, is not how the PNM is run. I challenge anyone to show otherwise.
    Also, if Tim Kee is made Minister of Sport, (I know where people pulled that one from, but I’ll play along) Rowley is not Kamla.
    So, criticize Tim Kee for anything in the TTFA- even though he’s dealing with an ass of a lil boy trying to do a hatchet job- but to try to equate this to his responsibilities in the PNM shows people do not understand the PNM’s structure. That’s why Jack had to go to the UNC, he couldn’t do that in the PNM.

  43. The very fact that there was a change in the constitution for the better, and the very fact that “many were very good people,” shows things have changed and moving forward. Not so?

  44. Bruce i hear you but think it will be up to us/ the Fans to make sure they’re held accountable as everything looks good on paper.

  45. We need some people with the time and the inclination to identify for us the changes in the constitution. There were many very good people drafting the new constitution but I remain concerned as to whether there will be proper implementation of the changes and could we understand how these changes will ensure significant improvements in the day to day administration of our football.
    In most things in this country we are great in conceptualizing the way forward, but lack the will and the skill to implement. Can the TTFA show us an implementation plan to effectively make the changes to bring our football administration up to International standards?

  46. I wouldn’t hope for much transparency and accountability Bruce. Does he even take Lasana’s phone calls these days?

  47. We need to know what we’re the debts totaling US$6m and what were the ones paid, where did the funds come from? Lasana can pose the question and hope for an answer.

  48. Read the interview. He was not questioned as to why he has not sought to recover the missing funds as advised by the judge. I found this curious:

    “Debt Reduction – In just over two years, he took $6 million USD in debt and reduced it to $2 million.”

    Can’t help but wonder where the funds came from (US $4M is not chump change) and who the funds were paid to. It wasn’t the unpaid coaches.

  49. No probs Savitri. Yuh know how i farce.

  50. I was gonna ask that, but I thought I’d be pushing it…thanks Debbie

  51. Glad you went to support Antonio Feliziano. We could do with more like you there and here. As Hart pointed out no one expected them to win any matches and he was pleased for the young players who placed their faith in him and vice versa. Yuh know how we Trinis quick to pong without looking at the broader picture. Lets continue the support and “hopefully” the impasse will be resolved for the betterment of the game.

  52. There is hope Kendall lol. This past weekend in Chicago, Kyle Lequay went looking for every T&T supporter in the stadium to acknowledge them for coming out and supporting the team. I appreciated that and the fact that he chatted with me and my family for a few minutes about what they hope to achieve etc.

  53. Antonio name the few please.

  54. They all have to go. Raze it to the ground and rebuild from scratch.

  55. I just want to say that there are some good people inside the current TTFA trying to do the best in the current situation and hopefully they will do well.

  56. Just had a read of Tim Kee’s interview which Antonio shared. My, my. Didn’t realize he, Tim Kee i.e was such a good spin doctor but then again he’s in insurance. The man running for sainthood next. Oui papa!

  57. I knew it was just a matter of time before this got out of hand. Why didn’t people see the conflict of interest in appointing him. Here you have a man being directly responsible for funding an organization that he was previously suing. It was bound to be personal

  58. yeah i shoulda realized that earlier too lol..there was one higher up called Jennifer Yearwood. lol

  59. But I doh think you need to explain anything….we tend to spot the trolls very early on… But we all bash Tim Kee at some point, I can’t ever remember me not doing it, so am I UNC as well? Hhmm….

  60. LOL..honestly I couldn’t even name a UNC support group. I think the only FB groups I’m in (by invite I must say) is the Wired ones, quite a few football ones and Speak Out TT. When I get time ill go open the side of my newsfeed and see what else I got myself into.

  61. Well I feel like an orphan here eh

  62. I asked a question mr. That’s all next time you posting on UNC support groups, use a different ne. Anyway, let’s not hijack a great thread

  63. What does that have to do with commenting here? Hhmm..

  64. just fabulous (thanks for asking). anyway you think you’re doing something by saying where i live?..steups

  65. Guys, let us put a pin in this for a moment, and ask ourselves a simple question….If u were the Sports Minister, what would you do? And let us forget the politics in our responses ok?

