Ace Ventour leaves Kamla flushed; Live Wire attends to PM

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Just when you think Trinidad and Tobago’s politics has lost the capacity to surprise. Out jumps another revelation that seems so ludicrous and unconscionable that one does not know whether to laugh or cry.

But enough about Jack Warner’s stunning announcement that he can find 40 people willing to lose their deposits for his ILP party at the 2015 General Elections.

Has anyone heard about the resignation of Justice Sebastian Ventour from the Integrity Commission, due to its suspicious “exoneration” of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar?

Photo: Justice Sebastian Ventour has quit as deputy chairman of the Integrity Commission. (Courtesy i95.5FM)
Photo: Justice Sebastian Ventour has quit as deputy chairman of the Integrity Commission.
(Courtesy i95.5FM)

It turns out that President Anthony Carmona, a man who is allegedly happy to receive a $28,000 housing allowance while staying in a State house, might not be best equipped to find just five people capable of lasting much more than a year in a body with goals as lofty as the Integrity Commission. As the old people say: Sheep don’t lime with goat.

Once again, Persad-Bissessar’s increasingly desperate attempts to wriggle free of probing questions in general and the “emailgate” investigation in particular comes into focus.

Rowley’s jaw-dropping stack of emails is not the only thing that seems to be unsettling “Tanty Kamla.”

With the Opposition party rubbing its hands in anticipation of today’s “Private Members Day” in Parliament, the People’s Partnership responded by expelling Rowley from Parliament on the grounds that “emailgate” was a hoax—an action that violate the spirit of the constitution even if they were right, but is even worse since they were not.

The PP then tried to declare Warner as Opposition Leader so as to field questions from the ILP boss rather than tackle the PNM’s expected onslaught on the Petrotrin scandal. And, when that also failed along with the Integrity Commission’s hollow so-called exoneration, the Prime Minister claimed to be unwell.

Undoubtedly, there is no shortage of quacks wielding fake doctorates, within close proximity to the Prime Minister, who could sign her sick-note.

Photo: Ex-Tourism Minister, MP and sweetman brahmin Chandresh Sharma is not believed to have made a medical diagnosis since he told Sacha Singh to go home and take a shower at the Grand Bazaar car park. (Courtesy Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Ex-Tourism Minister, MP and sweetman brahmin Chandresh Sharma is not believed to have made a medical diagnosis since he told a dazed Sacha Singh to go home and take a shower.
(Courtesy Trinidad Guardian)

Persad-Bissessar did not mention Parliament once when she spoke of her ailment. But she made it clear that it would not prevent her from attending the PP’s fifth anniversary celebrations in Macoya on Sunday.

“I will not miss it for anything,” the Prime Minister told the Trinidad Express. “I am looking forward to it… I will take a little rest, doctors have advised that I should take a little rest, and we will be fine.”

Maybe it is time for Trinidad and Tobago to ask itself a question or two: Would a woman with little obvious respect for the law or the opinion of anyone outside of her “My Lime” list be prepared to peacefully step aside as Prime Minister if the polls demand it?

Would a woman who, for the last two years, has avoided ratifying her own post as political leader in the UNC’s internal elections be any more respectful towards the electorate of the two island republic?

Can we expect that a Prime Minister who thinks nothing of putting pressure on independent bodies like the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Police Complaints Authority and the Integrity Commission could be trusted to leave the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) in peace?

Who will investigate if there is evidence of voter fraud and irregularities? Jack Russo from ComputerLaw? Justice Zainool Hosein?

Trinidad and Tobago has been on alert for a creeping dictatorship for some time now. But Mr Live Wire has a sneaking suspicion that dictatorship ent creeping anymore. It’s wearing high heels.

Peaceful and optimistic to a fault—not to mention allergic to responsibility—the public has turned its eyes towards a new hero to save the country from political instability: the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

Photo: So when you say we have to check Hotmail... Are we talking mildly hot mail or Ayoung-Chee hot mail?!
Photo: So when you say we have to check Hotmail… Are we talking mildly hot mail or Ayoung-Chee hot mail?!

If the Police Service is the answer, can you remind me what the question is please?

Mr Live Wire wouldn’t trust the police to find him a Carib in a pub.

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  1. Well said Debbie and Savitri, its all politics and as such time is of essence. They desperately need a smoking gun having failed with the character assasination plot against Dr Rowley. But in doing so the law is an enemy. Ideally they want to lynch ROwley with no interference from DPP.

  2. Correct Savitri and trawling through all that info will take time. But Kamla and her minions are running out of time so they are trying to come up with their own not guilty decision while the investigation is still ongoing and prepared to attack with full force anyone who disagrees with them. Dangerous state of affairs. One only has to remind oneself of the assassination plot during the SOE, the other one regarding Lurbz and lets not forget Dana’s murder is also questionable. Every Trini need to wake up and see the writing that is glaring on their walls but alas some prefer to remain in slumber while Rome in this case TnT burns. SMDH!!!

  3. But allyuh missing d point! Google doh do no investigation! Google supply the requested info thru the US DOJ. it is now up to them and the TTPS to trawl thru the electronic info

  4. That is the argument many are using to say that this is futile. The bottle doesn’t say poison on it so the contents doesn’t matter.

  5. If I put poison in a smalta bottle does that make it any less of a poison because it is in a smalta bottle?

  6. David CB Smith, I get your point. But the weight of the accusations against the PP lie in fact.
    Section 34, Reshmi, fire truck bill, David West, DPP, IC, Vernella… And others.
    Can you provide the proof of your claims?
    That ought to be the proper test.
    Again, this shouldn’t be brought down to PNM v PP. This is about people voicing their dissatisfaction with the ruling party.

  7. You could have heard the passion in his,voice, thanks Justice Ventour, one of the few good men left

  8. ok the opposition said the emils were facts??? or google lied? lol

  9. Well said John. In the scheme of global geo politics this e mail story is insignificant to Google.

  10. Google lied? Let’s for one minute believe they did, of what benefit is it to them? What are they to gain from lying? Are they getting monetary gain? Is it going to raise their image and international creditability? Is lying going to increase their customer base? What are they to gain from lying? You would think someone would lie to gain something.

  11. David, it is not my intent to reduce this or any intelligent discussion to a PNM vs UNC catfight. I speak to the soul of our nation. I speak to our national conscience and the values we want to inculcate in our children and the examples our leaders are setting. We cant fight crime when it is being perpetuated in our highest institutions. You area very intelligent man. Please do not follow the example of vernella. Mark and others who show no class or fitness for public office.

  12. Beverly – and for that, Moonilal has his day to face – he doesn’t know it yet. 😉

  13. I think what Lasana Liburd said earlier is important. I am young but from my recollection this is the first time a govt has been more focused on “it is not illegal so it is OK.” It may be unethical, it may be immoral but it’s OK because the law books said so. That is a worrisome approach for every citizen whether they are Yellow supporters, Red supporters or any shade in between. That’s how Napoleon (in the animal farm novel) got in and stayed in power.

  14. Vernal., i am not asking him or anyone else to agree with me. Just think. I will never know of his experiences and what has shaped his mindset. I can only make an intelligent judgment of what is in front of me. On that basis, all i have seen in this Govt is greed, thirst for power, deception without conscience and a tendency to have no remorse. I pity them

  15. Christopher De Geese Auguste I am not anti-PNM. I am anti-propaganda and I address those things as they present themselves and lord knows there has been a lot of propaganda. I am not a UNC supporter per se. It just appears so to PNM supporters and PP haters because I address the propaganda and some of the silliness that the PNM has done. As for the UNC/PP I am not even going to vote for them in the soon to come general elections.

    I am aware even though I said what I said above it will make no difference to many who are otherwise politically biased/prejudiced and it will go through one ear and out the next. People generally see and hear what they want to see and hear.

  16. Wasn’t Moonilal the strongest detractor of the PM until she won the UNC internal elections?

  17. Christopher that minion is beyond redemption. If the UNC sacrificed 100 new born babies on national television he still would insist on supporting them.

    Leave him!

  18. David, may i add that my concerns raised over the state of governance will not lead me to descend to the level of hate and disrespect for Kamla as has been displayed by the PP For Dr Rowley. What triggered me was the ease at which a Govt consumed by hate and thirst for power can malign the character of another human being. I will never forgive Vernella. Most level headed citizens will agree

  19. David its your democratic right to a political party of your choice including being anti PNM. But at least be patriotic enough to acknowledge sad state our country has descended over the last 5 years. I did not invent the events. Its public knowledge. When i post., i do so out of concern for our economy, our democracy and the future of my children.

  20. Lasana, we are in agreement that the PNM will use any avenue to get back into power. We have seen it over and over. Lies, deception, character assasination, etc.

    See what I did there?