  66. That is my name. I just pointing out the obvious. How is Minn.?

  67. Miss Boodoo,(if that’s your real name) so why you singling me out for my so called political leanings? lol

  68. I repeat i have no problem with Sancho going after Tim Kee but he was a recipient of bailout money from the government and like “Powers” i noticed he didn’t give any back so morally does he have a leg to stand on? Just asking.

  69. Maybe. Tim Kee hire a man just because he is a black Muslim

  70. Same fishes in different bowls Chandani

  71. I taking 101 Tim Kees and 201 Phillips over Jack, Griden and Camps or one Brent Sancho

  72. Oh ok,,,,I dodidn’ know that, but suspected something of the sort. So we gonna be playing football soon with the acronyms now?

  73. here is Tim Kee’s interview earlier this month on socawarriors.net http://www.socawarriors.net/forum/index.php?topic=64564.0

  74. Antonio all from up North where you are your support is obvious.

  75. I don’t know if you’re privy to all that has taken place…doh beat up on Sanko for taking on Tim Kee nah, I wanna see who will blink first.

  76. yeah Bruce I knew that but I mentioned it for those who didn’t know that was the case 😉

  77. Not sure Savitri but surely not now with three major international tournaments underway and why the hell all the previous Ministers of Sport didn’t go after him. All Kamla wanted to do was pappy show with the Women’s teams and Sancho i didn’t see Sancho giving back any of the Gov’t bail out money. Ent??

  78. Deb, Sanko experience this mess and inherited it as Sports Minister. I don’t know his rationale behind his actions, but someone needs to pull the TTFA into line and expose the thieves for who they are.

  79. So you do not know that the change from TTFA to TTFF was a plan to get rid of TTFA debts? Now they gone back to get rid of TTFF debts.

  80. When is good timing Deb? When the TTFA can’t organise warm up matches?

  81. Debbie Espinal I feel your pain, but maybe having three teams competing is a blessing in this situation, as the TTFA is forced to respond.

  82. Savitri my concern is for the game. Sancho used to live in my house when he was playing for the Under 23’s and i know him well. I’m just disgusted that they’re literally playing political football while we have three teams representing us and have to be hearing shit like this and expecting them to focus. He has every right to take TTFA to task and i hold no brief for Tim Kee et al but bad timing. It’s like a lil position gone to his head and he forgot from whence he came.

  83. plus it have the TTFF and TTFA play on names scenario just like Concacaf and C.O.N.C.A.C.A.F

  84. My point exactly Bruce. Kendall, alzheimers?

  85. Bruce – I would never tempt fate by making that kind of statement.

  86. Yuh forget he get he millions from the treasury thanks to tantie.

  87. And why not? He is the PNM Treasurer and PNM mayor of Port of Spain. Why not Minister of Sport.
    He cannot be the worse, we did have Anal Roberts.


  88. Perhaps but since there is no statue of limitations, anyone can come later on and take the action and where would he be?

  89. How the banks allowed Warner to open accounts under names deliberately duplicating other legal entities like Concacaf (his version was C.O.N.C.A.C.A.F.) is something I still don’t understand.

  90. He might be implicated Kendall?

  91. Jack Warner is accused of allegedly misappropriating from the TTFA by directing payments to his personal accounts. And no – Jack was not the TTFA. He just acted like it was his personal toy. Even the judge told the TTFA to take action to recover the funds. Tim Kee’s reluctance is most curious indeed

  92. Deb, he is the Treasurer? You want him to be Minister of Finance? Like Che said…let’s not get caught up in the politics. Let’s stop bashing Sanko for taking a stand albeit, for the wrong reasons maybe.

  93. Savitri Maharaj i hope to God that is not so. I really don’t think PNM mad enough to make Tim Kee Min of Sport.

  94. Worse, he lies and talks nonsense about such action not possible because of the statue of limitations.

    Newsflash – there are no limitations in recovering funds lost through fraud. He never responded to the correction afaik. Lasana – do you recall?