    • I am sorry, Lasana cannot see anything the PNM does wrong …

      He did not see the fake letter presented in Parliament 3 weeks ago by the ” pious and honest Dr. Rowley” ..

      I see no mention on wired 868 of the fake letter presented in Parliament impugning criminal behavior on the part of Mr, Howai …

      Nobody had to call google … Just one phone call to the supposed author of the letter , and “BOOM” 100% proof ….

      The letter was not even signed …

      I am waiting for the humorous piece highlighting the dishonesty of the PNM ..

      waiting …

      waiting …..

      waiting ….

  21. Lasana, we are in agreement that this govt will use any avenue to retain power. We have seen it over and over. Lies, deception, character assasination, etc. Just saying that in this case the use of technicalities is useless because as u said the spirit of the law is what Ventour is applying. Clearly Shelly and Ventour felt slighted and disespected enough to take extreme decisions of resigning.

  22. Well done Mr Ventour … We are proud of you

  23. And more importantly, why there are insufficient grounds.

  24. David, why did you capitalise no but not insufficient? Seems like you are missing the insufficient.

  25. What political cause though Christopher De Geese Auguste? I only see their political cause being to stay in power. It doesn’t matter to them what anyone else thinks about the means or the end.

  26. Doesn’t seem to be a contradiction in the letter to me. Seems quite clear. The letter states re the novella…. The Commission pursuant to the Act is satisfied there are…(Wait for it)…. NO, repeat for those who continue to miss it—->>>NO or insufficient grounds for continuing with the investigation and accordingly this investigation is terminated.

    Simple enough once you don’t continue to miss the “NO”….. or NO grounds.

    Glad to help.

  27. How did that letter become public again? And why doesn’t somebody make the other two public?

  28. Lol. Debbie, at this point I think it’s safer to assume everything is a contradiction!

  29. But what i’m reading here is a contradiction or am i misinterpreting it? I now remember this letter Savitri.

  30. The registrar referred to it in his letter to israel Khan. Khan wrote asking for a status of the investigation.

  31. Lasana Liburd I told u to conserve your energy for the President’s remarks lolololololol

  32. Who referred to it Savitri? I’m at a lost with this one.

  33. The letters were referred to in the letter to Khan by Martin Farrell – dated late April and May. Let me see if i can find it in the melee

  34. Does anyone know the contents of the correspondence between Khan and the IC that was referred to?

  35. They’re already spinning their web of deceit. Your’ll read Israel Khan’s letter to the DPP? Frightening!!! They’re now attacking the Asst DPP and want her out of office. I somehow think another IC Board member wanted to resign but was either treathened out of doing it or probbably bought out. I have to agree with Lasana. This Government is a clear and present danger and we all have to watch our asses. And don’t expect anything from the excuse we have for a President cause he gone for his 30 pcs ah silver long time.

    • Nope, I find the DPP’s letter frightening …
      wait till the day YOU are the accused and the DPP’s office behaves that way when you are the one accused …

      I am sure you would be bawling out loud how your rights are being violated ….

  36. Lasana, i agree. but using technicalities wont help their political cause. In fact it has backfired more often than not.

  37. Technically, the decision is valid unless or until someone successfully challenges it. And this Gov’t is fond of technicalities rather than the spirit of the law.
    Hence my concerns as to how issues with the EBC will be treated.

  38. Clearly he is their front man and strategist. but he has succeeded in accelerating their fall. he fools no-one except their blind supporters

  39. Moonilal is the one looking the worst in all the recent nonsense. I have seen where the TTPS is being asked to investigate interference by person or persons unknown in the IC’s decision making process.

  40. But will the decision still stand if it is proven that the govt had some hand in it?

  41. Judy he was always a fool. He will spin the PP out of government. how can he defend the indefensible.

  42. Moonilal is saying that the decision of the IC stands as one man cannot affect it.

  43. kamla is shameless, incompetent and disgraceful. she has lost all credibility. i await to see how they will spin this blunder of all blunders. she has outshun Vernella and Anil.

    • I though she fired Anil and Vernela ?

      Wait ? they fired Keith too …..

      wait ? is Keith Rowely female? what do you mean “she” has lost all credibility ?

  44. the PP gov’t does not understand the importance of the resignations and their impact on the decision of the IC. Either that, or they think that they can spin it. Problem is by this time next week we probably won’t have an IC. Every time they claim vindication, somethingbad happens… for them.

  45. I can’t imagine a commission comprising any of the current members issuing a reversal of what was said in the media release.

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