  95. The wc players had/have case against jack/ttfa….. It is another matter for the ttfa to take jack to court, what is their case? Jack was acting as the ttfa, so is it ttfa suing ttfa? In trying to untangle the entire thing, it may all be an exercise in futility. Another thing, the issue with the Ministry of Sports and the TTFA, why should the Ministry continue to feed the TtFA? This argument has gone on and on… The TTFA should be responsible for their expenses, etc.. Not the taxpayers. And if, there is real need for govt the step in, then, the ttfa should be showing their accounts. We need to not get caught up in politics, and I support the Minister in his stance, unless the executives of the ttfa get their acts together, then nothing. We talk of players suffering, the players have the power in their boots to light some fire under these executives….

  96. ^^^And that is why someone here made the joke of him being the next Minister of Sport because right how we seeing the tussle, who knows what will happen later on….we will be told nothing…it will be all honky dory…with money flowing to the TTFA from all directions. Altho some may not like Sanko, I think he’s giving Tim Kee a good run…what he needed a long time….

  97. And one wonders why Tim Kee won’t take Jack to court. Like all ah we have chupidy stamp on we forehead. Steups!

  98. The government cannot take action to recover funds allegedly stolen from the TTFA. The TTFA is the legal entity that suffered the loss and only they can sue.

    • Kendall your grasp of the facts are wanting. Embezzlement is a crime, as is theft, as is fraud. Criminal conduct can only be prosecuted by the state, not by private actors. The TTFA CAN sue, this is true, but it’s not the most prudent option, this is particularly the case since the TTFA cannot afford to litigate in court right now, and particularly since a significant portion of the allegedly stolen funds came from the public treasury. This convergence of facts almost dictates that the TTFA defer to the DPP on this matter, which it has… a dossier was submitted to the DPP either late last year or earlier this year for investigation and hopefully prosecution.

      • Kendall Tull

        There is nothing preventing the TTFA from pursuing a civil case to recover the funds and this has NOTHING to do with a criminal action but the State. In fact, I can quote examples where the criminal case failed but civil action was successful. O. J. Simpson comes to mind immediately if you need an example.

        Furthermore, the funds were allegedly stolen from the TTFA, not the State so your implication that the State is the one to sue is disingenuous at best. Are you trying to imply that the judge in the Players’ lawsuit did not know what he was talking about when he suggested that the TTFA pursue the recovery of the funds?

        And as regards to lacking funds to pursue the matter – that is a nonsense. I am sure that there are lots of lawyers who would be willing to assist and it is not unheard of for them to take a case for a portion of the recovery. There are ads on cable all the time with legal firms advertising exactly that service.

        So I can assure you Bakes, my grasp of the facts and the law is quite fine thanks. If you trying to defend the TTFA for not taking action, come better than that.

  99. And the only ones suffering as usual are the footballers both male and female and the technical staff. We up a shit creek again.

  100. It is quite a dilemma that T&T sports is in at the moment, especially football.

  101. Very disappointed to hear Sancho say literally “not a damn cent for the footballers” So while we have three teams currently representing TnT abroad he’s like a schoolboy playing tit for tat with Tim Kee and don’t give a shit for the Sport he was once a part. Politics really is a dutty game and as far as i’m concerned he joined the rest of them, along with Tim Kee in the gutter.

  102. Seems this chess game between the Ministry of Sport and the TTFA will be on for a while, and Sancho came back real strong today to put TTFA leadership in check. Let’s see what kind of rebuttal TTFA will throw out next. Sancho has made his move Q-QB check! TTFA, it’s your move, Tick Tock…. LOL

  103. For the record, I am all for the betterment of T&T regardless who in power. I don’t have blinkers or tunnel vision when it comes to politics or religion. I’m not no rabid “PNM till ah dead” fanatic nor I’m some product of East Indians “who’s time is now so is revenge”.

  104. what you on Chandani?..what did I post for you to come to the conclusion that my ‘political panties’ showing?

  105. Lasana, be patient. You really feel the TTFA does not want its millions?

    Why has the Government not gone after the millions? Most of it was public funds not so?

  106. Chandani Boodoo, no need for slanging. Anyone is free to support whatever party they like or make a point without having allegiances questioned anyway.
    Let’s not have the conversation degenerate into name calling

  107. Worse Government Ever. Antonio your political panties showing.

  108. Daren go bonce he head for sure! But I hear ya

  109. Now hear that jackass Sancho talking some shit on good thing i do not go press conferences again!!! Anyhow i guaratnee that in two month he wil no longer be there bc even if the pp win the election Darren Ganga will be the new minister of sport!! He so stupid it is unbelieveable BBAS!! The first word is big

  110. I deal with the TTFA too … but international club friendlies are quite often government funded and not a national FA matter … Sancho stated that he wanted the government involved in these matters, where other budget strategies come into the game too – eg, tourism, health, trade, etc

  111. Chris, so why did you and your clients go through the Ministry of Sport and not the local football federation?

  112. we wrote to Brent Sancho about bringing our clients, Feyenoord to TandT – training camp, coach education, clinics, exhibition games … this fell in line with what he proudly stated he wanted to see – many big clubs want a match fee, but Feyenoord did not ….. still waiting on a reply

    • The request would likely have to go thru the TTFA, especially if exhibition games etc. are being entertained. No other body in Trinidad and Tobago could authorize these matches but through the TTFA.

  113. Birds of a feather flock together. Brent Sanchos is in close association with a bunch of bullies and it is not by accident

  114. The best way not to disprove something is by not trying though Chandani Boodoo. The TTFA is asking people for money while simultaneously refusing to go after its own millions.
    It will never be taken seriously until it changes that.

  115. Chandani Boodoo, do not understand your comment “can talk big now” just expressing my personal opinion to which I am entitled like everyone else.

  116. Contracts are individually negotiated, if the Soca Warriors progressed into the quarter finals then that possibility could have been expressedly been negotiated to reduce the role of the Ministry of Sport as revenue streams for the Soca Warriors incresed

  117. Nothing anyone is saying is untrue! That is why Sancho is a big jackass. Four years and Kamla gave him the cold shoulder, referring to the HNIC as her go to man. Now that’s changed. Lol

  118. And Lasana those legal minds mad. When is any case in Trinidad simple?

  119. Lasana, the only reason i pointed to the players case is to show Jack’s tecalcitrance. Bruce can talk big now. But to me is pot calling kettle black

  120. The banks and FIU will have questions to answer about allowing these transactions in a private account passing without scrutiny for decades.

  121. The evidence was never hard to find. It’s just that nobody took any action. The issue with the Centre of Excellence is quite clear and the so called audited booked were rigged. That is public fact. Concacaf then took no action.

    The local bribe in which US$1M was brought in illegally is also quite clear. There are witness statements to that effect and again no action was taken. The man was promoted to National Security Minister after that.

  122. Savitri Maharaj i’m well aware Tim kee is PNM treasurer. First i would like them to rid themselves of him in any portfolio and second i wish they would investigate what part and how much he played in covering up for Jack Warner. After all he was his right hand man and you don’t want someone with that baggage in a senior position in your government. Wishful thinking maybe but i hope they tell him to haul ass asap for our Football’s sake.

  123. They give him too much credit. You see he knew who he wanted around him because he knew their weaknesses… subtly blackmailing them by making them accomplices because of their greed

  124. Time will prove you right or wrong my brother!!! Lets see if the great FBI successfully gets to him and then see the TTFA case stood a chance in hell!!

  125. The FBI and Chuck Blazer have absolutely nothing to do with the TTFA’s case either.

  126. People act as if Jack Warner is some sort of warlord. He is just a man. The reason he succeeded for years is not because he is super smart or has magical powers.
    It is because he made it worth everyone’s while to be his accomplice rather than his enemy.
    It will be a desperate fight from Warner. But the case is an easy one based on legal opinions from many in the field.
    I’m not superstitious. I don’t assume things are different just because it is Warner.

  127. Lasana Liburd if it was so simple the FBI would have gotten to jack long before without having to sent chuck blazer uncover and stuff so it is the other way around anybody with common sense could see even with all that you have said that this fight is no easy one!!

  128. This is a never ending saga…… lack of trust and political grandstanding

  129. There is a big difference Chandani Boodoo. The players’ case was against the bankrupt TTFA and not Warner.
    There is no similarity between the players’ case and a TTFA case. I was in the court room when the judge promised to fast track the TTFA case against Warner.
    So this isn’t me talking off the top of my head either.
    They are just trying to fool people to make them think otherwise.

  130. Auditing what went in and what went out of the TTFF coffers is not going to paint a full picture. There are people in the now TTFA who were in senior positions on the then TTFF Executive and who would have sat at MANY meetings during the period. These people would have known to what the then TTFF were entitled from FIFA CONCACAF, and CFU as qualifiers for various tournaments. From reports in the media and Commissions of enquiries, many of these funds did not go to the accounts now being audited.
    Did they not have a duty and responsibility to ask questions and demand answers at those meetings? These people failed in their duty to protect the country from people seeking to enrich themselves from funds that should have gone to the development of football.
    They should all do the honorable thing and get out of football administration.
    But do not hold your breath.

  131. Yes they need a paper trail. Say so not good enough. Ask the FBI

  132. What award? You are assuming that there would be s recovery. The players spent a tidy sum and they got nothing even after the courts said Warner had to pay. Think again

  133. Then we dogs real dead Lasana

  134. There is allegedly such an obvious case of fraud Chandani Boodoo that it would not be difficult to find lawyers willing to take the case on for a cut of the award. I disagree that the government has to fund the case.

    And no – they don’t need audited accounts to prove the misappropriation either. The FIFA correspondence directing the funds to his personal accounts is more than enough to prove the case.

    • Actually Chandani is spot-on. Lawyers don’t litigate embezzlement claims on a contingency basis, which is what you’re proposing. If you insist that it wouldn’t be hard to find one willing to take the case and put up all costs himself/herself up front, in hopes of recovering in the end… then by all means, forward the name to the TTFA. As for the audits, if you think emails are sufficient and audits aren’t necessary, then I have a nice bridge in north western Brooklyn to sell you. All of this overlooking that an alleged crime was comitted, including the theft of public funds… which means, guess what, the government (through the DPP’s office) is best positioned to investigate and prosecute the matter.

  135. Bruce Aanensen, don’t scare us please.

  136. Sancho is a clown. He has an axe to grind because he has furiously demanded the TTFA go after Jack Warner for missing monies.

    The TTFA should go after Warner, but common sense dictates that they FIRST receive from their auditors, a full financial report that details all cash in and. All cash out. When that audit is complete and there is a paper trail showing exactly where all the cash went and all who benefitted from it, then it would be the time for Tim Kee to go after Jack.

    If Sancho wants the cash strapped TTFA to go after Jack in court then the Minister should pay their legal fees to do just that. They cannot pay staff, players, creditors etc. so where are the legal fees coming from?

    Sancho obviously made a deal with Kamla, she paid them their bonuses, mind you after rejecting their pleas and plight for four years!!!! Why? Is she so gracious, caring and magnanimous? Hell no!

    Politics! She is using Sancho to further her political agenda and he is so angry at the perceived slight by the TTFA that he is blinded to the truth.

    Sancho is a stupid clown.

  137. Debbie not reading this thing right, I’m surprised….he’s their treasurer Debs!

  138. Debbie, they may make him Minister of Sport.

  139. Everytime this unc government give a handout you have to convert to unc, the national teams and athletes represents Trinidad and Tobago ,hands off Brent Sancho.

  140. A ‘Sancho Must Go’ campaign would be on no use. He gorn from September 7th, 2015.

  141. Might as well wish for World peace, an end to racism and poverty while you’re at it Che.

  142. Tim Kee is not a political problem/issue…. In his current capacity as TtFa President, no one can remove him, no PNM, No UNC, only a TTfA elections…. Both the senior Men and Women have put in some very positive performances, and are deserving of our full support.. I would however like to see proper Support systems from TTFA, more development programs, more training camps, accountability, transparency….

  143. No response to amount of money received from CONCACAF?

    • I guess it all depends on what you mean by “no response”…

      “The TTFA has received $71,000 USD from CONCACAF for use by our national teams currently in training and competition.”

  144. The only reason we talking political Bruce Aanensen it’s because we’re hopeful if PNM wins they might rid us of that noose they call Tim Kee.

  145. He never had voice when he was Jack ‘s lieutenant and the money gone but he now have throat.What a shame!Soca Warriors new found hero!!!!!

  146. I agree with the find positives comment Bruce Aanensen! I have been saying that for the longest while your political bias is confusing tho?? But as i have told uncle Earl Mango Pierre vibes it up!!

  147. I see someone wrote a comment that the footballers are PNM for life and the PNM treating them like tata. When was a survey of the footballers political preference done?

  148. Find the positives in our football. 3-1 vs Guatemala and tonight 2-0 vs Cuba. Into the quarter finals. That is a positive for me. If you all wish to continue to project the negatives and advertise your political bias feel free. I not in that.

  149. We have to thank Lasana for bringing the info to us but just think after Sept 7 if Tim Kee & Co wins no one would be able to ask anything eh. Lasana your job is just beginning

  150. We lucky we could get some info now, wait til after the election and if Tim Kee’s party in office we dogs dead.

    • So what do you suggest we do Savitri Maharaj? Don’t vote out only the MOST corrupt Government that this country led by none other than the “Smiling Assassin” has ever seen?(sorry about that Dwight Yorke). Tim Kee has his flaws..of this I have no doubt(I’m no Tim Kee fan myself) but should the bigger picture of country be overlooked or ignored because of such? It seems like a rock and a hard place scenario…but country MUST take precedence over this one.

  151. I’m not going to share my thoughts here

  152. Absolutely!. It’s curious that people are now quick to talk about TTFA “politicising” the issue when Sancho’s main sponsor at Central FC was SIS Construction, the same SIS that along with Jack, bankrolled the PP government’s campaign 5 years ago. Last year, his mouthpiece, Harrison swore up and down that Sancho had no designs on government… next thing you know he arranged the photo-op with the PM after the CFU finals… he was rewarded three months later with a Ministerial appointment. Peopel really think it’s coincidence that ne not only replaced Rupert Griffith as MoS and is now campaigning for his constituency?

  153. Lasana you real shameless yes. Sancho has questioned Tim Kee’s competence and integrity on numerous occasions, dating back to the WC dispute over reneged payments. Never once have you labeled anything that he said, an “attack.” Since taking office Sancho has on numerous occasions gone to the press to question again, the competence and integrity of the TTFA leadership. Most recently being last week when he suggested that they tried to hide CONCACAF payments, and that on top of that, once found out, they tried to first lie about it, then refused to say how it was spent. Now they respond to the accusations… you complaining about the “timing” of the release? Maybe it would be better if Sancho just had you write his releases for him instead, since you can’t be bothered with even the pretense of impartiality.

  154. It seems like quite the gamble with another two months before the general election.

  155. I cant seem to get the gist of this article…something wrong with Tim Kee head?

  156. Neither me but i could blame him for chaining them up tho!! Note he play peacemaker but say the TTFA get all this money same argument the girls was using in the first place!! Elementary dear Watson!! And be patient the relevations coming timing is everything in war!!

  157. Yeah Gordon Pierre is really time that you expose all the evidence eh and stop holding back from bussing the other files man expose all of them corrupted money hungry people nah. Them really good yes.

  158. Lol. If a Minister builds you a sport facility and poses for a picture on it, would that be self-promotion or community assistance?
    I say when I have an issue with stuff no matter who the person is doing it. But I can’t criticise him for helping the Women Warriors to represent their country.
    You will have to produce evidence Gordon Pierre. Even Jack Warner showing his hand these days yuh know.

  159. And when i speak of the minister i have to say preappointment now?? But what i am talking about is the person whether as minister or before because as minister he is a just come!! I also want to clarify the term relationship – i am talking about any inaction with the players because like that term frighten you so you talking about spice Lasana Liburd!!!! Ok my brother? I am not the tnt mirror!!!

  160. Poison has been the name of the game for a very long time so nothing much has changed.

  161. When Sancho spoke about players being unhappy during the last World Cup campaign, he was a club chairman who had players from his team on the national team Gordon Pierre. If you have proof that the Sport Minister pushed players to strike from national duty, then that is another matter and very serious. I don’t have proof of that.
    But by all accounts, it was Sancho’s promise to pay match fees that got the women on the plane. So that doesn’t suggest someone who was asking them to strike.

  162. Lasana Liburd you are adding apples and grapes the two statements speak to different things his interest in the TTFA accounts have to do with his idea real or imagine that the TTFA is flowing with money which ppl are using for their own gain. The player relationship have to deal with him instigating the players with the talk that the TTFA is being unfair to them because they collect money from here or there as is the case with the Pan Am scenrio. You for a fact know that after the concacaf group stage the minister contacted you to tell you
    the girls were upset about contracts and when you enquire you that to be untrue and that occured more than once!! Truth or lie come on man!!

  163. I am not a cyber bully or a position bully as the minister was described by the TTFA!! I comment from a place of knowledge backed by evidence!!

  164. I repeat. They all fulla shit and all self serving.

  165. If Sancho has an interest in the TTFA’s accounts, I can’t see how that has anything to do with any presumed relationship with a player.
    He is a former World Cup player himself who still has a pending legal matter with the TTFA. We don’t need to add any extra spice to that in my opinion.

    • The obvious point, which you conveniently overloook, is that Sancho is convinced that there is more in the mortar than the pestle where the TTFA’s funding is concerned. He tells the players as much, and so they believe the TTFA is holding back money and squeezing them… when the reality is that there isn’t any money. In sum he’s using his personal opinion to sway current players even further against the TTFA.

  166. Antonio Feliziano i am very aware of that but he have use his relationship with some of the players by giving them false info about the TTFA finances you think it by chance he is so interested in the TTFA accounts? I
    just to inform you that i am very involved in sport especially football at more than one level and have evidence to back up my claims!!

  167. This is bound to affect the three national football teams in action now and the other who are due to compete soon.

  168. Antonio Feliziano i know Tim Kee is PNM and have already expressed my feelings towards him to their political Leader. A total wase down with TTFA and as Mayor. They can’t get rid of him fast enough.

  169. Gordon, Sancho has been a very recent appointment…definitely not 3 years

    • Tony, Sancho has been undermining the TTFA long before he became Minister. He was the one who was “advising” the men during their strike during the CFU Tournament last November.

      • Surveys are conducted on a regular basis , by all people who watch football, play foot ball and know people involved in football …

        If you ever meet someone like that, go ahead and ask them and add to the survey ..


  170. Dat good! They’re trying soooo very hard to politicize our National Teams! What should one expect? The National Teams represent US as a Nation NOT UNC or PP or PNM but WE THE PPL!

  171. PNM get rid of Timkee??? As in the Party TREASURER??? AH HA HA HA HA…

  172. When will this end? When one looks at the positive results being achieved by our teams, all without any proper administration or preparation…, what if??? Sigh

  173. oh ho..if that’s the case then that’s really wishful thinking at this stage cause after reading the socawarriors.net interview with Tim Kee I think he plans on being there a long time lol

  174. ok … jus wanted to know… and Antonio Feliziano I think what Debbie Espinal was leaning towards is that she hopes the PNM administration gets rid of Tim Kee… as in the onus is on them, him being a member of their admin…

  175. No Teflon Shawn. He isn’t.

  176. Why? Why they do this shit in the MIDDLE of a senior squad campaign??

    • When would have been a better time to respond to the most recent accusations that they were lying and being deceitful? Should they have waited until after the Tournament?

  177. By chance, Ashwin Creed still wukkin dey??

  178. Debbie u do know that Tim Kee is PNM right?

  179. Both bodies fulla shit. Lets hope the PNM rid us of Tim Kee once and for all.

  180. Mr Sancho like to focus on the TTFA ,up to now has not recognized the SSFL …..fifty years old , ?I suppose we should do some creative accountancy and look for a bailout….worked for CLICO and TTFA

  181. PNM get rid of Tim Kee ….

    If allyuyh doltish PNM supporters want to get rid of Tim Kee, I hope you are voting PP in the next election ….

    Foot Ballers suffering because they are all PNM till they dead, and it is ONLY the UNC ever do anything for football in this country …

    you’ll idiots voting for the PNM and the PNM treating allyuh like tata,,
    Football deserves the crap they get , because they literately VOTE FUH DAT ….